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The eutrophication of the American mind

A society that does not believe in itself will not survive

Too many nutrients, not enough exercise. As the fish, the pond and most people all learn, if you eat too much you can no longer breathe. Or, just as likely, you’re more apt to be caught by a predator.

Now the pond scum is even in the air. We breathe it in, and double over in a coughing fit, but then deny anything is wrong. What we seldom consider is our own stupidity. Slowly, ever so slowly, in a process that spans generations, as our oxygen level declines, our minds turn off.

Humans themselves are the pond scum of the planet, sucking the life out of it as fast as we can before we expire ourselves, oblivious to the damage we wreak. As a pond becomes covered with green algae which soon extinguishes all animal life beneath it, so the human mind suffocates, buried beneath an unending tidal wave of misleading information that keeps us from focusing on life’s essentials — clean air and water, and healthy food — now, all of these items are nearly unattainable for much of the world’s population.

Our minds shut down because they are paralyzed by too many choices which trigger that mind-locking affliction known as cognitive dissonance, where depending on the perspective, the same answer is both right and wrong.

This stems from too many people telling lies to make money, and not enough people trying to fix what is obviously wrong with human society.

We grow up with a string of conclusions etched in our minds, so when we find out most of those are in error, the ensuing exasperation makes most of us quit trying to comprehend the forces that exploit us. And we withdraw into our own irrelevant little worlds.

When we do that, we don’t immediately notice that between our lives and what’s going on in the outside world is, at first, only a translucent veil of indifference. But it soon grows into an opaque barrier of ignorance otherwise known as intellectual pond scum, where meaningless blather dominates your consciousness, where dead fish float in green muck and birds fall from the sky.

This is the history of our eutrophication, the gradual phasing out of knowledge which is replaced by propaganda. On this track, actual unapproved knowledge will one day be illegal (as it already is locked-down countries like France and Germany).

The blackening fog

Americans were whipped into a real uproar over the 2016 presidential election which matched two Rothschild stooges, both completely subservient to their Israeli masters, which is a longstanding presidential tradition. The country went ballistic and the losers, holdovers from the 8-year Obama fiasco, broke numerous laws to harass the winner.

If pond scum were a fraternity it would have a lot of new members from the Obama administration who thought they could break the law and get away with it. It remains to be seen whether they’ll wind up in jail as they surely should.

A society that does not believe in itself will not survive.

As money has replaced God as the focus of our devotion, so too have opioids have replaced religion in the human pursuit of happiness. Needless to say, this is not a good sign.

Most societies today are falling apart because its people don’t really believe in anything. And without a positive belief in anything, life will suddenly fall away, your vibrancy will dim, and reasons to continue living will become increasingly hard to find.

Society is falling apart because there is nothing to believe in anymore. Our leaders are notoriously corrupt. Our priests rape children. The scripture that our sacred honor depended upon has been found through intensive study to be consensual myths cobbled together to allow large organizations to wield power over large numbers of people.

All the idols have been smashed, all the gods debunked. The neighbors will hear about your good deeds, but the rest of the world will focus only on your crimes, after which you will receive the maximum sentence from a judge who does not know you.

If you attempt to unearth the truth, you will be persecuted by those who make their money dishonestly, and jeered by a public too cowardly to oppose them.

Once crystal clear, the purpose of life has become murky.

One thing leads to another

Lack of belief causes hell to manifest on Earth.

Corrupt or not, it was the church that kept order. Authentic or not, it kept the family structure together throughout the world.

Leaders had to respect the church or lose the people.

Eventually the church was bought off. When priests started molesting children, their bond with the public was permanently broken, which was a great triumph for the Jews, who want all gods destroyed so they can plunder the Earth.

To even begin to address society’s ills you must first study the condition of the individual. Of course people from different strata have different markers for measurement, but to conduct an overview it is necessary to judge the daily habits people display, which are very much similar throughout the world. We bathe, we shop, we master a job that enables us to build a house and raise a family and hopefully die surrounded by many loving grandchildren.

We like to think we have mastered at least one crucial skill that makes us proud of the life we have lived. To not be proud of our own lives makes us a hazard to all others, who have no interest in your mistakes unless they are damaged by them.

The Protestant Reformation brought the Old Testament into play for worshippers of the Christian religion, which it eventually brought to ruin.

Vanquished Germans who speak in awe of Hitler still communicate the feeling of loyalty and honor toward their leader that is not based on the Jewish myths of him as an awful person, but on the atmosphere of honest living and healthy productivity that was destroyed by the Jewish alliance that annihilated Germany in World War 2. The only people who really hated Hitler were whores and queers.

Morally, Americans have become pond scum, condoning poisons in their food and medicine while disregarding the murders of millions every year in their country’s endless battle against evil foreigners who just happen to possess valuable minerals that the Deep State wardens covet. Most Americans don’t even realize that they bear responsibility for gassing hundreds of Syrian children (twice) and deliberately infecting thousands of people in Yemen with cholera.

We have consigned half the world to violent deaths based on a political scenario that is totally phony.

Scientifically, Americans have become pond scum because all of their educational paths are steered toward military applications, so that the progress that could have been made toward alleviating human misery was wasted on weapons systems that don’t work very well.

Spiritually, the prayers of Americans have been hijacked by cynical evangelists who prize their own jewelry more than the souls of their listeners.

Most of the people you know refuse to see the Holocaust lie, refuse to see America’s predatory nature, refuse to see the 9/11 lies, the Sandy Hook lies; our government refuses to even float a story about the mysterious Las Vegas “shootings” or the Sonoma County fires that burned the houses but not the trees around them. This was a major pond scum alert.

Virtually every category of human endeavor is controlled by those who seek not enlighten but to hoodwink their gullible targets, an age-old profession that produces the profits of the professional swindler. This is a vocation that attracts way too large a percentage of the human population, and which will, without question, be the deaths of us all.

Viewed from the perspective of the universe, humans are a totally useless life form.

People are blocked from participating

There is no single forum for rational debate that has the attention of the world, in part because our oppressors control all the avenues for mass distribution of information, and simply won’t permit the truth to be told about most subjects.

But the situation in which these things could be discussed doesn’t really exist. There are only scripted gatherings of the very rich that restrict their focus to what kind of commissions could be scored by the inventors of this clever dialogue. And decades after the fact, hardcore conspiracy theorists meet in middle class hotels to discuss how the public was fooled by their leaders who were really criminals.

Like college curricula, there is no real mention of what could benefit everyone, like one less jet plane in exchange for allowing an entire country to eat well for a day.

It is necessary to see past the pond scum produced by our slimy leaders with their false pedigrees to see the predicament the human species has created for itself. With enough sunshine and rain, the pollution will disappear, but that will take time, and I would not minimize the damage we have done to ourselves.

Some of the richest, most powerful men in the world seek to rape and kill —and even eat! — children for pleasure. And the highest leaders in our land are implicated in all this. If we don’t fix that, we’re not worth saving. We’re just pond scum, interfering with the course of the universe for no good reason.

Excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land                                                           which causes a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen.




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