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The real world remains hidden by the lies that wreck our lives

Just imagine if we have to deal with presidents for the next 24 years who are of the same caliber as our most recent past three White House residents — Clinton, Bush II and Obama, all of them psychotic poseurs linked to sex deviance.(1) Simply reflect upon the moral and psychological decline that occurred during the quarter century of their administrations, and consider the depth of depravity we will reach if our next three presidents continue to erode society with their own similar versions of immorality.

It’s on everyone’s mind. The shadow of the future. We’re up to our necks in lies and not getting answers from anyone. From every direction, the forecast is dark. It seems that everything we could have believed in has been destroyed, debunked, delegitimized. With nothing to believe in, there is no light. With no light there is no hope. And no answer from the darkness.

The Deep State has always existed. It has always done its work in secret, and has never had any qualms about mass murder. That has always been the cost of doing business, a cost you pay for with your taxes.

Human destiny has always been sabotaged by those who seek and gain power over others. People who acquire power hire other people to keep others from stealing their power. Any pretense of nobility and honor that you could teach your children is out the window playing this game.

If I could give you anything for Christmas it would be the ability to see what has been kept from you. 

The entire nature of the mainstream dialogue is fictitious, meant to regale you with titillating tales about non essential items that keep you from focussing on the real agenda, which is about one particular human group intent on swallowing all the other groups. 

More than that, the ability to see demands using your head and transcending propaganda meant to enslave you. Any fondness you have for American history will disappear. From the World Wars to the food you eat and the money you spend, the distance between what actually has happened and what they told you has happened is considerable. 

Chances are better than average you will lose your life because of a lie that you were told which you believed. Whether it’s from a doctor, a policeman or a deranged demagogue acting insincerely in a contrived controversy, the end result will be the same.

Greed obscures duty

Too few people realize a decision that took place in 1906 cost more than a billion lives in wars for petroleum when factored out over the time between then and now. Seemingly, in the first two decades of the 20th century, the world made a choice — conscience and compassion be damned; let’s make money no matter what it costs.

All this happened simultaneously with the creation of the Jewish Federal Reserve, which has maintained its financial totalitarianism over the markets of the world ever since.

It’s almost as if we have willingly given up the right to rule ourselves in exchange for creature comforts. And having received them and become addicted to them, we are no longer able to take control of our own destiny. Buried beneath the misshapen behavioral veneer of a thousand movies, we can’t even see the real playing field anymore.

It is more than a 100-year span from the closing down of Nikola Tesla’s plan to electrify the world for free at the beginning of the 20th century to the deliberate demolition of the twin World Trade Center towers at the beginning of the 21st. 

In between these two events were sandwiched hundreds of wars, depressions, assassinations and genocides, all them originated by the Deep State apparatus which by now controls almost all the nations of the world.

What the public consensus came to believe in all of these meticulously planned atrocities differed diametrically from what the world controllers of governments printed in their newspapers. These scripted tragedies are always blamed on an enemy, just like the gassing of all those children in Syria. <>

It was our own government — the Deep State — that planned and executed these deeds in a pathetic attempt to deceive the public that their altruistic efforts were essential to our nation’s survival. Of course, they also covered up the theft of billions of dollars by those privy to the plans of the super rich industry barons involved. 

In the case of Tesla’s tower, J. P. Morgan decided Tesla’s electricity could not be sold (metered) but only consumed, and because of that greed, humanity’s progress veered toward financial totalitarianism. Instead of worldwide illumination triggering a leap in human enlightenment, we got endless wars for oil producing a body count that never ends.

These contrived dramas have continued up to this very day, and each time they happen — sometimes people are killed, sometimes not — some plastic politician immediately gets up and says, “We have to ban guns.” As people in Russia and Australia already know, give up your guns and you give up your life.

And Americans seem just about stupid enough to give up their firearms to the unquestioned champion of mass murder in the whole world, that is to say, the Jewish controlled U.S. military. Beware any politicians who champions gun control because they want to kill you and giving up your guns would simply make it easier for them.

The reason for our demise

In reality, all these contrived military tragedies have played the single major role in the destruction of the American republic. These endless episodes of false flag dramas taught us beyond the remotest flicker of doubt that we may not trust what our government and their low-IQ law enforcement flunkies actually say.

Even though mainstream media parrot the lies we are coerced to believe, the general public is beginning to suspect that our government has no true impulse to protect us, but it does have carte blanche to steal from us whatever it can. This is a particularly difficult posture to accept on the part of most Americans who have faithfully followed the laws of their country all their lives.

This is a rule of thumb everybody needs to adopt. If you steal from anybody you will steal from everybody. And that’s where the American attitude has gone, mostly thanks to our Jewish overlords. It is why America’s citizens no longer trust each other; they have seen too many lies and been forced to participate in them.

All the money spent on fabricating lame terror incidents could have been better spent improving our public education, but that’s not what our leaders want. Instead, they’ve turned our schools into purveyors of perversion and deceit, thinking that the creation of neurotic hypersexual compulsives at an early age will keep most of them from ever seriously focusing on identifying their enslavers or even from participating wholeheartedly in the real world. 

Our puppetmasters want to assist in the program of keeping everyone distracted and uneducated because it makes it more difficult for ordinary people to see the neverending crimes of our leaders, all of whom were selected by the people who enslave us.

All this should be obvious. Yet because of the media covering up all the crimes of their owners, this is primarily what most people, too busy with the details of their own contentious lives, do not understand.

Throughout the 20th century, what always remains concealed is the connection between the people who commit these colossal crimes and the reporters who craft the stories about them. Chances are excellent, if they have anything to do with government, they are joined at the hip. Like lawyers, they collude with each other.

At least a century of deception that has told you life was one thing when it was really something else — this is America’s legacy of Jew-warped journalism.

The Hidden Hand spins the whirlpool of war 

Germany had just about won World War I until a British lord promised some Jews the crown would look with favor on a Jewish nation in Palestine. Suddenly the U.S., bolstered by the Jewish creation of an income tax, the Federal Reserve and the direct election of senators, altered the course of the war (and the world) and completely obliterated Germany.

World War II couldn’t start until Roosevelt lured the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor after the U.S. cut off Japan’s access to oil. This was the World Trade Center hoax of its time (1941).

Michael Chertoff allowed 37 Jewish terrorists involved in 9/11 to fly home to Israel unmolested and America spent the next 16 years chasing a bogus list of invisible terrorists it had invented for the occasion.

The American people saw all these things happen but couldn’t make the connection or didn’t have either the ability or the courage to perceive how they were being misled.

The key piece of this defensive strategy depended on Jewish ownership of the media, which printed nothing about the true facts of the situation, just as they had done during the World Wars.

The ability to discern the complexities of things that we take for granted rests on a foundation of quicksand lies, as we are seeing now with the new epiphanies popping out about Hillary Clinton. Though I fear the worst, whether she is arrested or not will be a good barometer about the future America is about to undergo.

Conspicuous gap in consciousness

Ponder the distance between what is happening and what they say is happening. The American military is fighting wars overseas against enemies that are funded by the U.S. through third party proxies run by unscrupulous Arab billionaires. But “unscrupulous” seems to be the main requirement of anyone who wishes to be an ally of the United States.

The stark difference between the real story and the sleazy spin occurs because the people who are committing the crimes get to report the stories. This becomes particularly visible in these random shootings where the only thing you can be sure about is that the government is telling you a lie, and some of these crisis actors have a nasty habit of turning up in the disguised casts of multiple atrocities.

The drawback in criticizing the United States and its warmonger policies has always been that it does the same work the Jews are trying to do in destabilizing all nations so they may be taken over by the world-strangling Jewish tyranny of money.

But conversely by NOT criticizing the criminal antics of the Washington-based oligarchy of money, you are also doing the work of the Jews by diminishing the relative stability of nations the Jews wish to co-opt and conquer, such as Iran. 

It’s that familiar classic conundrum where the Jews win either way, a maddening social trend that illustrates the futility of trying to stop the spread of the worldwide kosher virus known as fractional reserve lending, which is the avenue of worldwide social control, and the cause of the degradation sweeping the planet.

(Yes, I know, Patrick, support the Public Banking Institute. <>

(The line attributed to Jesus — “Throw the moneychangers from the temple!” — remains the most important sentence of all time, although it is a command most “holy men”, in their insatiable quest for cash, prefer to ignore.)

Name that crook

The great schism in society is caused by not being able to name the people who are committing the crimes against humanity because virtually all the agents of publication and distribution in the modern world are owned by Jews, who reflexively censor all information not supportive of the covert Jewish effort to take total control of the world through their control of money. 

This is especially true of television, where either Jews and their sycophants own all the networks and feature programming that caters to the small-minded; true of the Internet, where Google, Facebook, Twitter and PayPal are all owned by Jews and all are totally intolerant of other perspectives; virtually all of the booksellers and record companies are owned by Jews, who demand messages that undermine societies and especially inveigh against the family structure, which is the chief bulwark against the takeover of everyone’s mind generated by the Deep State’s utter control of education.

American universities have become ignorant cesspools of Jewish communism and homosexuality, so that when you try to point out that only 273,905 was the combined German work camp death toll calculated by the American Red Cross in 1980 (instead of the much-trumpted 6 million!) you get lots of suddenly homicidal Jewish-trailed college students ready to murder you, or at least revoke your First Amendment rights.

The Jewish mantra number of 6 million has to be the greatest lie of all time that is now fervently believed by most of the people in the world. Or at last people who haven’t deciphered Jewish propaganda. It is the official buzzphrase of humanity’s enslavement.

Most people are not clued into the sad fact that everything said by Jew officials and their lackeys is a lie with an ulterior motive, all aimed at gaining advantages for the purpose of eventually, and not so far in the future, eliminating everyone who can’t serve them as a suitable slave. Any peep of protest about his privacy you might hear from a Jew when questioned about his dual citizenship status is the wall all Jews hide behind when asked about their allegiances, and the principal tumor that destroys the well-being of all Americans with their savage swindles.

And because you live in a Jewish world, you have the infection!

That person you see in the mirror is fake, because you have been taught to see this image in terms of definitions given to you by your peers or parents or teachers, labels all conjured up by half understood memories passed down through 100 generations, all tainted by Jewish manipulation of the relevant media of your time.

You will never be a wholly owned person until you transcend and detox the Jewish conditioning you have received throughout your life.

What is being kept from you now are the same things that have always been kept from you.

This is the definition of the Deep State — the continuation of wars for money. This is exactly what’s happening now with all this hoopla over a Russian connection that never existed. 

It is America’s Jewish Deep State controllers who maintain the case for war against Russia. People who oppose this idea risk being crushed by the irresistible grip of the power of warmongering Jewry.

Tesla’s inventions had already changed the world on several occasions, most notably when he developed modern alternating current technology. He had also won fame for his victory over Thomas Edison in the well-publicized “battle of currents,” where he proved that his alternating current was far more practical and safe than Edison-brand direct current. Soon his technology dominated the world’s developing electrical infrastructure, and by 1900 he was widely regarded as America’s greatest electrical engineer. This reputation was reinforced by his other major innovations, including the Tesla coil, the radio transmitter, and fluorescent lamps.

We can only guess the number of lives Tesla’s plan to electrify the world would have saved that have otherwise been lost in the continuing wars for oil.

This is the new Trail of Tears(2) we are on. It is our final wake up call. The reason we can’t see what’s happening is because we’re driving blind, deceived by a foggy windshield (of Jewish media), which is an invitation to instant death. Degradation is sweeping the planet, all systems are decaying. You need not be a genius to calculate where this path will lead us.

The great secret hidden in the shadow of the future is that every single living thing is related to every other living thing. Our failure to recognize this puts us on a collision course with extinction without ever learning the first thing about who we really are and why we are really here.


1. Bill Clinton, apart from his famous dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, was a regular passenger on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express; Bush II received overnight visits at the White House from a Marine bodybuilder; Obama was married to a man <>.

2. Trail of Tears is the infamous phrase used to describe the Indian Removal Act of 1830 when all the Native Americans east of the Mississippi were forced by President Andrew Jackson to move to Oklahoma. <> The new Trail of Tears will lead humanity out of the organic wilderness and into the synthetic cities.


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