John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Were we forced to kill them,
or did we do it willingly?


Do you like to kill? Did you get off on Shock & Awe? Do you think killing 600,000 people in Libya was just about the right amount for a typical deployment of a No Fly Zone? Are you glad you practice a religion that urges you to murder folks who don't think like you do? If you were a refugee, would you desire to kill those who tried to help you because their lives were so much easier than yours?

Have you taken the time to reflect on soldiers who come back home and kill themselves? Have you known any of them? And have you observed that wistful vacancy in their eyes reflecting regret beyond redemption, or noticed their unwillingness to talk about what happened to them, as their raw emotions fester and curdle inside them just before they explode?


How do you feel about a country in which men who are called "our best and brightest" kill themselves because of the crimes they are forced to commit? What kind of country is this? Is this a country at all?

Unlike those soldiers who commit suicide, most Americans are revolted by the thought that they are responsible for the untold millions of people who have been killed by their government for reasons that have never been fully or honestly explained. These forlorn souls simply sing the songs the politicians teach them and solemnly salute the flag that even today signifies death in just about every country in the world.

You might actually be one of these feckless drecks — untrustworthy in all situations —  who don't give a damn about what your government is doing. Consequently you believe your indifference makes you immune from the guilt. After all, these terrible things are not your fault, you reason. There's nothing I can do about it, you say, so I don't worry about it.

People like this are not the type to notice their freedoms disappearing one by one, and surely haven't figured out that their indifference has made all these erosions possible. I have no desire to meet the God they pray to.

Those who understand the visceral horror of war have a rattling recollection of the cries of the dying, and the hand, directly or not, they have had in those deaths, even if they never toted a gun or fired a shot in anger. And after many frustrating years watching the body counts go higher with each passing war, they know one other thing, too.

It is most unlikely that there will be a successful coalition to save the world from the predators. All the various plans to eradicate evil in the world and improve the morality of mankind are destined to blow away, just like the acrid smoke of a 16 millimeter gun firing at targets so far away you can't see the bodies as they explode when the shell hits. You only know they're dead for sure when you photograph the blood splattered terrain days later.

Everyone is too sure of themselves to listen to the reasons of anyone else. We've devised our own political perspectives, and no one can tell us that we're wrong. Certain of the way we see the world, certain of the facts we have learned, and certain that the justifications of others simply don't measure up to our own divinely inspired analyses, there can be no placing of trust in others when our own lives and the fate of the world depends on the decisions that must be made.

The reason that opposition to centuries-old Jewish co-optation of the world is futile is that all Jews, liberal or not, are all on the same page, whereas those who have actually perceived the danger that the Jews present to the continued existence of the human species, definitely do not have identical mindsets. They all have different ideas about what to do, and what's going to happen to them when they die.

The Jewish psychopaths who are strangling all nations that are not their servants have no such dissension in their ranks. They are all on the same page, now and forever. They may betray each other, but they will never betray their goal. Greed needs no elaborate rationale. Co-conspirators in corruption don't quibble over the minor points of swindling techniques.

In this conscienceless kosher solidarity lies the great advantage of the predators. They care only about the bottom line, and care nothing about the blood that needs to be spilled to attain it. Everyone and everything may be sacrificed to its attainment. Only a supreme effort by the targets of this project — us — can prevent it from happening, and judging by our feeble efforts thus far — handicapped by hypocritical religions and fickle demagogues — this will not happen.

The Jewish disease that has corrupted all aspects of human existence is way too far advanced to be neutralized and corrected without a complete revision of human society. Restoration of the public's control of currency is central to liberating humanity from the tyrannical abuse of Jewish bankers and their bought-and-paid for governments.

Free people thus far are only a dream, and not an actual reality in the real world.

Everyone in the world will succumb and become robotized, synchronized to the behavioral lunacy of those who believe they can create a better human than God has fashioned. Eventually there will be no room for either God or actual humans.

Those who oppose the evil forces of predation and profit possess no solidarity of purpose compared to the Jews. Futile talk of honor and honesty, of spirit and sanity, gain no advantage over the generations trained in swindling, torture and graft. People with consciences have always been poor. The unprincipled rich have run the world since the dawn of time, and each day, more and more people see and practice the advantages of tricking others out of their life's savings.

There are few Davy Crocketts left in the world.

It takes a creed to thwart that rapine impulse, or at least the memory of good parent frowning at your unacceptable behavior.

The greatest obstacle to constructing a coalition to fight the Jews and reform the craven laws they have created to fleece everyone but themselves is of course religion, as the practitioner of one creed always disparages the believer of another, and coalitions become impossible when divine specificities are invoked, and collide violently. That's why religion is an obstacle rather than a facilitator.

Religion is, in fact, the greatest obstacle to overturning the tyranny that grips the world and threatens to end all life on this planet. People would rather die practicing their arcane rituals rather than live adopting creative, matter-of-fact strategies to delegitimize and neutralize the tyrants, many of whom are cloaked in priestly garb and uttering pious platitudes that in times of real crisis mean absolutely nothing, and often are the paid agents of the tyrants, who reduce their taxes if they cater to the government's whims.

I always thought that goal would be to unite everyone in fear and loathing of the Jews, once everyone realized the inestimable damage devious Jews have caused across the centuries.

The Jews have turned America into a poisoned and pornographic pigpen, have stolen virtually all the money Americans have ever earned, have stolen all the property Americans have ever owned because Jewish banks own all the banks and hence all the mortgages (by which they make homeowners pay 10 times the selling price), have turned the American medical profession into a murder for hire operation with its toxic drugs that don't cure anything and unnecessary medical procedures that diminish people's health, have created all these onerous taxes on the poor while dodging taxes themselves with their nonprofit think tank scams, and have surrounded every politician in America — especially including presidents — for the past hundred years (actually it started with Alexander Hamilton, a Jew, sucking up to George Washington, and ruining the republic from the very start), and worst of all, have sabotaged and polluted American education and entertainment down to the worst, most retarded level so that practically no dumbed down American nowadays can perceive what these disingenuous kosher psychopaths have done to our fellow citizens and are doing to everyone in the whole world.

And that is just the very short list of how the Jews have impacted the USA and the world. Fact is, Jews have turned America into a savage nation utterly without honor whose word cannot be trusted and whose citizens are at grave risk from the pathological criminals who run their so-called government. In all fairness, perhaps the word of America never could be trusted, if its sordid dealings with the native Americans are any indication.

Our Jewish controlled government murders doctors who try to make people healthy and journalists who try to reveal criminality of the perverts who control the pinnacles of power. Some famous people believe that the highest level of power in the world is one which thrives on the sexual abuse and torture murder of children. Those who try to expose these Satanic practices wind up suicided.

Bribery, blackmail and murder are the legacy of the Jews. They are happy to see families destroyed by homosexuals and drug dealers because it will increase the likelihood that destitute alienated individuals whose family networks have all been shattered have nowhere to turn, except to the government dole, where the Jews will ultimately control your body, mind and soul.

But then, that's just my humble opinion. Most of the rest of the world, whose minds are filled to the brim with Jewish propaganda force fed by politics, media, entertainment, schools, and style trends, believe that Jews are merely another insignificant ethnic group, humorous and generous, who are trying to overcome their artificial phobia about German work camps.

Eventually, everybody who searches for the truth arrives at the realization that a vast network of powerful Jews controls everything that goes on in the world, and to insist otherwise means you haven't done the requisite homework. It means you don't know what you're talking about, no matter how sophisticated, urbane and educated you consider yourself to be.

In any case, most people are too afraid to confront the Jewish monster head on. The penalties are too real, the risks too great. Jewish weaponry, both physical and psychological, is simply too daunting. A worldwide network of spies and informers guarantees no threat to Jewish hegemony can ever form in secret. And people generally are cowards, with prudence taken to embarrassing extremes as tolerance of evil inexorably eats away at the psychological foundation of America.

But there is another way. It is something you have always known, something you have concluded based upon what you have seen happening in the world.

The Declaration of Independence declares we have a right to abolish a government that no longer serves our needs. It also says we shall follow Earth's laws and Nature's ways. with no room for kings, churches or monarchs. We thanked the natives who taught us these lessons by killing 20 million of them.

Only through thoroughly understanding how our legal system has been manipulated by the wealthy elite can we understand how we have been kept in chains. And more importantly, how we can break those chains.

There have been a number of changes made to our original Constitution during the past two centuries that have resulted in a criminal conspiracy against the American people. The only way to save ourselves from the predators who have taken control of the world is to understand what they have done, and through unanimous outrage, reverse these crimes and punish the perpetrators.

The government is involved in criminal conspiracies that prevent free elections, keep us from examining public documents, and conducts foreign wars that are of no benefit to the United States without the approval of either Congress or the people. These are all crimes against the people, and only three of the thousands of crimes illegally inflicted on the American people by corrupt public officials.

The president and the government are allowed to break laws while the American people are often convicted or intimidated into accepting prison sentences for crimes they did not commit.

But to listen to Judge Anna von Reitz in Alaska or Arnie Rosner of, it is the elected officials in America who are the real criminals because of the past actions creating the United States corporation, which abrogate Constitutional requirements about public officials that should lead to charges of treason for every elected official in America. Rosner writes:

There is no legitimate government of the people of the Continental United States of America.

What most people have been identifying as their representatives of “government,” is really comprised of impostors. Impostors, impersonating the lawful government agencies, agents and officers—of the people’s lawful government.

Since about the early 1860’s most if not all legislative activity has been conducted in fraud and is therefore null and void.

Everything since about the 1860’s is null and void. It does not lawfully exist.

The American people have not had any lawful government operating on the lawful delegated authority of the governed since that time.

Read more, lots more, at

Of course, in all of our strivings toward creating some kind of sane justice in a world gone mad, we must remember one very frightening thing about the new, twisted reality that confronts us today.

And that is the people we are trying to fight for, the ones who say they want freedom in a country that espouses liberty and justice for all but won't lift a finger to help achieve it, are a real danger to all of us who seek the truth about the forces of evil that rule our world today.

Because they are immersed and brainwashed by the false reality put forth by the Jewish media poisoners, they are very likely to turn us in to the insane authorities when we go around saying 9/11 was an inside job, no one was killed at Sandy Hook, or the Holocaust that Jews go around weeping crocodile tears about and putting people in jail for never really happened they way Jews say it did.

So realize you can really damage yourself by seeking out the truth, and then also realize that if you don't try to shine a light on these true facts of history that have been perpetrated against all sincere peoples, then you are part of the problem as a participant in the campaign against freedom and for the totalitarian Jewish crackdown on liberty against all the free peoples of the world.

As the clock strikes midnight on a new day, and soon a new year, we must resolve to work toward the day when we no longer will be afraid to speak the truths we believe, a day when honest men will rule the world, having successfully avoided those who tried all these years to silence them, and kill them.

Will you become one of those silent corpses who was always afraid to speak of what all of us will soon know? In that case you will have been responsible for the failure of freedom and the death of liberty.
And then you will know what those soldiers who came home and killed themselves knew, and experience the horror in men's eyes when they beheld an innocent child they killed who never needed to die.

Then of course, you will know that it is the United States of America that has finally died, and you helped it happen.

There is an alternative. And now you know what it is.


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