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Where trust and truth have gone extinct


Prisoners of principle get tortured

You don’t hear anybody talking seriously about peace anymore. Back in the 1960s all the lefties talked about was peace. Now all the lefties talk about is killing the president. Something really bad has happened to them between then and now. Now, there is no one on the political left who dares to defend the disappearing rights of the ordinary citizen against that ubiquitous foreign power that controls every aspect of our existence.

More people are beginning to notice that America has crossed the line into insanity. U.S. leaders openly murder foreign leaders of much higher moral character than themselves and blithely bomb women and children as a favor to the oil companies. Trust and truth have gone extinct as the fibers that hold civilization together begin to fray and unravel, sure signs of our imminent demise.


By now deprived of its own volition by the Jews who own it, the USA is now the darkest force for evil in the world, obliterating all opposition (including its own citizens) as it attempts to rearrange the assembly of nations into a plantation it controls utterly and ruthlessly.

American exceptionalism is a Jewish production used to bludgeon the world into submission.

Jewish billionaires hire unemployed proles to violently protest people who are at least trying to act on principle. And even the victims are victimized, having been betrayed by their leaders who are secretly working for the opposition.

What a mess! There is no trustworthy higher authority to appeal to, no competent referee who can wedge the two sides apart and explain what’s happening. There are only partisan voices — corrupt mainstream media which have merged with an occupying government always preaching for war. Disorganized peaceniks and other people of principle have no chance against the information drenching of the white noise machine.

We have devolved into a world of secret agents and unsuspecting victims. The freedoms we thought we had, it turns out, were just advertising slogans designed to get you to give up your most cherished information. Just like Facebook.

It is only in a totalitarian tyranny that people get tortured. The saddest part of the Guantanamo prison tragedy is that the movers and shakers in the war against Islam knew all of those prisoners were innocent since the U.S. braintrust created the original Al Qaeda terror corps by recruiting them in the same way that the Antifa thugs in Charlottesville were hired by George Soros to continue and accelerate the social destabilization of the USA.

Nobody can ever lead America again without telling the truth about 9/11. And that will be the end of Jewish dominance.

8th Amendment bites dust

We watched two disturbing demonstrations of our rancid legal system in recent weeks. These were events that in all their maddening betrayal proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the U.S. government can absolutely no longer be trusted by sincere American citizens.

Event No. 1 was the Charlottesville, Virginia city government, which granted access to paid protesters whose aim was to disrupt the gathering for which another permit had been given to the Unite the Right rally. A Craigslist ad appeared to indicate that these protesters had been paid, although some protesters complained they weren’t paid but we’re supposed to have been.

Event No. 2 was a jury verdict ridiculing the prosecution of Western ranchers who have been held in solitary confinement for a year and a half for defending their own Constitutional rights. 

If the government has proved one thing in its needlessly vindictive harassment (the word “torture” would not be too strong) of innocent people who only sought relief from an overaggressive and corrupt federal land grab, it is that it will break every law it can to convict innocent people who interfere with the big business deals of powerful politicians.

Nevertheless, even a jury almost handpicked by a corrupt judge could not overlook the preponderance of government slander and absence of government evidence, so it found those charged innocent in the second round of many trials to follow. There is always hope with a jury.

Government-approved crime

Our own government continues to violate its own laws. 

And I’m not just talking wars without Congressional approval, I’m talking about the sadistic abuse of its own citizens. It is one of the cruel ironies of history that those American patriots who are most sincere are the ones most likely to be crushed beneath the wheel of a corrupt government, especially one covertly run by a foreign power. God rest Lavoy Finicum’s soul.

The 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution basically prohibits the use of cruel and unusual punishment. All of the so-called defendants in the two confrontations in the West over government encroachment over rangelands have been victims of prisoner abuse and government malfeasance way beneath the line of minimal judicial standards.

Just one recent example . . .

---Ammon Bundy live from Solitary confinement---

call: CALL 775 482 8110....option 8 for directory of all police. Option 1 for Sheriff.

...after being handcuffed in a 3x3 foot shower for 13 hours, stripped naked and then thrown in the hole. All for refusing to let a guard take his shirt that was hanging off his bed which is against the rules to have anything hanging over the side. Had he let them take his only shirt he would not have been able to come to the morning meal.

So he ended up being tortured, beaten, had both shoulders dislocated HE was forced to put them back in place on his own! He was isolated over night with bloody ankles from the shackles. 

America, This is not our beloved nation any longer. It's been hijacked by tyrants. 

--Kelli Stewart

The original judge (Hogan) in the first trial in Oregon who originally sentenced the Hammonds stated that he thought a full term of 5 years was “cruel and unusual punishment”. But the government appealed and found a friendlier judge who gave them the mandatory minimum for terrorism so the family would be forced to sell their uranium laden farm to the government.

(I’m assuming you know all about the Bundys and the Hammonds by now, because I don’t have time to tell you how they are, now that Ernst Zündel has passed, the new canaries in the coal mine, the new harbingers of how all Americans who exhibit their moral principles will be treated in the future, crushed beneath the wheel of Jew-created political correctness . . . now and forevermore.)

No trust left in America

• You can’t trust your government. It constantly breaks its own laws that it pretends to enforce.

Otherwise we could arrest Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the premeditated murder of Muammar Qaddafi, perhaps the most decent leader the world has ever known, who created a country in which basically all his citizens lived for free with the cushion of oil revenue shared by everyone. Not only that, the Libyan colonel tried to raise up those around him by creating a pan-African currency that would have freed the whole continent from the financial slavery imposed upon it by its Western slavemasters.

And most recently we have learned Qaddafi was holding back the tide of African hordes now raging through Libya, across the Mediterranean and all over Europe, fulfilling the Jewish grand strategy of reducing the Western world to the level of Africa in order to more efficiently harvest members of the herd of cattle it regards the rest of the human race to be. 

The premeditated annihilation of Syria has had a similar effect. Obama was eager to help Israel besiege its neighbors on behalf of the kosher Deep State he has served so well.

The people who run the government don’t work for you; they work for the people who hired them and put them in office to do their dirty work. In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.

• You can’t trust your doctor. They keep saying vaccines are safe and children keep dying. Little girls get messed up for life after being forced to take a shot to prevent a disease they most likely would never get. And doctors keep pushing the improperly tested drugs that the pharmaceutical companies supposedly create to combat the diseases they have also invented.

• You can’t trust your local cop! In fact the profusion of cops killing pets, gunning down innocent people at the wrong address, robbing drivers at gunpoint on I-40 in Tennessee, refusing to investigate the crimes of the rich, and significantly failing to either challenge crimes committed by our government or correct the abuses of people injured unjustly by our government, offer absolutely no avenue of redress except to pay somebody off. If he were a real person, Trump should have pardoned the Bundys and the Hammonds by now.

• You can’t trust your neighborhood holy man. All religions exist only to perpetuate themselves and control their adherents. Their survival is always more important than the message they attempt to preach, which delegitimizes their message. It’s all about blackmail and control, and with the terrifying power of the emissaries of the Almighty use to threaten people to support a criminal government.

Muslim holy men urge their followers to kill strangers, Jewish holy men conspire in a worldwide plot to rob and kill everyone else, and Christian holy men tell us to turn the other cheek while our country is destroyed.

There’s no real leader in the world — with the possible exceptions of Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad — saying things that are philosophically sound. The vast majority of American politicians want to make war with these two sane men. The American government and these spineless traitors prefer to continue to receive the covert payoffs from worldwide Jewry than act on the principles our Constitution, which at one time guaranteed our individual freedom and independence.

These guarantees are of no concern to our current leaders. Human need and enlightened compassion are not among their considerations.

So who do you turn to for help?

You can’t even trust your children anymore, once they have been poisoned by toxic vaccinations and brainwashed by homosexual educators eager to recruit flesh for their masters.

No avenue of redress means you are in prison.

Society has been fragmented, atomized, emulsified into an amorphous pond of toxic jelly in which we thrash around in pursuit of goals implanted in our brains by people and agencies who do not have our best interests at heart.

We are free-floating electrons bobbing around our neighborhood nucleus engaging in occupations practiced by humans. The family structure that gave such comfort to the world is largely gone now, replaced by a cold, gray, humorless praxis that keeps people at each others’ throats rather than in their hearts.

The reason things are so screwed up is because Jews control everything, which means honesty and fairness are out the window and exploitation and abuse are everywhere in all segments of the employment spectrum.

Nobody is safe anywhere.

Is this extraordinary?

Ponder the words of Theognis, writing more than 2500 years ago (c. 540 B.C.):

For human nature Hope remains alone

of all the gods — the rest have flown.

Faith is departed; Truth and Honor dead;

And all the Graces too, my friends, have fled.

Could it be that, in all this time, nothing has changed regarding human nature?

When sacrifices are made and altars burn,

After all the gods are adored in turn,

Let Hope be present — and with hope, my friend,

Let every act of life begin and end.

Yet in this new American Gulag, the bleak assessment remains. You don’t hear anybody talking about peace anymore. And life becomes nothing but a boring preamble to our deaths, as our government debates who it should bomb next.


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