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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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Only common sense
can save us from
our own obliteration

We can’t escape the conditioning that has misled us throughout our lives to properly assess the damage we have done to ourselves by letting our societies go as far down the road to totalitarian chaos as they have. Not only are we at a loss as to how to correct the imbalance between haves and have nots, but the vast majority of the population should now worry about their planned elimination in this multifaceted social tsunami now being inflicted upon us by forces often described as “too big to fail”.

What are you going to do? Defend a government planning to kill you? Is that how docile your modern conveniences have made you?

Our government has fabricated disasters and wars for its own benefit (Venezuela was its latest attempt) and yet failed to respond adequately to “natural” disasters at home. Worse than that, it has failed to coherently describe many public shootings and other suspicious disasters that trigger more questions than answers.

That the world is horribly out of balance is precisely because one group has harnessed the power of money and used it to enslave all other groups. To understand how this has happened requires understanding that it was bankers who first invented writing, and bankers today who are determining our dismal future, which is dismal precisely because of the exorbitant fees bankers extort from all producers and consumers, which they rake in by permission of the politicians they put in power.

With each new technological advance the average consumer gets stupider and stupider, with each new modern convenience the average human becomes less able to care for himself. The flooding of white countries with Africans funded by Jewish billionaires is an object lesson in civilizational paralysis, which the moneymen want to instill to better refine the requirements of those who should have money and those who should not. This is total top-down control of the population.

Governments have always kept secrets, but we as an interested public have never been kept further in the dark than we are today.

Our universities are no longer centers for public learning. They have become indoctrination centers for the power elite, teaching children to become perverts at an early age to distract them from focussing on the hidden powers behind the artificial reality that keeps them in check.

Especially letting toddlers be molested at Drag Queen Story Hours must give the Jewish social planners a lascivious thrill to know that they are destroying another child’s natural sexual development, and thereby furthering their evil plans to destroy the family structure altogether in favor of their no-family lesbian Communist upbringing.

Maybe the biggest fairy tale of all that Americans have swallowed over the years was that anyone could rise up through the ranks and become president. Anyone indeed! A New York Realtor who knew every Jew in Manhattan and knows everything that happened on 9/11 and has never said a word about it. Or a Boy Toy from Indonesia, whose history was erased and replaced with a quick trip through Chicago bath houses, Harvard and the White House.

There can be no honest U.S. president until somebody is willing to come clean about the U.S.-Israeli military and intelligence alliance that foisted off this predesigned terror attack that led to millions of innocent deaths in multiple wars all over the world. And that is exactly what 9/11 was designed to accomplish.

Until a U.S. president is able to be forthright about elements of the inside job that included previous presidents, Americans will continue to exist in a semiconscious coma inside a plastic replica of what Jews think freedom for the goyim should look like, namely, lots of pornography, violent gratification and addictions to keep people from realizing the chains that keep them in check even exist.



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