John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

We lose those we love when they fail to let go of the lies they believe

When you tell the truth, you risk losing everything you have, including those you love.

This is the curse of recognizing truth, and acting on it. Blowing the whistle jeopardizes everything you have accumulated in this life, your relationships, your possessions, your reputation. It can get worse if you offend the wrong people. As it has for so many, it can cost you your life.

We live in a world constructed on a giant pile of lies. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you just say the right words you will live forever. Good always wins out in the end. None of these things are true, yet we believe them, and ostracize those iconoclasts who deny them.

Lately I’m seeing families torn apart by the recognition that 9/11 was a lie, that Hitler was the good guy, and that Jews control the world.

Couples who have been married a long time break apart because partners who maintain their belief in the lies of mainstream history can’t deal with the shocking pronouncements of spouses who have suddenly discovered that Adolf Hitler continually sought peace and that Franklin Roosevelt, acting on behalf of the world’s most powerful Jewish puppetmasters, eagerly sought World War II that killed 60 million people.

Children who are propagandized in school that homosexuals and so-called transgender personalities are merely normal variations of human behavior are brought into radical confrontation with their parents who realize that demonic forces out to destroy the country are encouraging these pathological distinctions to obliterate families and necessitate the fragmented personalities who remain to be forced to seek support from Big Brother.

Perhaps this is what is really meant by the Biblical enjoinder to abandon your families and follow the Lord, who has now morphed into the toxic beast of centralized government.

Perhaps most puzzling and tragic of all are the “idealists” of the Left who preach justice for all and compassion for the world’s poor and then savagely deny the right to speak at all for those level-headed people who point out that unrestrained immigration will sink the ship that is keeping us all afloat. This fascism of the proletariat ironically features Mexican flags being waved on American soil.

And like the implication of “black lives matter” means that white lives don’t matter at all, the stage is set for a replay of the French Revolution, in which brother will kill brother until the puppetmasters decide the population has been sufficiently reduced.

But worst of all is what we lose by telling the truth, when the children and spouses, who only wish to believe in the system they have been taught, attempt to convince of us of the wisdom of believing in the lies for the simple purpose of keeping the peace.

Considering the way the American army has plundered the world at the behest of the Jewish bankers who control the world, it gives renewed meaning to the words of the Roman historian Tacitus.

To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles,
they called empire.
And where they make a desert,
they call it peace.

Average braindead Americans are willing to live with this reality, believing that they’ve given up a lot of their freedoms, but still have plenty left. They are mistaken. Things never stay the same. Patterns that have been established continue to evolve. Every day they take another bite. Each day you possess less. As the pattern continues, soon you will have nothing, not even your life.

It’s like inflation of the soul. Soon enough what you thought you had will be worthless. And when you have nothing, it will be too late to cry out and plead that you didn’t know.

The truthtellers know this, but their words fall on deaf ears. As long as the story hasn’t been heard on television, the vast majority thinks it must not be believed.

Some stories will never be heard on television. And this is the accurate history of America. You have never been told the truth about how this country has been governed, and you’re not hearing it now.

Your husbands and sons and fathers who have tried to tell you about the lies that are ruining your lives have risked everything, and for this significant effort their loved ones have abandoned them, all for that siren song they hear on TV, or from the plastic platitudes they hear from the foul mouths of politicians, movie stars, demonic doctors or jaded teachers, who all say, “Stick with the plan; the government knows what’s best for you.”

Or, “that pill won’t hurt you,” when it surely will.

And while the people who really needed your love and support are left wanting and abandoned for their courage in telling the truth, you feel smugly justified in trusting your president as you watch a strange man dressed as a woman follow your daughter into a public restroom to write the future history of your once beautiful country.

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