John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

How can you not yet know what they tell you isn't true? 

The current U.S. president, whose true background remains a closely guarded secret, came on television in the middle of the night, practically, to explain to us that he personally took credit for the targeted assassination of someone he called "the world's most wanted terrorist."

Of course, anyone with halfway decent media sense or military connections instantly knew his assertion was absurd.

Although the information has been hard to find but over the past three or four years, it generally has trickled out from various sources — notably the Benazir Bhutto interview — that Osama bin Laden had died in December 2001 of kidney failure. In fact his obituary had been printed in the Egyptian daily Al Ahram, but of course the Jewish controlled press in the U.S. ignored the story, as they do so many. A sergeant major who had been at Tora Bora informed me about it in 2004.

Next day, after the great film clip of Barack and the gang sitting around, watching the raid on TV and cheering the live action, the LA Times played it straight, utterly straight. Obama gunned down Osama. This was the artificial reality — much like the early statements after 9/11/2001 — that the media and the government — which are one entity now — were imposing on their gentle sheeple. The foundation of the assassination story immediately began to crumble, and by now, the song and dance the Washington puppets have to put on is so beyond any semblance of sanity and normalcy . . . nothing our government says is true; this is proof positive.

It was like this at 9/11, too. "They hated our freedoms," the younger Bush mass murderer intoned, looking tough in his bomber jacket. Very few people could see at that moment that they were watching the figurehead leader of the group that actually committed this crime, but you can bet your bippy I did, and it really set me boiling. I remember, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, and Gen. Myers all bleating the same thing: "We had no idea something like this could happen." Later we learned Cheney was running seven different air defense exercises on that day, to create maximum confusion.

But what has kept me boiling all these years is all those people who said "you're crazy" or "you're working for . . . (pick a side, I get both, or rather, all), or "you're just trying to cause trouble."

All the while, the government has kept saying, "You will believe this. We will keep repeating it." And they are. CBS closed its much praised "60 Minutes" show Sunday with the beloved commentator Andy Rooney comparing the deaths of Osama bin Laden with Adolf Hitler as high points in American history. I thought, well, of course a Jewish network would do this. It's what they always do, what they've always done.

But now, with all that's gone on, everybody realizes this is the artificial reality draped over our minds all of our lives, and the real reality of the 21st century that you have never read in your daily newspapers of TV shows — the principal purveyors of the artificial reality — goes something like this.

In 2001, one day after the announcement by Donald Rumsfeld that the Pentagon could not account for $2.3 TRILLION in expenditures, a coalition of the White House, its Israeli handlers, and various other foreign intelligence agencies engineered a project — well known at this point, PNAC — to give them a reason to make war on the entire Muslim world, principally to steal its oil resources and gain strategic leverage over China and Russia.

The price was 3,000 lives of its own citizens, which they paid without blinking. If they ever told the truth about anything before this happened, which is doubtful, they surely have never delivered a shred of truth about anything since that awful day.

The whole world loved America at that moment, and was willing to do anything to help. Our president's response — pre-scripted by his Jewish financial handlers — was to make war on everyone with no legitimate evidence in any case. This behavior has just been repeated by President Obama in Libya, where he seeks to assassinate Moammar Qaddafi, probably the greatest African leader ever, whose real sin was to be too good to his people and too good to his neighbors, casting a bad light on the slavemasters in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

And now we wonder — the destruction of Japan, the fomented revolutions in all Muslim countries, the deliberate environmental destruction of the United States, and the poisoning of the world with radiation — is this the Jewish prophecy, uttered so eloquently by Martin van Creveld when he announced that Israel had nukes aimed at all the capitals of Europe, yes, the oft-repeated Jewish prophecy: "If somebody takes us down, we'll take the whole world with us."

I truly believe this is what is happening now. While there may be galactic events that are about to impact us in a profoundly geophysical way, there are definitely government programs being run in our faces that don't insure our health and our lives. They actually assure we get sick and die, after first a long and expensive and agonizing ordeal in the Jewish health care system. The Jews, I fear, really believe it is their destiny to control the whole planet, and the easiest way to do it is to destroy it, so they can rule unencumbered in a kosher post-apocalypse garbage dump. Hey, it's their kind of neighborhood. The atrocity of the Talmud does belong in the filthy ghetto from which it came.

Reading many of the commentaries after the absurd Obama announcement — that is now being taught in schools — especially the many commentaries in Informationclearinghouse, a popular website on college campuses, not a single one of them ever used the word Jew, even though every single writer bent over backwards NOT to while explaining the background of the situation. This is typical, not only in mainstream media, but also on the Internet, where the prohibition of using the world "Jew" — especially since it is germane to every crisis on the planet — is never mentioned.

Needless to say, it should come as no surpass that this is the chief mechanism of control in the artificial reality that controls us all, abetted by the new Holocaust religion that worships death and suffering, and practices what it preaches.

Like the vampire culture it is, this runaway Jewish financial monster that is plundering the world cannot be reformed, it can only be destroyed. And destroying it is the only way we're going to save ourselves, before it destroys us.

Artificial reality is not hazardous to your health. I'm afraid it's fatal, and the proof is headed down the highway toward us — from just about every direction there is.

Only a real world can save us now. The unreal one is self destructing, melting into senseless streams of ritualized insanity.

A real world with real people in it, who face the fact they have nothing left to lose except their lives.

Do we have any lingering doubts about who has committed this theft of everything that we own, as well as our lives? We may now all entertain suggestions as to who are the predator culprits. Once we have reached a decision, we must act with all possible speed and effort, because, one way or the other, they are likely to be the last things we ever do.

Obama vs. Osama

A man with no past a past leads a world with no future,
fills out his hollow resumé, kills a man who is already dead
despite his numerous recent appearances on television.
Think of all those videos — the fat Osama,
the laughing Obama, the religious Osama — who, just who
was it that created these frauds? Can you still deny
that the same men, cut from this same twisted cloth,
created both Obama and Osama, opposition cartoon characters
in the neverending crime drama of human predators devouring their prey.

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