John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

... tells the tale of a gang of cutthroats
killing and robbing across space and time

The ghost of dead poet Ezra Pound bids us to peek into the misty library of our own minds, specifically into the section suppressed by public schools and TV channels, as well as by most progressive Internet websites.

Ezra who? Pound was the great teacher who mentored the leading lights of a generation of 20th century American literateurs: Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot and that bunch. During World War II Pound broadcast anti-American invective and railed against the world banking system. He was tried for treason and spent 13 years in an insane asylum. Today, his message is more prescient than ever.
Pound's ghost wafts down a cobwebbed corridor of musty tomes and settles upon a long-forgotten folio: "Admonitions of an Egyptian Sage from a Hieratic Papyrus in Leiden," translated by Alan H. Gardiner in 1909.

"Egypt was in distress; the social system had become disorganized; violence filled the land. Invaders preyed upon the defenseless population; the rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open, and the poor took their possessions. It is no local disturbance that is here described, but a great and overwhelming national disaster. The Pharaoh was strangely inactive."

Noting that Pharaoh's Jewish adviser interpreted his dreams, the ghost pulls out a dusty scroll, the famous Ipuwer Papyrus, and reads:
"The towns are destroyed ... years of noise. There is no end to noise. The fish in the lakes and rivers die, and worms, insects, and reptiles breed prolifically."

Pound's ghost comments: "What a strange occurrence! No battles are described; the empire was not attacked from without. The description is oddly like the French and Russian Communist Revolutions ... the rich were stripped of everything and slept in the open. There are also parallels to modern America ... the fish in the lakes and rivers die ... there is no end to noise."

He then reads a passage from the 5th century B.C. Egyptian historian Manetho:

"A people of ignoble origin from the East, who had the audacity to invade the country, which they mastered by main force, without difficulty, or even a battle."

“During this 511 year period, the Jews were princes in Egypt, taking what they wanted from the enslaved Egyptians, and incurring their enmity by their vicious arrogance over the betrayed population. At last, the native leaders of the Egyptians led a successful revolt, and expelled the Hyksos forever. Manetho writes that after the Hyksos were driven out, the Egyptians punished the Jews for their treachery, and enslaved them for life at hard labor.

“This brings us to the period of Moses, when the Jews were complaining about their hard lot in Egypt. Before they betrayed the nation to the Hyksos, they had enjoyed every freedom in Egypt, and it was only natural that they should be punished for their treason. Rather than endure this slavery, they petitioned the Pharoah to let them return to Palestine, and resume their life of nomadic banditry.”

This could be the first recorded instance of what was to happen again and again over time and is still happening, with blinding and bloody vividity, in places like Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere, anywhere the Jewish state conceals its interests from the glare of public scrutiny.
Typical was the fate of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar II, the mightiest ruler of the ancient world, had received many complaints about the Jewish bandits operating in Palestine and he brought 30,000 captives back to Babylon. Within five decades Babylon was no more.

In a papyrus found in Oxyhynchus, Egypt, a Roman named Hermaiscus is tried for treason, apparently, like Haman in the Persian Empire, he protested against the growing power of the Jews. The papyrus states that in his defense, Hermaiscus said to the Emperor Trajan, "It distresses me to see your cabinet and privy council filled with Jews." Of course he was executed. How many other gentiles have died in this way over the centuries?

And yes, Brutus and his fellow senators murdered Julius Caesar because the tyrant had made the Jews a privileged group above the laws of Rome, exempt from military service and most of the empire’s laws, much in the same way as the Zionized Neocons of America’s own Caligula, George W. Bush. The traffic in gold between nations was the cornerstone of Jewish international power two thousand years ago, just as it is today. It was carried on under the guise of being a "religious" occupation.

The literary device of Pound’s ghost can only be Eustace Mullins, Pound’s longtime assistant and protegé, who has over the decades become every bit as notorious and revered as his mentor. While Pound created the reputation in letters as the most authentic American poet of the 20th century, Mullins — who started out as the imprisoned Pound’s devoted assistant — has done the same for himself in the area of revealing the secrets of the Federal Reserve scam and chronicling the hidden history of that certain tribe, to whose exploits we now return.

The narrative of the ghost in this story is directly lifted from Mullins’ New History of Jews, which he wrote in 1968.

It chronicles the destruction of a succession of nations down through the centuries, and the formula is shockingly similar. It paints a certain picture over and over again, and when you hear enough of these surprising and suppressed examples of history, you’ll get the message.
For instance, consider the fate of Britain, hub of the world.

“Time after time, the kings of England, facing revolution if they refused, were forced to expel the Jews in response to the demands of the working people,” Mullins writes.

In October 1290, 16,000 Jews boarded vessels, leaving England to live with their fellow parasites in France, Flanders, Germany and Spain. They were kept out of England for 300 years, and during this period, England became the greatest nation in the world.

The Jews finally succeeded in returning by financing a revolution for a fanatic named Oliver Cromwell. With unlimited funds at his disposal, Cromwell hired troops and seized the country. He beheaded the king, Charles I, and began a campaign of ruthless extortion and crime against the people of England. Ostensibly, the Cromwell party was Christian, and it was called the Puritans, but in fact, it was Jewish from its very inception, financed with Jewish money for the purpose of regaining a foothold in England ...

So cruel was the oppression of Christians by Cromwell and his Jewish group that the English people rebelled and restored King Charles II to the throne. The first thing they demanded was that he expel the Jews, whom Cromwell had brought back to the country.
A little further along this sad chronology of history, Mullins writes ...

Jews were also feared because of their practice of medicine. In the year 833, the Mohammedans forbade the Jews to adopt the profession of medicine, and in 1335, the Holy Synod of Salamanca declared that Jewish physicians entered this profession solely for the opportunities which it offered them to kill Christians.

And too close to our own time, Pound’s ghost synopsizes the infection in America’s collective perceptual powers:

In our universities, everything must be attributed to one of three Jews: Marx, Freud or Einstein; otherwise the instructors are not allowed to teach. Christ is a figure of fun to the “in” professors .... Marx modernized the ruthless concept of Jewish dictatorship in his philosophy of Communism. It was Einstein’s researches which led to the invention of the the Jewish Hell-Bomb. Freud declared war on the nobility of the human mind, insisting that our intelligence is found only in our reproductive organs and our anuses. This was the foundation of the “science” of psychiatry, although a gentile who came later, Carl Jung, found that people could be helped if one ignored the Freudian filth ....

Thus Jung discovered that Jewish psychiatry could be very damaging to the gentile mind. thousand of gentiles who have placed themselves in the care of Jewish psychiatrists have become hopelessly insane, or have committed suicide. This was only to be expected.

The Jews have also developed dangerous new drugs which induce insanity in gentiles ...

Reader! You may now contemplate the current state of “modern medicine.”

In this media blitz that today we call cyberspace, so much alternative information is presented by clever poseurs on all levels claiming that it’s not Jews, it’s Zionists; it’s not Jews, it’s Neocons; it’s not Jews, it’s Communists; it’s not Jews, it’s the Illuminati. Wise up, my friend. All of those labels are synonyms for Judaism, which is not really a religion, but a crime scheme. It gives one demonstrably insane group of people to rob and kill everyone else, and they’ve been so clever at it FOR FIVE THOUSAND YEARS, most people don’t even notice.

Of course, this is made possible by their control of money, media and medicine. This is how they have enslaved the world.
“Being Jew-wise,” Mullins writes, “that one recognizes the basic precepts of the Jewish problem.”

1. The Jew always exists in a state of war with all civilized nations.

2. Every Jew is an agent of the state of Israel.

3. The Jew always knows who he is.

4. Whatever ambitions you may have, you cannot realize these goals because of the presence of the Jews.

Mullins, the real life ghost of legendary poet Ezra Pound, explains this cautionary checklist more fully:

It is the function of the Jew to systematically destroy the habitat and the lifestyle of the host people. This renders them unable to resist or to dislodge his parasitic presence. At the beginning of this biological relationship, it is the Jew who is the displaced person, seeking a place for himself while the host is secure in his home. In establishing his biological presence among the host people, the Jew works furiously to replace the lifestyle of the host with a totally synthetic environment, tailored to the needs and purposes of the Jew. With spider-like precision, the Jew spins his web about the host people, using satire, pornography, and the host’s own system of communication to entrap them in the web of the Jew. When the web is complete, the host is unable to move, and finds himself at the mercy of the Jew, who is not slow to administer his fatal poison.

Take a look around you, folks. Is this not exactly what’s happening in the world today? Maybe you could ask someone in Palestine, someone who is bleeding ....

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