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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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I would have been a Russian general
whose allegiance was to the Führer

I always had a cynical view of reincarnation. When asked about it, I’d always scowl and bark “Mathematically impossible!”, and get a little peeved that somebody would suggest such a ridiculous idea.

I remember reconsidering the concept in middle age, when I read a wonderful book: The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1927 Evans-Wentz edition), which was also called The Book of Liberation by Hearing and is a foundational Buddhist text. If you could navigate through the tremendously long and unpronounceable names of Tibetan deities, you could pretty much figure out the basic plot, which was, that when you die, you enter into something called the bardo state.

In that state, your first choice is to go to the light, and you’ll never have to worry about the miseries of life again, as you will be one with everything and happy as a clam, or more specifically, beyond happiness and into permanent bliss. But usually, only disciplined masters are shrewd enough to make that choice, because most of us, right after we die, start thinking about the wonderful state called life we just left, all the fond memories of the people we loved, and that sort of thing.

The desire to return to life quickly becomes irresistible.

This feeling eventually becomes so powerful that we soon start wishing we could return for another go-round, and after an indeterminate period of frolicking with the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities (which means reviewing every single thing that happened to us in our previous life, both good and bad), we eventually choose our future parents for what we deem to be an appropriate way to return to once again living in corporeal form.

I always found that formula to be a kind of wishful thinking projected by the living onto their departed loved one as a way to diminish the pain of loss, and like telling a child that Grandma was happy in heaven, or, as the Indians talked about the Happy Hunting Ground, as a way to ascribe good fortune to the person who left us whom we miss intensely.

In that vein, I came to regard The Tibetan Book of the Dead as a book about life rather than a book about death, per se, in that all life is really a preparation for death, with the best outcome being that you know you’ve done all you could have done when your moment of departure arrives.

It was twenty years after that when I ran into a reincarnation story I couldn’t refute. It took a long time for my friend Patrick, well known as a boy genius, to convince me that he had been the great Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla, and it wasn’t his story that really convinced me, but a story he told me about his son that really closed the door on any chance that his story wasn’t true.

His son, it seems, when he had reached a certain age, about 8 or 9, I think, kept insisting he had lived in Florida, and his wife from his former life still lived there. Moreover, he kept talking about certain items, especially a Rolex watch, that he wanted to retrieve. Finally Patrick, who believed himself to be reincarnated, took his son to Florida, and found the person his son said was his wife.

As they instantly recognized each other, his son inquired, “Where’s my stuff?”, whereupon his former wife retrieved the box which contained his Rolex watch.

That jarred me into realizing that maybe I better attach a little more credibility to accounts of reincarnated individuals, so I picked up a copy of a book titled “Old Souls,” by Tom Shroder (1999), which was reputed to me one of the best expositions of this controversial phenomenon known as reincarnation.

From that book, I learned that a significant number of people in the world unquestionably believed in this phenomenon and had the testimony of friends and relatives on both sides of the great divide — that is, friends from their previous lives — who could verify that they were indeed the person they claimed to be.

“Old Souls” is about the story of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, a University of Virginia professor who travelled the world documenting more than two thousand of these past life memory cases. Shroder, the author, travelled with Stevenson to Lebanon and to India and witnessed irrefutable evidence that thousands of people can adequately document and prove they were who they say they were in previous lives.

The two main impressions I got from the book was that these examples of reincarnated souls appeared to belong to those who suffered unjust, violent or premature deaths, and that many people, especially in India and Lebanon, accepted this phenomenon as a natural part of their present and former lives.

So, after all these events I was no longer able to dismiss reincarnation as some kind of delusion possessed by people unhappy with their own current lives. But searching my own mind, I was still not ready to claim any knowledge of a past life for myself.

But in ruminating about the idea, I was compelled to recall an event from a few years back during which an old girlfriend and I — really on a lark, at least as far I was concerned — acquired a copy of a past life analysis of both of us from to see if we would be compatible as husband and wife (which it turned out we were not). I was greatly disturbed to learn that, according to my birth information (November 20, 1944, 12:02 a.m. (universal time during World War II), that I had committed some major crime in a past life, and was committed in this life to doing something that would atone for it. I didn’t like that idea. I bristled at the thought of it.

I thought little about the matter in the intervening years until quite by accident (or I might have been researching the name of my paternal grandmother, whose name was Bronislava Kolodiej) — I chanced across an article on Wikipedia that brought the subject of reincarnation back into my mind.

Russland, Brigadekommandeur Borislaw Kaminski 190w, 444w" sizes="(max-width: 339px) 100vw, 339px">Coincidentally, a fellow named Bronislav Kaminski (June 16, 1899-August 28, 1944) was a Russian military officer who later became a general in the German army and was later killed either in an ambush or executed by the Gestapo.

According to the link <>, his father was Polish and his mother was German, but he considered himself a Russian. He served in the Red Army during the Russian Civil War. During the “Great Purge”, Bronislav was imprisoned. Later exiled to a rural region of what is now Belarus, he went over to the German side and became commander of an expanding militia aimed at combating the Red Menace.

I could just envision his hatred of the Jews who had taken control of Russia, and when all was said and done, had killed 66 million non-Jewish Russians (according to Solzhenitsyn). This hatred, I presumed, had led him to identify with Adolf Hitler and his passion to prevent the Jewish Bolsheviks from overrunning Eastern Europe and eventually the recently revived Germany of the Third Reich.

Wikipedia describes how in 1942 Kaminski was the leader of his own group of German partisans who soon became commander of the militia brigade in the town of Lokot. He administered the local government, and established his own courts, jails and newspaper.

After some success in several battles in 1943, Kaminski was in command of 10,000 soldiers, but his outfit began to suffer desertions as Soviets gained ground. Some 10,000 civilian lives were lost as his troops retreated west toward Poland.

During the retreat desertions increased greatly and his entire formation seemed close to disintegration. When one of his subordinates decided to defect his whole unit to the enemy, Kaminski allegedly strangled him and eight others in front of his men. This action did not prevent more men from deserting in the face of the successful Soviet onslaught.

Yet on Jan. 27, 1944, Himmler rewarded Kaminski’s “achievements” with the Iron Cross, first and second class. By August, Kaminski had been promoted to General-Major of the Waffen SS.

But the Warsaw Uprising started that month and Himmler’s plans changed. Kaminski wound up being blamed for much of an event called the Ochota Massacre in Poland, in which 10,000 died under the most distressful circumstances. Later blamed for stealing property that should have been turned into the Reich, he was executed along with his chief of staff.

But his men were given a false explanation, that he was killed by Polish partisans. As the Wikipedia article reports, when Kaminski’s men rejected this explanation, the Gestapo took Kaminski’s car, pushed it into a ditch, shot it up with a machine gun, and smeared goose blood all over it. The demoralized unit was soon moved out of town and stationed far to the north.

Another version of Bronislaw Kaminski’s demise states that German officials determined his brigade was too undisciplined and unreliable, and he was called to Lodz for a leadership conference, where he was placed in front of a military tribunal and executed by firing squad. Another version has him being shot when the Gestapo captured him.

Months after Kaminski’s elimination, in 1945, his former subordinate Yuri Frolov testified that Kaminski had given his men permission to loot, providing substance to the notion that Kaminski had betrayed the German cause.

For my part, after hearing so many negative facts about someone who conceivably could have been my pre-reincarnated forbear, I began to seek out some positive evidence of what this character might actually have been, but the only defense I could come up with was that Kirill Frolov is the current patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church who has been an outspoken opponent of those who would argue for the rightness of the German cause in trying to thwart Stalin’s dispossession of eastern Europe.

How was it that the Russian Orthodox Church was able to survive nearly a century of Jewish oppression without going over to the enemy in some way, shape or form? That still is my question.

So, that’s the story of Bronislaw Kaminski, a Pole who became a Russian who sided with Hitler because he hated what the Jews had done to Russia. And he died, was shot by a firing squad, eight days short of three months before I was born.

So here I am, one of the notable critics of Jewish criminality in the world who has come to believe that World War II was most certainly a case of three Jewish countries — the United States, Britain and the Soviet Union — ganging up to obliterate National Socialist Germany, which had become the major threat in all of world history to Jewish financial hegemony over the whole.

In fact I believe that Hitler’s gambit may have been the last legitimate chance of the rest of the world to stop the ruthless Jewish financial octopus that today has the whole world in its grip, and is the major cause of all these wars being executed by the United States but really doing the Jewish bidding of Israel.

I’d say this presents a pretty strong circumstantial case that I could be the reincarnation of General-Major of the Waffen SS Bronislaw Kaminski.

It would be except I don’t have a single flashback of such an incarnation, no fleck of distant memory of my time as a rebel fighter on the Russian tundra, obliterating bodies in Poland or frolicking with the SS.

No, my consciousness about what happened to Germany in World War II has come about entirely as a result of my reading. It happened first almost by accident when an acquaintance handed me a copy of the Leuchter Report, which showed no trace of cyanide residue in the wall of what German authorities insisted (and lied about what) were the walls of the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Then I read the Protocols of Zion, which are an uncannily accurate description of what is happening in the world today (as they were in Henry Ford’s time, as well).

I kind of put all that aside in the late 1990s until 9/11 happened. It wasn’t the initial event that pulled my attention back to the Jews — it was the after effects, the lies that were proposed as the official explanation, the destruction of evidence, the false stories told by all the politicians which are still repeated today, and the ubiquitous presence of Jews in all the key positions, from the presidential advisers to the DHS Jews letting the suspicious Israeli monitors go free, to the Jewish judges who stalled the investigations.

Perhaps the most important factor was the newspapers, which had been my profession earlier in life. The newspapers supported every lie the government told as gospel truth. It was no coincidence that all these newspapers are owned by Jews.

While I was ingesting this material I was also sucking up the Holocaust analyses of Arthur Butz, Germar Rudolf, James Bacque, Ernst Zündel, and Robert Faurisson, and all the other heroes who have battled for decades to try to overturn the Big Jewish Lie that even today railroads so many people into jail.

So I really didn’t need any past life experiences to unconsciously guide me to my selected of subject matter in the early part of the 21st century.

It became obvious to me to overturning this Jewish mindlock that has anesthetized most of the world’s population into an artificial reality where people can be disappeared, suicided and exterminated much more easily . . .

Where the Jewish philosophy has completely erased all notions of honor, duty, integrity, compassion and understanding and replaced them with insatiable avarice, perversion, unfaithfulness, sadism, and the molestation of their own children . . .

I have no particular desire to either defame or idolize Bronislaw Kaminski because I had to rely on the Jewish resource Wikipedia to learn anything about him at all. Wikipedia is not necessarily a reliable source.

But if I wanted to dream, and have any thought about reincarnation at all, it would be not to find out who I might have been in some past life, but to know that somebody out there would reincarnate as me (no, I don’t have to be there) and take up the work I’ve clumsily attempted late in life to expose, neutralize, detoxify, and otherwise make extinct what I consider the greatest danger ever inflicted on the human species, which would be this awful poison known as Judaism, which lies about life itself and promises to destroy the whole world if it is prevented from inflicting upon everyone the secret sickness it harbors inside its own soul.

So if somebody like me showed up some years into the future, complaining about everything and yowling about the twisted depravity that is the Jewish religion, it would mean the world was trying to be healthy, and that would give me great satisfaction to know that I had played some small role in making that happen.

We all need to follow that course if our species is to survive in any form resembling the beings that at one time or another, in our happier moments, we have all aspired to be.

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