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It means you’ve lost your freedom and you think mass murder is OK

Americans are the hired hitmen of the Jews, destabilizing all societies and then feasting on the carcasses, like true vampires.

There is a new secret police in America and it is Jewish. This police force doesn’t fight crimes, it commits them.

The truth and the law no longer coincide.

The main obstacle in dealing with most of my fellow Americans is how absent of moral compass they have become. Their actions have shrunk to the size of their intellects. They genuflect toward goodness, but overlook the blood constantly spilled in their names. To them, honesty has become a naive anachronism; profitable ways to circumvent the law are now admired. How lost people are, how absolutely certain of their own ignorance, how they lie to themselves. As long as their addictions and compulsions are sated, they are stunningly willing to fight to the death for ideas they do not thoroughly comprehend.

For instance, the United States surrounds Russia today with tanks, troops and missiles, yet the only topic found in Western media is what a profound threat Russia is to the United States. It’s a classic war-is-peace trick, and the world suffers mightily for it. The U.S. military budget is ten times Russia’s. Sen. John “Insane” McCain was not happy until President Donald Trump fired missiles into Syria for reasons that were totally bogus. How much more do you need to know? Apparently, a lot more.

Americans badly need to realize they have been consigned to the wrong side of history, where all of their considerable triumphs have ended in a pockmarked landscape of abandoned businesses, streetwalkers selling crack, and people shot in the back of the head because they developed health products that actually worked. We have been set up for destruction by treasonous leaders who got rich by impoverishing our country.


In between taking bribes from billionaires and raping children, our leaders remain securely in the pocket of a foreign power which makes them rich beyond their wildest dreams and the rest of us broke beyond our worst nightmares.

As we are plucked of our money by bizarre schemes and programs that have nothing to do with the welfare of the people, the world is plundered by charlatans who bet on disasters and then create them. Most of the people in the world are crushed, or at least badly deformed, by this. Their cosmic destinies remain unfulfilled as they struggle for subsistence-level survival.

Americans are the hired hitmen of the Jews, destabilizing all societies and then feasting on the carcasses, like true vampires. Criminalizing all thoughts that don’t ultimately feed the beast, and murdering anyone who threatens their hateful hegemony.

Heck, they’re carving up the corpses of Syria and Iraq right now, terraforming them into military bases and oil transport points, with tens of thousands dead in the process and the rest invading Europe. This process, including the murder of Qaddafi, was a work of Jewish genius to destabilize all of Europe in one fell swoop.

I have always been amazed at how few people actually possess a social conscience. And it has never been worse then now, when most people are trying to diagnose the ills of the world without realizing their own attitude is the most relevant component of their task.

Relying on mainstream history guarantees you will not see the hidden hand behind the horror that remains everpresent today in every law that says you are not permitted to think about certain subjects, nor should you express them publicly.

If you believe in what’s right, how can you tolerate two Rothschild candidates running for president, not just last time, but every time?

It’s like, throughout history, swindlers have won the day every time and people have just gone along with it. So now we have bogus religion that doesn’t work except through willful ignorance, and government that is obviously a robber’s free-for-all, and we still remain blockheaded about why we are always invading some other country for reasons that are always false. Start with both World Wars and descend into the pit of Hell from there.

What I do know is so tragically horrible there’s no way to put a positive spin on it, when all of the elements of destruction are massed on the horizon awaiting our next false move. It’s such a waste. Life could be so grand.

Specializing in horror and hate

If you’re pro-Israel you applaud the gratuitous murders of Palestinian children, whose organs are then stolen and given to decrepit old Jews desperate to extend their warped lives. From the middle 1940s on, Jews have decimated the local population in Palestine with a wanton genocide that continues to this current moment. Pictures of what the Jews have done to this poor tribe (and the rest of the world) are straight out visions of Hell, with crumbled houses, bleeding children and a world that has long since looked the other way.

Pro-Israel fans endorse poisoning wells, starvation and beheadings, which are Jews’ favorite methods of eliminating those called goyim, a Hebrew word that means cattle. This is why they have so many beheadings in Saudi Arabia, a member in good standing of those countries known as national killing machines, or neocon nations (those fake conservatives who used to be Communists). Here is America we have all our food and medicine poisoned by Jewish pharmaceutical giants and all our entertainment turned into suicidal psychodramas by Jewish music producers that urge black people to rise up and kill whites.

If you are ‘pro-Israel’ you support all these things.

Lately the Jews have taken to incarcerating 80-year-old women for telling the truth about World War II and lampooning the lies of the magic 6 million figure which Jewish media have made into a slogan central to their new Holocaust religion — “We have suffered; you should pay us for that!”

In Germany especially but also in other European countries, the truth and the law do not coincide. These EU countries have lost their freedom and people in them are not allowed to speak their minds in any way that differs from what their government says about certain events of the past.

These restrictions always concern the Jewish history of the World Wars and their fabricated death toll of the fabled 6 million that have enabled them to fleece billions out of innocent countries thanks to strategically positioned Jewish judges and politicians. Hitler is the most hated man on the planet because of the false stories Jews told about him. Yet in his own country, and among people around the world who understand what real freedom is, Hitler was and is beloved as no U.S. president ever has been.

As you read this today, the negative feelings in your mind that you have about Hitler are all as a result of the massive public relations campaign to denigrate his plan to escape from the clutches of the Jewish world bankers. It was a war he would ultimately lose, and there went the last chance humanity had to escape from the Jewish world bank that is now using its financial trickery to strangle the life out of the planet.

To be a Jew is a crime against humanity

There is a new secret police in America and it is Jewish. This police force doesn’t fight crimes, it commits them.

Every politician in America owes his position to a Jewish financier, whose loans allow candidates to prevail in manipulated elections.

Politically correct functionaries determine which children will receive more complete educations. The rest are consigned to a pablum exclusively designed for Deltas and Epsilons. This is how the Jews achieved dominance on a scholastic level, having Jewish administrators ease their passage to the upper levels of non Jewish organizations.

To be a Jew is a crime against humanity. Jews have no integrity. They have only an instinctual urge for vengeance which they are programmed to inflict on everyone else. Jews are immune to both logic and compassion, which is why it makes no sense to ever argue with them. The bottom line is their only marker, which is why everything they touch eventually sinks to the bottom, only they never suffer the losses, only their duped victims do.

They irradiated 100,000 of their own Sephardic children back in the 1950s, presumably to maintain Ashkenazi supremacy within Israel. But that was only a single incident.

Thanks to the multigenerational purveyor of criminal sabotage Monsanto, we have a poison called Glyphosate sprayed on every piece of food in the supermarket which assures serious diseases will seriously affect subsequent generations if the consumer is not killed outright.

The Jews are responsible for the murders of millions of people throughout history, a fact that remains mostly unknown because these same Jews control virtually all of the world’s media.

I’ve seen the faces of Jewish soldiers manhandling old Palestinian women. Worse is how the self-described Israeli defense forces shoot Arab children for sport and joke about it. Even though they claim to be the only humans and everybody else to be farm animals, in this and so many other matters, Jewish behavior is decidedly not human.

Bringers of darkness

Just remember you know nothing about what’s going on in the world, and you never will unless you become willing to look at yourself and our situation much more seriously than you ever have. And as always, tomorrow might be too late.

To be pro-Israel is to be pro-genocide and profoundly deceitful about how you relate to the rest of the world. In the court of human opinion you’d be declared insane by healthy people, who know that building your own fortune is the way to a healthy life whereas swindling your way to happiness will ultimately make you sick.

Jews should never be allowed to hold positions of trust, because they will always be subverting and sabotaging others in service to the dastardly schemes of their own tribe. You see it everywhere.

If you are pro-Israel, you can do anything you want and get away with it. Especially if you are Jewish, you can commit any crime you choose and escape to Israel, where no one can ever touch you.

As this hateful reality spreads through every country in the world, refusal to address this problem means the end of freedom as we have known it. If you are pro-Israel, you like this idea.

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