John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Shadow of the Comet

In order to clearly see our future, we must clearly see our past. As it stands now, our collective past disappears into a confusing fog of garbled legends all claiming to be the ultimate truth. Preachers of all these myths have one thing in common: the survival of their chosen creed is far more important to them than the message they preach.

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The Secret You Never Get to Hear


16th December 2011 

The gods keep mankind ignorant of the ways of living, else one would do enough in a day to last for a year. — Hesiod, c. 700 BC 

My thoughts keep returning to the strange similarity between the way religions and the government do business. Always some secret reason — something too holy for us uppity slaves to appreciate, or some piece of information too sensitive for us ignorant citizens to be trusted with. 

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The Gospel According to Fred

The world's most misunderstood philosopher 

15th September 2011 

The 'kingdom of Heaven' is a condition of the heart — not something that comes 'upon the Earth' or 'after death'. [. . .] The kingdom of God is not something one waits for; it has no yesterday or tomorrow, it does not come 'in a thousand years' — it is an experience within a heart; it is everywhere, it is nowhere . . .  —&hnbsp; Nietzsche, 1888 

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Nick Land’s ‘Meltdown’


24th June 2011 

It is worth noting that, in general, an empire, being based on the enslavement of other nations, is especially likely to be hostile to anything that can give its slaves any insight into a bigger reality. And just as an empire wants to falsify the history of its enslaved peoples so that they cannot remember when they were free, so does an empire want to falsify reality so that its enslaved peoples cannot find their way to freedom.

— Kurt Johmann, Big Bang Bunk, 2000

(You really ought to read this; you'll never believe in the Big Bang again. You can find the meaning of every word in this story simply by Googling 'dictionary word' and greatly expanding your vocabulary.) 

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The Pythagoras of Our Time

Architect of the human future on the path beyond technology 


4th April 2011 

The finest thing of all is singing. — Pythagoras 

Master and servant. Master of the Law of Time, and servant of the universal vibe. 

He was the Pythagoras of our time, whose impact on the future will compare with Newton, Tesla and Jung. Among 20th century philosopher/explorers of new realms of human consciousness, his achievements exceeded even Krishnamurti, who refused to be the Illuminati god, and Castaneda, who confirmed communication with inorganic beings.

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The Living Bardo


5th June 2010 

Learn to die and you shall learn to live. No one will learn to live who has not learned to die. — The Book of the Craft of Dying (Comper’s edition), 15th century work from 1917 reprint) 

[Redacted from The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Evans-Wentz version, 1927, pp. 28-39.] The book of liberation by hearing.

From the moment of death and for 3 1/2 to 4 days afterwards, the Knower — or principle of consciousness — in the case of the ordinary person who dies, is believed to be in a sleep or trance state, unaware, as a rule, that it has been separated from the human plane body. This is the first bardo, or transitional state at the moment of death, wherein dawns the Clear Light — first in primordial purity. 

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False Flag Fatigue

The Death and Transfiguration Scam

I have yet to see a competent story written by a reputable observer indicating the so-called gay massacre in Orlando was in any way a real event. It follows without saying that public perception of this unending series of choreographed terrorist events no longer accepts these smelly melodramas as authentic threats to public safety. The structural similarity of this string of manufactured catastrophes reveals them as complicated fabrications for which far too many public officials have lied through their teeth about what was actually happening.

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