John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski, a Skeptical Journalist

Editor, Essayist, Revisionist, Prehistorian, Analyst of the Jewish threat to the human future

Knowledgeable Internet political observers likely know that for the past 15 years John Kaminski has been trying to get the world to understand that a super rich Jewish intelligentsia is responsible for all the trauma that torments the world on a daily basis.

9/11? The World Wars? Poison medicine? Toxic food? Corrupt government? Phony elections? Sadistic cops? Cowardly preachers? Financial strangulation? The blame for all these crises is the same in every instance. But the shades are pulled down in people’s minds. To venture into this territory is to write your own destruction.

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No money in the truth

But you can get filthy rich by telling lies



It’s an axiom. The real money, as you no doubt know, is in the lies. 

It’s in the cutting edge investment that vaporizes into lawsuits after brokers swindle investors a few years down the line. It’s in betting at just the right time that disaster would befall the Gulf of Mexico, or that certain airlines would suffer losses on a certain date. It’s in the drugs the CIA spreads around the world and uses those profits to hire assassins to destabilize countries the oil companies are having difficulty swindling.

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