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Misleading education steers world toward self-destruction

We have been manipulated into a nightmare. The world will be destroyed because we believed what the experts told us. And with no one smart enough to know the difference, the experts lied.

The biggest lie of all? We can trust bankers with our money.

Second biggest? Doctors try to make you healthy. As they prescribe their deadly pills, very few of them ever talk about nutrition, which is why following doctors’ orders is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. today.

Our entire culture is a construct of lies. Today’s democracy is anything but; it’s the totalitarianism of the rich. There is only one party, the party of the banks.

Worse, our government ran out of enemies so it began to invent them. The all-purpose boogeyman Al-Qaeda. ISIS, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Who will Blackwater mercenaries pose as next? Will we ever get an answer to what happened in Las Vegas? Was it really an Israeli hit squad? Or was it all just a recording?

The main terror threat in the Middle East and throughout the world is Israel and its blood brothers, the Saudis. Both fund Arab terror groups conducting false flag operations. America is a full partner in this criminal activity as it commits yet another strongarm robbery at the behest of the oil companies and the Jewish bankers. Even after Russia rescued Syria, the U.S. is still there, promising to unseat a popular president so Qatar’s oil pipeline can connect with Turkey, and then on to Europe, and thereby steal the European oil market from Russia.

America has greatly exacerbated the cholera epidemic in Yemen and blocked medical supplies from reaching victims. This is psychopathological criminal behavior, typical of America’s bloody history.

It doesn’t matter how many people they have to kill as long as the Deep State gets its way. As Smedley Butler pointed out almost a century ago, we are not and never have been defending freedom. We are defending the profits of billionaires; our whole lives are scripted for us by our controllers. Our beliefs have been provided by the same twisted gang.

These major lies that billions believe have been etched into the behavior of government by those who really want no government at all, and as a consequence all governments are shams controlled by the very rich.

But all this was written 50 years ago in an ephemeral document known as The Report from Iron Mountain, which ranks with the Protocols of Zion and the Club of Rome proceedings as major influences on 20th century geopolitics. Major influences in that governments adopted their recommendations.

The Report from Iron Mountain is in the same category as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in that the authorship of both has been the subject of much heated argument since the moment each was published.

As The Protocols exposed the enduring sociopathic habits of Jewish criminals, the Report from Iron Mountain revealed the nasty joke played on Earth’s human inhabitants with a formula that actually created a deformed type of peace by the perpetuation of constant warfare. Be prepared to cry. This is why your children died in battle.

Abortion and Population Reduction: The Long View 


This secret report (which wasn’t released until September 1966), known as the Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace, appeared to be a blueprint for the future of this country, and contained recommendations that included plans for governmental control and manipulation, depopulation, gun control and disarmament, an international police force, and concentration camps.

The Report stated some of the invisible functions of war: “…provides anti-social elements with an acceptable role in the social structure…the younger, and more dangerous, of these hostile social groupings have been kept under control by the Selective Service System…man destroys surplus members of his own species by organized warfare…enables the physically deteriorating older generation to maintain control of the younger, destroying it if necessary.”

The Report also made this observation:

“War has provided both ancient and modern society with a debatable system for stabilizing and controlling national economies. No alternate method of control has yet been tested in a complete modern economy that has shown it is remotely comparable in scope or effectiveness. War fills certain functions essential to the stability of our society; until other ways of filling them are developed, the war system must be maintained, and improved in effectiveness.”

In the 1976 novel Ceremony of the Innocent by Taylor Caldwell, she effectively explains the rationale behind their actions: “…there will be no peace in the tormented world, only a programmed and systematic series of wars and calamities, until the plotters have gained their objective: an exhausted world willing to submit to a planned Marxist economy and total and meek enslavement- in the name of peace.”

So now you have some idea of the spectacular lies that the Jews have imposed on the minds of unsuspecting Americans. Perhaps that’s why we no longer witness peace demonstrations anymore.

Since then, some have speculated that the think-tank known as the Hudson Institute, actually conducted the Study. Started by Herman Kahn in 1961 “to help determine the entire future of the U.S.- and time permitting, much of the world beyond,” many of their members and fellows belonged to the CFR.

Insofar as these collective pronouncements by elitist think tanks actually determine the course of the society, most of the forecasts in the Iron Mountain document have come true. Anonymous Jewish fictions published by cleverly composed think tanks become the marching orders for the society, as we seeing all these constrictive freedom-stifling maneuvers materializing in reality every day, from drug tests to scanners.

Plan produced defective individuals

The worst of which was of course the Club of Rome’s celebrated 1972 pronouncement that the world needed to lose most of its human population in order for the species to survive. This was the way the Jews gave open season for themselves to wipe out the entire human race, and with Monsanto and Big Pharma on the job, the culling is well under way. So today we have boobytrapped vaccines whose long term implications for the population appear dire. We have glyphosate on the crops, which poisons everyone. Some are saying the 5G will make us drop like flies.

The universities have turned our children into violent and intolerant thugs while claiming they are tolerant and peaceful. An Orwellian tattoo on human consciousness.

The same thing happened in psychology with Freud delineating the way everyone should look at their own minds. Freud’s work turned many of the minds in the world into Jewish minds.

In 1973, an arbitrary procedural decision created a disease so virulent that in the space of a half century we had a president living in the White House whose spouse was another man pretending to be a woman. And the whole country went along with it.

Yet it hinged on an action that made no sense, and turned American culture into a charnel house for perversion and drug addiction.

Homosexuality: The mental illness that went away 

What’s noteworthy about this is that the removal of homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses was not triggered by some scientific breakthrough. There was no new fact or set of facts that stimulated this major change. Rather, it was the simple reality that gay people started to kick up a fuss. They gained a voice and began to make themselves heard. And the APA reacted with truly astonishing speed. And with good reason. They realized intuitively that a protracted battle would have drawn increasing attention to the spurious nature of their entire taxonomy.  So they quickly “cut loose” the gay community and forestalled any radical scrutiny of the DSM system generally.

And now they call it “the new normal” to teach elementary school children the finer points of anal sex. Unfortunately for the general population, the government accepts this Jewish pseudoscience as legitimate when it plans its programs and makes its laws.

Too bad there weren’t courageous, non Jewish psychologists who could explain the “spurious nature” of psychiatry and resume labeling homosexuality as the behavioral illness it clearly is.

The tragedy of journalism

Lastly I would speak about the dangers of media. The press has for most of the 20th century spoken as one with the existing government. Because it has always been owned by powerful men, particularly now, with this protracted fiasco of Russian influence on American politics, there is no correlation between what the press publishes as news and what the facts of the real world actually are.

To a great degree, it has been this way throughout history. Sometimes it takes a century to realize what has happened, like the dollar losing 99 percent of its value after 100 years of malfeasance by the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve.

Today, America has surrounded Russia with aggressive military bases, yet the American press prattles on about what a lethal danger Russia is. These bought-off, Jewish controlled entities remain silent on the fact that the U.S. spends exactly ten times more than its Asian rival on ridiculously sophisticated weapons and has obliterated more countries than the Russians ever dreamed of capturing.

All American media outlets produce is what the government allows them share with the readers who are being duped by both.

And from our highest leaders we get only platitudes and the continuance of the crooked system that enables the banker class to continue to plunder the lives of everyone living in this country not working for the government.

These are the ingredients of our common nightmare, and we are all responsible for fixing them. At this point, to abandon your responsibility to do this is to essentially forfeit your life.


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