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The truth can get you killed

Butchery of Khashoggi leads list
of murdered writers, doctors


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi leader Muhammad bin Salman were mighty chummy at the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires 12/1/18. The Saudi leader nicknamed MbS was not otherwise much in demand, it seemed, following the recent grisly murder of a Saudi critic this rookie dictator was suspected of ordering.

Donald Trump has boosted the U.S. economy by selling weapons of death to MbS and other Arab dictators. But when asked about Khashoggi’s murder, the President replied the matter was a less important than America’s energy needs.

The congenial approval of both Trump and Putin to MbS’s very public dispatching of one of his critics, the Washington Post columnist and Saudi citizen Adnan Khashoggi, foreshadows an even more problematic future for journalists attempting to sift some truth out of the lies governments throw at them.

Journalists not wired into the Jewish deception of the world should be very worried.

You could be shot in the back like Seth Rich for delivering juicy secrets to Wikileaks, or you could have your car taken over by remote control and deliberately crashed, as was the case with Michael Hastings, who wrote an embarrassing story about a general in Afghanistan. But the strangulation and then cutting up of Khashoggi in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul has to be about a journalist’s worst nightmare when it comes to flirting with the crazy people who run our governments.

It’s right up there with Hunter S. Thompson committing suicide with two shots to the head.

How would you like to be cut up into little pieces for criticizing your government? Trump and Putin wouldn’t be terribly concerned.

Senators briefed by the CIA today had other opinions than Trump, however, and the campaign to distance the U.S. from the killer sheik is sure to grow in the coming days. Turns out there was no smoking gun, but there was a smoking saw! 

Now, in order to keep the oil flowing the leaders of both America and Russia think it’s OK to literally slice their critics into little pieces and conceal the pieces where they likely will never be found, has been declared by both as politics as usual. This is no surprise for either the USA or Russia who are both infamous for dispatching popular leaders in other countries who are not the first choice of the international bankers (Jews). Slobodan Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gadhafi are three such examples, all murdered by the good old USA despite being innocent of the charges against them.

The untimely deaths of all these patriots are indications are there is already a one world government, the government of the banks which is run out of London by Israeli-firsters who are intent on bankrupting and pauperizing all the countries of the world.

Pat Tillman, the pro football player who joined the Army after 9/11 to help catch the terrorists and then was murdered by friendly fire, was an incipient journalist, about to become an anti-war icon once he witnessed what was really happening in Afghanistan.

Less than murder but almost as disruptive has been the incarceration of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been trapped in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for six years. Charges filed against Assange in the U.S. have been kept secret until he is arrested and brought to the U.S. They were kept secret to avoid a public outcry which believes the arrest to be unwarranted and a crime unto itself. /

Maybe the worst of all, even worse than the Khashoggi dismemberment, was the strange death of Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Terrance Yeakey in 1995, shortly after the Murrah building exploded, killing 168. The official version of his story is that Yeakey committed suicide by slashing his wrists and shooting himself after driving out into the middle of a field. He was on the scene of the bombing and was gathering info that told the whole story (five different bombs) before his life was ended abruptly.

Similar to Yeakey’s unbelievable demise was the fate of Dr. James Bradstreet, a leader in the fight for new cancer cures, who supposedly shot himself in the chest and then jumped into a river. What Bradstreet did do is begin a string of 88 holistic doctors who were murdered and/or suicided shortly after Bradstreet’s demise.

And then hearkens back to the rash of microbiologists dying in all sorts of exotic ways.

Then there are all those bankers who jumped out windows at the height of their careers. The reasons for this were never convincingly discussed.

Don’t be concerned that so-called journalists are harassing Donald Trump in a way that has never been seen before. Those people aren’t journalists, they’re paid shills, hitmen for the bankers. The network news used to employ journalists, but now they only hire propagandists who are told what to investigate and what to say about them, which is what the Deep State government commands them to say.

I’m not talking about the familiar faces you see on TV, I’m talking about real journalists, risking their lives out in the field, in theaters of operation in which the real surprise is staying alive.

People are not so much interested in the truth these days as they are in staying out of harm’s way. They’ll help those they think are doing good work but often find out later that they were deceived into supporting insane objectives, like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (and Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Serbia, Panama and many other places).

These objectives were mostly put in place by dual citizens who commit treason against the U.S.

There’s no way a long term solution to wars on Planet Earth can ever be found as long as Jews are included. As Werner Sombart once said, “Wars are the Jews’ harvest.”

The world runs on war. University studies in toto are all geared to better weapons by which humanity can eventually destroy each other.

Journalists today keep coming up with stories about the government misplacing trillions of dollars, but no single person is ever charged with the theft.

As long as you don’t talk about Jews, or Big Oil or Big Pharma, you can probably make a pretty good living as a journalist, if you can stifle your revulsion at the lies you have to parrot.

Freedom of speech might have died for good back in the Vietnam war when the folks who make wars and run TV stations decided that independent journalists could no longer cover wars themselves. They had to be “embedded” with the troops and restricted in their movements to make sure the stories they told were exactly what the government wanted them to say.

There has been much less honest reporting of government ever since.

The swamp is deep and deadly. And it will never be drained.


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