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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic


Prepare yourself for a real shock. Maybe the best one you'll ever have.

I am convinced that for man to survive now,
his perception must change at its social base. [. . .]
Everything is energy. The whole universe is energy.
The social base of our perception should be
the physical certainty that energy is all there is.
— Carlos Castaneda,
The Art of Dreaming, 1993

 Dr. Jerry Tennant's dog slept on his master's head for 18 months, and restored the electron imbalance caused by a brain virus, revealing a genuine empathic connection pets have with humans that causes them to help us heal when we're sick that can be measured in electrical terms.1


David Kaas pitched ordinary drinks in a funny way on the Venice Boardwalk in California by telling people that if you spin the healthy fluids you drink to the South — to get the electrons in synch with your body — you will never get cancer and could potentially live forever.2

In mulling the blue beams of light that occasionally shoot into the sky from such power point landmarks as Mount Shasta or the Bosnian pyramids, archeodetective Frank Joseph recounts the theft of a mechanism from the great pyramid by Moses — a combination tectonic stabilizer and electromagnetic pulse weapon (which was used only once, at Jericho) — that was the original reason for the Jews' obnoxious attitude toward rest of the world — a one-of-a-kind weapon that worked for Joshua but never worked again.3

People ask the question: Did Tesla discover the secret that electrified the pyramids of ancient Egypt?

But the really vivid and reassuring explanation of how our lives are ruled first and foremost — and completely and perpetually — by electricity is expressed by the Thunderbolts guys — David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill and their merry band of astrophysicists at — who chart the path of energy on colossal electromagnetic filaments from faraway galaxies, wafting with timeless grace among the stars, connecting everything, living or not, and fueling our Sun (among uncountable other suns) with an unmeasurable power of vitality that shines to Earth in the soothing waves of visual ecstasy known as the auroras, then sizzles downward to energize the core of the Earth and distribute the endless bounty of its life-giving force — let's hear it for crabgrass! — to each and every living thing in equal measure. This is my definition of God.4

All those other religions have only anthropomorphized their own projected demons, all based on denial of death and the exploits of mortal men now dead.

In a state of synchronicity, everything that crosses your path is germane to your quest. We spend most of our lives ignoring all the signs (my specialty) and proceeding heedlessly on the course to which our childhood orientation has aimed us, seldom questioning its intent until the leaves turn brown and the hair turns gray.

So what should come zooping across my screen this morning is nothing but the perfect metaphor for all of this confusion and misperception that has the world locked in the funky grip of psychotic perverts pretending to be God's representatives.

Remember, all of us are descended from cannibals, but we will be forgiven if we show by our actions that we now realize it was wrong. Realize that every ounce of love and pleasure we get in this world (not counting pets) we get from other people — and not by the courtesy of divine bureaucrats telling you how to live!


Bioluminescence nanoscientists at Syracuse University can produce artificial nanorods that mimic the light produced by fireflies, foreshadowing a future that one day may offer Christmas tree lights that don't need to be plugged in, among other more ominous possibilities.

"Firefly light is one of nature's best examples of bioluminescence," said a Jewish chemistry Ph. D. candidate working on the project. "The light is extremely bright and efficient. We've found a new way to harness biology for non-biological applications by manipulating the interface between the biological and non-biological components."

Although finding a positive use for natural products is one of humanity's most legitimate pursuits, the invention of artificial living light foreshadows yet another potential component of the post-human, artificially created human.

Yet pursuing the power of nature — not trying to replace it, but harmonizing with it — is the way we should go.

As a replacement for the the psychologically compromised and corrupted religious structure of the planet, the understanding of how we are electric beings in an electromagnetic universe seems like a perfect solution to the moral quandary of subjective spirituality that now pollutes the world.

Ever since I realized that we're all connected electrically, I've been trying to grasp the entire scope of how electricity animates our every action in life. The field of thought seems as big as the universe itself, and I still feel that I'm holding onto an elephant by the tail.

When I contemplate the facets of the subject of electricity — from glycine cell communications to the practice of Reiki masters massaging their prana — I've finally found a hive where all the bees who buzz are friendly, most working toward the same goal, and anybody who brings in Scripture for any other purpose than detoxifying propaganda is laughed out of the room as utterly irrelevant.

Life is about figuring things out, not accepting somebody's word for it.

This electricity epiphany first hit me in a meaningful way when I read Comyns Beaumont's depiction of what happened to the inhabitants of Earth who wrote the Norse myths.6 The fact that you can trace them to Troy greatly increases the chance that what the Norse myths recount is giant flaming rocks hurtling from the skies and destroying civilizations.7 Archeologists confirm the last civilization at Troy was incinerated in a single day.8

But not only comets and meteors, but as Velikovsky marvelously depicts, giant electrical thunderbolts that fried large parts of the Earth repeatedly from the 4th to the 2nd millennia BC, and caused Tutankhamun's wife to wear comets on her head.9 This is the Aton religion of secret societies.

Electricity that energized all the civilizations on Earth as we know them today, all started by giant white refugees from the territories that were destroyed by fragments of the Taurid meteor shower (with perhaps an assist from the still recurring Comet Encke). That's why people were always terrified of comets. Some saw big ones approaching for as long as six months before they were actually wiped out by them. The naked Celtic warriors who conquered Rome in 118 BC feared nothing but that the sky would fall on them.10

The Hittites, the Akkadians, several ancient Egyptian dynasties, the prehistoric Chinese — their civilizations were wiped out in a virtual instant, or swept away in an agonizing process of drowning. Coping with it electrified the world, and civilizations coalesced because of it.11

All the gods who came later were merely anthropomorphized representations of geophysical events reinforced in myth to explain actual actions that happened in the world. That we inferred they were the actions of godlike critters was the only explanation available, as comprehension of celestial mechanics did not get complex until the last half century.

In trying to comprehend this fuller version of human history, you would do well to remember the advice of the Mexican sorcerer Don Juan Matus, fictional creation of anthropologist Carlos Castaneda or not.12

Using a method that enables sorcerers to see human as energy fields, Don Juan/Castaneda claimed that the true center of human perception lies a foot and a half behind you in the center of your back. These peyote-sucking experimenters called this invisible apparatus 'the assemblage point', and stressed that by moving your assemblage point — a good slap on the back always works — you see things very differently.

Move it in certain way and you can see much more than you might want to see. Some shrinks might say it's permanent schizophrenia; sorcerers tell us they're talking to inorganic beings from other dimensions, and none of us has the equipment to prove them wrong.

I see this as a metaphorically sound device, and by way of analogy, I would offer as evidence of this process my own shifting of a metaphorical assemblage point, or point of view.

Our own government played a central and compliant role with the forces who wish to enslave society with the 9/11 caper, enabling all the phony wars that followed to happen. This heart-shattering realization, which now most of the population is still afraid to reach, opened up my eyes to the Jewish rush to blood in World War II that pitted three Jewish-controlled nations against the one man who could have probably saved us from the Jews, the passage of the income tax in 1913 that guaranteed financing for World War I, and a Civil War that slaughtered Americans on both sides and which was kindled by Jews and their establishment of the institution of slavery.

By their own connections do they convict themselves of their constant crimes against humanity. And the great fear of what the neighbors will think keeps people from saying what they know to be true.

Religions have always been the enemies of knowledge. They want to keep it for themselves to retain their power. This is why religious folks have no legitimate claim to be open-minded citizens — their minds are ruled by their destructive dogma that teaches them to kill all the infidels.

This is not the way to peace.

Each technological invention diminishes our internal abilities. The dance of material creation is really the dance of death, and it's time we realized it

A much better road would be understanding in an actualized way what connects us all, and that would be electricity, in every way you can imagine and many that you can't.

Don't let them fool you. You can do whatever you want, but everybody already knows that being together in this life is much, much better than being apart. After all, what is more important than that sizzling connection that makes the world go round?

So dump the dogma and plug in to the real world.

Electricity is the one substance in the universe that not only lives forever, but animates every single thing in that universe.

I know, I know: all this information must come as a real shock!

So let yourself be electrified and see what kind of lights come on. They come with a lifetime guarantee.

Humanity was not put here to conquer the universe, it was put here to serve it, with honor and gratitude. We're all here to help turn the lights on, wherever we can. Let's do it.



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