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Turning us into the cattle
they trained us to become

All Western nations wind up with false leaders,
the result of Jewish media misleading the public

If you vote in U.S. elections, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, because without asking questions, you are voting for war — and not just war, but illegal preventive war, which is nothing less than a war on everyone. It is the way the USA has always done business, and in fact, the way you have always voted.

Sanctions are an act of war, which means the USA is already making war against Iran, Russia and a host of other nations. Meanwhile, we are foisting cholera on children in Yemen, sabotaging the power grid in Venezuela, and still destabilizing Syria with terrorists paid by the Pentagon and the Mossad in the classic New World Order style — hiring an enemy and then sending our troops in to fight them, making it look like a real war no matter how many innocent civilians you have to kill.

It doesn’t matter that we Americans might not be following our own ideas. We’re the ones doing the killing. We’re the thugs. Even though the casino owning Jewish billionaires are whistling the tune to which we are compelled to dance.

Who knows, we might be executing some kind of subliminal programming designed to destroy the world. Or it may be that we are taking vengeance out on life itself, for not letting us live forever. But in any case we Americans are the culprits, we are the perpetrators and perpetuators of the violent power of the state simply because we have not paid attention to what our government has done to us, and continues to do.

And at the same time, we are the victims of a government that demonstrably does not act in the best interests of the American people. It acts in the best interests of the moneymasters holed up in their impregnable fortresses who pick and choose all political candidates everywhere. Consider the implementation of Common Core in U.S. schools under the Obama administration, an insanity now being abandoned which had an incalculably negative effect on the minds of young students.

Drag queens and your children

Would you let your toddler sons and daughters be fondled by the stars of Drag Queen Story Hour? What force in the school systems would not only let this happen, but encourage it? It seems pretty clear that homosexual perverts have taken over our schools, and universally advertise that students who turn homo get special privileges.

This problem exists in all churches as well. It is the criminal misuse of power. This is the depth of depravity our society has reached after a century of Jewish control of communications throughout the world.

Understand that advocacy of homosexuality damages the future of the family, which in case you haven’t noticed is the way we survive into the future. Once the state takes over the function of childbirth, we will have ceased to become legitimate humans, but instead will be something else, somebody immeasurably less.

Our government was supposed to protect us from harm, but has done anything but. The emphasis on accepting new immigrants from low IQ places has left the U.S. health, education and welfare systems on the verge of collapse. In what appears to be a clear case of trying to turn the USA into a Communist country, nothing really works except fear and bloodshed under false pretenses by our own government.

And now, as the all-seeing eye of tyranny gains access to the deepest part of your psyche.

Butchering Gadhafi in the street. Blowing up wedding parties in Afghanistan. This is the new American tradition, butchering innocent people in the name of oil. But it’s OK. Our new president says it’s OK to murder journalists by leaders of countries that supply us with oil. This is who Americans are — thoughtless killers, willing to accept any lie as an excuse for mass murder.

We surround Iran with 47 military bases and then listen to CNN say what a serious threat Iran is to peace in the world. This is the cognitive dissonance of Jewish media — forever advocating bad things, such as ‘strength in diversity’ — that has locked up the brains of Americans, who only strive to be good citizens examining an honest government. Most today will say neither category continues to exist. After all, who can support a serial killer that lies about everything it does.

We sabotage the satellite nations of Russia and then claim Russia manipulated our presidential election. This is the true measure of the level of retardation (from Jewish media overdose) of the unhinged minds of most Americans. We have Russia surrounded with arms, yet the press prattles on about how evil Russia is.

In Florida, free speech has been denied to high school students wishing to inquire about the Jewish lies describing the events of World War II.

Soon it will be a crime to tell the truth about anything the Jews do.

Hiroshima. Fallujah. Wounded Knee.

Are you proud of your country? Or are you appalled at what our so called leaders have done to it.

Lyndon Johnson and George H.W. Bush helped murder JFK, who only wanted to help ordinary people and make America a standup country. The U.S. has gone straight down the sewer of moral turpitude ever since Nov. 22, 1963.

The continuing silence about important matters has been deafening.

All true democratic participation has been extinguished.

Not a single politician has asked for a review of the coverup surrounding 9/11, and the people who are most likely to be implicated in such a review are the predecessors of our current leaders who are maintaining the original coverup. With politicians of every generation, it’s all about going along to get along and seeing how much money can be made on the side that the public won’t notice.

No one challenged the lies of the Iraq war after Sen. Paul Wellstone was murdered for doing it. Somebody beat up Sen. Rand Paul for telling the truth, and the real truth was covered up in Florida when the newly hired governor went to Israel to sign a bill abrogating the U.S. Constitution by preventing his state’s students from hearing any other version of World War II history than the fictitious and felonious Jewish version of it.

You remember World War II, right? Three Jewish countries combined to kill 60 million innocent people in order to obliterate the last chance humanity had to escape the totalitarian grip of the worldwide Jewish money machine, which drains all nations of their vitality.

Today, everybody’s sucking up to Israel. Especially in academia. All the grant money has the same ultimate end point. Military applications. What’s good for humanity and the lives they live don’t really factor into the Jewish priorities that determine where money is spent. It’s all just about making more of it.

Furthermore, it is now virtually illegal to say anything bad — no matter how true — about Jews or Israel. This is how Jews have ruined freedom of speech in the U.S.

Illegal immigration is at an all-time high. Crazed Africans have raped their way across Europe, are robbing and murdering whites in South Africa.

Never thought it would happen

It’s not a trick. You don’t believe in your country anymore. There are no countries anymore, only ethnic groups claiming that there are. Once the ethnic groups are mixed and their power diluted, there are no countries anymore. They become subsumed into convenient geographic and economic distinctions. The more this happens, the more standardized human behavior becomes. Deviations are weeded out naturally by the process. Individual thought is slowly but surely being put to sleep.

It’s not a trick. You don’t believe in your country anymore. If you did, you wouldn’t have let the worldwide Jewish bankers always choose who your leaders are going to be, would you?

If Jewish psychiatrists were not in control of the investigation, I believe we could determine that the majority of U.S. politicians were actually deranged, severely deficient in the areas of integrity, compassion and honesty, particularly regarding the behavior of their country.

But the Jewish shrinks who are validated by twisted Jewish media insist that homosexuality is just another lifestyle choice and not a serious behavioral illness that guarantees violence and broken relationships have the upper hand in political circles, which are totally polluted by Jewish money.

It is impossible to quantify the evil generated by Jewish ownership of worldwide media. The damage to people’s minds is incalculable.

Among other things, they have bought into is the myth that all people are created equal. This has resulted in the dumbing down of all countries who teach racial equality. (making those nations easier to deceive).

Fake news is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The real impact is in the minds of consumers. They have been duped into believing false things.

They’re still writing stories about the Holocaust that never happened

All Western nations have plastic leaders, the result of Jewish media misleading the public.

The political parties have been reduced to cheerleaders for Israel as that psychotic nation controls every aspect of Western culture, including its religions.

This is the tar baby story. Once you’ve bought it, you can’t unbuy it. And you can’t return it to the store.

TV has reduced everyone to drooling idiots, who laugh at terrible jokes because they have a label that says things are funny when they’re not.

This is a scam the government has been running on us. Creating all sorts of reasons for a heavy government retaliation against anyone who brings up the subject of freedom.

The government has no positive plan for the future for the policies they have enacted that are destroying the country. In fact ever since Dick Cheney’s connection to Halliburton, the government creates conditions that benefit the investments made by Congress critters.

You can’t talk about the crimes the Jews commit.

Fortunately Rick Sanchez turned up on Russia Today after CNN fired him for saying in public that CNN was a Jew-infested network, which is not such a big deal because all the networks are Jew infested, but this is simply something the Jews try to keep secret from the dumbed-down goyim lest they suspect their news is somehow slanted, which it of course is to a very large degree. It’s preposterous that everyone doesn’t notice this; same with NPR which is choking on homespun advice from rabbis.

Jews can’t refute the arguments of their critics, so they smear them, and continue to commit their same crimes, generation after generation. Or after corrupt Jewish legislators and judges pass laws criminalizing free speech, they put people in jail to shut them up without furnishing any rational reason for doing so.

Do I need to spell out what you are afraid to admit — that your blindness to the crimes of our leaders is your guilt by implication. Just as the leaders of our nation are guilty of complicity to mass murder using the false story of 9/11 as the excuse to do it.

Laugh now. Then imagine what it’s like to be white in South Africa, to have your throat cut and your bowels ripped open. This is behavior that Barack Obama applauded.

It’s the French Revolution treatment. And it’s what they did to the Palestine. They change the names of the towns, after first butchering the indigenous inhabitants. Some people take a look at South Africa and can’t help but forecast this stunning slaughter of whites as an inevitability in the United States.

It serves the purposes of the Jews to knock off all the whites because anyone can tell you the blacks will be a lot easier to control. All they ever really do is burn down their own neighborhoods and ask for more.

OUR PRESIDENTS are bringing in savages to further destabilize the country.

. . . longest war in American history, famous for bombing wedding parties, to keep the CIA heroin drug trade operational . . .

You can’t expect kids to admire a government that does this. The kids are not as stupid as you think they are, no matter how hard you try to teach them to be stupid.

It is the Jewish philosophy to take over the rule all the countries of the world, something they pretty much have achieved. The United States seems to have caught the disease. Morals and morality are never much considered by those in power when destroying those they wish to rob. Or murder.

Dear Gangster State voter: When you vote in the coming election, no matter which candidate you choose, you will be voting for carnage, corruption and deliberate government-provoked chaos.

Do you call that a free country? I don’t.



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