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. . . the nearly invisible net of the kosher succubus

 When the mainstream is poison, what constitutes being ‘too far out’?


Lines written by the 18th century British poet Alexander Pope have etched themselves in my mind as the most accurate definition of human behavior ever written. On the surface they describe a profound choice that every man will eventually make.

The adventurous Baron the bright locks admired;

He saw, he wished, and to the prize aspired.

Resolved to win, he meditates the way.

By force to ravish, or by fraud betray;

For when success a lover’s toil attends,

Few ask if fraud or force attained his ends.

Alexander Pope (1688-1744) Complete poetical works. 1903.

The Rape of the Lock, Canto 2, lines 29-34. 

I don’t wish to comment on this too realistic view of personal relationships, but I can’t help but notice that this attitude is pretty much how the United States operates in the real world. 


By force to ravish or by fraud betray is pretty much the way people do business in the world, and if you think that’s cynical, I would urge you to just look at the world and observe and how corruption oozes from every level, so fluidly we don’t even notice most of it, which is probably why we Americans have a $20 trillion debt that is really only the cost of letting Jews run our economy.

Likewise we don’t even recognize our country is run on the time-tested principles of immoral thuggery, or as Thucydides and Joni Mitchell both have noted, the strong do what they will and the weak suffer what they must.

We don’t run our families this way, or shouldn’t. Why do we run our country this way? In case you haven’t noticed, how the United States runs is pretty much how the world runs, and the sad fact is both have been overtaken by a cruel, sadistic kind of greed that makes neighbor steal from neighbor and friend lie to friend. 

Is it our own selective blindness that enables us to shrug off all these swindles and slaughters and act as if everything is normal? Or is it something else — is it something not generated from within, but rather, perhaps, imposed from without?

Cognitive dissonance enshrouds our heads in a fog of neurolinguistic trickery and often makes us unable to tell right from wrong. It is not right to murder your neighbors and steal their stuff just because someone says God tells you to.

It seems like a pleasant anesthetic conveying a euphoric patriotic smugness that all is well which authorizes people to ignore all these crimes and lies by all these politicians who pretend they’re one of us but who inevitably, sooner or later, reveal they are really one of them.

Familiar addictions

She is the quintessence of American culture. Our archetypal soccer mom feels perfectly respectable and responsible dropping her kids off at the local park. They are supervised by responsible adults and interacting with other kids of their age and ability. She has no real concern about what she is teaching. Political correctness is solidly on her side.

In actuality, she is teaching her daughter to be a man, or helping her son cope with his eventual and unavoidable head injury. I often wonder about the diabolical nature of our social practices, and if they were invented to deliberately harm us, much in the way that newly invented medicines are often later found to be worse than the afflictions they were designed to cure.

Likewise, our urbane mother adheres to the politically correct advice she receives from “reliable” media about the good sense in receiving your vaccinations to prevent dreaded diseases. Lately it seems the frequency of autism and other afflictions are directly linked to these vaccines, much in the same way our weather, some insist, is controlled by nefarious agents meant on doing harm for purposes we have yet to adequately recognize.

Thus we see a link between the silly risks of soccer creating addled brains and shorter lifespans and the medical panacea known as Gardasil, which eliminates the possibility of contracting a disease that likely you will never get, but in the meantime seriously jeopardizes your ability to reproduce.

(The ulterior motive for the widespread application of Gardasil is in line with the puppetmasters’ plan to make everyone more promiscuous in order to accelerate the destruction of the family structure. Hence they would be more prone to the diseases Gardasil is supposed to prevent, in addition to preventing healthy babies.)

These social rituals that control us are usually not for the better. The comfort of our consensual habits overwhelms the obvious purposelessness of all these rituals that have provided the building materials of our lives, yet these very conveniences have drastically curtailed the possibility of discovering the universe on our own and its own. We’re trapped in this technopop nightmare where the info allowed to enter your brain is strictly regulated by the wizards who invented the system.

Amazon, Google and Facebook have taken control of your mind, whether you use them or not, and anything you want except the truth is available in cyberspace.

It is the fulfillment of Orwell’s prediction that we would come to love our servitude. Only today it is nested in an opioid epidemic.

We’re getting the New World Order version of reality, and it’s not only unpleasant, it’s toxic. There is no valid reason for this to be happening, except that the world is controlled by criminals who are definitely Jewish and, sad to say, who enjoy abusing others.

When we realize this, we must conclude that some kind of indiscernible, initially indescribable shadow controls our lives, and dictates just about every move we make.

It is a very valuable skill to be able to look at the perfumed version of our history in the same way, and observe how we have been led by the nose toward this awkward and dysfunctional perceptual framework we use to define our relationship to reality, where we have to take someone else’s word to decipher what it is we are actually seeing. Kind of like what the Jews did to art, with their fake reviewers and nonsensical artists.

And as this corollary applies to virtually every aspect of human endeavor, this is the way democracy ends, not with a bang but with a semiconscious whimper.

If we had a country like the Germans once did, we’d be much more likely to be living happy lives.

The future gets less human every day

The marriage of government and the media was finalized on 9/11/2001, when all the news organizations verified the common observation that they were nothing but agents of a government intent on purveying the greatest fraud in American history.

From that point there was no information put out by the mass media that was at variance with secret governmental objectives, foremost of which was to conceal the identity of the perpetrators of the Twin Towers disaster and also disguise their evil mission to wreak perpetual war upon the world.

Wall Street Jewish kingpins and the CIA Mossad alliance is the combination responsible for virtually all the terror in the world.

Most people think this history of secret government terror was born in 1776 with the founding of both the American republic and the Illuminati in that auspicious year.

But the consolidated financial behemoth that rules the world today was really born in 1645, when Oliver Cromwell was bought by Dutch Jews to arrange the murder the English king and readmit the Jews to England after their 400-year banishment.

Jews had been permanently exiled from England in 1276 by King Edward I. Crimes cited for their expulsion were the usual loan sharking to the point of destroying the country’s financial system, and also the draining of blood from Christian children for ritual purposes.

Cromwell’s usurpation of the English throne eventually led to the founding of the Bank of England in 1690, which quickly grew on the profits of the East India Company to become a worldwide, drug-selling octopus which essentially continues to this day under new names and management. The process ultimately led to the ascension of the Rothschild family, who because of their expertise at swindling and betrayal were later to trigger first the French Revolution and much later the American Civil War.

The central birthing maneuver of the Jewish takeover of the world occurred in 1815 when Nathan Rothschild captured virtually the entire fortune of the British Empire with his sucker’s remorse bet on the defeat of Napoleon.

In his 1960s biography, Frederic Morton calculated the Rothschilds’  net worth in 1850 at $6 billion. Do the math at a modest 6 percent per year income since then and you get $500 trillion as their current net worth, more than all the countries of the world (most of which they own).

Two years before that, 1848, two noteworthy things happened that very much affected the way things are today. Rothschild brothers James and Lionel picked sides to trigger the War Between the States, or if you prefer, the more accurate War of Northern Aggression. And in also in every country in the known world occurred a Jewish revolution and the establishment of B’nai Brith chapters.

Two decades later, post Civil War banking practices changed the original U.S. Constitution into a new corporate structure, USA Inc., and everything done since then has been basically unconstitutional, according to independent observers.

In 1886, corporations were granted the same rights as human beings. In 1913 the U.S. adopted the second plank of the Communist manifesto, a graduated income tax, and gave control of its entire money supply to 13 Jewish families.

In 1933 the only leader to point out the Federal Reserve was a giant criminal swindle, Lewis McFadden tried to run for president to get the Jews out of the Republican Party, but died suddenly shortly thereafter. <>

After 9/11 the U.S. becomes the attack dog of Israel, but because Jews own all the newspapers and TV stations, Americans are praised as freedom-fighting heroes, but today they are just the opposite, eager to slaughter those who stand in the way of New World Order profit strategies with their high tech death toys.

Perfect conditions for a Jewish world.

No echoes from the rabbithole

Today’s Millennials can’t grasp the history from two weeks ago. What good does it do to point out arcane tidbits from centuries ago if they can’t even believe the ceremonial killing of an already-dead Osama bin Laden was just another episode in the grand series of hoaxes that dominate American history?

If we don’t learn who controls us, we essentially have no future. Each day that we are kept in a state of slavery without really understanding what is happening to us is another day that brings us further away from our destiny, which is, believe it or not, to spread love and understanding throughout the universe.

But we’re in a bad situation to do that because our government seems eager to kill us and take everything we have.

Instead, all we can hope to be today is somebody else’s cannon fodder, which is what we all are now.

They could cut off your food and your money and you’d be dead in a few days. This is the future our leaders have given us, and it’s up to us — to you and me — to stop it. 

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