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‘Why we murder cattle!’
written by
the descendants of Genghis Khan

False religions turn our lives rancid with fear

We have become lost in our own fictions . . .

. . . without bothering to answer who we are, why we can think and where our thoughts are leading us.

We decided to invent God to relieve us of our ontological angst, a.k.a. our fear of death. It colored everything we did across time and made us make many mistakes.

Why? Because we die, stupid. Denying it simply gives us a false view of everything. Realizing it makes it easier to understand the predicament of our fellows.

But, the notion that we don’t die has been a real moneymaker since the dawn of time and has for many centuries been the control mechanism of human thought.

All these competitive explanations for eternal life became bogged down by their own ritualizations. Instead of the liberation they promised, they curdled into excuses for oppression. Peasants were cranked through sadistic propaganda mills and trained to eviscerate each other.

But on the bright side, religions have leant structure to savages who otherwise would be like black South Africans who pass laws permitting — in fact encouraging! — the rape murder mutilations of the very white people who built their country, while the Clinton and Obama perverts applaud from the safe sidelines of their posh accommodations paid for by your tax dollars.

This is what they are pushing on all Jewish media these days — whites are bad, kill the whites. Jewish media call it citizenship. Impartial observers, especially in Europe, are experiencing the extermination of the white race.

That’s the thanks we got for helping all those people of color for so many years.

Our leaders have all betrayed us, for money and other depraved things. I fear this is a process that will shortly consume us all, in flames of one kind or another.

Team sport

I have to say that I am a much smarter person because of the people I know and listen to rather than much of anything I’ve ever had to figure out by myself.

Another friend of mine is going homeless today, a hard working truth seeker who could never find a congenial enough market for his work, and now has no military benefits to prop him up in his old age.

It is a blight that sweeps the nation regularly, like soldiers who are forgotten for defending their country with their wasted lives only to be abandoned in their fading years. Living amongst the dented denizens at the bottom of the food chain as I do I realize how lucky I am to have escaped from some of the natural and unnatural infirmities that plague others. Not that I don’t have my dents, bruises and parts that could use at least refurbishing.

But I have had so much principled help over the years, it fuels me for what seems most likely a fruitless mission: neutralizing the descendants of Genghis Khan who are now strangling and shaping human consciousness into the robot fantasies of their twisted compulsions.

People such as politicians tell glowing stories about their own exploits to pump up their flagging egos by getting people to believe things that they really don’t believe themselves. But they are paid to promote the twisted schemes of the patrons who have bought their consciences. You can see a lot of these totally insincere twits — Texas governors come to mind — twisting uncomfortably at the podium when asked complex questions about new science they can’t answer but have approved anyway. You see a lot of that in Congress and in Catholic churches.

Fetzer is telling the real story in court but the judge won’t let him present the evidence to prove conclusively that Sandy Hook was a staged New World Order psyop. Perhaps this is when the pigs decided that they couldn’t just invent corpses, they had to furnish a few actual dead people — just like they did on 9/11 — in order to reinforce the memory in people’s mind that this was real and not just more of the devious plan to get you to give up your guns, which is exactly when you will finally and permanently forfeit your freedom.

No matter what anybody saw at these staged funerals. Parsimonious, untrustworthy Jews don’t deserve to control the money. They are, after all, direct descendants of the most ruthless clan ever to walk the planet.

The descendants of Genghis Khan

Do we have freedom of speech or not? According to Florida Gov. Ron De Santis, another brainless deceiver for the kosher nostra, we do not.

America is controlled by a foreign power, which too few realize. It has been our downfall.

We are led by vampires, literally, murdering whom they please and twisting the world into an insane Jewish nightmare as they wreak on the world their vengeance for the exclusion they feel from authentic humanity, which they are trying to exterminate with some success. After all the British royal family is essentially Jewish; today’s royal children are Jewish from both sides of their forebears, and have clearly betrayed their sleepwalking subjects. England and now most of Europe is totally polluted by Third World rapists who have been the infantry of the Jews total takeover of human society — now truly a conquered planet imprisoned by its own greed.

But right now the savages have been unleashed, the authorities practice and promote violence, and the bonfire of the vanities has been lit and is smoldering. Spook media fan the flames.

With the biggest deck ever stacked against us, we should be prepared to be engulfed by the worst kind of psychopathological effluence and electronic sickness that we, as a more or less normal human beings, could possibly imagine.

If we lose this fight, the whole world loses. If we win, the whole world wins. Individual freedom is the most important item to be preserved. It’s a good thing that I believe that nothing in this world is really worth doing unless it is generally considered to be impossible — and then proving that it IS . . . not only possible but essential to our continuing survival.



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