John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Freedom from pain is just one step away

The automatic gift for plugging into the universe?
It guarantees a pain free good night's sleep!

I was always fascinated with dirt. When I was little I was usually covered with it from head to toe, playing cars in the dirt in my friend Richard's backyard. With dirt, I reasoned in those blissful early school years, you could build anything.

Much later in life, trolling for apt metaphors about Earth's enigmatic situation, I blurted out into an empty room, "We need to return to the dirt!" It seemed a perfect metaphor, given what I knew about the moon hoax and the fact that no human has ever been there.

Stop trying to nuke the universe and re-establish our connection to the dirt has always been my best advice to any inhabitants, no matter what species, of this planet.


In the dirt where is the real information is — things we've never seen before, especially knowledge of ourselves.

One such thing pertains to your health — everyone's health.

Which leads us to the one thing that connects us all.


"If you don't feel well, or if you don't like jet lag, just take off your shoes and socks, and go outside and stand barefoot in the grass for 15 minutes . . . The barefoot story is about the deficiency of electrons."

So spoke James L. Oschman, Ph.D., creator of the movie "The Living Matrix", at the recent Thunderbolts conference.

The mind boggling thesis of his presentation was that if you took off your shoes and socks, and stood on bare ground of any type, the natural energy of the Earth would restore your health by restoring the electron balance of your cells.

Oshman remarked:

• Bodies were naturally grounded in ancient times sleeping on animal hides on the ground or wearing conductive moccasins. Barefoot is natural.

• Rubber and plastic shoes came in 50 or so years ago — they disconnected us from the Earth, and this is a problem.

• Grounded means connected to the Earth with its abundant supply of electrons, stabilizing our internal electric environment.

By synchronistic chance I had just been trolling through Jerry Tennant MD's new electric anatomy book, "Healing is Voltage," which confirmed and amplified these observations.

"Every cell in the body is designed to run at a voltage of -20 millivolts up to -25 millivolts. We heal by making new cells. Making a new cell requires -50 millivolts."

"We get sick when our voltage drops below the operating voltage of -20 millivolts. Thus all chronic disease is defined by having low voltage."

So where does all this energy come from that is going to fix your health automatically? Try 3 million lightning strikes per day, every day, among other sources.

Going barefoot while connected to the Earth results in an instantaneous transfer of charge, Oschman explains in the video. Better than that, an acupuncture pressure point named Kidney 1 denotes the exact center of the sole of your foot. "Every step we take connects us to the Earth via the meridian system to every nook and cranny of the body."

Connected to all body systems these electrons [which are light!] go everywhere, right down to the cells.

"Sleep improves because they have less pain. When there's less pain, there's less inflammation. Electrons from the earth are nature's antioxidant — the best treatment for inflammation."

Healing begins instantaneously. Oschman spoke of the accelerated healing of injuries. "If you hurt yourself, get barefoot onto the Earth."

He also spoke of cardiovascular benefits: the increased heart rate variability with normal electron flow is a major indicator of longevity — with less clumping of red blood cells and less blood viscosity. "Every aspect of cardiovascular disease is connected to blood viscosity," he said.

For those with trouble sleeping, Oschman had the best news of all: sleeping grounded, a new practice known as Earthing, normalizes the rhythm of Cortisol, the stress hormone, guaranteeing restful sleep.

Tennant advocates the creation of a new medical paradigm for human beings.

Like the Thunderbolts astrophysicists, he convinces us of the validity of switching from a chemical based understanding of medical treatment to an energy based perspective, the universal component of which is electricity.

"One can solve the riddle of whether electrons are particles or waves by assuming the nucleus is not a proton but a capacitor.

"Light is simply the vortex of energy known as electrons. Since we cannot measure where it is now because it is moving in a vortex. Heisenberg found he could not figure out where it was at any moment."

"The frequency of each light vortex (electron) is the distance between the arcs and the vortex."

"All living things are fractal" (and this I believe points the way to what are certainly new human dimensions).

And the newest and most important one is the understanding that electricity is the universal language that connects the stars to ourselves.

Just knowing that makes us healthier. So stand out on your lawn for a few minutes, hook up to the universal vibe, and listen to your body tell you it feels better already.

Imagine if we had a world where we didn't have to go anywhere because we already had all the things we could possibly want right where we were.

Take your shoes and socks off, go stand outside, and make it happen. Your body will thank you.

Be sure and check out The Living Matrix, a film on the new science of healing.


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