John Kaminski American Writer and Critic

John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

Letter from Uncle Mike
No. 1, 12/12/21

In relation to the matter of the Messiah, according to the Protocols, the “King of the Jewish World” will be being prepared (in the heart of the synagogues and Masonic lodges). It is also interesting to know what this meant for the French rabbi Isidoro Loeb, secretary of the Universal Israelite Alliance, in 1869. In his book The Literature of the Poor in the Bible, published in Paris in 1892, on page 218, he writes:
“One cannot say with certainty whether Isaiah believed in the apparition of a personal Messiah or not... It is certain that, with or without a King-Messiah, the Jews will constitute the center of humanity, around which the non-Jews will flock, after their conversion. The peoples shall unite to pay homage to the People of God. All the wealth of the nations will pass to the Jewish people. The non-Jews will throw themselves at our feet. The kings and princesses, their wives, will be our servants, they shall kneel before us and lick the dust from our feet.” (Isaiah 49, 23) “God will establish an eternal alliance with the Jewish people and, as with David, the Jewish people shall rule over the nations... Furthermore, it is clear the restitution of Jerusalem and the Holy Land to the Jewish people will play a great role.”
In this quotation, as in the previous one, the suggestion the Messiah may well not be a personal being is very important. This Messiah or King of the Jews could constitute itself as a collective entity with a thousand arms and thousand heads; the Hydra or Polyp of International Judaism, distributed worldwide with the institutions they control everywhere: Marxism, the Soviets, Capitalism, the multinationals, the Vatican, the other churches, the centers of occultism, Freemasonry, the United Nations, etc.
And all directed from a hidden secret center. Nor should the possibility of an individual Messiah be discounted, who as has been said, they have been preparing since time immemorial in the synagogues and lodges, a species of monstrous Golem, without blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, trans-infinite. Perhaps he could even have an electronic brain, a robot, which they manipulate. Nor can we exclude the installation of a Jewish Pope in Rome. Everything is still possible, at these heights of the fulfillment of the millennial plan.
As Claudio Mutti has said; the Judaism of the origins was formed through the inclusion of a series of foreign elements, foreign to this super-mixed people. We have seen how Moses, who was not a Jew, nor was Joseph, an Egyptian priest named Touiya. Nor was Joshua, a Philistine general who stopped the sun10, successor of Moses. Solomon would have been an Assyrian named Salmanazar, or an Aryan Amorite initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries of Hathor. Even Kings David and Saul. The Jews took the idea of the Messiah from Egypt, about which one can read in the stones of the Egyptian temples, as well as in Iran.
Even the term “Hebrews” did not pertain to them. In conversations in Northern Germany with Pastor Jurgen Spanuth, tireless investigator of the history of the Hyperboreans and their penetration into Asia Minor and on to Egypt, he confirmed that the name “Hebrew” appears for the first time in an Egyptian temple and which may mean “giant”11. Spanuth also affirmed the idea of a “chosen people” is Nordic-Aryan; arriving from Asia Minor with the Hyperboreans from Iran, then with the Philistines, with the Hyksos, with the Amorites.
The Jews appropriated the term. They also lent themselves several runic characters such as the pentagon, the star of six points of David and the seal of Solomon, which in truth is the Nordic Rune Hagal, of the God Odin. They adulterated it. Jacob is also not a Jewish name and his struggle with the Angel is proof of Hyperborean initiation. Jacob was a nephew of Abraham, who was not Semite.
The very name Israel, that was given to Jacob by the Angel, means “he who fights with God” and refers to the mystery of the Hyperborean Gral which centuries later would be revived in the legend of Parzival. All this came from the north, as the King-Priest of the Polar Centre, Er, Irmin, Atlas, Poseidon, Apollo, Melchizedek. Like Salem (peace) Solomon. The symbol is completed with the Queen of Sheba, which means South, signifying the union of both poles, of the North and South, in The Song of Songs.
And to think all this marvel of symbols, of mysteries, of legends, of Hyperborean wisdom, has been adulterated, equally with the Orphic Cabala, by a tribe of bastards and slaves, to be placed at the service of a terrible sentiment of racial sin in the fulfillment of the sinister designs of a Planetary Archetype, of the Lord of Darkness and Chaos, of the Master of Shadows they have called Jehovah!
Miguel Serrano, Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, pp. 103-104.




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