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An electronic fence in your mind tucked into your back pocket

 “The society that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting by fools.”    – Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War (410 BC)

Sorry to say this, but somebody needs to beat the hell out of the United States government — in order to stop this constant lying and thieving, this neverending annihilation of innocent nations that stand in the way of Big Oil and the Jewish destabilization template, and this deliberate poisoning of its own citizens.

It would be nice if the American people could do this job, but they don’t seem to be able to, comatose as they are because of the entertaining Jewish mythology of trivia that enslaves them. [Americans can’t see through the media fog and have believed the lies they’ve been told for the past HUNDRED years!]

Americans are afraid to face the embarrassing fact that if they support their criminal government they are by definition criminals themselves. So they readily support the fables spun by Pig Media. Knowing this is true, most Americans keep their mouths shut.

By doing this, they think they are being good citizens, but in reality they are hastening the demise of their own country by ignoring crimes committed in their names.

I can’t help but reflect that America today resembles the Soviet Union of yesteryear — if you utter a peep about state tyranny you get slammed into jail for God knows how long, if you are allowed to live at all.

How many more holistic doctors (current count is 88) are we going to allow to be suicided without a federal investigation to determine Big Pharma is killing off the competition — and blocking legitimate cures for cancer in the process?

The early USSR invoked the death penalty for anti-Semitism; we are not there yet, but with the recent censoring of anything to do with Holocaust hysteria by Jewish media monopolies, we are rapidly approaching it.

The same crimes that caused Jews to be kicked out of 103 countries are still happening today, only today Jews are in control of the government, the media, the lawyers and the money, so they don’t have to worry much about going to court. Since they own the U.S. president, Congress and the Supreme Court, they don’t ever have to worry about getting arrested.

Worse than that, the ages-old charge of Jews sucking the blood from Gentile children has resurfaced in all this lurid chatter about Comet Ping Pong, the Podesta brothers and Hillary Clinton, with the same mysterious minority being blamed for the same crimes.

I mean, they were talking about this back in the 13th century, which is why the Jews were initially kicked out of England. The kind of government that would protect these people from prosecution appears to be exactly the kind of government we have today — totally unscrupulous and unmistakably perverted.

Who is preventing the New York City police department from unfurling the complete Anthony Weiner tapes to thoroughly depict the treasonous felonies conducted by Hillary Clinton with the protection of the CIA and FBI?

Creating crimes to fight them

Our government stages terror incidents to prove its existence is necessary, to convince a semiconscious electorate that we can’t get along without these brave crimefighters. Too bad they’re actually the ones who are creating the crimes, all the way from Oklahoma City to Sandy Hook.

Al-Qaeda is nothing but a bunch of crisis actors hired by Americans and Jews to serve as designated enemies and the primary justification for expanding the weapons business and obliterating hapless countries who happen to interfere with the operation of the Jewish Deep State.

What the U.S. military is doing to Syria is like so many American adventures overseas — unforgivable. Even though President Trump throws bones to Patriots such as the Hammond pardons or the notice to South Africa to stop killing white people, people should never forget, as his son-in-law works out weapons deals with Arab potentates, that the Trumps are wholly owned by the Lubavitchers and the Rothschilds, both of whom subscribe to the goal of enslaving everybody in the world.

Wonder no longer that the rest of the world hates America, which has unleashed unprecedented violence on innocent people everywhere, unparalleled savagery that defies description by normal men in places like Dresden, Wounded Knee and Fallujah. Unfathomable crimes in uncountable places.

Maybe the saddest aspect of all this is that all these disastrous acts are done in the name of the American people . . . but not for the benefit of the American people. The only people profiting from this mayhem are those who know allegiance to only one country — Israel — and will betray all those not in their profit scheme.

In whatever country they call home, if they are so-called dual citizens and one of those countries is Israel, Jews are definitely guilty of treason against their host country.

Jews have the psychopathological effrontery to insist they are the eternal victims when in fact they are the eternal tormentors. Jews wholly created World War II and the 50 million corpses that came with it. They have insinuated themselves into the highest levels of power around the world. Anyone who opposes them is either ruined or killed.

The handful of Jews who might have been killed in anger in the German workcamps shrivels into insignificance when compared to the 12 million German innocents, strewn from Dresden to Rhine Meadows, murdered AFTER the end of World War II by Eisenhower’s heartless and insane Jewish-American policies.

A forgotten turning point

Many things have disfigured our Constitutional protections over the years — principally the income tax/Federal Reserve coup d’etat of 1913, the Santa Clara decision of 1886 (giving corporations the same rights as persons) and the post Civil War events that changed the U.S. from a constitutional republic into a corporation.

But before all that, in an argument that lasted from the War of 1812 to the Civil War, you can trace today’s lawless immorality of the U.S. government to the disappearance of the original 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It had originally proposed to ban all lawyers from holding public office, on the theory that their oath to the Bar of London which governs all lawyers was actually an allegiance to a foreign power, which it was and is.

Initially proposed to weed out British and French spies during America’s post-Colonial period, it failed to garner sufficient support (lacking one state) when originally proposed. By the time that one state (Virginia) said yes, the requirements for passage had changed, as four new states had been added to the union by 1819.

Nevertheless, published versions of the U.S. Constitution throughout the land included this original 13th amendment, up until the beginning of the Civil War. A new 13th amendment banning slavery was passed in 1868, and the old 13th amendment disappeared into the foggy memories of government watchdogs.

The original 13th amendment reads:

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

The most important aspect of this edict is its enforcement penalties — loss of the right to hold public office, and also loss of citizenship.

That lawyers managed to get this amendment erased from history illustrates their power and marks a turning point of America’s descent from a badly functioning republic into a wholly rapacious corporation.

It gave the lawyers carte blanche to corrupt the law at the behest of their foreign clients. And it set a trend slowly eliminating the interactive nature of the U.S. government.

Twenty-five of our 45 presidents have been lawyers. Think of the buffoons and pretenders who would not have been able to wreak havoc on the world if the original 13th amendment had ever been fully weaponized.

Can’t run for public office

Let’s take a closer look at this law, which actually should have been on the books today, if only the American people occupied top priority among America’s leaders.

“. . . emolument [something valuable] of any kind whatever, from ANY emperor, king, prince, or foreign power . . .”

Did someone say “foreign power”? Today, that would clearly be Israel. Back in 1819, the amendment aimed to foil the clandestine actions of Britain and France. Furthermore . . .

“. . . such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Jewish billionaires control American elections. According to the original 13th amendment, these people and their puppet candidates should not even be citizens, never mind presidents!

The original purposes of the amendment were:

a) to protect the elections in the sovereign states from bribery, graft and political chicanery, and

b) to shield the federal government itself from both espionage and the domestic intrigues of agents-provocateur, and the insidious combination of secret multi-national societies, and the purchase of favored position from Congress and Bureaucracies by any means. 

These events still dominate the subterranean machinations of the U.S. government.

The destruction of the Library of Congress and of many of the secret journals of the House of Representatives, in 1814, makes it impossible to know exactly what was on the minds of the men, led by Philip Reed of Maryland, who drafted and approved this measure in the Senate of the United States. Furthermore, every scholar of the Constitution agrees that this article was voted on properly and was issued by a lawfully elected Congress. In distinction, neither the Corwin Amendment of 1861 nor the so-called Fourteenth Amendment enjoy such constitutional bona fides.

The Virginia legislature in 1819 called the amendment a constitutional bulwark against bribery, graft, espionage, and foreign meddling in domestic American affairs and elections, by instituting a specific severe penalty against persons so engaged.

What remains of our Constitution today offers no such protection.

“By prohibiting the institution of slavery and by outlawing individual citizens from owning slaves, the legislature in the wake of the Civil War created the first constitutional provision to directly limit the rights and freedoms of American citizens.”

Embrace of the idea is what got Lincoln elected. Lincoln freed the slaves to undermine the Confederacy. 

And the American people have been under martial law ever since.

Our compromised future

If we let the Jews consolidate their takeover of the world, we can expect a future of unrelieved agony, of futility, isolation and misery, of the most beautiful things in life turned into the most ugly, where one’s own preferences will be shaped by the formulaic manipulations of the state, and one’s financial success wholly dependent on your betrayal of the masses . . .

. . . of angst imposed from without, where a governmental agency has taken the place of your family.

The next generation will be radically different from ours. What is being assiduously sought by the simple-brained forces of power is a standardized society in which profit may be both guaranteed and regulated.

Is it simply human nature that requires we protect ourselves from each other? Experience tells us that we must. Yet all our teachings assume we are interested in being good. Are we just trying to fool ourselves into thinking that we are reasonable and trustworthy organisms when we are not? Or are we misled into following a mindset given to us by suspect individuals because we can’t think for ourselves about the biggest questions of all. We need the street cred of an “authority”. This is the path humanity has trod. And we now confront the disaster this thinking has brought about.

Most Americans go along thinking that their taxes support a military apparatus that protects them from the evils of the world. It takes a serious scholar to realize that their taxes actually generate these evils by blindly supporting the people who make the weapons, and who sell them to our enemies, and use them on the unsuspecting masses.

The teams for World War III have been announced. It’s the whole world vs. the Jews, and the Jews are heavily favored.

People from all over the world will be allowed to vote, with no proper identification of course, while existing residents of the new gulag, otherwise known as the United States, will be subjected to the most confusing conditions, and most likely will not be allowed to vote simply because they refuse to endorse the lies that Jews have told them.

It’s an electronic fence in your mind tucked into your back pocket where anything that is not politically correct is against the law for all people who think they actually live in free countries. Just so you know when they come to take you away, because you must know by now they can hear everything you say.

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