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Which species will inherit the future?


The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.

— Confucius

Grass now grows over the grave of the 9/11 hoax with the false version of history indelibly etched in the minds of today’s schoolchildren, much in the same way the false version of World War II was drilled into the minds of gullible Americans after the ritual obliteration of German culture by the combined forces of international Jewry more than a half century ago.

Two decades after that, the devil spawned a new religion that taught us to worship a bloody lie of twisted history in the Holocaust that never was, just like the phony 9/11 demolition story a half century later was the warped expression of how America’s so-called leaders actually felt about their own people when they sacrificed 3,000 of them and millions more of others on their bleeding altar of perpetual war.


Fools and liars. The world’s population can be divided into these two groups. Victims and criminals might be a better description.

Fools believe in a so-called gospel truth which, under scrutiny, goes hollow and turns rancid. It doesn’t defend them when they need it most. These fools are the victims of an insincere romance. The purveyors of this pleasant mystique, hope of heaven and all that, are serial philanderers, who in their scripted sacredness permit no deviations from their franchised plan, permit no real freedom of thought. They have no real quarrel with the ways of the world; you just look the other way, pay the rabbi, and reap the dividend. While they condone the atrocities in exchange for permission to run their sanctimonious scams.

Don’t try to think too much about it because you will never find an explanation that most people will want to hear. Trying to find such an explanation can make you the enemy of everyone, when you have to explain to them that virtually everything they believe is a lie.

Stories crafted to deceive the public have been etched into history and the future goes forward on the basis of them. The destination to which they have taken us is utterly surreal, a Jewish dystopia in which unnumbered herds of humans all fail to recognize the holding pen in which they are corraled.

Much of the world remains wilderness. It remains transcendentally pristine. But the cities — the smoldering paths scorched by humans — have all become no go zones, where all the species seem to be dying sooner than you would expect.

The people don’t even seem to see the enemy, but if they can, they’re keeping their mouths shut. They bend over backwards not to say the name, because to say the name is to complicate the game of life, perhaps fatally. Any society that murders its brave doctors because they have found cures for deadly diseases must be pure evil. And this is our country, today, right now.

So. You think your government is corrupt. But the bigger question is, has it always been corrupt? And most importantly, are you corrupt to support it? And what about those savages who they have shipped in in order to create the need for martial law? What are we going to do about them?

Correlate all that with the lies we tell our children, and the horrors they must ignore to live a happy American life. We must ask ourselves severely: Is this what we wanted? Or is this something someone else wanted for us?

Manufactured miracles

I can’t decide which is the bigger scam.

• Is it the astonishing gullibility of the American people, forever lured by insincere media into bad choices, demonstrated continually throughout the 20th century, to believe something is good for them when it is really bad? Women and smoking. Nuclear power and cancer. Private control of the money.

• Or is it that Jews complaining about Trump is really the biggest deception of all time, a grand strategy to deceive the gentile public about someone who is surrounded by Lubavitchers and will never vary from the Israeli line, even though he might appear to, and regularly issues enigmatic statements that appear to make him critical of Israel, but not really. 

How foolish have Americans been, to think Donald Trump actually had a plan to help them. They must believe what they hear on TV. Actually, he’s a bankruptcy specialist, the perfect hire to run the fire sale of America.

He’s surrounded by Lubavitchers. And what are they, you ask? The short answer is they are devoted to the enslavement of all non Jews, a task that many of them will tell you has already been accomplished. Trump knows Israel wants to bomb Iran, and now he has sold the Jew-twin Saudis the weapons to do it.

Plus, he will never admit that many of his friends were heavily involved in the 9/11 caper. He can’t. They’d kill him.

Real humans

Real humans see the value of every living thing and work to preserve life wherever they find it (with a few certain exceptions, such as mosquitos and cockroaches). It is the fake humans who are dropping the bombs, swindling the elderly and lusting for power by robbing and killing people they don’t know.

You could quite rightly say the Jews are fake humans because they regard themselves as sacred and everybody else as profane, which allows them to commit conscienceless crimes against the whole world.

The law of karma would dictate that the Jews will suffer the same penalties they inflicted on everybody else, but unfortunately that is not the way the world works. In fact, crime does pay, and pays well to all those fake humans who continue to believe they will never pay for their crimes. Mostly they are correct, though that is still no reason to ever be a fake human.

How well you have treat other living things, including humans, determines the comfort of your passing and the quality of your afterlife. Real humans generally have no problem achieving these basic standards of civilized behavior. Fake humans never do.

As opposed to the killer robots deliberately running our country into the ground for a profit, living honorably and honestly also determines the comfort of your existence, notwithstanding the oppressions of governments who are always intent on control rather than contentment.

Responsible and honest

The essence of humanity is realizing the astonishing advantages you have over all other forms of life, and the responsibility that comes with that.

The ordinary human pays no mind to any of that. It is this collective indifference that has allowed the 6 percent cohort of psychopaths to usurp leadership in every instance.

Never elect a lawyer or a politician to any position of public office; both are paid for what they say and will inevitably gravitate to the most lucrative offer, which is seldom the most beneficial course.

A practical attitude of gratitude should be on your mind in every interaction in your life, for you shall never have another. These moments will never come again, and they shape who you are.

We want to keep the family unit in order to preserve the single most important component of our humanity —  a mother’s love. Without that, we can no longer prove we are actually human. A mother’s love is the strongest human bond there is. When that is replaced by the state, humans will become something else, something less.


Psychos run the world. It’s up to real humans to stop them, to forego the quick profit and think more about the long term value. When you’re hungry, that’s hard to do. That’s why they try to keep us hungry, always working multiple jobs just to stay alive, which keeps us from seeing the bigger picture, an ever shrinking replica of what our freedom used to be.

Fake humans at work

Examples of people who aren’t real humans are all the familiar characters with no conscience who engineered the lethal charade of 9/11, and not only that, actually created an enemy who other Americans would die fighting in cynically created “wars”. 

These drecks appear before our eyes daily, like the general who said his troops weren’t really concerned about killing civilians during the Iraq war “surge”.


Examples are endless of how the moral compass of America has been fractured in favor of jackbooted government terror against innocent civilians due to the contrived emphasis on fighting terror. The right of citizens to be heard by their government has practically been eliminated, which is reason enough to overthrow said government.

Equally worrisome are those who advocate the extermination of those who now usurp from them what they themselves had previously stolen from someone else. This must be a repetitive human process.

We would do well to compare the prearranged Muslim invasion of Europe and the arrival of white Europeans in the Wild West. At least the American Indians never polluted the whole world! 

The goons who rule us have a knack of getting people to turn against each other, causing them, as it states in the Protocols, to go after each other like heat-seeking missiles.

People who have spent eight years in the White House and saw all those innocent people murdered — and even murdered plenty themselves — while they played golf and brokered deals that weakened the country.

Donald surrounded by Lubavitchers and otherwise intelligent people still thinking he’s going to do good things for them. He’s going to tighten the noose.

Jews can never tell the truth about themselves and what they do. It would get them killed everywhere.

Think about how they’ve been trying to kill everyone else since the dawn of time, practically. Monsanto started as slave traders, switched to napalm and Agent Orange, and now controls the food supply.

. . . while it is divisive spiritual dogma that keeps everyone from forming a viable coalition against the corruption, spirituality minus the preachers is still the cure for what ails us. <>

 who also said  . . .

 . . . there is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.” 

But are there any real humans left? Surely there will be none left in the next generations who are lobotomized by chemicals as soon as they’re born, or crippled by Common Core teaching techniques in preschool.

See how the invention of the electric light actually dimmed our minds and compromised our ability to reason, just as today the preponderance of YouTubes diminishes our ability to read and to envision pictures in our minds from the suggestions of verbs and adjectives. They don’t teach handwriting in schools anymore.

Boycott Amazon, a Jewish company out to shrink your brain by limiting what you are allowed to read.

We need to talk about the deliberate creation of artificial people and a world in which there are no longer real humans.

This is where the neocon gulag is about to take us.

As far as we can tell, we are the most advanced species in the universe. It is incumbent upon us to better the conditions of life for all species. How odd we should be enslaved by a small cohort of psychopathological perverts eagerly directing our society’s suicide.




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