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When mixed with black rage,
it will trigger the apocalypse

Whites have failed to live up to
the moral code they pretend to obey

If the white race is such a bunch of Godlike figures, why is the rest of the world coming after us with an overwhelming sense of glee in their eyes for what whites have done wrong to them over the many centuries? I mean this will be ‘Lord of the Flies’ for adults! (1) Or perhaps another French Revolution, when neighbor killed neighbor.

Why is all this happening, you ask?

The simple answer? Because the Jews want it to happen! Jews have urged the darker races to steal what they want from whites, because that’s what Jews do.

Jews want all other countries to look like Iraq does today because they’re so much easier to control in a devastated condition.


White supremacists surely have never confronted the conundrum that they are responsible for their own fate, that the way they have treated the world is responsible for their own destruction. They took the bribe and committed the crime. Now they must pay for their destructive decisions, and disappear from existence. Or so the other races say.

The way whites have treated the world has come back to bite them. The Jews helped whites conquer the world, and now whites are being cast aside in favor of the new beta male, the Coudenhove-Kalergi version of humanity in which everyone looks like Barack Obama (2) and no one can think for themselves.

The Muslim rapefest of Europe is accomplishing this Jewish goal as we speak. It forecasts the kind of putrid conditions the future will bring us.

Whites boast of all their so-called cultural achievements and insist they are the perfect human specimens, but never, no never, do they address the ruined lives and piles of innocent corpses they have left behind in service to their poisonous get-rich-quick schemes, which have turned much of the Third World into rubble. Think Iraq, or Syria, or any dozens of countries ravaged by well-dressed corporate monsters.

Whites failed the morality test when they accepted the Jews’ money to plunder the world. It first happened in England in the 1640s. And a little later it allowed the Rothschilds to take over the whole planet and call it Greater Israel.

Whites’ claim to superior status falls flat on its face when you consider that state to which they have fallen as hired hitmen always doing the Jews’ dirty work, or “wet work”, as the case may be and usually is.

The pretty lies the powers that be have told the world have allowed them — us! — to murder untold millions of innocent women and children and call it heroic bravery, even though all these wars and invasions were created from behind the scenes by bankers who cared nothing for either the allies or the enemy. Wars generating colossal amounts of cash make American affluence possible. This is a proven fact that far too many Americans refuse to address.

Hence, Americans are mass murderers of the worst type. They kill without recognizing they kill, and without admitting it. Driven by the Jews, what Americans have done to the rest of the world is unforgivable.

In their thoughts and actions, Americans are vassals to the Jews. Both are both pests and parasites. The recipe for a pest that reflexively continues its lethal practices is extermination, and I fear the rest of the world is slowly figuring this out. Maybe that should be . . .  I hope the rest of the world  . . .

This is where ordinary Americans don’t want to hear any more, and turn away. The debate becomes too heavy for them, because they are unable to confront their own guilt. Their lives are simply too comfortable to address such an unpleasant and politically incorrect subject.

American patriotism — what a joke! How can anybody cheer mass murder being committed, not to protect ourselves, but to hammer defenseless countries into submission so the rich can get richer and the poor can continue to suck their Jewish exhaust pipes.

What kind of moral blindness does it take to believe the lies propagated by Jewish media that Americans are heroes. As Smedley Butler, the famous general, put it: “I was a bagman for the mob.”

Our reward for such willing ignorance is to eat Glyphosate infected food that is killing us, and to go to doctors who poison us with their boobytrapped prescriptions.

The primary white blindness belongs to England, which, like Judas, first allowed the Jews back into England for a few coins. This is how the white race failed humanity. They accepted the bribe that flattered their egos and were willing to kill to protect their ill-gotten gain.  

Now England is overrun by Africans who have been declared equals with all Britishers. This is your reward for collaborating with the Jews: the metamorphosis of America into Africa. This chaos virus has spread all over Europe, especially in Sweden and France, which have large sections of their countries into which the police dare not go.

Just the way the Jews want it.

A population in the dark

While watching former President George W. Bush (the younger, and more insane) speak, I often fantasized he was predicting what the enemy would do with uncanny accuracy because he was describing what his insane Defense Department had already planned what the “enemy” would be doing. Subsequent actions have proven me undeniably correct (pat pat).

When Bush was describing what the terrorists were doing to the world, he was really describing the criminal behavior of U.S. troops.

But thanks to Jewish media, the general public remains clueless. We still have media calling ISIS our enemy to be bombed, yet the funding for this evil force comes from U.S. and Saudi allies. Just like the U.S. creation of al-Qaeda, more war means more profits for the Jewish killers.

The sad part about the blacks is that they have been given these very flawed so-called heroes to idolize. Very few of these media creations have succeeded in lifting black culture morally, but thanks to Jewish media, blacks have been deceived into destructive actions that cannot help but reflect the ancient denigrating adjectives that are justifiably attached to all of them.

The only really acceptable behavior for blacks is to act white. Otherwise they only bring African voodoo insanity into a white world that would like to be civilized. The Jews like it that blacks are trying to turn America into Africa, which will make it easier to control and exploit.

People who are beneath you on the “how do you treat them” spectrum are people you should help up; to people above you, you should not fail to ask for help because if they are above you they should and are usually pleased to help. If they don’t help, they’re probably not above you.

Moral failure of whites

Whites have failed to live up to the moral code they profess to endorse. As a result the entire world is in chaos. There is no more insincere person in the world than one who behaves like this. Most Americans behave like this. They simply do not have the courage of their professed convictions.

Which is why Americans have never really kept any treaty they ever made.

Whites have communicated this hypocrisy to the darker races it has exploited, and now the behavior is coming home to roost. We have taught the world that our religion is really only a cover story for our crimes.

In the case of the Jews, the situation is much worse. They have sworn before the world that they may rape, rob, imprison and murder anyone they choose to, and are not to be held to account for any crime. This is the way America operates. The Jews have the money to buy everyone many times over. America has become a totally Jewish country, friend to no one, exploiter of all, including itself.

If whites are so smart, why haven’t they solved this problem and gotten everybody to love them instead of now when everybody hates them.

Of course, this entire process has been exacerbated by the Jew. I once said Jews have never had anything that they didn’t steal from someone else. What they have stolen from the white race is its integrity, its valor and courage, its devotion to what is best for all of humankind.

This has been stolen by profiteers who lure level headed people into believing and supporting the idea they can all get rich by screwing other people, which in the long run always turns into bribery, blackmail and murder, the ever present hallmarks of the Jewish chokehold on humankind.

It has been replaced by the Jewish trademark sins of avarice and gluttony, where they are known to sacrifice their own children for a reasonable profit.

And this is what our children have been taught, every hour of every day this constant drumbeat drives them toward insanity. Combined with toxic vaccinations and year after year of repetitive propaganda, they will become perfect soldiers of the New World Order who can kill children and then joke about it.

Now Common Core, the trick, they say is subverting the thought processes of preschoolers before they even reach the curricula of first grade, so that their critical thinking skills will remain damaged throughout their academic careers. (3)

White supremacists have at least opened the door to seeing the Jewish master plan for the takeover of reality, promoting Jewish interests to the exclusion of the host nation’s, like when they dumped American history from the New York City school curriculum but kept Holocaust education.

And then they wonder why their world is falling apart.

They ignore Plato: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

“ . . . the chief penalty is to be governed by someone worse if a man will not himself hold office and rule.” (4)

So whites’ claim to being the superior branch of the human species echoes in the empty silence of human stupidity as would the ravings of a man in a straitjacket reverberate down the halls of an insane asylum.

We are as others see us. Fatuous whites proclaim they are the saviors of civilization; all the other races claim we are their enslavers.

As we shrivel toward extinction, this is a deadly dichotomy that we whites would do well to further explore.

As they did so long ago in Haiti (5), when blacks gain control of a country they massacre all the whites. This is playing out for real in South Africa today, and in a more devious manner all across Europe. It is soon to be the main topic of conversation in America.

We owe all the other races an ironclad guarantee that they will never do that to us, but in the anemic and compromised condition of the white race today, we neither have the desire nor the ability to back up that threat.

As a result, a tsunami of senseless, preplanned savagery is about to roll over us as America turns into Africa.


Note 1: “Lord of the Flies” (1954) was author William Golding’s first book and the one that won him the Nobel Prize. It is a story about boys stranded on a desert island who, without adult supervision, start killing each other.

Note 2:
The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan — The Genocide of the Peoples of Europe

Note 3:
Common Core “has children memorizing whole words in kindergarten, long before they are introduced to phonics in elementary school. By then, with the whole-word reflex in place, much of the damage to the brain is done, at least for most kids.”

Note 4: Plato, Republic, 347a

“Then,” said I, “you don't understand the wages of the best men
for they are not covetous of honor. So there must be imposed some compulsion and penalty to constrain them to rule if they are to consent to hold office. That is perhaps why to seek office oneself and not await compulsion is thought disgraceful. But the chief penalty is to be governed by someone worse1 if a man will not himself hold office and rule. It is from fear of this, as it appears to me, that the better sort hold office when they do, and then they go to it not in the expectation of enjoyment nor as to a good thing,2 but as to a necessary evil and because they are unable to turn it over to better men than themselves.”

Note 5:
1804 Haiti massacre

See also
A rabid flock of lying killers (2003)


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