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about the fiction they call reality

Just as we stage wars overseas with enemies we hire and train, we stage violence against our own citizens to convince them they need our protection. This is what our government tells us. This is our nightmare. 

For stories I have written about the questionable wars that have continued throughout my lifetime, I’ve received a lot of flak lately for referring to the United States of America as “we” and “ours”. Some smart people I know say I shouldn’t do that, that we are not of the same species as the rich patricians who have run the country since its inception, that we are merely distressed tenants on a plantation run by the oil companies and the bankers. These smart people insist it is “they” who are America and not “us”. And it is “they” who make the wars, not “us”.

I must disagree, vehemently. To do that makes us invaders on the land that has been stolen from us. To feel that way is really treason, absolving yourself from responsibility for tragedies you helped create by acquiescing to federal law. It is the people who turn away from the fray and say “That’s not my responsibility” who are actually responsible for the U.S. now being ruled by a foreign power, the Jewish monster known as Israel, which controls all nations by its control of money.

“We” must take our country back. “They” will not give it to us. Thinking of it as “ours” will make it easier than by insisting it is “theirs”. All those interested in liberty must all turn together at one time, face our leaders squarely, every politician we can find and say, loud enough for the world to hear: “WE DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!”


We must also wrest control of the money supply from the Jews, who show no mercy eliminating those who are not infected with the same disease that afflicts them, the disease of lying about everything for the purpose of swindling every person on earth.

The road to robot status

You cannot bring up a child in this moral quicksand and expect him to become a healthy individual. First, he is overmedicated to the max which likely figures in his own mortality down the road. Not only mortality, but the diminishment of his abilities and the acuity of his thought. Both become blunted by all these techno incursions that always, in pursuit of comfort and convenience, erode human capabilities and immunities.

Second, he is fed fairytales from the moment he can hear so that by the time he is an adult he has become the perfect robot, except for all those nagging worries inside him that keep the teen suicide rate so high in affluent countries. Students are fed chapter and verse about mainstream histories that they invariably discover, later in life, are nothing but propagandistic (as they say) hogwash. Of course, he could always join the army, go overseas and kill some people for no particular reason, then come home and commit suicide.

Third (but really first as it pertains to our immediate health history), we can never have an honest country or live in an honest world without realizing the real truth about the 9/11 false flag caper. The constant twisting of the truth and fear mongering that condones murdering foreign leaders in the streets of their own countries — or slaughtering wedding parties in Afghanistan by pushing a button in Las Vegas . . . how do you spin that into heroic bravery?

How many acts of torture can we insist are necessary when we know the world’s political scene is sadistically scripted by kosher war profiteers? How do you spin not telling the truth to each generation and manage to skirt the most important questions? How do you spin our nation’s leaders openly committing crimes and answering to no one?

But then again, who is even listening to this story?

Just as we stage wars overseas with enemies we hire and train, we stage violence against our citizens to convince them they need our protection. This is what our government tells us. This is our nightmare. The truth is right in front of us, but no longer attainable. Americans have turned their backs on the truth for a funny TV show they’ll forget about in 45 minutes.

Frightful forecast

1. If Russia and the U.S. were to become friends and allies, that would spell doom for all the other countries in the world because they would join together to dominate the rest. Under the table, the U.S. has supported Russia since its bloody creation after World War I. This is likely to happen because Russia and the U.S. are not really separate entities; they are more like separate wings of the Jewish money dormitory of the world. I often thought but seldom said that Putin and Obama ran departments of the same company and had the same boss.

That would make all the carnage of the world a needless psychodrama to convince everyone war is peace, because it’s the best way to make money and cull the population simultaneously.

2. If Trump suddenly cures all the major problems that confront him, then suddenly the Lubavitchers take credit and the Jewish world government is that much closer to capturing the world via acclamation. What an unjust twist of fate that would be.

Just imagine. The Jews can claim they brought peace to the world. By robbing and killing every country. Now that’s a Hollywood script to die for.

We’re in a whirlpool of subterfuge. All governments no longer treat their citizens as human beings. Instead, we are all numbers in a computer who get blipped out like controversial accounts on YouTube that don’t say what the Deep State wants them to say. Did I mention that the Deep State is Jewish?

3. This is very serious — the shrinkage of what we are allowed to think. Amazon, Google and Facebook annihilated an entire branch of human knowledge, and shaped the minds of slaves who have no idea of the hoaxes being played upon them. Very few people these days have ever heard about Eisenhower’s starvation death camps or Dresden’s actual holocaust in which defenseless citizens were melted into the pavement because of Britain’s hate bombing after the war was essentially over. It was the same deal with the atomic bombs we dropped on Japan; the war was already over.

In the name of liberty and justice for all, the USA has done more harm to more people in the world than any country ever.

Be that as it may, the Jewish fiction about World War II is now established. Humanity will never again get the chance to overthrow this Jewish financial hegemony which now enslaves us.

If we don’t come clean about 9/11, we don’t solve anything. We’ve been living on fake stories with no evidence concealed by the doubletalk of pious criminals for far too long. If we do come clean on 9/11, then we can turn our full attention to the Jewish holohoax and the malignant myth of the six million.

In time, secrets come out

There are two things I wish to spotlight from this year-old piece (kudos to a great website and a great essay): 

The current aggression against Iran aims to obliterate forever all the crimes the U.S. has committed against Iran. That’s right up there with Ernest Becker’s observation that by killing others you somehow lessen your own fear of death.

Like the Iran Contra scandal of the 1980’s, George Bush Sr. used a wide array of illegal activities to fund intelligence operations for a foreign policy he deemed appropriate, and decided to pursue, without Congressional confirmation, and in violation of the law. His administration’s foreign policies were nothing more than illegal activities developed to take over the Central Asian and Russian oil and gas fields of the former Soviet Union through use of privately funded armies and financial fraud – just as he had illegally funded covert activities to promote foreign policy in Iran and Nicaragua. Illegal activities also included Bush’s payoffs to Russian oligarchs with ten-year Brady Bonds to ensure the collapse of the former Soviet Union.

KEY POINT: However much one may agree with those ‘foreign policy’ objectives, the activities undertaken at Bush’s order were illegal, and ultimately needed to be covered-up by the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the senseless murder of thousands of innocent people in the world since 911.

And at last, a true picture of the dirty world as it really is (from the same link):


A large segment of the Bush administration’s national security and defense planning structure came from the energy industry, and set national defense policy lends some suspicion to the objectivity of that policy. Any and all arguments might easily lead one to conclude that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan sparked by the attack on the World Trade Center were conducted more for the benefit of the American oil industry that for the sake of world security against “terrorists.”

Although conspiracy theorists could make an argument that the invasion of Afghanistan was meant to control the world heroin trade, with Afghanistan producing 80% to 90% of the world’s heroin. The world narcotics industry is larger than the gas and oil industry combined, and more profitable.

To repeat:

The world narcotics industry is larger than the gas and oil industry combined, and more profitable.

And it is never discussed by mainstream media, never. Why? By now you know the answer.

The WTC did not have to be destroyed for the Central Asian pipeline deals in Afghanistan and Azerbaijan to be successful. However, the bribes and money laundering behind these pipeline deals were illegal, and the investigative evidence pointing to the money laundering was the target of the attack on the WTC.

In fact, this is the way the civilized world does business, always has.

While the actual illegal trading and bribing activity leaves very little physical evidence, money always leaves an audit trail, and that trail was being tracked and documented in Building Seven, the North Tower and Buildings Four and Six– hence the need to destroy the entire World Trade Center. In a manner highly reminiscent of the investigation of the BCCI bank fraud, once the bank’s criminal activities were exposed, bank records in England were destroyed in multiple warehouses by no less than seven separate fires, and sixteen material witnesses were murdered.

This popular practice continues today, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, inside George Soros’s Democratic National Committee, and among all those bankers who decide to jump out of skyscraper windows at the peak of their careers.

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