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We will be less than we were before


When the world brain that scientists are building becomes fully operational, the big fear is that this macabre invention will devise a way to eliminate humans as an unnecessary impediment to whatever goal it sets for itself. This has been the subject of much science fiction and was the thesis of the Terminator movies. This scenario of a machine taking control of humanity has long since resembled what is happening to our world in real time.

This machine is doomed to possess the character of its builders. These misanthropes are disciples of the most bloodthirsty tribe in human history, the Khazarian monsters who have already ravaged every country on Earth with their sinister World Bank scams, phony media, corrupt politicians, and poison food and medicine.

These pathological parasites have fouled just about every aspect of American life, from the churches, which no longer talk about justice, to the universities that no longer talk about families, to politicians who grovel before the leaders of Israel and sabotage their own comrades in order to get secretly paid by rich Jews.

The Jews’ promiscuous society has forced circumcised men into looking for streetwalkers rather than good mothers for their children because pervert media have deemed it stylish and famous celebrities all do it. It is one of many aspects of the program of infiltration and deception that insane Jew swindlers have inflicted on all human societies, getting semiconscious people to pursue addictions and compulsions rather than focus on the knowledge necessary to live healthy and purposeful lives.

It makes no sense for men to raise a family in a society they can’t believe in, because they will never be anchored to their land or their country, and can’t live healthy lives or raise healthy families. Shackled by untrustworthy leaders who give the younger generation no one to look up to, we have rootless individuals who can be planted anywhere and paid to do anything. Thus the character of the Earth’s inhabitants is reduced to that of feckless flatterers with no allegiance to anything but their own meaningless greed.

How to regain consciousness

There was a time in our history, some folks say, when our strong men were more than ten feet tall, with double rows of teeth for crunching down large animals, and a penchant for gobbling up smaller human beings.

Today’s men are smaller than mice, shiftier than weasels, inept and hypochondriacal, and able to support themselves only by taking bribes. Yet they are still attracted toward consuming other human beings, one way or the other.

The Incredible Shrinking Species, disappearing into nothingness because of its own ideas. By its own ideals, it created something greater than itself — the World Brain. The human species was fated to replace itself on its way to a destination no one can adequately comprehend. Or maybe to no destination at all.

People of principle are prosecuted while perverts interested in nothing but their own twisted quirks run the country. The innocent are punished while the guilty get rich, then buy politicians and judges, and create an escape clause that works only for a certain favored few (read ‘beloved by Jews’).

Let us not make too big a deal about what we are losing. Even as nations were formed and laws written, the lure of incomprehensible riches proved irresistible, so the laws were written to take advantage of the gullible, while the popular politicians did whatever they were told to do by the rich men who put them in power.

The only trouble was societies were all based upon theft, of the strong doing what they will and the weak suffering what they must, as humans became isolated behind their castle walls hiding from the hungry masses who could not build but only steal.

Less than we were before

In case you haven’t noticed, both history and reality are fracturing, so that the consensus view of them is out of focus because everybody has a different view of things according to the spin of the information they received. This is a perfect formula for perpetual war.

We need to return to nature, not run away from it.

This fashionable push toward life extension is actually a running away from life, rather than a prolonging of it, because life is about generations and that’s the way, so far, we have lived forever. That single strand of DNA has survived continuously for millions of years and given us the lives we have now. Who are we to tinker with a miracle while we sweat out when our own checkout time arrives?

Whatever you see in front of you should be nurtured, not dissected. Analyze the situation. Real knowledge comes in the nurturing, not the consumption and obliteration.

All societies build these tremendous monuments to themselves and their banker heroes, but they neglect the true monuments they leave behind, which are their children. This is why today there are so few characters with character.

Trusting Jews was the final mistake humans ever made because trusting Jews down their path of swindling has turned everyone in the world into another somewhat lesser species than what they had been before.

NOW THERE ARE NO MORE HUMANS. They have been replaced by human-alien hybrids, the aliens being the Jews, who are taught from infancy to be merciless in pursuit of money.

You must be in sync with what the politically correct government tells you to say, or else you will be deprived of everything you own, first your money, then your life.

Poison soup

The USA is being set up. If it annihilates North Korea as Trump has threatened, then the entire world will turn on America as a homicidal maniac bent on destroying every country in the world, a situation that is not very far from the truth. This rising up of the world against the oppressor that robs it would be a somewhat natural reaction to the centuries of crimes committed by the United States against the world.

Ordinary Americans don’t want to invade anyone, but the people who run the USA want any and all kinds of strife to continue, because it’s how they make their billions. War is the most lucrative activity of all. It is the sale of weapons that has produced America’s opulent standard of living. Most Americans look the other way when foreign death tolls are considered.

We can no longer believe what politically correct functionaries with their outrageously high salaries tell us. The size of your salary, you may have noticed, depends on the magnitude of your lies, and their profitability. This is capitalist society, injurious to everything it touches, especially the planet.

Until we begin to prioritize the health and happiness of small, friendly communities and stop triggering these high-tech annihilations of innocent peasants by gigantic countries, humanity will continue its massive rush toward extinction.

When minorities rule, justice does not exist

The great inventions of our species originated in the minds of independent individuals. As was the case with Tesla, most of these inventions were coopted by rich bankers who reproduced facsimiles of his original ideas, which they mass produced with unimaginable profits while the inventors were most often ignored as if they were inconvenient crime victims, which in fact many of them were.

Now with the air fouled, the water polluted and the food and medicine deliberately poisoned, we face a future where the people in power want to eliminate most of their fellow human beings so they can live comfortable lives on their own poisoned plantation.

It is left to a shrinking and disheartened minority to stop this spiraling down the drain of a promising species that betrayed itself because of one group of self-injured wackos who, because they were unhappy, decide to ruin everything for everyone else.

If we are to be a free and unfettered species, they need to be stopped. The real question is, are non Jews smart enough to do the job? Judging by our recent history and the present situation, the answer seems to be no. Most humans would rather look the other way and take the bribe, even if it means destroying the world.


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