John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

It is imperative that the American people elect a president in the 2016 election who is not recommended by the Jewish controlled mainstream media, and preferably, someone who has had no ties whatsoever with the current U.S. government.


If this fails to happen, and another manufactured pseudo personality with no moral or intellectual capabilities, someone very much like Obama, Bush or Clinton, is allowed to further sabotage America’s legal, financial and sociological structures, there will no longer be a United States, but only a collection of arbitrary national security prison sectors operating under the aegis of the fictitious North American Union, itself under the command of the United Nations, an organization created, manipulated and wholly owned by the worldwide Jewish monster.

The United States will then be forever lost in this fake terror slave state in which the government continues to fabricate false flag disasters to convince a gullible public that its guiding hand is the only way to prevent its citizens from succumbing to the evil deeds of anti-government “terrorists”, which events of the past three decades have proven to be government-contract employees such as Al-Qaeda and ISIL assigned to create conflict to achieve devious political objectives.

Every president in our lifetime — and long before — has been chosen to serve in the White House, not in the role of leader of the American people, but as the plantation foreman of the world overseers, the Jewish bankers who invented the Federal Reserve scam, coopted British royalty long before that, and has its poison tentacles plugged into the financial jugular veins of virtually every country on the planet.

It was Woodrow Wilson who was blackmailed into silent acquiescence for the bankers’ takeover in 1913, and Franklin Roosevelt who was put into place to start World War II.

It was Lyndon Johnson who arranged the murder of John F. Kennedy, and wiped out the last chance America had of derailing the Jewish Federal Reserve menace. Ever since that time, and long before, all the presidential candidates have been vetted by the Jew power brokers who run Wall Street, the TV networks, the oil companies, all working, not for the American people, but for the Jewish bankers who run the world.

And it was George W. Bush — that stupid, simpering wimp — who had no trouble looking the other way and acting dumb (it was no act) while Cheney and his friends from Israel engineered the greatest hoax of all time on 9/11. It didn’t matter to any of them how many American lives their power-grabbing caper cost. It only mattered how many more innocent people, all around the world, they would be able to kill once the trick was pulled and the people were deceived, made terrified by the thought that terrorists could blow up buildings in the middle of America’s biggest city.

And against all odds — thanks to the incredible stupidity of the American people, gulled into a false sense of omnipotent knowledge by a century of Jewish manipulation of American media and school curricula — the power brokers actually managed to come up with an even more despicably false president than Bush the Younger, and that would be a homosexual dope fiend with no college degrees and a past that was totally hidden from the credulous American public, too self-absorbed to realize they didn’t have another president on their hands, but a psychopathic assassin who attempted to obliterate the U.S. Constitution with the stroke of his Executive Order writing pen.

Barack Obama’s singular achievement, even more momentous than Dick Cheney’s demolition of the Twin Towers in New York City, was to claim he could kill anyone he wanted to in the name of the phony war on terror. Obama continued Bush’s war, and killed millions more in the name of the Jews who run America.

So now you see the importance not accepting any more criminal presidents put forth by mainstream media — Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan: they’re all infected by Jewish money, all programmed to sabotage the republic and enrich themselves at our expense.

The next generation has already been infected by this false history written by the Jews: Muslim terrorists who couldn’t fly Piper Cubs flew complex jetliners and knocked down the Twin Towers; an autistic boy killed 20 children with multiple weapons he didn’t have the strength to carry; it is against the law to say any less than 6 million Jews died in German concentration camps, and you will be put in jail if you do.

This is the poisoned, phony reality that has been brought to us by the Jews, a reality of no benefit to anyone but themselves as they faithfully follow their psychopathological programming from the Talmud which instructs them to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world, programming that they followed to the letter in the Soviet Union when under Stalin and his fellow kosher sadists they murdered 100 million non Jews and which they now plan to follow in the United States by fomenting a race war, addicting everyone to poison food and medicine, and choking off the rest of the population by starvation when they crash the currency and funnel everyone into FEMA camps, and follow the formula Eisenhower used on the Germans shortly after World War II.

The only way to avoid this fate is to make damned sure that the next president is not the one recommended by Jewish media.

A real president of the United States would not allow his or her government to be dominated by citizens of another country working to destroy this one, namely dual Israeli-American citizens, of which everyone in the world knows which allegiance takes precedence. Remember, Jews are sworn to kill or enslave everyone in the world who is not Jewish.

The first thing the next president must do is convene a new inquiry about 9/11, an inquiry not dominated by Jewish functionaries and paid off politicians who are willing to allow Israelis to get away with anything and simultaneously not recognizing Palestinians as actual human beings. Judges who deliberately failed to charge Israeli operatives and Jewish businessmen who profited mightily from the deceptions would presumably be first in line to the gallows.

An independent investigation of 9/11 would find that most of the leading figures of the last two U.S. presidential administrations are definitely eligible for the death penalty because of the well known crimes they have committed — treason, accessory to mass murder, obstruction of justice in time of war, all death penalty offenses.

The second task of our next president would be to arrest every one involved with the Federal Reserve. The RICO acting of these men plus all members of Congress implicated in the 9/11 coverup — plus the RICO acting and trials for treason of ALL dual Israeli-American citizens — would instantly balance the federal budget when integrated with the shutdown of the Federal Reserve and the reorganization of the Treasury Department into the system of social credit that prohibited fractional reserve lending.

The third and perhaps most important task an independently elected president would have to at least attempt is something that was only partly achieved twice in history, and that would be to remove the Jews from any position of power that would give them any influence over expenditures of public money and molding of public opinion.

I would assume at this date that this would be an impossible task for any independently elected president free of Jewish influence to accomplish because the business and government establishment, plus law enforcement and military structure, are currently so overwhelmingly dominated by Jewish power brokers who would effectively resist such measures to restore genuine honor and integrity to the American government.

But these are just preliminary goals for the younger generation of Americans, currently trapped in an avalanche of false information and phony propaganda to consider if they harbor any aspirations toward living in a functional republic not dominated by bogus information furnished by Jewish homicidal maniacs.

America is now trapped in a terror trance in which the alleged enemies of peace are actually hired by Israeli and American government sources to pose as enemies against which U.S. and allied forces and weapons can be deployed, resulting in astronomical profits for those who fabricate the reasons for wars, and waste millions of lives simply to line their own pockets.

Any presidential candidate promoted by mainstream media will be a hypocritical killer of this very type. Supporting any one of them will make you a person just as disgusting and soulless as they are.

The only way to save the world and end the terror is to get the Jews out of government. After what just happened in Gaza, the Ukraine, and happens every day in Washington, this should be very obvious by now.

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