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    9/11 Legacy False Flag Terror

    A series of Kaminski essays about 9/11 - what really took place and why. Read More
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    Holocausting Humanity

    The Truth behind the Holocaust and why Germany was destroyed in World War II. Read More
  • Ideas that Never Die

    Ideas that Never Die

    Kaminski explores the history of the destruction of society through a series of essays. Read More
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    When We Lie to Ourselves

    We’re all trapped in a complex web of mistranslated myth. Read More
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The objective of government


Harvesting citizens
for fun and profit


The main thing people don’t realize is that the government creates crimes and threats to the public to prove or demonstrate that the government itself needs to exist. What would we possibly do without them? These people just want to keep their jobs and score as many side perks and bribes as possible.

Think of the technical choreography it took to stage these sensational terror events of the past decades, from Oklahoma City to 9/11 to Sandy Hook, to all the school shootings and incineration of towns from above. These were all false flag scams aimed at convincing us government is here to protect us, which, as we know by now from the COVID fiasco, their objective is exactly the opposite.

Needless to say this faux altruism quickly gets out of hand and results in a total loss of freedom as a government of this type eventually classifies most acts of human behavior as crimes of one type or another, giving it total control over the people it is supposed to protect — and benefit.

Beginning as beneficial health standards, this practice of government-as-parent is evolving toward total control of what people are even allowed to think. The trend toward eliminating individuality altogether gains significantly around the world because of this constant and increasing toxification of the environment, necessitating more frequent medical interventions.

Turning us into obedient robots physically connected to a central source telling us how to live and what not to investigate — you know the drill by now. You can see it mobilizing around you like a poison fog. Listen carefully. You can almost hear the spike proteins shredding the capillaries in your brain as you can’t even remember the name of your favorite childhood heroes fade into the fog.

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Common denominator


The lies behind the crime
are the same lie every time


You still don’t understand, do you?

Let me make it simple for you.

20th century. One hundred million murdered in Russia. Sixty million murdered in China.

The common denominator?

Jewish government ruling the world from behind the scenes with Jewish finance, Jewish medicine and Jewish media. Better known as Communism, or by a dozen other synonyms all meant to conceal the true identity of the perpetrators of this diabolical formula for the enslavement of all nations.

Flash forward.

21st century. Two billion murdered around the world by a counterfeit vaccine for a so-called disease never proven to exist. Eustace Mullins was right. He said Big Pharma would destroy us. He also said Jews would destroy all the non Jews of the planet, and enslave the ones they couldn’t kill.

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Crippled republic

Poisoning the world
with murderous lies


This feels like the final act of an epic tragedy.

What kind of deformed, immoral and reprobate monsters could possibly support what the United States is doing in Ukraine, deliberately endangering the health and welfare of the whole world to profit the most corrupt and disingenuous political criminals ever to walk this Earth — namely the current political establishment known as the Deep State now busily wrecking the country and the world we thought we knew?

How shameful is the juxtaposition of counterfeit president Joe Biden frolicking with this pathetic cartoon nightmare who poses as Ukraine’s president compared to the graceful and responsible appearance of exiled president Donald Trump to the cheers of grateful residents of eastern Ohio who have been assaulted and insulted by their own government?

Fortunately for him, Joe Biden is too psychotic to be embarrassed. His obvious intention of starting World War 3 is merely another indication of his crazed condition. His turning over of binding health decisions to the World Health Organization, an unelected body controlled by the arch criminal Bill Gates, is another proof that Biden is a mortal danger to himself and billions of others.

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Nightmare reality

Mass madness overtakes
a misguided population
unprepared to deal with
the insanity of its leaders


Americans live in an outlaw nation that can no longer tell the difference between good and evil. Evidence of this insanity dominates the consciousness of frightened citizens in an overwhelming avalanche of catastrophes happening today that prove to everyone the United States is the chief cause of trauma in the world and the most dangerous threat to everyone’s future.

There can be no other mentally sound conclusion. From 1778 to 1871, the United States government entered into more than 500 treaties with the Native American tribes; all of these treaties have since been violated in some way or outright broken by the U.S. government. (Google)

America’s perfidious performance in the international arena is equally pathetic. Lured off course by robot journalists and demented politicians, the USA has lied to so many people and nations it can no longer realize it is constantly lying to itself.

Think about it . . . and while you’re thinking about it, think about the crimes your leaders continue to commit in your name. Think about that your uncritical assent and inexplicable inaction means you are both the actual victims and ultimate perpetrators of all these crimes.

So here’s what we’re up against?

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The patriotism scam

and the character of our intent


Now at last we can see what the patriotism scam has brought us. In the gray fuzzy dawn the grim silhouettes of motionless bodies frozen in a field reveal the character of our intent. These are the designated enemy we’ve been trying to kill and finally succeeded. Their blood is spent and hardening on the poisoned Earth.

Is this scene in a foreign country, or here at home? With each passing day it’s getting harder to tell.

These dead foreigners overseas look like earthquake victims of our mindless wrath. They stare back at us with sightless eyes, searching for a sun they cannot see, a whole family motionless — mother, father, daughter, son — frozen in time in the dreams we try to avoid or deny, unsuccessfully. It’s why so many soldiers come home and kill themselves, ever afraid to ask who we really are and what we’ve really done. Terminally afraid to face the facts.

Grizzled gremlins of a world we never fully understood, we share stories of how we tried to avoid the draft but failed and wound up seeing more than we ever wished to see. We mourn those friends who can’t come back to share their pain with us, we see those broken families still alive resembling in the fetid gray dawn those who did not come home, trying to heal their broken dreams with any drug that comes along or with some unscripted act of violence that cannot be explained.

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Who can you trust?

In this manipulated age,
maybe not even yourself

Can’t trust your doctors. It’s been proven they’ll kill their patients for money.

Can’t trust your government. If they murder and steal from others, they’ll murder and steal from you.

Can’t trust your local cops. They’ll send a swat team of psychos who will gun down the person who called them.

Can’t trust your preacher, your politician or your professor. They’ll slander those who are really trying to help you because selling their mind control program is more important to them than saving your soul.

Sad to say but totally true, you can’t even trust yourself because you’ve been totally misled by newscasters programmed to say what those who are stealing from you want them to say. The picture of reality they give you is totally false, and you follow along blindly, destroying the world in the process.

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The real axis of evil (2003)

Meanwhile, in 2023 we read . . .

SOTN: Khazarians Concocting World War 3

Popular and reputable websites Veterans Today and State of the Nation, which seem to be claiming to be cutting edge purveyors of contemporary journalism, seem to have forgotten that I wrote this story 20 years ago, and at least called villains by their proper name, which was and is Jews, and not Khazarians (which should tell you something about the influence this ubiquitous evil source has on these two as well as uncountable other websites and news sources).

But 20 years ago we read, more accurately . . .

October 27 2003

The real axis of evil

Monsters in our midst — the U.S., Britain, and Israel

By John Kaminski

Sometimes, after a long storm, the wind eventually blows the clouds away, and the sunlight shines through, revealing a familiar landscape that has never looked so different to us, which comes as a tragic and emotional shock when we realize the time we've squandered refusing to see the beauty right in front of us and the lives we've wasted believing things that in this new light of day we now know for certain were not true.

As I have said many times before in an inarticulate and unformed way, the great tragedy of the 9/11/2001 debacle — in which thousands of Americans lost their lives in a cynical stratagem designed to increase the bloody profits of the weapons makers — was a failure to see how this evil pattern of treason from within was actually the design template of American political behavior throughout the 20th century.

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The wrong side

Why evil always prevails

The chief danger in the world is our inability
to understand what we think we already know

Are Americans mentally ill? How else can you explain their desire to expand a war with Russia that they themselves have started, jeopardizing the health of everyone on the planet?

Why does our government treat foreigners so much better than loyal citizens simply trying to survive? Are these new arrivals the replacement population for an aging population that is being deliberately disposed of by poison injections?

And where is this fabled gravy train on Easy Street which all migrants expect to find in America? Can we expect them to fit in, or have they been recruited to help kill off the American population as the U.S. government is clearly trying to do?

Is it not true that these newcomers have discovered that Americans are ruthless and that is why they behave in the same way?

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The real enemy

On the road to nowhere
in the promised land

It is the mystery true believers are forced to accept without evidence that creates the terrible habit of governments to concoct unprovable mythologies that their credulous recruits regard as unshakable truths, such as “all men are created equal.” In all cases these forced beliefs are lies.

As such religion has played an unwitting role in getting people to take a poison vaccine or supporting a criminally unjust war, when they accept assertions that can easily be proven to be false, if they would simply bother to check their facts.

This is the example that allows governments to keep secrets, often used in the quaint rituals in small towns known as “executive sessions” which conceal the identities of criminals who are appointed to high positions of public trust.

It is the formula for fleecing the public that makes our leaders very rich and the people they misrepresent very poor. This has been going on in America longer than any of us have been alive.

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America’s treasonous tradition

Traitor presidents
all chosen by Jews


Pick an adjective. They all apply. Dimwitted? Semiconscious? Gullible? Deranged?

Easily fooled Americans have never been sufficiently alert to realize that their leaders have never acted in the best interests of the people they were supposed to lead and serve. The picture is all too obvious. All politicians become inexplicably rich by being elected to high office.

Now they’re in the process of killing off all the people they don’t want hanging around the ghettos they’ve created, as well as eliminating all the independent countries in the world and creating their one and only nightmare Jewish superstate.

Especially throughout the 20th century, unbiased American history records a series of betrayals by weak willed leaders who chose personal rewards over the welfare of the nation they presumed to lead. The tradition continues unhindered today.

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Genealogy of mass murder

A tale of three lies: The Holocaust, 9/11
and the COVID scamdemic

The COVID hoax is the bastard grandchild of the Holocaust, as well as the maniac son of 9/11 — both of them Frankenstein concoctions of the monsters known collectively as international Jewry, who for centuries have surreptitiously and sadistically controlled the world’s money, as well as its media, its medicine and the minds of men.

Since I began seriously tracking this suppressed thread — initially from the demolition of the Twin Towers in 2001 — I began to notice two undeniable and ever expanding patterns — the increasing shrinkage of all knowledge into a premeditated formula of duplicitous propaganda (a kind of programming now blatantly observable on Google as the truth of the past systematically disappears), plus this unending and unrestrained hatred of all things German (illustrated by draconian laws Jewish against telling the truth), which have led me to several irresistible observations.

First, and most recently, the COVID scam perpetrated by the Jewish monster known as Big Pharma, never would have happened without the success of the 9/11 scam, which was engineered by the coverup provided by Big Media, another kosher monopoly which tried unsuccessfully to blame the whole charade on Muslims.

It is my unshakable conviction that the COVID scam never would have happened had the true criminals behind 9/11 been adequately identified, which they never were. These were the Jews manipulating all aspects of the conspiracy, from start to finish. They were protected by Jewish media, Jewish judges and Jewish presidential advisers. And they still are — in a closed feedback loop that may not be challenged by the deluded goyim who are being systematically herded toward their own oblivion by prohibiting them from revealing the truth of these matters.

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Congress is a bad joke

Media and feds conspire
in the abortion of reality


Just remember this. If it’s good for the Jews, it’s bad for everyone else.

If you retain any shard of alertness, doubtless you have heard by now of the FBI-Twitter connection in which the criminals in D.C. have turned what was once called representative government into a corporate Ponzi scheme that now has evolved into a mass murder plot aimed at the entire world with its forced poison vaccine mandates making people drop like flies everywhere.

Twenty million dead from the poison jab is the latest estimate from recognized authorities. And remember, the PCR test is a hoax, so you know what’s killing all those people with the weird blood clots. And as long as Gates and Fauci remain out of jail, it will only get worse.

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America is the enemy of everyone (including itself)

Our leaders are all controlled
by bribes from foreign powers


The particularly pertinent question arises today if there ever was a time when we believed what our leaders told us. How long ago was that? Are any of us old enough to remember it? Has anyone ever lived that long?

You must give up your freedom to stay alive is their constant refrain.

And right up to this very moment we continue to suffer from the same eternal scam. Do we really trust our leaders? Our president says we must stay in our homes to stop the spread of this disease that only this super duper new vaccine can stop from infecting others. What a noble reason that would be!

We believed that story right up until the other day when a Pfizer pharmaceutical functionary told the European Parliament, “Oh no, we never tested for that. We were trying to keep up with the speed of science.”

In essence, what she said was, ‘we don’t know if it works or not.’

So how many people during the last few years have lost their lives believing that this test had been done and that was the reason why their government, which they typically obeyed, ordered them to take shots that by now some estimates report have killed more than a million people (some say 20 million!) and totally disrupted the lives of practically everyone on the planet?

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Whatever happened to PEACE demonstrations?

Today, as our civilization crumbles,
Jewish money madmen continue
their psychotic push for endless war


Last year, the terrorist organization known as the United States of America abandoned $82 billion worth of military hardware when it fled Afghanistan in shame and embarrassment. Today, it was announced by a United Nations official that 97 percent of the population of Afghanistan lives in poverty, that is to say, 20 million people facing imminent starvation.

This is only one candid snapshot of the current situation now dominant mostly everywhere in the world.

At the same time, the twisted Frankensteins known as the American political elite recently made a big deal in Washington by hosting their manufactured marionette known as the president of Ukraine. Their designated stooge Zelensky is leading the U.S. charge against Russia to start World War 3, which they have decided is their only way of disguising their long term robbery of the world with their dishonest financial system that has never really worked.

In every instance, it has only made generations of sinister swindlers richer, and the general population poorer, proving persuasively the parasitic priorities of the psychopaths who run the world.

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Flop dance


As the year of the fear draws near,
do you dare ask yourself,
will you be next?

Sorry, no Christmas cheer this year, my dear. Only the brain dead will celebrate.

The rest of us — not only those who have taken the jab, but also those who have hugged and kissed the ones who have, and been terminally cursed by the phenomenon known as shedding — must ask ourselves this.

Will I also do that hellish flop dance that so many have done as the last act of their unfortunate lives?

Doubtless you have seen the flop dance — but only on video, if you’re lucky. The ones on the subway platforms stick in my mind like the vision of hell that they are.

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Nobody in their right mind
supports U.S. criminality
except Jewish bankers


Given the corrupt cretins who have ruled the world at least for the past several centuries, anybody who actually calls themselves an American patriot these days is not only both a liar and a crook, but is also absolutely insane, because that is the warped character of their leaders, a condition never more obvious than at this very moment as they fry up World War 3 on the border between Europe and Asia.

If you took fraud out of the American economy there’d be nothing left.
— Max Keiser

It has been my working theory for nearly a decade (since 2014) that events are being controlled from behind the scenes to make the USA so obnoxious to everyone that all the countries in the rest of the world will one day rise up unanimously and put this obnoxious super thug out of its homicidal misery once and for all forever.

Call it the German treatment if you like, only the Germans didn’t deserve their fate like the rapacious American army has earned theirs.

Just now reading about the Chinese leader cozying up to the leader of Saudi Arabia crystallizes an inkling in my mind that I am progressively witnessing the deliberately caused death of the West.

Lately, however, I have modified my original prediction upon realizing this angry unanimity of the world’s nations about the need to destroy America would no longer be necessary because deliberate acts of sabotage by corrupt U.S. politicians in Washington were doing the job nicely all by themselves without any overseas help at all.

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Death jab

Human race
post mortem


If I could title my first published collection of essays America’s Autopsy Report (2004) about 9/11 and the phony wars which that deception triggered, it is even less of a stretch to call this essay Human Race Post Mortem (2022), as our species marches zombie-like to its own funeral.

Beyond all the misguided actions we commit and all the futile gestures we use to insist that we are independent, self-controlling beings, the overwhelming evidence reveals that we are neither. We are really stumbling simpletons consistently unable to determine our own destinies.

We are pathetic, misinformation driven puppets hurtling toward our doom with no solutions in sight and no powerful force or person willing to rescue us from our sorry slide into semi conscious slavery, if not outright extinction.

Statesmen have become stooges, soldiers now morph into sodomites, and doctors demonically devolve into demons, poisoning the blood of the patients they pretend to save. Our peripatetic human heroes have slithered into the swamp of their own greed, and are no longer trusted by sickly consumers who once idolized them.

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The 3 Stooges of the future

‘Ye’ and Alex Jones
‘breaking the Internet’

Americans forced to listen to
three fools not making sense,
scrambling all the issues


Perhaps they thought that since our mainstream politicians had become so farcical, corrupt and irrelevant, the public wouldn’t notice if they were replaced by lame entertainers spouting senseless mind control gibberish to see if people could tell the difference. They were right. They couldn’t.

It was a familiar formula.

Cartoon buffoons drooled religious recipes that revealed no clue to the underlying inescapable political reality that assails us all these days, which is that Jews control every aspect of our lives including religion, finance, education, media, medicine, entertainment, all calculated to direct us away from understanding both our condition and predicament and reduce us to obedient slaves, if we are allowed to live at all.

You’ve seen this trick before.

Conflating good old time religion with political propaganda is a combo that has always worked. Alex Jones, Kanye West and Nick Fuentes managed to bedazzle the spin universe with a disjoint collection of the well worn memes of fundamentalist Christianity and leave everyone with the sense that these three refugees from a dysfunctional high school that has lost its accreditation sounded exactly like the people running the world — incomprehensible and inexplicable.

Much ado about nothing, devoid of not only solutions but even of serious questions.

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The way to the future




by March 1, 2023

Homicidal psychopaths
have murdered millions


Unelected criminals have proved themselves
blood drinking mass maniac killers

Fake pandemic death toll rising precipitously


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Load lifted




I’m free. Free again. Free at last.

The charade is over. I am not a radio guy. Just as I thank God every day that I was not born a Jew, I also thank him/her/it that I was not born a radio guy.

Not that radio guys are bad. I just don’t happen to be one. Basically radio guys are stand up comics. That’s what attracts audiences. This is a very valuable profession. What would life be without laughs?

I am way too serious. Terrified of the future because I’ve seen too much of the past. Way too much.

And I simply stutter too much. And think too much. This is what comes from being an editor for so long. When you think of something to say, a few seconds later you invariably think of a better way to say it. This is not something that ever happens in the audio media. Once it’s said, it’s done.

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The takedown of America

into the sewer of Judaism


This is the story about the takedown of America into the sewer of Judaism.

The relevant image is one of a nearly naked little girl who was once a Disney darling named Hannah Montana and the heroine of America’s little girls now morphed into a slut named Miley Cyrus down on all fours in a smoky nightclub doing something called twerking while being urinated upon by bulbous Hollywood icons and rancid Washington politicians, a squalid scene represented by Jewish media as the zenith of America’s pop culture to the doped-up lurid lunatics young American males had become.

Wait! Don’t turn away, it gets worse. Consider the natural evolution that this nightmare image had become, this sadistic slander who our young women had been turned into, would unnaturally evolve in a worldwide murder plot our Jewish doctors had concocted to turn everyone into rotting corpses by an inoculation sold as something to prevent them from getting sick when it was the quintessential representation of sickness concocted by the sickest monsters who ever lived.

Has it ever occurred to you that the Jewish company that sponsors the evening news has made billions from the so-called vaccine that has killed millions?

These are the gifts of Jews upon the world, the final insults to people who hoped for heaven but in their narcissistic indifference received hell instead.

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Waiting to die by living a lie

The choice of robots
bound for purgatory


The truth has always been that we are living a lie. Say the magic words and live forever. Oh, and put some coins into this collection box. Priests insist Gods can be bribed into granting you eternal life. And the world has operated on these capricious corruptions for thousands of years.

Our leaders insist on keeping secrets in the name of security. This is how we conceal the truth from ourselves.

Now there is a more pressing problem. Give us your children, they demand. And we do, willingly. This is the clearest sign we will not solve our problem. This is the emerging darkness of our future.

No more motherhood. Our children are the new food. Sucking their blood. Chewing on their organs. Rabbis lead the way.

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Children of the devil

Disgusting Americans
fail to see themselves

Ukraine was the last straw. Once again, it was a case of Americans refusing to see that they were the bad guys, the wanton killers, obliterating innocent people for reasons they didn’t fully understand, wouldn’t even try to understand, and didn’t even care that they didn’t.

How many times had it happened in our lifetimes? Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea. Do we dare even try to count the countries we have obliterated with our sophisticated weaponry and false excuses?

But Ukraine has been the most rancid of them all, because we engineered the faux revolution there and now object to Russia’s wholly justified fear that we stashed our bombs and our poisons right next door to them, and have eagerly demonstrated our intent to use them.

And once again we started killing their citizens in the name of spreading our toxic brand of freedom around the world, and now have gone to war because Russia insisted it had the right to defend its own country.

Of all the lame excuses the USA has used to murder people in foreign countries, this is the most rancid of all, and likely the maneuver the one that will destroy America’s imitation republic permanently, because the world has had enough of this so-called gunboat diplomacy, this Jewish-controlled American homicidal hypocrisy, and the inability of Americans to own up to their own indifference, their own despicable depravity.

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Trapped by the facts
into naming the perps

In a world controlled by lies,
you may not speak the truth


Kaminski Goes Ballistic/
Behind Enemy Lines
10/17/22 5-7 p.m. US EDT
with special guest Maisie Shaw

Can’t hide it any longer. I’ve been pigeonholed. Yep, I’m a one-trick pony. Trapped by the facts into naming the perps. It’s the one thing you can’t do in this mind-controlled age. You can’t name the perps directly.

I’ve lost the liberals. And I’ve lost the Christians. Those two groups can’t see they’re controlled by the perps; in fact, they have been created by the perps. They fight so hard to convince themselves they’re fighting against the perps without seeing that by their own beliefs and practices, they’re really serving the perps they pretend to fight. It’s difficult if not impossible to convince them otherwise.

Occasionally a few will wake up, but doing so often requires repudiating their life’s achievements, and it takes a rare intellect to admit they’ve been living a lie, especially if it has been a profitable one, as it has for most Americans.

You can’t name the perps outright because the perps control reality. But they want you to pretend they don’t, that they’re just another ethnic group who happen to be more clever than the rest of us — which they are.

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Familiar killers eager to start World War 3 

Americans remain hypnotized
by fraudulent TV 'authorities'

Human society must be liberated
from Jewish control — or perish!

November 28, 2015

Disabuse yourself of the notion that America is not controlled by Jews. It has been been — completely and ruthlessly — for the past century or more.

Prior to World War 1 the Jews enlisted the help of Theodore Roosevelt to split the Republican vote and get "the Peace President" Woodrow Wilson elected, who soon thereafter declared war on Germany, resulting in 17 million dead.

Prior to World War 2 the Jews faced the greatest threat to their worldwide financial hegemony after Adolf Hitler had evicted central bankers from Germany. Fortunately for the Jews they already had a Jewish Communist sympathizer in the White House who overrode the widespread peace sentiment in both America and Europe and created the worst war in human history, 80 million dead.

In both these cases it was Jewish control of media that turned a peace loving populace into dutiful soldiers who sacrificed their lives in wars that never needed to be fought.

Today we have presidents and presidential candidates surrounded by Jewish handlers and choking on Jewish lies. But the deciding factor is media, which limit what can be discussed. Since the foul media apparatus in the so-called free world is wholly run by Jews, we have no prospective presidential candidate who opposes the suicidal course of the American war machine as it ravages country after country at the behest of its Jewish masters.

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Hurricane season


Reflections on the breath of nature
and the destruction of mankind

SFR KGB 035 Hurricane Season
with Capt. Paul English at the wheel

Some people call it the Kali Yuga. Others prefer Twilight of the Gods, or even Armageddon. The Jews who run TV try to sell it as The New Normal, with a sly wink in their Big Eye, and for which any resemblance to the ancient and evil Eye of Horus doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

I just call it hurricane season for humanity, one that comes along regularly throughout human history, snuffs out most if not all living things, and eventually leaves the blessed Earth in the condition it was meant to be in — pristine — until the next bunch of criminal hominid nuisances comes along and screws it up again.

Whatever you choose to call it, this current climate of chaos has humanity by the nape of the neck and is about to deposit its self-destructive darlings into the phantasmagorical dustbin of history.

All these jumbled images in my mind seem immersed in the savage wreckage of a tropical storm that at this moment weeks later still leaves undiscovered bodies floating in the turbid shoals of Florida’s ritzy Gulf Coast — shattered Sanibel and crippled Captiva islands, and the suddenly erased Fort Myers Beach.

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No planes

You know nothing about your reality


Flashback! Twenty-one years ago.

So there I was, gingerly tasting about my third sip of morning coffee, when through grainy sleepy bugs my eyes trailed off toward the TV. Not too fast, not too slow, but methodically, the silhouette of the plane silently dove into the skyscraper. I gagged as I swallowed, the building erupted in flame and the world changed forever.

Something about that snapshot of memory, now etched like a bronze plaque in my mind, didn’t wash then and still doesn’t wash now, even though I’ve relived that moment thousands of times on video from every angle — the sudden flash just before impact that some thought was a last minute missile, the missing piece of the wing as the plane approached the building, the nose of the plane poking out the other side of the skyscraper before the screen suddenly went black.

Such a perfect gash. Not a trace of flame, for one perfectly pregnant moment. That intervening millisecond has been stuck in the throat of my mind ever since.

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Weltanschauung: Superconsciousness

You are about to find paradise just a little further up the road


Weltanschauung is a German word that describes your way
of looking at the world using all of the knowledge you possess.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Thus I repeat myself, year after year, searching for the answer that will solve our problem, and scratch our eternal itch.

This is how we defeat the enemy, which is ourselves, and turn the world from the agonizing dilemma which it has become into the unencumbered paradise it was meant to be.

The key to this success is the proper application of spirit. No, not the manufactured mind control device that has created a prison in which all the souls are regimented into obedience by a false construct that confers its imaginary blessings upon slaves to propaganda meant to benefit only the controllers but not the people who have been deceived into being controlled. The proper application is to find the tool to control one’s fate, and not have this fate dictated by oafs merely interested in profiting from your slavery, but by those teachers providing lessons for your liberation independent of anyone’s control but your own.

One such genius was Miguel Serrano (1917-2009), and philosopher, poet and politician who wrote magically on two levels — the empirical and the astral — and in his book “Manu and the Man to Come,” pages 33-42, outlined what I believe is an essential plan for the human species to finally salve that permanent itch of dissatisfaction with itself that has since the beginning of time threatened to destroy everything we have hoped to have and be.

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America supports the killing of whites

Report from South Africa
by activist Jan Lamprecht

Kaminski Goes Ballistic/
Behind Enemy Lines

Jan Lamprecht’s websites:

John Kaminski’s websites:


The wind and the windmills

Pray look better, sir . . . those things yonder are not giants but windmills.

Our greatest foes, whom we must chiefly combat, are within.
— Miguel de Cervantes, 1615

Once upon a time, not that long ago, people depended on their horses and buggies to get around. The automobile was a shocking new invention that scared horses and changed the nature of reality. So it should come as no surprise that our reality should change and we should be shocked by the changes.

Maybe the worst of our new insanity is that our government is trying to kill us instead of protect us in order to make a healthier world. What does that say about the notion of progress? And how dark does that render our fearful future as we self-flagellate toward our own oblivion?

The sci-fi notion of Ray Bradbury that a fireman’s job was to start fires rather than put them out has become true with our current government that deliberately commits crimes instead of trying to solve them. Think of all those towns mysteriously burned to a crisp by beams from above, or a school whose children are murdered but whose names never show up in the obituaries.

In all these transitions, mainstream history is shattered and a new narrative begins. Today, suspicions about the falsification of history abound. Is the Earth round or flat? Does outer space really exist? Or are we living in a simulation?

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Death of the future

Deranged dementia of demons
destroys paradise we polluted


Our leaders have failed us. The result is the needless deaths of millions, easily the greatest crime in the history of the world.

Their lies have covered up the monstrous fact that our doctors have deliberately poisoned us. These unnecessary injections have killed our children and ruined generations to come in the name of criminal profits that have destroyed the economic health of our society, and likely permanently disfigured the future of our species and all life on this planet with its perverted plague of profit making insanity.

Many millions more needless deaths are sure to follow as a result of these poison prescriptions that the doctors we trusted have looked us right in the eye and said we needed to take.

What this cynical advice has produced are the cold bodies of our children, communities suffering from dislocation and starvation, and a permanent mistrust of authorities who have proven they are dangerous to human life and health.

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The big snip and the heart of stone


SFR KGB 023: Patriot Pat’s swan song
Special edition on toxic Jewish traditions

Tune in Monday, August 22, 2022
5-7 p.m. US EDT,

Once upon a time, an artist pretending to be an interpreter of the ancient Mayan mystical religion (he did a really good job) once told me:

The key to integrity is admitting your faults.

I’ve never received a better piece of advice. Why is it so difficult for people to follow it?

Not one single government has ever followed it. Nor any religion. Only a very few people I’ve ever known have even attempted it, although lately I’ve noticed, given all the recent turmoil in the world, a lot more people — best by desperation — are beginning to try it. One astute (though kosher) observer has reported that 12 million people have now died worldwide from the phony COVID vaccine. A few people are beginning to ask themselves why.

“What might be wrong with what I myself believe?” they ask themselves.

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Civilization suffocation

Depressing diary in a decaying society


So people are driving crazier on the road these days and you have to wonder if it’s because they know they know on some level that they’re being systematically exterminated. The overall level of panic out there in the world is seriously intensifying.

Those seeking answers to these and other questions about existence and belief are developing the impression that their government is definitely trying to kill them. When you ask this question to some official who might be able to answer it, you are told that this is not a question you are allowed to ask, so you are left to ponder those statistics of all those babies dying in the womb on your own.

So this epistle is about an aging writer trying to keep up with a series of shocks that have knocked the human race back in their seats — eyes wide, breathing labored, neighbors frequently dying — awaiting the next planned catastrophe that will further diminish their lives. And just when you thought I might have no more bad news to deliver . . .

But first the good news: the new radio show is going well, 22 episodes into the journey. People are listening, the numbers are good, the atmosphere on the new network — — is positive. Everybody’s working hard, and working for nothing but the opportunity to tell the truth.

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9/11 vs. COVID

The sorry tale of a nation gone mad


Dr. Ed Kendrick of
talks 9/11 lies and COVID lies

What goes around comes around. The same scam that silenced a stunned world in 2001 worked its identical horror show in 2020 when everyone was intimidated into fearful silence by a threat so incomprehensibly shocking that it took a couple of years to sort it all out and realize we’d been duped by a trick so bold — or a lie so big, as Adolf Hitler once said — that we could not initially dispute it.

It took the patience of time to fully understand the false flag nature of the two contrived disasters, but by then the dirty deeds had been indelibly etched into the muddled minds of humanity because of the spin power of Jewish media and their ability to convince everyone that the lies they produced were the truths that had happened — which they were not.

These spectacular symptoms of insanity are happening more frequently now, as misled by manipulative maniacs, the rotting republic known as the USA hurtles toward its doom.

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Truth control: The battle for context

How the man behind the curtain
manages to remain invisible



Russ Winter of
Hidden history extravaganza

The word “context” denotes the setting of a word or description that can throw light on its meaning. Due to the worldwide control of media by one particular gang of hostile misanthropes, all reports of any type are published out of context by this one group’s attempts to conceal its identity.

This is how the battle for 9/11 truth was lost, as the one group behind its planning, execution and coverup also commanded its explanations, investigations and determinations, so this is how we got Arab hijackers flying passenger jets into skyscrapers because “they hated our freedoms” today being taught to impressionable children in schools around the world.

And because that battle for public opinion was lost to the clever spin of cynical publicists, this is how the world was inveigled into taking an inoculation which at worst would kill them and at best prevent them from staying healthy and living happy lives.

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Vax murderers

Doctors, politicians, editors
deserve the death penalty
for conspiring to commit
premeditated genocide

The world government’s current murder for profit/population reduction scheme includes Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Media working together to exterminate millions of people — and succeeding.

Instead of interrogating ordinary people about their vaccine passports and punishing them if they’ve been smart enough to avoid the poison jab, I recommend something far more beneficial to the public interest.

Instead of needlessly interrupting the lives of innocent citizens with these senseless and sadistic annoyances, let’s indict all these sinister doctors, perverted politicians, elitist executives and media misanthropes for mass murder. Because the evidence is ironclad.

But unless you turn off your TV, you won’t be able to hear it.

Hear it, understand it, convict them, and then execute them. All of them. Here is the evidence.

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The voyage to Hyperborea

in the magical prose
of Miguel Serrano

who dared to suggest
artificial intelligence
is the true Jewish god

Kaminski Goes Ballistic
KGB 019 8/1/22 5-7 p.m. EDT

A cold chill suddenly engulfed me, like the entrance of a ghost into the room. The Jewish messiah is artificial intelligence, just as Serrano predicted . . . “a species of monstrous Golem, without blood, an arithmetic entity, imaginary, cybernetic, transinfinite. Perhaps he could even have an electronic brain, a robot, which they manipulate.” He explains . . .

. . . the Judaism of the origins was formed through the inclusion of a series of foreign elements, foreign to this super-mixed people. We have seen how Moses, who was not a Jew, nor was Joseph, an Egyptian priest named Touiya. Nor was Joshua, a Philistine general who stopped the sun, successor of Moses. Solomon would have been an Assyrian named Salmanazar, or an Aryan Amorite initiated into the Egyptian Mysteries of Hathor. Even Kings David and Saul. The Jews took the idea of the Messiah from Egypt, about which one can read in the stones of the Egyptian temples . . .

Suddenly, everything you thought you knew begins to fall apart.

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A disaster whose time has come


No invasion necessary
as treason from within
has done the job well

My worst fear — our worst fear! — is coming true, just as I said it would almost a decade ago.

That worry was — much like happened to Germany — the reputation of the United States would become so disgustingly disreputable that the community of nations could not help but arrive at a consensus conclusion that all the countries of the world had to gang up on the USA and put it out of its sack-of-shit lying misery before it could do any more damage to everyone else.

(Except Germany never deserved the bad reputation it was given by worldwide Jewish media, whereas the United States more than obviously does, given its never-ending string of invasions under phony pretenses during the last 200 years.)

(And Americans have become so comatose that they watch in stupefied incredulity as their lives are being destroyed by obvious lies they are simply too immobilized to contradict, never mind resist, and too stupid to even understand.)

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Speak free or die!

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Kaminski Goes Ballistic on speak free It is July 25, 2002. the phone lines will open at 6 pm and the number to call is 605-562-0400 with an access code 811 7272#

I’m John Kaminski, accompanied by my sidekick Patriot Pat and tonight’s guest, the Targeted Individual, who is the author of a book that has been floating around the Internet for more than 10 years in various iterations that chronicles the devastation of the world since ancient Egypt and continues the threaten our extinction today. which is why tonight’s show title is

Speak free or die!

and you shouldn’t have
to wonder why

The next word you speak
just might be your last


Surely you know by now, we don’t have actual news anymore, we only have propaganda that we are mandated to believe. Talking TV heads read from the same script everywhere — you’ve seen the videos where on every channel they say the same thing, even use the same words. Freedom of speech has become your right to parrot what you are told to say. Say anything else and you can expect to go to jail, have your bank account shut down, or be fired from your job.

We used to live in a free country. You’d be a fool to call it that today.

Rather than itemize all the ways in which our freedom has even stolen from us, I wish to cut right to the chase of what has turned our world into a prison camp where a small group of crazy billionaires has decided to rid the world of its useless eaters, using an array of deceptions to simply eliminate the larger part of the human population.

Although many rose up to resist this profound erosion of life on Earth, most people simply went along wth the lies and tried to hide from the shadows that lengthened across the quality of human life.

The targeted individual we meet today kept an incredible diary of many of these unfortunate events which today have brought us to the brink of annihilation as billionaires play with people like chess pieces as the future of humanity teeters on the brink.

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The lateness of the hour

Or, where the heck are we,
and who exactly are ‘they’?


It doesn’t even matter if you find what you’re searching for. It’s the fact that you’re searching is the only thing that matters.
— Jason Breshears, author of Archaix

So Henry Makow wrote and asked me to comment on his latest essay explaining that the Jewish philosophy of “creative destruction” (his phrase) was simply the malevolent kosher way of putting a sweet spin on wrecking world society so they could rebuild things the way they wanted them and not have to be so deceptive and secretive about their desire to be the kings and the rest of us whom they decided not to kill to be their obedient slaves, a philosophy they have preached for thousands of years.

I said “Sure!”, wrote him a brief note about it, more of an outline than anything else, and this is an embellishment of that note. To cut to the chase, I found his story pretty much on target, but as an open minded guy, I’m alway willing to consider other alternatives. I never want to treat anybody unfairly, no matter how atrocious their reputation as ruthless killers happens to be.

Since these remarks will attempt to provide a perspective on all of human history and the eerie fact that all down through time there appears to have been one single notorious entity working against the health and happiness of the human species — which serious scholarship cannot refuse to identify as what is now called Jewish — I would be remiss in not mentioning these observations are being made on the eve of a contrived worldwide catastrophe which to describe as unprecedented would probably be an overreach, yet an extremely fierce adjective would be required to adequately describe a deliberately planned scenario in which it appears billions of people are about to be murdered in the very near if not immediate future in a population purge planned by the so-called power elite, which just so happens to be dominated by Jews at every level.

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Your future is on the line

It’s a phone call
just for you!

And now the kids await your answer
to a question that is always asked too soon
but is never answered soon enough,
if it is ever answered at all.

Your future is on the line, but the phone keeps ringing and it always seems there’s nobody home.

They tell you that the world is controlled by power, by strength, by weaponry, by force of arms. That is the history we have been taught, by stories of conquerors and wars and vast numbers of deaths, stuffed in among smarmy explanations that never really say anything at all.

But they’re dead wrong. The world today is controlled by fear.

Although the final equation is still measured in deaths, we observe in our latest false flag fiasco, the Great Reset and its self-suiciding plandemic, take the jab and die is their new slogan. Their new mandate. So the weapon has been reduced to a hypodermic needle that too many people think is their friend, but like all new friends hyped up by the powers that be, it turns out to be our deadliest enemy.

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Tightening the noose

Scheduled slaughter
of the sleeping sheeple
creeping ever-so-closer

The Google noose has now begun squeezing a little bit tighter around the circumference of our shrinking minds with a black banner in every Gmail asking, “Do you want to continue receiving messages from this sender? Please give us feedback about this message. We won’t ask you about this sender again, although you can always unsubscribe of mark it as spam in the future. Yes No.”

So this is how Big Jewish Brother seeks to:

1. Drive us further apart by getting us to rat on our friends and cutting off our contact with them.

2. Nosing into our private business by asking us to explain the behavior of our friends.

And 3. warning us that the subject matter of specific emails which draw these warning labels subliminally communicate to us that we are engaging in suspicious behavior, so why don’t we confess about it now before more drastic action needs to be taken.

What a considerate watchdog, eh? Giving us advance warning that were are treading on the border of thin social ice, just a short step away from improper behavior that triggers those ever popular banned speech alarms that have infested Twitter and Facebook for years.

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Kaminski Goes Ballistic, Act 1, 7/4/22

Behind Enemy Lines

with special guest Patriot Pat
and call ins from around the world


(This is the transcript of the radio address linked above.)

It’s July 4, 2022. I’m John Kaminski and I’m here to tell you . . . in a country gone bad with a government gone mad, the Fourth of July is no longer a holiday, it’s an emergency.

Welcome to the new KGB report, the Kaminski Goes Ballistic report on In the second hour we’ll be taking phone calls, and we want to hear from you. The proper phone numbers are on our website, and we’ll be repeating them throughout this webcast. But first there are a few things I have to tell you. You already know most of them, but I have to tell you anyway, because if we don’t acknowledge that we know them, our future just keeps getting darker.

When they cut off the gasoline, the money, the internet and the power, it will be too late to do anything. We have to do something now, before it’s too late. What to do? That is the question. Ultimately we must force our governments to resign. But how, when the cops protect them and not us?

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America is being suicided

Happy 4th of July,
you faithless fools

Belief in the big lie
is how you will die

A country gone bad,
a government gone mad

Americans are too stupid
to be ashamed of themselves

700 million will die from vaccines

Happy birthday, America. It very likely could be our last. It has become completely impossible to ignore the fact that we suddenly find ourselves in a country gone bad run by a government gone mad, making war on a country we don’t have to fight that is destroying our own country in the process.

An idiot president trying to start World War 3. Doctors killing people for money. Newspapers cheering black thugs burning down American cities and robbing stores at random. Police putting white people in jail for demanding freedom and honesty.

Fixed elections. Supply lines deliberately sabotaged. Food processing plants being burned down. Crops and farm animals being purposely destroyed. Borders open and insecure and a government strategically distributing foreign strangers into vulnerable American communities.

The psychotic zombie state known as the United States of America celebrates the worst birthday in its entire history this coming week, as it careens toward oblivion unchecked by rational norms of human sanity while making war on the entire world, including its own loyal citizens.

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'Slaughtered by the FBI'

The forgotten music
of patriot Carl Klang

Carl Klang collection
featuring Gordon Kahl and Sam and Vickie Weaver and 17 Waco children  

Throughout my lifetime popular music has been a politically impotent wasteland of high tech and cutting edge irrelevance with not a single song adequately describing the insidious political oppression of our times.

Seemingly aimed at the anesthetization of conscience while ignoring our criminal government’s constant abuse of both the truth and its citizens, popular music in the United States has long since decayed into an endless dirge of pathetic narcissism completely ignoring the crimes of our leaders since those heady days of the late 1960s when trenchant anti-Viet Nam war lyrics galvanized a suddenly awakened public into widespread protests about the injustices of U.S. aggression and actually stopped that phony war.

As the age of corporate consolidation inexorably evolved toward total Communist control, the magnates who ruled the recording industry also consolidated their grip on the entire media spectrum and eliminated all those sentiments that revealed our government’s accelerating slide into totalitarianism, typically hiding it all behind the brittle BS of puerile patriotism.

On the periphery of public consciousness, ignored by the Jewish record makers whose aim was always to prevent us from awakening as well as to feed us more drugs, a persistent underground of political consciousness was consistently muted and ultimately sedated by the cynical producers of political pablum.

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Religion vs. belief: The fork in the road to ourselves

I want to apologize to my friends at the outset of this analysis, because it is far too tame. I have always aimed at the middle of the road in discussing these matters because the purpose of social criticism is to convert the uninformed into the informed. But given the fragile mental stability of true believers, I choose to be clinical rather than confrontational as a sudden realization of these matters, if they can be understood at all, often brings with it a shockwave that can be psychologically traumatic.

Religion is the enemy of knowledge
but belief is the engine of our lives

The worst enemy you can encounter will always be you yourself.
— Nietzsche

You know the old saying. If you want to keep your friends, the two things you must never talk about are religion and politics.

So it’s a rare surprise to find a friend you can keep when you can both agree to disagree with the twists and turns of life’s riddles. Perhaps even more important is recognizing someone else’s perspective that is different from yours just as valid as your own. This is the true path to peace and understanding, not to mention the key to world peace.

Without considering the perspectives of others, blind belief leads to misunderstandings and even wars as illustrated by the constant strife in the Middle East or even the destruction of the 9/11 skeptics movement when the the insistence of one group of believers to discriminate against others who did not accept their strict path to holiness ruined the coalition trying to demolish the lies the criminal government and its monstrous allies used to deceive the people.

In recent years, religion has done little to keep the world on the moral track it pretends to practice.

The sex scandals of Catholic priests molesting little boys, plus their pious superiors mostly covering up these crimes, are well known. Less well known is the profiteering of the Lutheran and Catholic denominations flooding the United States with Third World aliens, a trend that has led to open borders in the Biden administration changing the character of America from a collection of mostly friendly communities into a crime ridden free-for-all of hostile refugees generating competitive crime gangs.

But the main shortcoming of all the religious denominations in America today is their failure to insist upon the morality they pretend to believe, which some think is the major reason the USA, behind the patriotic drivel of its corrupt media, is really a warmongering monster unable to tell the truth to the patriotic citizens who love it the most.

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Killing us right before our eyes

Abortion and vaccines
are Jewish ritual murder


Most of you won’t remember Torches of Freedom? They were the scam Freud’s nephew Eddy Bernays invented to lure women into the street in the first step of a fateful series of sociological gambits that created what has come to be known as women’s liberation.

Encouraging women to smoke cigarettes in public became symbols of emancipation and equality after Bernays hired fearless females to puff in public during a 1929 Easter Sunday parade. The phenomenon went worldwide and brought both freedom and lung cancer to the millions who followed his lead.

Today a clever variation of the same swindle is sweeping the world under the righteous but deceptive campaigns for freedom to be promiscuous for women and protection from a phantom disease for everyone else. Preaching freedom and security all at once. What could go wrong?

My friend Matthew gave me this idea. I didn’t think of it myself. It simply struck me as eerily accurate.

“These are blood sports disguised as health moves,” he said. “The blood sacrifice disguised as abortion masquerades as the sacred Jewish ritual murder of goyim.”

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When the air gets sucked out of the room

How fear of a certain word
controls the whole world

(Because young people are so poorly educated these days, and hence, so dense, I have to explain what the phrase “when the air is sucked out of the room” actually means. It is employed when something so startling is said or done that everyone involuntarily inhales in surprised astonishment that is often tinged with a combination of embarrassment and fear, and therefore, at least metaphorically, sucks the air out of the room.)


So, have you ever experienced this? It’s like the air being sucked out of the room . . .

The minute you mention the magic word, people start looking over their shoulders to see who’s listening. Their eyes dart around the room, their voices become hushed, they lift their hands and pat the air as they suddenly and subconsciously begin to worry about their futures, and who might be listening to them that they don’t know is there.

Mentioning things people are afraid to talk about is an indication of how the minds of the world are controlled by fear, controlled by a force that can ruin your life in an instant, which compel you to involuntarily modify the truth even though you can harm yourself by doing so.

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Tell the truth and go to jail, part 5

Monika Schaefer reports
on Holohoax prisoners
unjustly incarcerated

THURSDAY, JUNE 9, 2022 5-7 P.M. EDT

We’re talking about something that has been going on for much longer than we realize. Cicero talked about this in ancient Rome. You find nothing but trouble when you start talking about the Jews, because they have always controlled the superstructure of society, which is the money that controls the lives of everyone.

“Tell the truth and go to jail” is a story I’ve written at least four times. In 2009 it was about Horst Mahler and Fredrick Töben, referencing the decades-long ordeals of Ernst Zündel and Robert Faurisson. All these forthright individuals, most of them now dead, insisted on reporting the truthful facts about what Germany tried and failed to stop organized Jewry from painting a picture about World War II that was not true, just as the reasons for even starting and conducting World War II were not true as well, which is part of the larger story about all the wars that always start with behind-the-scenes finagling of very rich Jews consolidating their hold on the money supply.

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Free diagnosis!

Shut down the government,
incarcerate the leaders,
then try the doctors
for mass murder


I am not a doctor, but I play one on the Internet. One thing you can be sure of is that whatever I prescribe is not going to kill you, which is a lot more than your so-called doctor in real life can ever say, since according to statistics iatrogenic medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

But the news is much worse than that.

If the PCR test can’t actually identify any disease whatsoever and the so-called COVID virus can’t be proven to exist, than regardless of what the newspapers scribble and the TV talking heads bluster, nobody in the entire world has ever died of COVID.

There is no COVID, just like there was no AIDS. Both were pathological phantoms, and in fact were invented by the same man. He happens to be the highest paid U.S. government employee, which should tell you what your government is really all about.

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The real war

Trying to survive the Jewish attempt
to exterminate the white race

There are these crazy people out there who are telling us that they have to kill us in order to save us. There is a twisted logic to what they are saying, but in the final analysis it makes no sense. If we live our lives constantly afraid of dying we never really live at all. Yet this is our living nightmare today — living in constant fear of those who are supposed to be protecting us but are actually trying to kill us.

It’s more than a fear. It’s our new reality.

We all share that growing sense of horror that creeps up the back of our necks when we watch that ultimate creep Bill Gates wringing his hands with a demented glee as he explains to us how his vaccines and his edible insects will reduce population and that’s a good thing because there are too many of us living on this planet.

Identifying the perpetrators

If I have to tell you that the world you have known no longer exists then you have not been paying attention.

You are not imagining it. Your world is not falling apart, your world is being torn apart by psychopaths who want it to happen. You know it’s a real war because, unless you live in Antarctica, your life has already been turned upside down.

All around you you see countries all over the world being turned into totalitarian Communist states in which people’s individual rights are being systematically taken away. Australia and Canada have provided two recent frightening examples of formerly free nations which now prevent their citizens from leaving their countries without first submitting to poison vaccines which, if they are not killed outright, become trackable for the rest of their lives by high tech devices hidden in these injections they were compelled to take.

The world we have known has already been taken from us. It is no coincidence that all the megalomaniacal millionaires behind this obscene objective to radically reduce the population of the world using mass murder by medicine all have one single, wretched, wicked and singularly sadistic aspect in common — they are all Jews.

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The crooked road

A massive hyperloop of self deception
upon which we crash into ourselves
trying to explain what they told us


What’s the worst thing you can think of? Looking into a mirror and seeing the face of Joe Biden leering back at you, chortling satanically!

It’s the fate of the world and your own destiny all rolled into one, absolutely shrieking at you that your life has been a misguided waste.

And you realize — you simply have to, if you have any brain whatsoever — that one day soon you will wake up and there will be no tomorrow.

So by now you know you have a swindled yourself out of a perfectly good life by all your demented false hopes.

It also teaches you the value of following the instructions of people that you thought you could trust, like doctors and presidents.

By now you know there is nothing left to do but to hug the ones you love and prepare to kiss your ass goodbye.

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Our new endless civil war

It’s those who watch TV
against those who don’t

Perhaps I chose this subject because I’ve lost my family to mainstream TV. Some of them actually voted for Biden, a few have been jabbed multiple times, none of them have suffered from the shots, but they are all impervious to news from other places than from the boob tube in which they have placed their trust.

There is a new divide in the world. Families are split apart, both sides absolutely certain of their opinions. All societies have been splintered, and they show no sides of getting back together.


and I can’t tell if these are headlines,
or lines of poetry, or Buddhist riddles





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Our nightmare will never end


Can you remember when your
government ever told the truth?


Awaken or die is now your last cry

The nightmare re-emerges. No, wait, it has never ended. We think we are awake, but are not. We’re still trapped in this tortuous dream of justice that we somehow have convinced ourselves is freedom, but instead, in one dark moment after another, lie is piled upon lie, and the pile becomes as high as a skyscraper, which suddenly explodes, and you see the little silhouettes of bodies fluttering down through the flames and the smoke, but you turn your head away at the last minute and imagine you cannot hear the splat and what that will mean to a wife in an apron waiting at home a few moments later when a sudden announcement comes on TV . . . or what that will mean to a country that thought it was free . . . and a sudden dark shadow flashes across the sun that for so many will never shine again . . . has never shined again since that terrible day.

Because no one will stand up, thousands of terrible days await us in our awful future.

The nightmare re-emerges and then you realize in a sudden internal burst of shame and anger that it has never ended. It was the mention of Chertov and Gorelick that triggered the thought that threw me over the edge! These two servile Jewish pawns who assisted in the lies that were told by our leaders that wrecked the country and stunned the world with their false fable of how Arab terrorists who couldn’t even drive a car stole four airplanes full of screaming passengers and crashed them into the history of the world . . . which has never been accurate and truthful ever since. Of course, some of us learned it never was honest before that, either.

At first I couldn’t believe they would run this same scam again, but of course they always do.

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The blind white light of sodomy

How homosexuality destroys civilization
by creating multiple personality disorders
which guarantee permanent confusion
among sodomized slaves controlled
by subversive sexual saboteurs.

Ladies and gentlemen and all other pronouns in between. Welcome to puppet world, where there are no more mothers nor fathers, no sons nor daughters, not even men nor women, but only fecklessly fickle flesh units destined to aimlessly stumble down creepy corridors of degenerate horror designed by the deranged inventors of disambiguation (which is a word invented by Jews to permanently scramble your brain).

Disambiguation! You see the word all over Wikipedia, the ever changing Jewish registry of false impressions. It’s a noun, meaning the act or process of distinguishing between similar things, meanings, names, etc., in order to make the meaning or interpretation clearer or more certain. The hidden trick of its deliberate deception is the use of such a word achieves exactly the opposite of its intent. Instead of clarifying subjects, it confuses them, a truly brilliant maneuver by the obfuscators whose task is to jumble language, confuse thought and thereby impede communication. Word sense disambiguation supposedly helps determine which meaning a word has in any given context, but it really only sends people scrambling to find a dictionary to find out what it means and then wondering what has happened to their befuddled brains.

Talk about twisted meanings: In fact, gay people aren’t really happy, they’re sick, but striving madly to convince the world they’re joyful, when in reality they’re only temporarily satisfied by their perverse preferences while constantly trying to contaminate others, especially children, with their own unnatural practices.

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Real news is fake, fake news is real

The adrenochrome story
with special guest Maisie Shaw

Now that we have reached the poisoned position in the evolution and development of our civilization that real news is fake and fake news is real, the whole world is trapped in a fatal fairy tale of slavery, dishonesty and perversion written by merciless killers from which there is no escape except to try to rally the public into waking up from their enforced slumber, which is an extremely tall order given the general level of coma in which most people are immersed.

You might remember Madeleine Albright. She was the American secretary of state who said murdering a half million Iraqi children primarily by cutting off their food and water was worth it. Worth a phony period of peace that never came, she meant. And the world was forced to buy the story at a price we are still paying, a price we have always paid when our government forces us to believe the lies it keeps telling us.

Because we as supposedly honorable people failed to successfully challenge what she said, her remark was validated by mainstream media as approved by the consensus. We let that horrible statement become the slogan of the American war machine that has plundered the world with its greed and its lies and personally bequeathed to all us Americans the worldwide reputation of cold hearted killers — lying homicidal maniacs, in fact; in the minds of some, a well deserved description — and left us justifiably mistrusted by the world for the foreseeable future, until perchance by some unexpected act of God we will be rescued from our own horrible indifference — our very own, highly visible absence of conscience.

Only some recognizable action by ourselves to redeem ourselves in some modest way and absolve ourselves, with some recognizable gesture of humanity, will let our brothers and sisters everywhere know that we are worth saving. But that is not on our agenda. We are too busy to care. All those we killed were just people we didn’t know, and didn’t want to know.

We didn’t care that they died needlessly, and mostly we still don’t.

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Foul fools push for wider war

World supports Russia against
U.S. perverts ruining Ukraine


Only fools, criminals, retards and perverts support the ongoing U.S. war against Russians trying to rescue their own relatives from the criminal madmen in Ukraine who are glorified as patriotic heroes by the American drug pushers and child rapists who have turned this poor country into their warmaking crime center in eastern Europe.

Normal people not fooled by the barrage of media lies know that Russia has only been trying to protect its citizens being murdered by American mercenaries and was forced to act to forestall an invasion planned by the madmen running Ukraine.

Now as an endless supply of new weapons are smuggled into Ukraine from every angle, this creepy coalition of corporate criminals that includes corrupt politicians, blood drinking billionaires and jaded journalists who will say anything for a paycheck, plus Jews posing as Nazis butchering their own countrymen and a comedian paid millions to pose as a patriotic president, asks the world to support its request for help so it can remain a lethal Western thorn in the side of America’s perpetual enemy, the old Soviet Union.

Never mentioned in their cynical pleas for support is the comparative example of how Americans might respond to Russian missiles in Mexico which is the threat that the U.S. biolabs in Ukraine pose to Russia.

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Our terrible timeline

Preamble to Mike Gaddy and Dave Gahary
talking about the Liberty and the Pueblo
on, May 5, 2022

Treason and tragedy: A tale of two ships 

We all know our government lies to us.

I first learned it very long ago in freshman English class at Bridgewater State College when news filtered into the classroom that the president had been shot in Dallas and everybody raced off to listen to Walter Cronkite on television deliver the dire news to a shocked country and an astonished world.

I’ve never seen so many people cry in public since then, except maybe for when Brother Bobby went down in much the same way in L.A. a few years later, and that was right about the time Detroit went up in flames when Dr. King took a bullet in the head on a motel balcony in Memphis, and a sucker got 99 years in jail despite never having fired the fatal shot.

Now nearly sixty long years have passed since those awful moments and we still haven’t been told the whole truth about what happened in any of them. The stories have evolved over time, and a few years back President Trump promised to reveal those final JFK details still kept in a secret file, but after all this time, those files still remain closed. Even though the principal actors in these tragic events are mostly long dead and gone, the U.S. government still has something to hide that it insists the citizens of this supposedly free country do not have the right to know.

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Self-inflicted senselessness


Billions for Ukrainian corruption
wreck floundering U.S. economy

America’s media mutilated morons continue to be misled by Jewish owned publications which encourage U.S. crimes overseas that profoundly sabotage the lives of its struggling citizens at home.

In fact, it may be said that the major effect of America’s support for Ukraine’s corrupt government and its covert aggression against Russia is hurting the American people more than anyone else by diminishing their chances of ever recovering from the economic devastation triggered by the phony pandemic and drastic social restrictions that have harmed everyone in the world.

So billions of dollars in lavish U.S. funding for a renegade Ukrainian government that takes a peculiar pleasure in murdering its own citizens not only furthers the American reputation for being criminal killers in other people’s countries, but also directly harms American citizens who, not thinking clearly, are persuaded to support these crimes which are inadvisable from every angle. 

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Disinfo dysphoria

Attention citizens:
Free speech has now been ruled a contagious form
of vernacular vertigo, a dangerous disease ruled
inimical to perpetual peace and holistic harmony
by your trusted fact checkers.

Best treated by masks and lockdowns,
plus permanent prison for protesters
and drug treatment for all citizens.

Good news! Our beloved, Jewish-controlled U.S. government has just created a new Disinformation Governance Board declaring it — and it alone — to be the only source of authentic information relating to the defense of our country and the safety of its citizens.

Contact tracers and government fact checkers will now be mobilized to assure the consistency of all content and the permanent pacification of the population. New restrictions on discussing the so-called Holocaust of Jews in Germany during WW2 are soon to be announced.

Right!!!! Our government which totally runs on deliberate disinformation is now going to protect us from disinformation by making it clear to us that what the government says is always true. Surely as good citizens you were hoping for such bureaucratic clarity.

You remember gender dysphoria, which the government told us was that sudden desire sweeping the country of people —particularly small children — who suddenly demonstrated a desire to be another gender than the one with which they were born, so the government recommended they head to Disney World for counseling.

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Your television! Messenger of death

TV misleads ugly Americans
to the wrong side of every issue

The people who steered clear of the poison jab have been telling you deluded TV watchers the same thing for a long time.

You’ve been brainwashed into taking a shot you knew nothing about that will likely kill you, or at least diminish your life in some profoundly damaging way. All those suddenly dead athletes and spontaneously aborted babies tell the tale. The disease was always far less dangerous than the jab and the effective early treatment suppressed by criminal doctors and politicians likely would have prevented you from getting very sick at all.

But you remember now the doctors told you to wait until you got really sick and then go to the hospital. The better to kill you, my dear. Following false medical instructions received on TV has caused many thousands of needless deaths these past two years and likely will cause millions more in the years to come.

You have queered your own fate because you insisted on watching TV and believing the press releases your braindead local newspapers continues to publish, as your unreliable local doctors were strongarmed by their corporate masters into abandoning their Hippocratic oath to ‘First! Do no harm!’, which they willingly converted into “First, Lose no money!”

Sorry, doc, you’ve been busted and should lose not only your license and quite possibly your freedom, but maybe even your life, since that’s the statutory penalty for premeditated murder, which since you recommended your patients wear a mask, get vaccinated, and get put on a ventilator after being given Remdesivir, you have definitely committed.

Let the savory phrase of your hypocritical oath roll off your forked tongue — premeditated murder, a capital offense.

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Pole Shift Compendium: Rocking the Ages

First the Pole Shift,
then the Stone Age!


Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
let me hide myself in thee.

So I started out trying to understand the concept of the dragon, an animal that never existed yet which nevertheless dominates the archives of ancient mythology. My understanding eventually evolved to the interpretation that the dragon is a representation of the great comet that wracked the Earth around 12,000 BC which had a stupendous impact on the future of humanity.

I am not alone in this opinion of the comet, but perhaps I am alone in its artistic expression as the dragon. I’m still working on that theory — as are many others — but in the process of exploring ancient cosmologies and catastrophes, I came to suspect that the human species did not evolve solely out of Africa. I am now convinced that the white race originated in the area of the North Pole, and serious scholarship buttresses my claim, notably Tilak’s Arctic Home in the Vedas.

How is that possible you ask? What can survive at the North Pole except walruses and whales? The answer is that the region we now know as the North Pole was not always cold. In fact it was not even the North Pole.

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Another day, another lie

Today’s government orders
are a sure path to the grave


Another day, another lie. Like so many honest people who want to tell the truth but are prevented from doing so, society is being suicided right before our eyes.

Blithering like some wildly wobbling insane zombie, today’s American leadership stumbles blindly toward Armageddon, leading its reluctant allies down a path of destruction that benefits no one except these deranged architects of society’s suicide.

The United States’ misadventure in Ukraine is just another lie deceiving both the world and its own people about its true intentions, another lie in the sordid string of false stories that have brought death and destruction in the last century to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Panama, Lebanon, Serbia, Vietnam, Korea, Germany and Japan, among many other victims, and being promoted as heroic endeavors by inbred and bought-0ff media zealots.

Are you surprised that the United States, after lying to the world for so long, would lie to its own people? That would make you stupid, wouldn’t it. 

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How Almighty God was born (2011)

Pharaoh Akhnaton invented the idea.

Learn why his people destroyed him.

2nd January 2011

for Martin Hoffman, ex-MD 

A lovely lady named Savitri Devi wrote a series of sweet books about who she thought was the greatest man the world had ever seen — Akhnaton, the so-called heretic pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who brought the concept of monotheism into the world. But Akhnaton let his empire molder and die, and disappeared into the dust with only this one ineradicable conceptual achievement to keep his name alive for three thousand years — the invention of the one god above all.

The man who invented psychology, Sigmund Freud, thought so highly of Akhnaton that he tried his best several times to attribute the Hebrew religion to this odd pharaoh’s precepts, speculating in chapter after chapter how Moses might have interfaced with Akhnaton’s idea that the Sun was the source of everything and all those other gods were simply not of the same all-encompassing magnitude. But in his last book, Moses and Monotheism (1939), Freud couldn’t make the connection convincingly, and was left guessing because Egyptology was not sufficiently advanced in his time; plus, he didn’t live long enough to learn that the Old Testament was a clumsy fiction of writers fabricating a tradition out of ideas stolen from other cultures.

Today we have Princeton University Egyptologist Donald B. Redford (2002) vaporizing the idea that anything in the Old Testament was ever accurate historical fact, that the Exodus was in reality a garbled version of the expulsion of the Hyksos invaders, and that the events represented in the OT really happened centuries later than everyone believes. So Freud’s attempt to link Akhnaton and Moses failed not only timewise but by intent, as Akhnaton’s god Aton was a pacifistic bestower of the gift of life on humanity, whereas Moses’s dictatorial Yahweh — or Jahve, as Freud called him — was a violent volcano god more interested in scaring his flock into submission than in loving them — or let’s say, more interested in the profits than the promise.

But just when we thought we had everything figured out, out of the woodwork pops an old book, a disturbing master work — Immanuel Velikovsky’s Oedipus and Akhnaton (1960) — and all of sudden we have a sudden and disturbing concordance . . . that the inventor of a religious system that has captured most of the known world . . . turns out to have been a deformed freak who earned the hatred of his own people for violating the world’s oldest taboo. And it was a hatred that sought, after Akhnaton had been deposed in disgust, to rub his name out of history for all time, which is why most of his monuments no longer exist.

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The dead end road of lies

Which is the real evil
empire? Yours or mine?
And is it the same one?

Man is a frightened animal who must lie in order to live.
— Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death, 1974

Lately I am obsessed with lies. Our lives are engulfed by them, cheated by them, threatened, distorted and polluted by them. Our entire reality, in fact, is nothing but a tragic tapestry of them, a giant blanket of lies, always closing in on us, eating away at our lives and our peace of mind.

Did she really tell the truth? Is he really lying? Sometimes I wonder, in my darkest moments, amid the all encompassing surge of lies, if there is any good in the world, anyone you can really trust who won’t betray you if something better comes along. Lost loves seem to work that way. Something better comes along.

This sudden surge of doubt about the existence of truth in the world in my mind was lately triggered by the clear and forceful remarks of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who, in a colossal burst of honesty, admitted Russia's “special military operation” in Ukraine is partly being fought to end the “total dominance” and “reckless expansion” of the United States on the world stage. Now that’s what I call cutting to the chase. Truer words have never been spoken.

It was good to hear them after months of charge and counter charge, he-said/she said stuff that always gets us nowhere, about the invasion of Ukraine, which is clearly a war started by the United States but blamed on Russia.

Lately the terse phrase “Empire of Lies” is being thrown around to describe the United States. Derisive lies don’t arrive out of nowhere. The nickname is an accurate description of America’s unsavory history.

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Warning to the world


A government of liars
and a nation of fools,
living off the profits
of immoral invasions

Decent people are put in a difficult position when their alleged enemy acts a lot more honestly than the lying criminals who are running their own government and country into the ground and threatening to destroy the world with an unnecessary world war.

Such is the case with honest Americans, who so far have failed to adequately confront their own criminal government, which is deliberately killing millions of people with poison drugs in a phony pandemic and causing its supposed arch enemy to protect itself from continuing aggression and subterfuge from the remote-controlled renegade nation of Ukraine.

In league with an international funny money crime syndicate of Jewish billionaires peddling poisons and hiring porno stars as hitmen politicians, the U.S. set up a forward base in Ukraine for a potential invasion of Russia, then acted surprised when Russia intelligently acted to prevent the murder of its own countrymen stranded and murdered by this outlaw cabal of sinister poseurs in an outlaw country bloated by American bribery and armed with toxic biolabs aimed at making germ warfare attacks on its former parent country.

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Eve of the cataclysm

Phony patriots trigger
imminent catastrophe
in aberrant America

A society that kills its own children
configures its own demise

What kind of twisted misanthrope do you have to be in your warped understanding of life to be called a genuine American patriot? Can you not see your willing obedience leads to the inevitable tragedy of your own destruction?

To be a true American patriot, first of all, you have to be willing to worship lies and applaud the murder of innocent people, some of whom could even be your own neighbors, and possibly even members of your own family.

Secondly you must endorse the premeditated murder of children — a sure sign of the end times! — because you should know your future depends on caring for children, and not harvesting them for the perverse pleasure of rich aristocrats who prefer eating them instead of getting to know them and partaking in the endless delights and rewards of caring for them.

Instead in their mad masochistic homosexual ecstasy, these wicked Hollywoodized wretches get high off consuming the terrified adrenalized blood of tortured toddlers in order to extend their own demented and disfigured lives.

Looking honestly at American history, what can you see that is worthy of veneration and emulation? Mass murder, betrayal and colossal abuse of innocent victims of deceptive depravity are the real record of the nation we have been taught to revere.

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What if tomorrow never comes?

Extinction of humankind
no longer just a fantasy


What if tomorrow never comes? What will you do? Will there be anything TO do.

Disturbing news arrives in a hollow silence resonating down an empty hallway, blotting out all other sounds at its moment of impact. Our peaceful past, stretching out behind us as a warm and misty memory, may no longer exist past the jarring moment which at some time soon — perhaps tomorrow morning! — will arrive with a finality that may not be appealed, rejected or nullified.

It is difficult to believe apocalyptic hyperbole when first presented. Even as empirical evidence piles up creating an impenetrable barrier to our smug comfort, we still can’t quite believe it when the news we have so long expected finally arrives.

Memories of these moments are indelibly etched on the sudden flash of a tombstone in your mind. It’s impossible to overstate the case or anesthetize the impact. Read the headlines, without getting too upset just yet. There will be time for that, a little of it, at least.

Global emergency:
Extinction of mankind under way

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Leaving ourselves behind

And then you ask yourselves the question:
Was it the jab that took away our soul?


Is that a corpse by the side of the road?

As our car accelerates away from its place on the curb where it has been parked for so long, the diminishing image in the rear view mirror is quite disturbing when we come to realize we are leaving ourselves behind, never to be seen again.

It is very much like that time so very long ago when we left someone we loved for the very last time, a pain we still seek out for the irreplaceable significance of its memory, yet one which we still resist owing to the unfathomable pain of an unwanted outcome that can never be undone.

Suddenly one ponders the microscopic distance between an infinite future and a vaporized present, a sudden nothingness, a bleak and answerless silence, the yawning chasm that remains between who we used to be and what we have become, and the chilling notion that who we are now is someone we’d never thought we’d be. Whether we like it or not, who we are now is someone we never wanted to be as we are unwillingly swept away in a modern maelstrom of uncontrollable events.

The question of how we got this way becomes only an incidental afterthought to the stunning realization that somehow today we are suddenly different from the people we thought we were. Are we still able to recognize ourselves enmeshed in these new psychotic parameters that have been illicitly imposed upon our lives?

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Edge of oblivion

A few people I know
do know what’s coming


Florence sits in a rehab icebox many miles north of Toronto holding steady at age 96, mixing flashes of memory in the fond distance of her receding past, sound of mind about the real story of who the Führer used to be and always is, yet mixing her indelible images of yesteryear with last week’s doctor’s visit. Then something outside the window triggers the memory of a small yellow flower in a dull red vase producing a patch of sudden solid reasoning that miraculously endows her with perfect poise and sensitive authority as she scuttles down the hallway toward lunch in search of her next adventure.

Further west, amid pines and vines searching for spring, unjabbed Brenda brought her jabbed family for a walk in the frigid Canadian forest; she thought they’d be mad at her but they weren’t. I hope they can fully appreciate the gallant gristle that keeps her blazing a trail of honesty like a lone sparkler in the deepening twilight of civilization while she gamely probes the deals of demons as we slide into a future that makes no sense because our authorities can no longer be trusted. What has happened to them? Where are those high integrity crusaders who are going to get us out of this mess? If they’re coming they’re likely to show up on her website first. (1)

Is Jim Stone off the air again? Has another light of liberty been snuffed out? In the past 20 years since I have been plying these ever-changing media landscapes, I have watched the literate protectors of the common sense way of life either disappear completely or frequently shrivel into meek mannikins too weak to resist the big payoffs and all too willing to screw the pooch when it comes to our rights. These fickle freaks are not the ones we want running the show, like we have now. The creeps in the limelight have checked their original thoughts at the door and have become close-minded clones of the Big Pharma phonies who control their fetid minds. Preposterous Pelosi, Slime Ball Schiff and their fellow vampires stealing millions from right in front of our eyes think public service is pure pork plunder, and for them, it is.

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American immorality

Supporting your country’s
manipulative madness
is now a criminal offense
in the eyes of the world



The big problem right now is that in the West there is no truth; there is wishful thinking and there is this impression of success by the Ukrainians that doesn’t stack up. The biggest lie I’ve heard repeated on television is, Russian troops have been told to deliberately murder Ukrainian civilians . . . That’s absurd, it’s nonsense.

— Col. Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D.,
former senior adviser
to the U.S. Secretary of Defense

It is both a danger and a duty to disagree with the government of the country in which you live. It is a danger to your own safety, but a duty to humanity to be honest about lies and crimes you know are morally wrong.

As history has clearly proven, it is far more dangerous to unquestioningly accept specious patriotic propaganda than it is to examine it thoroughly, critically and honestly. If you aspire, or even pretend to be an honest person with some level of integrity, you may not avoid these questions as you contemplate the sinister shadow of the incomprehensible irresponsibility of the masses whose slavish silence slyly turns decent people into a dishonest cowards responsible for the wreckage of the world.

How many times in the sordid history of the USA have the initial claims of pompous government publicists reading the instructions of greedy Jewish bankers been revealed as false?

Recount the suppressed details of the Revolutionary War after which England really never lost its grip on “the colonies”; the Civil War which was an illegal invasion of states that were deprived of their legal right to secede; World Wars I and II which were based on contrived attacks known in advance to be frauds that enabled puffed-up politicians to declare wars that slaughtered millions needlessly; Vietnam based on an attack that never happened, and lately 9/11, supposedly perpetrated by fictitious Arab terrorists flying airliners they could not possibly have flown.

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Beyond the Pale

The Pale of Settlement:
Historical nucleus
of Jewish terror


If there were a center of the vortex of combustible evil in the world, it would have to be in the exact spot where the future of humanity now hangs precariously in the balance. The fickle finger of freedom’s fate ominously points at Ukraine, which today bubbles like a poison broth emanating an unsettling whiff of the imminent end of the world.

The Pale of Settlement was the name for this same broad swath of fertile territory in Western Russia inside which Jews were confined for more than a century in an attempt to isolate them because of their innate proclivity to swindle gullible residents and capture the wealth of any area in which they lived in great numbers, a talent demonstrated uncountable times over the centuries.

As they have done throughout their soiled history, they milked the addictions and compulsions of innocent peasants by first selling them alcohol and then lending credit at interest rates no borrower could ever repay until all the land belonged to Jews, everything was kosher and everybody else was dead, which is today what makes what is happening in Ukraine an uncanny and unsettling déjà vu foreboding of the ominous expectations of terrified humans today.

Hysterical media describe the current scene as the match about to light World War 3. Cooler heads see it as part of a fiendish plot to enmesh the world in an all-encompassing Communist system by first disposing of most of the world’s population and then bankrupting the remainder to usurp complete control of everyone’s lives.

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Emotional algebra

What you choose to
believe can kill you

The most important thing in the world is the individual.
Anybody who tells you differently is a criminal psychopath.


When you pretend to know something you don’t really know, you put yourself at incredible risk for something bad happening to you. It plays out something like this.

You base all your decisions on what you have previously learned. If what you have previously learned is incorrect, all your subsequent decisions will be wrong. This is what has largely happened to the American population throughout the 20th century. Not to mention the rest of the world following along directly toward their doom.

As a casual watcher of TV news, my sister was opposed to many of my heated assertions that the Jews own America, conducted the 9/11 false flag operation, started both World Wars, control all major presidential candidates, and promote homosexuality as a way to destroy the nuclear family so individuals will be more likely to make the government their Big Brother and therefore facilitate the conversion of the entire world into a system of totalitarian Jewish communism (the last three words being redundant by all meaning exactly the same thing).

So when I instantly yelled “HOAX!” at the very beginning of this dastardly COVID caper in the spring of 2020, my sister, well conditioned to distrust my so-called anti-semitic comments, naturally assumed that I was wrong and the clever commentators on CNN were sincere and correct, and went out and got herself two injections of some kind of so-called vaccine.

Four days after the second jab she called my other sister early in the morning, claiming she couldn’t move her arms and neck, and pleaded for both help and answers. My other sister transported her to the local emergency room and an ambulance soon shipped her up to the main hospital in Sarasota, where after multiple examinations and CAT scans, these doctors whom she so fawningly admires pronounced that she obviously was suffering from a statin allergy, which was causing some kind of cardiac irregularity.

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Termites never sleep

Klaus Schwab’s plan to abolish
every government in the world
put on hold by Ukraine invasion

The total weight of all the termites in the world exceeds the total weight of all the humans in the world.

Termites don't sleep. They just keep eating, and they do all their work in the dark. They avoid light at all costs. Ignore them and they’ll eat your house down.

What’s the best way to get rid of termites? Simple answer. Sunlight.

Great events in world history usually camouflage other great events which usually remain uncovered until the damage they intend to do is done.

Contemplate if you will what well might be the most important question in world history.

Did Vladimir Putin’s stunning decision to invade Ukraine to take out America’s lethal biological weapons labs actually save the world from the sudden stealth imposition of a one-world government?

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Exactly WHO are the real monsters?

U.S. serial killers
keep killing to try
to hide the truth

Nothing good will come out of the future as long as America tries to keep building on its ludicrous historical lies.

Slimeball politicians like Lindsey Graham and slithering journalists like Sean Hannity may gratuitously call for the assassination of Vladimir Putin for dramatically impeding the continuing U.S. stealth aggression against Russia, but this hollow patriotic virtue signaling by imperialist network shills fails to succeed in covering up the international crime nest that the United States government has created in Ukraine, with its biolabs and child sex rings, its arms smuggling and blatant political bribery, which the real monsters continue to try to conceal from the world.

This felonious fakery succeeds in the minds of those who rely on TV for their fictional facts. But it has been thoroughly demystified by those digging deep into cyberspace who aren’t fooled by Big Media’s neocon propaganda and who realize the cynical Twitter bans and Google mind control are all about their super rich co-conspirators trying to camouflage their lucrative criminal activity.

According to Washington spin mandates, all the media-generated hysteria coming out of the mouths of all the familiar boob tube mouthpieces suggest that Russia should be sanctioned, shunned and segregated from the rest of the world.

But this is just more disingenuous doublespeak that has dominated world conversation since the embarrassingly criminal U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by this clumsy aggression against humanity by Big Pharma that Big Media still struggle to cover up from the increasingly skeptical public, which has been severely decimated by poison medicines approved by corrupt government sociopaths and administered by doctors with no consciences.

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Welcome to Orwellville

Where common sense
is now against the law



There must be a reason, I keep telling myself, why so many people so readily believe all the lies they’re being told without ever applying some small degree of critical thinking to the constant fairy tales that consistently scramble their befuddled brains.

And of course it turns out there is a reason — a lifetime’s worth of lies they’ve been told by mouthpiece media which constitute the entirety of their perception of history.

Yes, this distortion factor dominates the whole world, and the Ukraine debate show this is just another variation on the theme that everything you know is false, as it is brought to you by the people who are constantly trying to take your money and very often your life.

The misshapen intellects of people who can no longer think tend to believe what they’re told and promptly regurgitate the stories they read to everyone who can hear them without ever thinking seriously about either what they’ve heard or what they’re actually repeating.

These are always the folks who become what is known as “the consensus” who ultimately determine every bit of the public policy which everybody else who can actually think has suffered through all our lives while mass media always target the middle of the road with its banal vagaries.

As a result, most of what people believe is just plain wrong.

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Ominous overtones

Western cheers for Ukraine
fail to see freedom bleeding


Honesty doesn’t matter so much when you’re starving. Principles don’t mean much either when you’re bleeding. The price you’ll pay to solve either problem when they happen doesn’t much involve philosophy or politics so long the immediate solution furnishes the necessary food or bandages as fast as possible. Those other questions can wait for another day when many lives are not hanging precariously in the balance.

Maybe weighing this difficult question can shine some light on how political or philosophical decisions improve when they are removed from the brittle crucibles of hunger or pain, because when they are stressed out by emergencies they usually turn out to be wrong.

Something like that is happening as we speak about Ukraine, an unfortunate and often injured nation pinioned between two superpowers who each have invested substantial fortunes in its future and now find themselves in a sticky stalemate in which it is no exaggeration to say the fate of the world depends.

When one person’s despicable corruption is another person’s faithful conviction, sometimes it takes the whole world to decide which is which. And we are at that very dangerous and worrisome juncture right now.

What decision will we make? The smug and jaded already know because the fix is in.

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Why the news is always bad

Think you have a problem?
You better buy something

Why is the news always bad?

The short answer, in case you haven’t noticed, is because worried people buy more needless products to alleviate their insecurity.

From breath mints to Kevlar vests — or best are get rich quick schemes, like Lotto tickets — we buy these things because we’re scared shitless of practically everything, never moreso than today.

There you have the secret of successful business strategy. Many a millionaire empire has been carved out of putting a product or service in between the consumer and his fear of death, even though most examples are far subtler than this.

Governments run that way, and so do salesmen. And no matter how smart they are, the people buy what they’re told to buy.

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Can Russia save the world?


Will Vladimir Putin
fulfill the prophecy of
psychic Edgar Cayce?

Join John Kaminski
on RBN Friday, 2/25/22
to discuss the matter

800-313-9443, 512-248-8252

Well known for going to sleep and prescribing cures for people suffering from various illnesses, the famous “Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce (1875-1946), is probably best known for his controversial prediction that one day the nation of Russia would save the world.

Cayce wrote that there would be a world revolution, and that Russia would be the force that will change humanity’s vision of the world, a revelation that would affect the policies of all countries and compel society to shift its focus from military dominance to personal freedom.

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Vaccine vampires

Raping the world
with diabolical


As an American, what kind of sniveling sick skunk would you have to be these days to be proud of your country? That goes double for Canadians and triple for Australians, who got this whole passive zombie thing going by allowing themselves to be raped by a poison vaccine pushed on them by psychopath politicians and doctors who see the truth through their wallets.

Yes, you grim ghouls should all be proud of your dystopian democracies now disintegrating before your eyes. You obey these media morons flush with the cash they get from blood drinking billionaires who encourage the mutilation of civilization for the entertainment of those stricken by consumptive dementia.

What honorable motive remains untouched by those hounds of hell forcing us onto ventilators in which we can no longer breathe or smile or even pretend anymore that we are independent human beings following our own voluntary choices.

No longer satisfied with such putrid perversions as bombing wedding parties in Afghanistan, fouling our skies with microscopic shards of glass, or teaching children to fondle unprosecuted child molesters at the local library — not to be confused with the unprosecuted judges who set them free — self destruction by needle seems to be the game of choice for homicidal humans on this poisoned planet drowning in herbicides, fungicides and Department of Justice-assisted suicides.

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War by media manipulation

The false flag fandango

Lusitania, Pearl Harbor,
Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11/01
and now the Ukraine:
West aims to trap Russia
into World War 3
and enslave or destroy
most of the world’s people

At the same time senile U.S. president Joe Biden has been warning the world through corrupt Western press reports that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine, the U.S.-backed Ukraine government itself, augmented by squads of Western terrorist mercenaries, has been bombing the breakaway provinces of Donetsk and Luhantz and forcing thousands of Russian-speaking residents to flee their homes.

A steady stream of Russian-speaking residents of Ukraine’s embattled eastern provinces have hastily evacuated their homes as Ukraine artillery continues to batter with terror rockets the region’s urban areas whose occupants try to escape with at least their lives across the border into Russia where they are warmly welcomed as kindred refugees.

This is clearly the fulfillment of Russia’s greatest fear ever since American neocons triggered the 2014 Maidan revolution that brought CIA control to the Ukrainian capital in Kiev. Ever since then, the warmongering NATO countries have put pressure on Russia, whose capital Moscow lies only 300 miles northeast from the Ukrainian border.

Malicious media manipulation

Thus far, every single headline in the corrupt Western press reads the same way. The Russians are getting ready to invade Ukraine, they say. The actual situation on the ground is exactly the opposite, as the Ukraine is bombing the hell out of its own territory, driving thousands of refugees across the border into Russia for safety.

Even as Russia pulls its troops away from the troublesome border where they have every right to be, and then observe American mercenaries killing Russian residents of million-plus city of Donetsk, the warped Western press still accuses the Russians of trying to start a war which has already been started by American pressure on the bought-and-paid-for Ukrainian puppet government.

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Freedom's funeral

Darkness descends
over dazed Canadians

In the end, there were no heroes, only desperate despots flexing their mindless muscle over betrayed and bewildered people unable to comprehend the horror they witnessed unleashed upon them.

The awesome quest for freedom in Canada was crushed by the brutal pomposity of a government gone mad with a power that had decreed its own senseless mandates took precedence over the noble goals of freedom and justice by which their nation had been established.

Children were snatched from their parents, dogs were impounded and threatened with death, and families who had nobly crusaded for freedom from tyrannical and toxic restrictions were torn asunder in the freezing cold of a foul February night.

Worst of all a crippled old woman only demonstrating for righteousness and honesty was trampled to death beneath the hooves of police horses parading forth the perverted power of a gruesome government cruelly displaying the brutal bitterness of insane tyrants who could no longer be trusted by anyone.

Canada has descended into a hell from which it will likely never emerge, and worse than that, foreshadowed a madness spreading across the entire planet of governments deliberately killing their own people to conceal the financial crimes it has committed against them.

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Trust the truckers

Our freedoms
ride with them



The entire population of the world, minus all the paid off political puppets, already know what the deal is — it’s a no brainer. Trust the government? No way! Trust the truckers? Definitely. 

Jail the so-called leaders, those disgustingly corrupt bureaucrats, working for Klaus Schwab’s beastly bribes? Absolutely.

The people have spoken and the truckers are speaking for them while the limp wristed legislative liars bribed by Big Pharma’s crooked cash cowboys think they can tell the world what to do.

Well, the real men in the 16 wheelers have declared in no uncertain terms that they can’t, and the whole world of ordinary working class families standing by the side of the highways of the world waving their flags in freezing weather will never stop backing these upstanding family heroes against all the murderous might their demented governments can muster.

That cute little girl in the snowsuit speaks for all of us. Her sign said, “The trucks have come to save us!” And they have.

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Have you noticed . . . ?

that you can’t believe
a single thing that
your government says?



interview with John Kaminski

There has not in modern times been a clearer betrayal of a people more tragic than what has happened to the Canadian people cheering on their valiant truckers trying to right the wrongs of a government trying to force a healthy people to believe they are sick and using a poison bioweapon to kill them in the process.

It is both an augury of future tyranny and a sad commentary on the recent history of the world that well meaning people are herded into camps because they refuse to commit suicide. Yet this has been the formula that has ravaged the innocent people of Russia and China for many decades, so it should come as no surprise that it has finally arrived in the United States and its mumbling collection of moribund Western allies.

The real disease is called Communism, it was invented by Jews, and it signals the permanent end of individual freedom, and your ability to disagree with what your government tells you to do.

There is one trend only, this is it, and it is intensifying, one might say strangling the life out of the human species, and all the other species as well.

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Just say no . . . to freedom

Governments to people:
‘Sit down and shut up!
You will do what we want
or we will kill you.’

What we are having trouble understanding is that our future has already been stolen, and we are having trouble adjusting to it.

Whether we are free human beings or merely slaves to tyrants is a question that has already been answered, at least in the minds of those who control us.

The question for the ages — will we be free or prisoners of mind control devices that prevent our freedom? — has already been answered, long ago. You won’t like the answer, but if you did, there would no longer be a reason to aspire to any kind of consciousness at all.

This is the condition most people would find themselves in if they had any remaining desire to really see what they had become. It is a question most people no longer have the desire to ask.

The message from your government, at any time in any place, is: “Sit down and shut up.” Most people actually like that idea, because they can’t figure out what to do on their own.

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Plague of phantoms

When fear is
a fatal disease

I keep coming back to this irresistible idea that simply won’t go away. It has draped its paranoid pall all over the entire world. Perhaps it is the smell of a rotting corpse of a species that has failed to believe in itself.

The people who took the poison jab and insanely ordered everyone else to get them too have the same kind of personality as those residents of Salem, Massachusetts back in the 1600s nervously sweating with feverish excitement as they watched innocent women convicted of witchcraft dangling from the gallows after being found guilty by panic-stricken public hysteria.

This is the foul odor that has been hanging in the air ever since Bill Gates and his crooked cronies invented this modern plague called COVID-19 at a bureaucratic buffet known as Event 201 and foisted it on the world as the most dangerous plague of our times.

They didn’t quite get it right as what they created was the most dangerous cure of all time.

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Babble on

and watch out for the crocodiles

a poem for our painful times

for Arthur Rimbaud
and Giuseppe Fallisi


Bug out bags and broken dreams
Dying children skew our schemes
The winter of our unpaid rent
complicates our discontent

Societal breakdown engineered
Every thought from logic steered
Our brains controlled from far away
by toxic high tech mind decay

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Directions to destruction

Believing those big lies
makes more dead babies


Everybody in charge of our health and welfare seems to be lying.

The president, the doctors, law enforcement and the media all seem to have combined to perpetrate a fatal fraud on the people of the world at the behest of the oligarchic ogres who own them, that is to say, the billionaires who have bought them and ordered them all to say what they are told to say if they want to keep their jobs and the millions of dollars in bribes they have received to continue to inflict this multifaceted homicidal fraud upon the world.

Build back better my ass. It’s all about kill people faster, or reduce the unwanted population, as Bill Gates likes to say. And like the European countries now resisting the lockdowns and refusing to go along with Bozo Biden’s embarrassing push to start a war with Russia, cracks of revolutionary light are now seeping through the neocon darkness that has blindfolded the world for most of the past three years, if not the past century.

The scam has become obvious

One need only witness Biden’s consistently bizarre behavior during his first tremulous year in office to realize every move he has made verifies the promises he made for the bribes he received to destroy America as fast as possible under the rancid rubric of his lurid lies.

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As freedom slips away

Erosion of trust destroys
credibility of authorities


They tell you to take
a shot that will kill you

The more evidence is disclosed that the COVID masquerade is a total hoax, the more the government pronouncements harden and demand the poison vaccines be taken by everyone. This guarantees that the painfully ugly and unnecessary deaths of people will continue. The population will be reduced according to the wishes of the demented Jews who run the world. Along with deliberate supply line sabotage, this is a sure sign of imminent mass destruction. The plan to shrink-wrap human society is still in place and developing nicely as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates wring their hands in gleeful delight.

This intention is further revealed by the insane provocations which continue to spew from a whacked-out president inside a walled-up White House against both Russia and China, and also against the patriotic American patsies still jailed in a D.C. gulag.

While media focus on the fake insurrection in Washington for which patriots are preposterously prosecuted, real time bombs tick in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The mad money men squeeze the trigger of terror to maximize the likelihood humanity will destroy itself in wars for no reason except the to satisfy the warped whims of those whose idea of heaven to everyone else resembles hell.

It appears as if the powers that be are rushing to create multiple catastrophes before an awakening public coalesces to realize the tricks the powerful are playing upon the poor, and rallies to thwart these diabolical demagogues by evicting them from their public postions of power they have so badly misused and abused.

There is something you should realize which we all should have realized for the past several hundred years, which both Benjamin Franklin and George Washington appear to have warned us about.

The reason for the charge that all so-called anti-vaxxers are also anti-Semites is because all the pro-vaxxers are Jews — namely the managers and top scientists of ALL the vaccine companies, the regulators of ALL the government health agencies, and ALL the politicians who endorse the idea of mandating experimental gene therapy that has already officially killed at least 400,00o and likely many millions more with a so-called vaccine that doesn’t really work for a disease that doesn’t really exist.

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No trace of truth

You’ll never find it
on TV, in newspapers
or from the government


When I think back about all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.
— Paul Simon, Kodachrome

I got to thinking a common thought we’ve all had about how what we are taught in school, especially in history, as being totally inadequate to prepare us for what we discover as adults is the nature of the real world. But nothing we ever could have been taught could ever have prepared us for the this real world disease hoax which has paralyzed everyone on the planet with this fear of a phantom menace that the people who control our lives have used to shut down our minds and basically change the nature of the reality in which we live. Turned it into a prison, in fact.

So in contemplating all the influences which have created this diabolical situation, take yourselves back to high school civics class and reflect on the lessons you were taught. I mean, their useless simplicity consisted of factoids like George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, and the Greatest Generation rose up to destroy a German madman who wanted to enslave the world.

Only later, if we do a little reading as adults, we discover that none of these things was actually true and that we were taught these vignettes to properly brainwash us into unquestioning devotion to our country, a star spangled banner of the mind so to speak. Turning us into compliant robots is another way to put it.

So now today, as we watch our world fall apart because of the current set of myths being used to deprive us of both our freedoms and our minds, we can’t help but reflect how everything we’ve been taught that is a lot of hooey has left us totally unable to ferret out the truth from the contrived fictions given to us by malicious men who certainly do not have our best interests at heart, to say the very least.

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Schizoid shadow shatters America

Mystery disease, poison cure
usher in new totalitarian era

The gulf that now divides the American people is greater than at any time since the Civil War. The same situation fundamentally pertains in both cases: the men who control the money say war is needed, individual freedom is suspended illegally, hundreds of thousands die and the country is destroyed. Only this time it’s the world.

In the Civil War, there was no crime, only the powerful North desiring to enslave the productive South. In the COVID epidemic, there is no disease, only a phantasm invented by the rich to completely enslave the productive poor whom they imagine to be annoying pests complicating their posh plantation, a nuisance to be eliminated by a pesticide through a needle.

Those pathetic proletarians who still trust their doctors have been brainwashed to believe a disease is being caused by healthy people which they call “the Plague of the Unvaccinated,” but those who have studied the matter thoroughly and don’t simply parrot media slogans foisted on them by corrupt shills have steadfastly refused to poison themselves with an untested vaccine that is proving to be utterly lethal in a variety of ways. They predict most of those who were jabbed will be dead in a few years, if not sooner, from one malady or another.

This is the great toxic divide now causing a crisis of mental illness devastating America with needless sanctions and numerous afflictions. It’s a plot by the rich to eliminate individuality and control everyone’s finances electronically. In the process, those who believe and those who protest are tearing each other apart.

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Fear the year 2022


Which one would you choose? Drowning on a ventilator? Keeling over on a football field? Crashing the plane you are piloting? How about a nice, slow, wretched starvation? Or perhaps you would rather let Klaus, Bill, Anthony and Sleepy Joe choose it for you? That would be the patriotic thing to do.

Our country has been turned into a lethal clown show, with the whole world and the American people on the verge of losing everything, including their lives. And the one thing you still can’t talk about is that Jews own the pharmaceutical companies, the government, the media and the medical profession. Otherwise, they’re completely innocent.

Of all the crises now under way, the division of the population into two enemy camps seems to be the most critical, as fully half of all Americans seem to be mentally ill because of their fear of a manufactured disease that doesn’t exist. The other half will never get the jab, are well armed, and yet remain strangely silent.

This makes it easier for the architects of this madness to completely turn the country and the world into a prison camp ruled by fear and irrationality instead of a healthy world governed by justice and logic. This is what the shrinks mean by the term media psychosis, as the majority have been duped into believing in a totally artificial public narrative and follow cynical directions to cure a fabricated illness with a toxic cure.

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Cracking up for Christmas

in the wreckage of a world
dying from fear of death


Senseless enforcement violence attempts
to protect people from a plague
that doesn’t exist with a poison that does

Two long freight trains on parallel tracks, going in opposite directions at warp speed.

Tearing the world apart.

Lives, jobs and businesses splintered by the collision.

The wreckage is everywhere.

Stunned survivors wander the ravaged landscape in desperate confusion.

Our future looms as a dark uncertainty as our survival has suddenly been thrown into terrifying doubt.

Speeding toward each other and then well past each other, the crash of the two conflicting narratives has already occurred, leaving the debris of its psychic tornado spread around the world in families and nations split by tectonic emotional shocks, small businesses closed forever, people banned from their own jobs for merely trying to be safe, and innocent victims following their doctors’ orders dying violent convulsive deaths at far too young an age.

The more that is revealed about the fake COVID epidemic, the harder governments crack down on those who see through the lies. Lockdowns, arrests, passports and jabs continue despite the rigorous detective work that has revealed the entire caper as a fraud to deprive humanity of its individual freedom using the universal fear of a contrived disease for its totalitarian takeover.

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The absence of compassion

The way we live
inevitably creates
the way we die

The vaccine mandates are crumbling before our eyes. The falsehoods of the demented demagogues are being revealed. And how should we regard the doctors we have trusted now that they have been exposed as key figures in the greatest mass murder plot in human history.

This might sound kind of odd coming from me, a well known smasher of religious fakery and theological foolery, but I’m worried about believers these days. Their beliefs are in ruins. The things that have given them their good lives now lie shattered by the lies of people they trusted, preachers, doctors and politicians who are now all complicit in a misleading massacre so monstrous that one can’t even contemplate what punishment the architects of these atrocities should receive.

You can’t find much morality these days, so it’s important to nurture it when you find it, no matter where it resides.

Without getting into dogmatic differences or priestly perversions at this point, it seems pretty clear that the last stronghold of morality in a world consumed by megalomaniacal strategies for survival are the sheltering echoes of prayers from the faithful to put our trust in in the creator of the bounty we have received.

If you think that’s a scam, in some cases, you’d be right, but if you try to deny that it’s the most important question we ever ask ourselves in our lifetimes, you’d be wrong. Just ask somebody you know who’s on the verge of dying in old age.

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The mirror of treason

Faith in a corrupt government
is a crime against humanity


To admit to the fraud of the planned COVID pandemic is to admit to the fraud of our faith in our own murderous American government. We never really objected to the collateral damage murders of innocent people overseas, did we? So are we now hypocrites for complaining about these same criminal psychopaths who control our reality killing us to please the wishes of our foreign masters?

The karma of self delusion is self destruction.

Think of all the false excuses Americans have used to send their troops overseas and kill millions for reasons objective history shows have been contrived. The Balfour Declaration. Pearl Harbor. The Gulf of Tonkin. 9/11. All fake narratives designed to trick the gullible into supporting unjust invasions.

Does it come as a surprise that eventually this insane behavior would one day bounce back on us, and the brittle leaders who have always been guided by the exploitative whims of those who control the money supply would one day betray their own duped followers in order to earn their irresistibly fat payoffs?

Maybe you should ask Obama in his Martha’s Vineyard mansion? Or Donald Trump in his South Atlantic hideaway.

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A matter of opinion

or a matter
of life and death?

You’ve no doubt had this conversation, probably frequently if not constantly in these turbulent days. To get jabbed or not to get jabbed? That is the question of the day, the year, and for some, eternity.

As they attempt to backpedal from a growing mountain of evidence gleaned from millions of injured and dead vaccinated victims, people who have received the injection of the so-called experimental inoculation to immunize oneself for what has been called the COVID virus consistently say the question of whether the shot is good or bad is a matter of each individual’s opinion.

However, people who have followed the advice of candid doctors and hundreds of health agencies around the world which have concluded the SARS-Cov19 virus has never been isolated nor purified and therefore has never actually existed, have not taken the shot and have no plans to take it, and continue to warn everyone that this is clearly a matter of life and death.

A matter of opinion, or a matter of life and death? Which is it?

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The news you're afraid to hear


and you can’t trust your doctor

Excuse me, but I have to tell you something. Something very important that many of you appear not to have noticed, and still try to deny. You won’t hear about it on TV. And you won’t read it in the newspapers. It is in fact something you already know, but you’re afraid to say it out loud for fear someone who can hurt you will hear you. You’re afraid to even think it. But you already know it in your heart — though maybe not in your brain yet, because your brain was hijacked long ago. Even now that it’s clear to you, you are afraid to admit it to yourself.

America is no longer free.

Forget about all that righteous rhetoric. It hasn’t been free for a long time, but after all the lethal lies, surprise deaths and medical murder plots killing record numbers of suckers who believed what their doctors told them, it has never once been more not-free than it is right now.

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Out to lunch in a tricky universe

What you think you know
you absolutely don’t


Pretending you know something you don’t is about the most dangerous behavior in the world, and those who practice it — which is the vast majority of any population — are going to get exactly the nasty surprise they deserve.

Hello newshounds! You’re about to get tested — and schooled! — on what you think you know. And just when you thought you had it all figured out. Sorry about that. What you think you know is likely all wrong. And of course that’s the way they had it planned.

A fatuous old fart named William Casey once said that the controllers of society will know they have succeeded in their diabolical plans when everything everybody believes is false. Well, they have succeeded beyond their wildest demographic projections.

Especially — but not only — if you are an avid devotee of mainstream news, everything you now know actually IS false!

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Death by jab


Ultimate betrayal by doctors:
Society imprisoned by the state


We are no longer citizens. We are prisoners of the state, commanded to accept fatal torture. We don’t need protection from a phantom disease that so many experts have proven does not exist. We need protection from the state.

Nightmare medicine. Bribed government maniacs flushed and excited by their own demonic declarations, so certain of their unchallengeable power, sneer with a lurid leer, “Take this shot that might kill you if you want to stay alive.” And they always forget to say: “We’re not sure if it will actually work.” Ordinary knaves by the millions, trusting in their own conceited leaders, fall down and die.

Doctors all over the world deceive their patients by telling them to get the jab. These doctors should be charged with murder.

Like a decaying cow skull at a poisoned waterhole, people dying who once bragged that only cowards refused to get jabbed serve as a ghoulish reminder to those who resist the government’s cynical death prescription.

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Puppetmasters prefer perverts

Billionaires recruit sociopaths
to become our beloved leaders

Plus, psychotic presidential profiles

Kill your employees or go out of business. That was President Biden’s plandemic plan before the courts stepped in. His irrational idea offered a foolproof remedy for Americans’ foolish fondness for freedom. Jab them to death or starve them to death! That's the level to which America has fallen. And the trap into which Americans — totally blind to their own learned helplessness — have walked.

So what choice is there for otherwise good natured but oppressed citizens but to revolt against this diabolical tyranny. Ah, but that has been the plan all along.

Create leaders so pathologically dysfunctional, so ridiculously inarticulate, so offensively nonsensical that so-called rational citizens (i.e., people who think they’re actually rational, but who don’t realize they’ve been duped all their lives) have no alternative but to rise up and sack the corrupt demagogues who continue to demonstrate their malevolent worthlessness with one catastrophic misstep after another!

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Transition to tyranny

You either believe in the lie
or they decide how you die

Toleration of and advocacy for homosexuality is not a sign of freedom; it is exactly the opposite. It is a key maneuver to eliminating the sexes by blurring the genders beneath a bewildering avalanche of pronouns and turning humanity into a mindless one-sex collection of worker drones, a primary step in morphing the world’s population into a mewling herd of imprisoned victims utterly bound and gagged by demonic Jewish communism.

Suddenly in every country it now seems humanity is being regimented into a mindless (there’s that word again) state of commanded conformity, using the method of taking control of our money as a means of taking control of our minds. It is a mimic of the totalitarian model of financial control originally imposed on China by Yale’s Skull & Bones masterminds now spreading like hot lava erupting all over the world from the twisted minds of the very rich.

Suddenly in in every country there seems to have arrived a malleable, morality-free leader — handsome in appearance but vacuous in intelligence — installed by questionable and unverifiable means that sham Communist elections reported by untrustworthy media have become the formula fatal to freedom which cannot be questioned as media berate and paid off politicians prosecute those who suspect rampant and obvious election fraud.

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Coalition of the corrupt

The bottom line always
leads to mass murder

What everyone wants to know is who is deliberately running our society into the ground, causing so many needless deaths and engineering the destruction of society, and how can they be stopped?

Nobody in their right mind can believe Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are legitimate representatives of the American people, nor were they elected honestly to their positions of leadership. They are simply the latest wardens of the penitentiary installed by the tech-powered billionaires who control our minds and our lives.

Our doctors have become complicit with our bankers and instead of saving lives deliver concoctions to their patients that they know are killing them. Our leaders owe their allegiance and the fortunes they receive to the very rich men who instruct them to betray the public they pretend to serve, and regiment everyone into the sick system demanded by big business.

Pious so-called men of the cloth whose mission is to protect and nurture our inmost thoughts are guided by tax laws that allow them to profit from the advice they give and the legends they are supposed to use as examples to follow for living good and honest lives. This advice sedates the public, but is irrelevant to a government that never follows it.

Those who guide our thoughts — our journalists, artists and poets — are handsomely rewarded as long as they write what they are told to write by the moguls who permit and promote their work. Beyond that genuine truth tellers are scorned, punished and silenced, barred from influencing the thoughts of the common people.

Mainstream media and the political elite have joined forces to fundamentally change the way we live our lives, being transmogrified from independent beings into thoughtless cogs in a machine they no longer understand. What you no longer hear is the crucial phrase, “with liberty and justice for all.” Now there is liberty and justice for none.

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You have lost control of your mind


Media manipulation
has turned you into
a slave with no brain


If you're not talking about Jewish control of reality, you're really wasting my time and yours. Throw in any Illuminati-like synonym you like and you’ll just be fooling yourself.

We're talking about a fake president, a fake epidemic and a false sense of reality that is dragging everyone down into a new level of totalitarian mind control from which no one will emerge with a comparable sense of security and intelligence that they had before.

That is, if they emerge at all, as many Americans won’t live very much longer, either, due to the poisons everyone has been ordered to take.

Take a quick glance at what's happening in Australia if you want to know what your future holds. They're prohibiting people from going to work and then freezing their bank accounts unless they submit to the poison needle that will end their lives in short order, after first inflicting most of them with atrocious medical complications that are beyond your most macabre imaginings.

All people in the world are now being forced to believe things that we know are not true or face severe penalties for violating sadistic government mandates which insist they are.

Two plus two doesn't equal four anymore. Math is now racist. Your mind is now so twisted out of shape by media manipulation it no longer even recognizes itself.

Now we are forced to believe false concepts of health that doctors tell us will cure us but instead kill us. Now we watch all sorts of vagabonds and vampires flow across our borders and instantly receive benefits that are withheld from impoverished American citizens. And you can’t help but wonder why these unexamined immigrants are not required to take the poison jab.

Welcome to the Great Reset, my friend.

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9/11 fable still spins only lies


Paid shills can’t resist explaining
why we should blame ourselves 

How much truth can you expect from a Jew writer writing on a Jew website telling us why we couldn’t catch the Jews after they blew up and knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001? Answer: None. Reason: Because Jews control the media — it has always been that way throughout the 20th century and now is stronger than ever into the 21st.

In fact that same reason that we couldn’t nail the Jews for demolishing the World Trade Center towers in 2001 and accelerating the New World Order’s war on the world is now currently at play as the reason we can’t stop the Jews from destroying world society in 2021 with their fake pandemic (Jew media), poison vaccines (Jew drug makers) and illegal worldwide quarantines (Jew politicians and judges).

Same reason in 2021 as existed in 2001 — the truth is murdered to obscure the death toll of a Jew scam to control the whole world. Jews totally control mainstream media, totally control the murderous profit oriented medical profession, and totally control the bought off whores who call themselves either politicians and/or news presenters (there is no difference), so that the public, with all their apparent variety of news sources at their disposal, are getting the same story no matter in which direction they turn. The Jews’ story.

I’m talking about Alan Sabrosky’s celebrated analysis titled Why the 9/11 Truth Movement Failed recently published on, a Jewish website that pretends to be an unbiased news provider, much in the same way The New York Times, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and the Atlantic magazine all pretend to be neutral news observers but are really intellectual kosher executioners which stamp out any and all attempt at truly unbiased news reporting as they defend or deflect the Jewish presence which create all these colossal crimes.

The 9/11 truth movement didn’t fail. It was killed by Jews, the original perpetrators of the crime.

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World on fire and bleeding

Thoughts on the volcano
inside you, ready to erupt

Watch this for inspiration:

It should be clear by now that human freedom is being systematically murdered, by at least two forces that have turned against us: the calculated behavior of traitors to humanity who are being paid to sabotage society and murder people on a scale previously unimagined by the worst barbarians in human history; and second, by the Las Canarias volcano belching fire from the subterranean depths of hell, yet another unmistakable message from Mother Nature that her violent vomiting of the boiling blood of human history is a direct and perhaps final commentary on how she regards what these mindless droids called people have done to her planet — the filthy water, the radioactive air, the bits of fetuses in their food, the list is endless.

This vulcanological commentary on human stupidity from the benevolent force that has given us life for so many aeons has been obvious for many years: the dead birds, the dried up lakes, the masses of aimless people flowing over the world secretly directed by intelligence agencies paid by billionaires playing chess with whole countries, trendy rituals catering to our cannibal natures, men dressing as women telling us how to raise our kids, Pete Butthole laying in bed with an infant pretending to be lactating, ignoring his job while ships stranded at sea containing rotting food tantalize people starving on the land waiting for that meals they can’t eat and likely never will, who distract themselves by buying drugs and dying on street corners which many luckless drifters now use as bathrooms.

Some upright citizens recently jabbed with poisons that will kill them in a few months or years as their bodies shrivel up and their blood vessels clog up until they twitch and die in inconvenient places, other well meaning proles banished from their jobs because they wouldn’t take the poison pricks ordered by drug addled bosses paid by guru swindlers to sabotage their own careers, foremost among them the senility-stricken president bribed to do everything wrong and destroy the country he had pledged to protect because he got a billion dollar bribe that nobody talks about to suffocate the last pocket of freedom on the planet so rich Jews could bring their version of peace to the world with a brittle pavement of crispy burnt corpses stretching to the horizon while their noxious newspapers keep saying all is calm and under control.

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The world's nightmare

When the people you trust
decide you are expendable


If you don’t already know that the fake cures have already caused many more deaths than the fake disease, then you’ve been watching too much TV. If you still have a functioning brain and plan on keeping it, you should never watch it again.

So now we are finding out what the demonic monster Bill Gates meant by reducing the population with more efficient vaccines. Have you already sacrificed yourself to the Great Reset without sufficiently investigating what that needle squirted into your arm? Millions of others already have. They’re waiting for you in hell, by the way.

The question we asked was this. Could some people have become so evil that they would accept untold riches to kill off large numbers of their own species? Or have they always been that way? Whichever answer you choose, is there any doubt that this is what is happening today? There is none.

No other assessment is possible for this despotic COVID epidemic, a pharmaceutical power play being inflicted on uninformed citizens who generally obey the dictates of the bureaucratic structures which pretend to govern them, but in actuality harvest them for profit.

Following those orders has already cost more than a million people their lives.

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Mass psychosis

Frightened families fracture
as society’s structure crumbles


Many of us have been saying this for years. If you believe what you hear on the evening news, you’re insane. Now, it turns out to be true. Because of the endless glut of fake facts and false stories, you’re insane because the evening news has made you that way. As lockdowns and forced injections stifle societies everywhere, mainstream news has become a strait jacket on the minds of the world. For those paying attention to these perpetual lies, it always has been.

The unavoidable truth is this. If you only watch TV, you believe the world is beset by an intractable epidemic, which can only be treated by masks, jabs and expensive drugs. But if you watch no TV at all — as more and more people are doing — and instead get your news from knowledgeable navigation on the internet, you believe COVID can’t be proven to exist, masks protect nobody and facilitate lung disease, and that staying healthy depends on avoiding untested experimental inoculations that have already killed many thousands of people and have profoundly incapacitated millions more.

And never the twain shall meet.

It’s the perfect destabilization technique, which the powers that be — also known as rich megalomaniacal Jews, owning banks, hospitals, newspapers and pharmaceutical companies — have been trying to cast over the public mind as a permanent fog for a long time.

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Mirror of doom

Those supposed to save us
instead decided to kill us

Tonight’s significant sound is the rhythmic thump of a chopper overhead bringing news that you never wanted to hear. As it has been for so many around the world, probably it is the one sound you will hear on the last night of your life.

As lights flash and sirens cry, the vaporization of hope, the internalization of pain, and the future that you just can’t swallow fills the night with memories you never wanted to have.

Night falls on a wondrous day that we once in our eager brightness called human civilization. With bad news from every angle, our last hopes are eroded by dismay in the betrayal of everything we hoped to believe.

As the death count everywhere rises but is suppressed, the ghoulish face of Klaus Schwab informs us of the Great Reset and the leering sneer of Bill Gates with a syringe in his hand reminds us that our time is up, if we believe what they want us to say and do what they want us to do.

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Formula for fatal frenzy

You have to wonder where our
so-called leaders are leading us

Being banned by Facebook and Twitter
is now a synonym for telling a truth that
the government doesn’t want you to tell.

They call it asymmetrical warfare. The winning blow in the game of turning America into a communist totalitarian state has already been struck. It was the stream of deliberately directed Haitian migrants shuffling in knee deep water across the Rio Grande who are now housed and fed in operational programs that nourish the macabre method now in the process of destroying the United States forever.

From their precarious perch under a bridge in Texas, these unwitting saboteurs are housed and fed by secret government programs, then clandestinely distributed throughout the United States for the purpose of destabilizing society permanently. One stream goes first by air to a city in Tennessee, then the mostly young passengers are dispersed by bus to unsuspecting municipalities throughout the Gulf Coast, arriving in states who are never told they are coming. This is only one of the streams of distribution. There are many.

The plan was finally tipped, and perhaps the nation was finally tipped over, when the news was announced that these feckless Haitian migrants who have been slyly funneled through complicit Central American countries and ushered to the U.S.-Mexico border with new clothes, Smart phones and wads of cash in their pockets would be shipped to northern Vermont, impossibly planted in a frozen tundra where they could never possibly be happy and thus further furnish the destruction of America in a program of designed chaos that will never be solved but only controlled by a heavy handed police and bureaucratic presence.

It’s another excuse for martial law, laboriously put in place over the last decade by the white trucks with UN logos setting the stage for a permanent and continuing social disaster.

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