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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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A ship without a rudder on a voyage to nowhere


With each passing day it becomes less likely that we are ever going to achieve the degree of freedom we have enjoyed in the past. The walls of technology close around us and separate us from the world of nature, which provides life to everything that lives, except for humans who insist they need a whole lot more.

Those pushing the buttons wish to sculpt us into standardized serfs, malleable models who can be plugged without complaint into what is required by those who control .

The computerized inventory of all your life activities will be thoroughly examined by the centralized authorities, and — as is already happening in China — your ability to access money will be curtailed if everything you say is not in accord with government dictates — and that will be the end of your participation in the Deep State’s version of reality, if not the end of your life.

One day soon — if it hasn’t happened already — your ability to access money will entirely depend on what you believe, or more precisely, what you have said in public. This is how the new government will totally control the public and simultaneously eradicate all dissent. Already Jewish control of the social networks has created a new underclass, which does not believe the homicidal version of reality cynically crafted by media and government, which have become the same sinister entity.

Soon there will be no spot on Earth free from the computerized jumble we call society, nor free from the unforgiving bottom line. Just as we organize our own lives to reach our desired objectives despite limited funding, so the organizers of the world take the same approach and pursue the best options at the cheapest price.

As it always has, this attitude spells doom for the most of the world’s population.

Humanity fails the test

I began this argument by insisting it was the death of the churches that had turned the United States from a collection of relatively responsible communities into this violent archipelago of filthy rich sleazeballs who own judges and senators and can kill anyone they want. Throw in anarchist hoodlums paid by Jew billionaires to demolish the structure that gave them the freedom to do anything they want — and their choice was to destroy the freedom they had been given!

My friends were quite surprised that I would be defending the existence of churches after all the times they’d heard me fulminating about religious fact-fixing and the fake piety of evangelical charlatans. So I felt the need to explain my apparent change of heart.

It’s terminology that gets us into so much trouble. Because basically we’re all trying to do the same thing. When we try to live our lives without an overall plan constructed for our health and happiness, the result is very much like the chaos we see in the world today. People feign allegiance to one tyrant — or one savior — after another, and inevitably witness their hope turn to contempt and desperation — if not madness and death — following a few short years.

Cynicism leads to rebellion which leads to repression, and as this process repeats itself — which it does, down through history — laws are constructed to mollify the opposition but still protect the lies that undergird the whole of society. These secrets include the most horrible things human beings have ever done. The leaders who are carefully groomed and selected from our midst are thoroughly trained and amply rewarded for their roles in this deception.

Do you care to know?

“Who are we to be loyal to?” I then asked. “Our country, which has long been run by merciless bankers, who eagerly and permanently deface society for a few bucks, and who always back the politicians who give them what they want — which is the unlimited right to steal from everyone. As citizens, is that what we want?”

Somewhere in Thucydides is a quote about Greek politics, about which the wise decide that politicians make the worst leaders because, like lawyers, they are paid for what they say to argue points that might not even be right. The reason the original 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution tried to ban lawyers from public office was because both lawyers and politicians couldn’t be trusted to put forth their own thoughts because their professional standing depended upon accurately repeating the thoughts of others who were paying them.

“Where are the holy men standing up for truth and honor? Have all religions collapsed into themselves?”

All religions are the same insofar as each denomination is one brand among many that claims it is the only true religion because of the “holiness” of its founder. The era of the divine pronouncement has thankfully passed, used as an excuse way too many times for sex crimes against young minds. The church’s fake historicity has long been exposed as a reckless amalgamation of earlier creeds.

The early church demonstrated the power of propaganda, appealing to have-not populations searching for a deal that would change their lives for the better. The same thing happened much later with the propagation of Communism among the young who only strived to make the lives of poor people less onerous, but wound up supporting a monstrous hypocrisy that murdered all those it disapproved of.

What makes life sweet

Communism and Catholicism are very much alike, but Communism and Judaism are totally identical.

Perhaps it was the emptiness of religions that precipitated this meltdown. One religion criticizing another is believed only by fools. It’s like two shopkeepers arguing for the best position on the street.

Religion is for people who can’t think.

Ultimately, the moral compass is missing because the dogma of all these religions has broken down. If not betrayed by their own fallible priests, their dogma has been stolen and they have all lied to cover it up. People know this but continue to believe it anyway, then have a total breakdown when they reach their final moments and discover that the answer they have so eagerly sought is no answer at all, but only inchoate recitations of ancient myths. (Personally, I prefer the legend of Ma’at and the Feather of Truth, but in no way could I ever pass such a test, so I guess my soul will get fed to Thoth’s dog!)

The organization of society was a necessary thing, and basing it on our highest hopes was a good idea. But when the highest hope is an inevitable impossibility because of he nature of life and death, what remains to make life sweet?

Well, we find that in the eyes of the people we love, a practice the Deep State has ruled as an act of terror, because it abrogates the authority of the state.

One of the great components of this debilitating ennui that dominates so much of human life is frustration over religions that fail to work. Work? Well, you can’t find out if a religion really works until you’re dead, when you supposedly will understand nothing. So as long as what you do is somehow beneficial, you can defend your existence as worthwhile.

If you think this is not important, well, you can’t regret what you can’t imagine.

Few people ever ask that question, I suspect. I’ve always theorized that most of the people I’ve met in this life do not possess a social conscience. They never heard the words of Plato about being governed by your inferiors if you refuse to pay attention to politics. I spent five years working at a newspaper in Florida and in all that time met only one other person who had a social conscience, and she was young, right out of college.

Who are these people who are pro-American? Are they also pro-mass murder, pro-lying, pro-poisoning their fellow citizens?

Perhaps it was our teachers?

But who are they but low-wage employees much like priests, parroting what they have been taught to say by culture shapers who regard people as so many prisoners to be assigned to so many cells. The curriculum they have to work with was constructed by our keepers, who are the Jews in charge of what we are allowed to think.

Fifty years ago it would have been impossible to predict that public schools would be teaching first graders about homosexuality. Perhaps that will be the epitaph of our dying civilization. Who would have predicted that humans would drown themselves in their own poisoned sewers?

The first one now will later be last

The United States can’t do anything right anymore because it has done so many things that it called right which were really wrong — joining World War I at the behest of the Jews, World War II was a concerted effort by worldwide Jewry to destroy Germany, which had wrested control of that targeted country after WW II. And don’t forget knocking down the two World Trade Center towers. These were employees of the Deep State.

The one category that always seems left out of priority lists is what about the welfare of the species. It should occupy the top priority, but instead it is always ranked last, least regarded, ranked at the bottom of a list of our life’s priorities: We put our own needs first, then our children’s, then wife’s, then whole family, then friends, then relatives, then neighborhood, then community, then state, nation, world, universe and the last thing of all you might think of is the survival of our species, which, looked at another way, could be the most important, since our lives are predicated by the existence of all these categories.

Which one do you think is the most important priority? Which is the category that all the other categories depend upon?

We must evolve an adequate explanation of life, not just human life, and this philosophy must be able to grow, and not remain petrified as all the major religions are.

It is the goal of the Deep State demons to destroy the family. This will be the end of humanity and the beginning of something less, something in which the concepts of honor, compassion and human decency will no longer exist.

What do we stand for?

There is some discussion that the missing moral compass has never existed, though there is solid evidence that it has in past times existed at least for a time. The compass of course has often been stolen, and inevitably wrecked on the shoals of avarice and compulsion.

What happened to duty and honor? Duty to what? An insatiable war machine? And who will honor us? Famous killers with power, who get the world to do what they say.

Which way did our moral compass point? Why, right back at ourselves, of course.

The moral compass has never been here. It has only been used as an excuse to make war.

Some people say it’s all about race; I say it’s all about robbery.

Religion might be the public excuse for certain events like murder and war, but money is always the reason, no matter what the holy men might say.

Do we give up hope, or do we give up madness?

We’re all druids, baby. They want to stamp us out. Pack your bags. We need to figure out a way to stop them before everything we ever built and everything we ever thought is destroyed, forever and ever, Amen.


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