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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

But you can get filthy rich by telling lies



It’s an axiom. The real money, as you no doubt know, is in the lies. 

It’s in the cutting edge investment that vaporizes into lawsuits after brokers swindle investors a few years down the line. It’s in betting at just the right time that disaster would befall the Gulf of Mexico, or that certain airlines would suffer losses on a certain date. It’s in the drugs the CIA spreads around the world and uses those profits to hire assassins to destabilize countries the oil companies are having difficulty swindling.


The real money is in the wars, which is why they’re always going on. Or when a smug investor raises the price of a pill from $13.50 to $750, and before he was arrested for fraud, laughs about the illness that triggered his egregious act of extortion.

People used to ask me, “John, how can you deal with all these subjects and not get terminally depressed.” I used to quip, “Must be my Teflon shield,” which I think is due to a genetic disposition to cynicism.

But now this pretend shield is wearing thin. I’ve been pounding on an impermeable transparent plastic shell for about 15 years with no discernible impact. The shell is both the consensual consciousness of the American public, and, it is the invisible constraints that all these lies we’re supposed to go along with debilitate us by doubts placed in our minds about who we are and how we can operate. 

Call it American schizophrenia. We insist we are the freest country in the world as we see our freedoms evaporate, as we watch our leaders tell egregious lies and murder people in cold blood. Those who share in these profits must forever be constantly looking over their shoulder.

We must pretend the lies our government tells us are true or face civil penalties and social ruin. We must treat all this propaganda as sacred scripture or we get turned over to the Jew judges and private prisons, in which, at best, we will be subject to medical experimentation.

Now they’re talking about fining us $200,000 and jailing us for 20 years for opposing sanctions against the scofflaw Israelis. There has been no more vivid barometer of Jewish control of the United States than this new affront to our now vaporized freedom.

Like some social dinosaur, freedom has become extinct. You may pretend it hasn’t only at your own risk.

In my desperation I wonder if this might be the straw that straightens the spine of the so-far spineless American citizenry, who are as babies drinking warm milk before a television set, transfixed by the banality of evil and seeking for more. I’m not counting on the Americans to pull through this disaster.

The cure to it all is so obvious it’s simply astonishing that people don’t see it.


On the same day (3/13/17) that Arthur Topham was told by a Canadian judge to stay off the Internet for six months and to desist publishing his monthly Radical Press, my site on magically disappeared from the web, never to be seen again. My description of that period was like suddenly being in the middle of the ocean without a boat, and I have been shipwrecked ever since. It was the first time in 14 years I had not been regularly represented somewhere on the Web.

Now thanks to a magnificent gift from a friend, I have my safe repository of essays, Keeping it going is another matter. If I can’t pay my rent where I live, I might have trouble paying the rent on my website.

I’ve always been afraid to publicly acknowledge the names of my benefactors for fear harm will come to them in some way because of the connection to conversations which Jews are trying to make illegal. But suffice it to say that I would not be here 15 years later doing the same thing had it not been for hundreds of well wishers who appreciated what I had to say.

Recently my principal benefactors have grown old (like me) or have passed into history. Their generous support has allowed me to live a relatively normal life during the past decade, support which is suddenly absent now.

I’ve never fit into any journalistic team endeavor because I always wound up saying things that were not allowed by the ground rules of the situation, or by the specific political intent of the endeavor. I was graced by the good luck right after 9/11 of having a half dozen people over ten years who wanted to do my website. Perhaps I squandered that good fortune by not lining up with anybody’s team, but unlike politicians, I can’t reorient my priorities on the basis of somebody else’s desires.

What I say about Jews is not a matter of hate, it’s a case of detailing stupendous episodes of criminal behavior that have enabled the Jews, a mere 2 percent of the population in the U.S., to have taken over the world through its control of money and consequent capture of the world’s media with their artificial reality controlled by their World Bank.

I still have never heard of a good plan to keep the Deep State from doing what it’s doing. The depredations of the U.S. government seem to increase every year by the same percentage that our freedoms disappear.

That said, now all of a sudden I’m flashing back to 2010, when my bank account skidded into single digits — twice! — and the nervousness about that has always made the world difficult for me to see. I'm very lucky to have survived for this long, and I owe that survival to my readers.

To have any money at all, you must acknowledge that you may not talk about the Jews in a critical way. The banks have long been under the yoke of our Jewish overlords, but now Zero Hedge is reporting a new kind of automated payment processing system, again, owned by Jew bankers, targeting the “unbanked”, primarily in Mexico, who will take care of all your payment needs through money machines in convenient places. <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

Say one thing against the Jews and you will lose your ability to interface with the banks. Since all of these new financial options are owned by Jews, they will ban from their services all those who do not endorse their policy of allowing no negative comments about Jews to ever be uttered. Bam! There goes the revolution. No cash to fund it.

Just like Congress. If you don’t sign the pledge to support Israel, you don’t even get to run because you can’t get campaign funds from the Jewish banks. Neat trick, eh? It assures no objective observer who is not in the pocket of the Jews will ever again be elected to Congress.

Wonder no longer why Netanyahu received such overwhelming applause in Washington.

There will be no opposition to the Jews if you can no longer get money — no longer operate in the financial world — because of Jew-imposed restrictions. Already this is taking place on Jew-owned Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other cyberforums owned by Jews.

If you think this is important you might want to consider supporting what I’m trying to do, which is just an offspring of the long ago unfinished business of 9/11, which is to ID the perps.

This is the real revolution we are losing — our freedom of thought. Our options for things to think about are being radically reduced to socially beneficial politically correct expressions of constructive felicity, which will be worse than anything the Chinese experienced with Communism. I think there was a Twilight Zone episode about this. In fact I think they all were about this.

Businesses are here to serve the people, not the other way around. We see how the dominance of business leads to slavery and all manner of criminal perversions. An emphasis on the home would not do that, because we’d be doing it to ourselves. Right now, somebody else is doing it to us.

The truth? The people who control the money control the world. They have a one hundred year advantage mastering the best swindles and our lives are now scripted so seamlessly that we don’t ever realize we are being guided down these corridors to hapless destinations designed for us, never chancing across alternative ways of living our lives in a healthier fashion.

In a way this is kind of a referendum on whether I should keep writing, whether I should keep asking for support. I have plenty of friends and peers in similar circumstances. You get to decide whether I keep writing. Where once there were precious few writers delivering the goods on what is really wrong with the world, now there seem to be more, but still, a glaring shortage remains in those willing to comprehend authentic Jewish history and speak freely and clearly about it.

Jews own us, because we let them do it. Laws are being crafted to prevent us from investigating the Jewish roles in 9/11, the campaigns for wars in the Middle East, the poisoning of the population through Glyphosate in the food supply, and the overwhelming dominance of Jews in the media and political spectrums.

Why were they kicked out of all those countries in the distant past? Consider the carcinogenic effect they continue to exert on societies today. They prostitute the girls, denature the boys, and lay waste to the countries.

Many thanks to those generous supporters of past years who believed what I wrote was an accurate description of what was happening the world. I could have done none of this without your help. The same is true of the future. Help if you can.

What will the new Jewish law enforcers think of this story?


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