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Our government hires enemies so it can protect us from them


A man can never be happy living in a country he doesn’t believe in.

His mind will always be hesitant about who has his back. 

Our government has committed the very crimes it pretends to investigate. Our government has hired the terrorists it pretends to fight. Our government is abusing the people it is supposed to protect.

When our leaders constantly lie to us — as every president always does — confidence in our own integrity deteriorates. In order to be comfortable, we are forced to believe the lies (such as “They hate our freedoms!”) and we are told to make the best of it. This of course quickly leads to the worst of it.

When American troops participate in a slaughter of innocents either overseas or at home, genuine Americans cringe in shame that their country could be so senselessly barbaric. But from Hiroshima to Dresden to My Lai to Fallujah, America has always been that way — needlessly brutal and lying about what it has actually done.

Many a Roman emperor was murdered by his own troops for not telling the truth to his own people, and plenty of our own presidents have been eligible for this treatment were the population sufficiently alert and able to defend itself — which it never has been.

How can we be happy about our country going around the world and killing people, year after year, for reasons that we never fully understand, or if we do, we uncover stupendous crimes earning billions for the very rich but not very much for the average citizen trying to make a living.

How can we abide the government poisoning our food supply and polluting our medicines with timed-release carcinogens? Only ignorance works in this sad race toward mindlessness.

Worse are these fake terror incidents set up by the cops and the FBI inside the United States — all aimed to get people to give up their guns. How many of them have there been now, 15? Always the question arises — was it real? The media always say yes, but the genuine investigators, before they are suppressed, always discover that these terror events are always preplanned by government spooks.

Forked tongue false flags

If the event was real, what was the need to prevent examination of the 9/11 wreckage or to murder all those Navy Seals after the fake Osama bin Laden murder so they wouldn’t expose Obama’s lie?

Still, with the unexplained terror fiasco in Florida that blossomed into a polished nationwide hootenanny for gun control, and the unexplained reason for 50 people to be supposedly murdered amongst the Las Vegas casinos that still has not been adequately explained by authorities, who apparently are constrained from telling investigators what they really know, we know without doubt that our government is concealing the real story about everything from its own people.

Fortunately for freedom, the vast majority of Americans are hip to the trick the Jews played on the Russians and more recently on the Australians by getting people to give up their guns. They remember the words of the Japanese general who refused to invade the U.S. because he would discover “a gun behind every blade of grass”.

Depriving people of the guns by which they may defend themselves against a tyrannical government is the shortest route to a totalitarian society, where freedom disappears and people are routinely abused and murdered.

The epidemic of cops shooting innocent people and goon squads roughing up protesters who think America is still a free country is a bitter pill to swallow for those who think “liberty and justice for all” is still an operating policy.

There is no justice for anyone who is not approved by the Jews.

So how does the corruption of our leaders affect our own moral compass? How does presidents who lie about what their country is doing affect children?

After more than a century of Jews dominating the airwaves and the printed word, there are no more trustworthy Americans. 
They have all been polluted by Jewish money, their aims twisted by military applications and the false science of propaganda. 

People who say they aren’t polluted by this Jewish scam of “strength in diversity” are merely turning their heads away from all this institutionalized crime, pretending not to know that Americans are no longer in control of their own country, and haven’t been for a very long time.

Most Americans are beginning to realize their country’s days are numbered, and the reason for its demise is because of the people we elected to office have been totally unable to resist the bribery of those who have commandeered the money supply.

If all presidents are swindlers, are all the people who voted for him (or her) swindlers themselves? Most Americans couldn’t answer that question honestly because either they remain blissfully unaware of all the crimes being committed in their names, or they are complicit in those crimes.

A nation without a provable moral reason to exist is not a nation at all, but only a self-destructive disease intent on spreading itself around the world.

Do you care to know your fate?

What we are doing is not what we should be doing. Society is way off course, all due to private control of the money supply.
Religions teach you something you already know, but in your rage and your hunger, you have forgotten. If you have enough to eat and a loving family around you, you have a chance to be healthy. You initially expect the best from everyone. It’s a Celtic thing. Always expect the best from everyone — until they prove you wrong. Then be merciless. 

This is something the Africans who Obama and Hillary sent to Europe at the behest of International Jewry will never in 500 trillion years understand. (I use that figure because that is the latest estimate of the amalgamated Rothschild fortune — $500 trillion, or 80 percent of the world’s wealth.) Small wonder Jews now control everything.

The life of refugees in the opulent West is inevitably drawn towards crime as a way to equalize the disparity in wealth.

Not everyone is like Celts, although most Caucasians in the upper Northern Hemisphere seem to be. When you’re cold, you tend to be friendlier than when you’re hot, I guess.  Maybe it’s just that you need people more. The northern climates instill self reliance and ingenuity. People from warmer climes, less challenged by their environmental advantages, tend to be more fast buck kinds of places, where the scam is the thing. Mañana, muchacho!

The invasion of immigrants from these southern lands sabotages the white Protestant discipline it took to build a stable United States. Hard work to keep warm created an industrial giant, which has now been made obsolete by the breakneck speed and worldwide reach of cyberspace. 

This transition has been greatly assisted by corrupt politicians who sold out the people they were supposed to protect by sending jobs overseas (along with their own bank accounts), curtailing the rights of all citizens and facilitating the takeover of the U.S. by other nations.

Soon everything in the world will be produced by one company and there will be no difference between the government and the narrow spectrum of businesses. There hardly is any distance now, especially when it comes to big media journalism, which excludes everything the Jewish Deep State in control of almost all governments does not want heard.

Directions for being fleeced

The great flaw in the Jewish invention of psychology is that it excludes the dynamics of relationships with others, which is the most important part of one’s own psychology that ultimately determines your level of health. The Jews got everyone to argue with themselves about the compartments of their own psyches when all this time they should have been talking to others to better find out about themselves in the normal play of civilization.

Just as psychology excludes interpersonal relationships in its ramblings about the foundation of mental health, so technology has replaced nature’s landscapes as the playing field for human intelligence. This exclusion of the worth and meaning of nature dooms the importance of our ability to communicate with other people (and other species as well) as we all fragment into singular universes with no basis for communication whatsoever.

The only possibility of ameliorating the black African invasion of Europe is through a religious transformation (which seems impossible given the language and IQ barriers). No existing religion fills the bill. Europe is certain to be laid low by plague and famine. As has happened throughout the Middle East, all artifacts of the past will be erased. The new slave state will have no memory.

The Devil’s disciples

If the Jews are God’s Chosen People, what kind of God must this entity be? Certainly nobody worth worshipping. He must a counterfeit God, to prefer hate to love and death to life.

You can be certain that anyone who anoints himself as one of God’s Chosen People is certain to be a criminal swindler eager to relieve you of your valuables.

The moral worth of Judaism is zero, and that is why the world is in a constant state of war.

All the religions of the world try to teach peace and harmony, except for one, the religion of the Jews, which teaches hatred and prejudice. The entire Jewish religion is a worldwide hate crime, the worst, most ubiquitous hate crime in the world.

Why don’t the terrorists ever strike Israel?

We Americans controlled by Israel turned probably the most stable and compassionate country in the world into a smoldering ruin by slandering a noble foreign leader who provided free college and housing to his citizens. Muammar al-Qaddafi was probably the most humane leader in the whole world, but Barack Obama had him raped and murdered in the streets of his own hometown and Hillary Clinton later famously laughed about it.

This is the level to which the American people have descended.

We’ve mostly forgotten how America faked a massacre in Kosovo in 1999 leading to its bombing of Serbia the same year.

The point was to create an independent state of Kosovo to serve as a transshipment hub for the disbursement of heroin throughout Europe and the Western world.

One critic wrote that the revolutionary group known as KLA in Serbia was the same kind of operation as ISIS is today in Syria, where the capitalist terrorists want to run a pipeline through Syria to compete with Russia’s oil in the European market. Same stuff, different day.

But in reality there are no countries anymore, only amorphous ethnic subdivisions with constantly changing borders on the world grid. Outlaw states such as Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iran will be crushed beneath the unquenchable greed of bankers’ power

Israel exists to prey upon others. It vampirizes countries from the inside and consistently bleeds them dry. Netanyahu’s remark that America must dry up and blow away is coming true before our eyes.

Kids say ‘let it burn’

Most Americans would rather be robots than to take time to understand how they’ve been lied to.

We’re bringing up kids in a society that is based on tricks and swindles.

Jewish Hollywood’s movies openly advocate the murder of whites by blacks. This is a desperate attempt by Jews to change the racial makeup of the American population. Believe me, if America were ever to get another black president, the white race will be exterminated, just as is happening now in South Africa where blacks are no longer even charged for raping, torturing and murdering whites and then burning their bodies.

This is the end of the historical trend of electing a black U.S. president. If Barack Obama had had his way, black South Africans would have come to America with machetes and grenades, just like they’re doing these days in Malmo, Sweden.

People who still believe in Donald Trump should have their heads examined. He says one thing and does another while trying to unobtrusively execute the Israeli plan to run that pipeline from Qatar to Turkey through land they are still trying to steal from Syria. The Donald doesn’t really care how many Syrians he must kill because he thinks the pipeline will save his bankrupt country, that is to say, the country you always thought was yours.

A hundred years of indifference clearly shows Americans don’t care.

Because we don’t.

Why are the people who tell the truth always forced out of Congress?

By turning men into women and women into men, the puppetmasters have deprived millions of children of healthy parents. And the children they have produced are perfect robots for the slave state, uncertain of their past and in their inner panic, believing implicitly in the lies their state tells them.

Humans were supposed to be something else. They were supposed to be the admired model for all life in the universe, possessed of powers far superior than any other animal. Yet that privilege, that opportunity, was squandered and we are now on the verge of species suicide.

We have been prevented from creating the world of our dreams by one group that has always worked to enslave us all.

The ultimate oxymoron — Jewish ethics.

We have to get rid of them before they get rid of us.

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