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Dishonest officials fail to explain bizarre fires and chaotic shooting

It’s almost as if our consciences have been deliberately and systematically aborted, or consigned to insignificance by the puppetmasters who insist that everyone should believe their government even when they know it is lying.

This is the new freedom those who are controlled by Jews speak about.

What do you see, my friend, when you behold your own reflection in the splintered shards of shattered glass that once was the mirror of your American dream?

Do you dream at night of directed energy beams like ones that ravaged California wine country and incinerated people in their own beds because their houses were located on land somebody with political clout wanted to steal?

What would it feel like to be incinerated in your own bed? Is your home located in some future government plan that would require it to be demolished? Will they blame the fire on a natural disaster? Except when you look closely at it, it was the most unnatural firestorm on record as it incinerated only houses and cars yet left unburned the very flammable vegetation surrounding these utterly demolished homesteads? 

Or perhaps you dream you’re at a concert with people shooting at you from all directions. You see people bleeding. Later you hear there were multiple shooters and also crisis actors. The cops insist there was only one shooter. Many who insist the cops are lying are shortly thereafter found dead in a string of unlikely mishaps. And shortly after that it was discovered the FBI was in place at the crime scene for a week in advance! And then suddenly the cops stop talking about what happened.

If you have a conscience and are attuned to current political events you may have noticed the number of people who are trying to defend our now defunct Constitution first being held illegally in abusive conditions before being given long prison terms for protesting the criminal federal takeover of the American West. The promise Trump made about putting Hillary in jail should first free the Hammond farmers whose land figures in the notorious sale of America’s uranium to Russia. 

And by all means, set the Bundys free! This is the ultimate extermination of individuals, sacrificed on the bloody altar of the state.

Here’s a religious family defending Constitutional sanity being illegally jailed for two years on bogus terrorism charges. And they are brought to all their court hearings in chains after being kept in solitary confinement! This is a message to all those who think they can demand their Constitutional rights or those who sound alarms when their own government breaks laws that everyone else must follow.

This is what we see today in the scrambled pieces of the broken mirror in our minds.

The government is showing everyone what it will do to you if you dare to fight for your Constitutional rights, which are still in force despite what some crooked Jewish judge might tell you.

This is both tyranny and treason, and the government endorses it. We must not allow it.

Kneejerk hypocrisy

While all Americans wait for his explanation of these twisted events, Donald Trump is busy selling weapons to foreign leaders, except for the bipolar one he is threatening with nuclear annihilation. <> Why is it that our president, every president, ignores the concerns of real people, who are increasingly terrified as their rights continue to disappear? Why has Trump not addressed any of these issues that directly affect the American people?

This is not the behavior of a free country. There is no better snapshot of America’s kneejerk hypocrisy as it celebrates a Bill of Rights no longer in force, and simultaneously and viciously persecutes people once regarded as patriots but now classified as terrorists. This is nothing more than the Jewish perspective on freedom. To Jews, freedom is a commodity to be dispensed in exchange for looking the other way while our leaders — their lackeys — commit their colossal crimes. All our politicians now practice this philosophy. Integrity is automatically dead in any country controlled by Jews.

How so-called proud Americans see themselves in the mirror of their own minds is definitely not is not how other people around the world see us. 

This may answer the unanswerable question of why America imports so many refugees from disadvantaged countries when the justifiable animosity at the way the U.S. has treated the world will inevitably sabotage their ability to become genuinely enthusiastic American citizens. Just ask Minnesota about the Somalis, or Detroit about the Islamics.

In any case, these immigrants are clustering in their own neighborhoods and clogging up American social systems. This process of hypocrisy generated hatred has already ruined most of the nations of Europe, and is rapidly reducing the U.S. to the level of Africa. If the tsunami of immigrants continues to increase, it will not be long before the newcomers start killing off the original inhabitants, something that happened once before on the North American continent.

The culprits are obvious

Hmm, who would want to deliberately destabilize our whole country? And why are our leaders so eager to assist them? The short answer is cold hard cash and a government in which justice is a low priority item, because it interferes with turning balky humans into docile cattle.

As we see the country changing before our eyes, we must ask, Are there any genuinely enthusiastic American citizens anymore? And if there are, it is appropriate to ask, what exactly is it they support? Are they all big fans of crimes and swindles?

Is it the wars for Israel that makes Americans puff out their chests with pride, or perhaps it is the poisoned food our government says is OK for human consumption despite all the evidence that it is not.

Maybe it’s the continuing assassinations of doctors who actually try to help their patients as opposed to those still giving poisoned vaccinations that people really prefer. 

You won’t find active patriots in the hateful Bantustans of Muslim zealots or in the big city networks of permanently warped lesbian anarchists all trying to destroy the very systems that enabled America to become a prosperous nation and helped its productive white families to live fruitful lives.

Will blacks ever really see that they have been tricked into burning down their own neighborhoods by those seeking to sabotage more powerful entities?

Fabricating a pretext for WW3

The powers that be consistently encourage this sort of irrational jungle behavior because it enables them to intensify their police control mechanisms. Jewish billionaires such as George Soros frequently pay poor people to sabotage public events or participate in false flag charades all aimed at confiscating people’s guns. It is way past time to realize that the ultimate goal of all these machinations is the complete control of all individuals, from cradle to grave, every minute of every day.

This is not the future any rational person would desire, yet the kosher puppetmasters have scripted it for at least the small portion of plantation slaves who will be allowed to survive in some form of diminished capacity in order to serve as house slaves for the Jewish elite.

You should realize that all the other countries in the world have nothing but contempt for the United States of America based on the callous, insincere, exploitative, underhanded, ruthless, sadistic, disingenuous way the USA has treated all the other countries. They’d all tell America to go straight to hell if it wasn’t for U.S. money keeping their countries afloat and U.S. weaponry operated by homicidal maniacs constantly threatening to arbitrarily cull their populations.

Hell, the U.S. never kept a single treaty it made with the natives of the North American continent. As we speak the United States has allowed thousands of children to die of cholera in Yemen as it continues to send arms to the Saudis who are committing genocide against the Houthis while fabricating a pretext to start World War III against Iran.

This on top of the continuing sabotage of Syria’s government, the political abortion that has become Iraq, the bleeding sore of Libya (once the most prosperous country in Africa until Hillary and Obama got their hands on it), the continuing molestation of Afghanistan . . . this is all about the United States fighting for Israel and the worldwide illegal drug industry, and the whole world knows it! Everybody except the Jewish-media-deluded Americans, that is.

Insane leaders, insane people

I find the psychological characteristics of all our recent presidents provide a revealing profile of the American personality, according to the old saying that the presidents Americans elect are always an accurate representation of the collective personality of the American people. These folks have been conspicuously abnormal, and leave office phenomenally rich.

Deep State shills have been in control of Washington since long before the first Kennedy assassination, which was our last chance to reinstitute Constitutional principles.

But how do Americans themselves see themselves in their own minds?

Hollywood vampire movies and Big Pharma combine to turn our adolescent children into alienated killers, resentful of a life they’ve been denied and blaming the wrong people (their parents) for their disappointments. Jewish psychologists are at the forefront of the sabotage of societies, wielding drugs and perversions to wreck all potential for healthy non-Jewish families. Just look at our worthless public schools that teach nothing worth learning.

A totally unscientific observation by an aghast parent I know personally characterized females of the millennial generation as totally promiscuous and utterly disinterested in raising families, but who wouldn’t be in this current social climate of sadistic indifference. No social cohesion is possible with this attitude, but that’s just how the puppetmasters want it, so everyone will turn to the state for their every need.

The only hitch is, to get the benefits the state has promised, you must believe what the state tells you to believe. And what the state tells you to believe is now what the Jews want you to believe. You might have seen the recent story out of a small town in Texas that demanded flood aid recipients first promise not to support sanctions against Israel. <>

This is only a small taste of much worse things to come.

Most dangerous of all, they are letting George Soros hire millions of aimless morons to start a revolution overtaxing the systems and causing a psychotic overreaction by the police that will usher in this new era of total repression.

Amazon, Google and Facebook, plus all other Jewish media outlets around the world, have adopted the policy that history and political reality from now on will be what they say it is. Any deviation from these perceptions will result in a radical disruption of your life, starting with the tremendous difficulty you will have making money, being able to use it constructively, and hanging on to what you own once they come after you in earnest.

Sanctimonious Jews prattle on about anti-Semitism that is merely a cover for their crimes.

The facts are not complex

So you try to tell people that they should pay attention to certain obvious facts, like the sudden desire of our school systems to teach homosexuality to very young children, having transvestites talking to first graders, for instance. Is the American population stupid enough to believe this will not have a lasting effect on the children who witness this, usually without their parents’ permission? What sane parent would actually permit this? Only a pervert, like the ones running our government intent on destabilizing America and assuring it remains a colony of Israel, where there is no morality, but only a hellbent drive to enslave everyone to a philosophy that enjoys inflicting pain on those who are being robbed of everything that is important to a happy life.

You try to tell them, but they won’t listen. They are too self-assured by all this convincing information they have received from Jewish media. Why would they lie to us? they ask rhetorically.

This is not the exception to the rule, it is what happens all the time. It should be the goal of all humans to rectify this situation, at least for the sake of their children. But everyone gets strung out on the tasks they deem necessary to their survival, and as a result have no time to ponder the chilling fact because they have spent so much time building and protecting their homes and families, the platform which has supported all their endeavors for so long is in an advanced state of disintegration.

The mainstream is poison, deliberately so, and it is killing all of us. Worst of all, in a mirror of self-reflection that is broken beyond repair, no one in America can really tell what they’re seeing as their country falls apart.


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