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Once Trump is acquitted, the worst is yet to come, because then he’ll be impeachment-proof, and the executions will begin, just the way it happened in Russia a century ago, and France two centuries ago. This is what Jews do, and have since the dawn of time.

Jews. Jews. Jews.

Jews are tearing the country apart — deliberately.

Trump is a Jew. His entire family, all his associates, the billionaires who rescued him from serial bankruptcies, all Jews. Yet his opponents are Jews. Pelosi is a secret Jew. Adam Schiff is a Jew, the descendant of one of the most infamous Jews in world history. Nadler is a Jew. Schumer is a Jew. Even Ukrainian President Zelensky is a Jew.

This argument is about as authentic as a professional wrestling match.

This is all a complex plot against the American people, and all the peoples of the world.

More important than our politicians and elected representatives, the entire spectrum of American media is Jewish. People don’t know what politicians actually say; but they do know what corrupt Jew-loving media hacks say about them.

You can’t work in Big Media without being Jewish, or being Jew slaves. Just ask Rick Sanchez, now with Russia today, who once said CNN was run by Jews and was fired the next day for telling the truth. Not only can politicians not get elected without the support of Jews, making all of them Jewish puppets, no can work in mainstream who is not a Judeophile or an outright Jew.

A century of lies

As a result, the Big Jew Media news has always been untrustworthy throughout the 20th century.

Big Jewish Media have tilted the tables on the American people by insisting there has been a high crime. Actually there was a high crime, but it was committed by corrupt Joe Biden and his drug-addled son, by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who betrayed the people of Ukraine (after murdering the righteous leaders of Iraq and Libya, murdered them to boost the aims of the Jews).

Jews are the enemy of every country on Earth, and own most of them.

Trump is already passing laws making Jews a protected class who may not be criticized at all. What does that tell you? It’s the end of the free country, process that has been progressing since the end of the Civil War, the bricks in the wall of the republic being removed one by one by clever Jewish sabotage: the Reconstruction laws after the Civil War rendering our Constitution null and void; the Santa Clara decision of 1886 giving corporations the rights of people; the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, giving control of America’s money to 13 Jewish families . . .

The purpose of this ruse

But beware when Trump is acquitted. Then he can’t be impeached again, and he will turn America into a prison colony, slaves to the Jews’ psychopathic whims. He already has declared Jews a nationality, when it is really crime scheme posing as a religion.

All of these people debating on TV know what really happened on 9/11. The American future is being decided by people with full knowledge of the disaster in New York City, but like Trump, they’re not talking about it because they all know that the worldwide Jewish menace runs the American war machine, and was wholly responsible for this American tragedy and all the wars that have followed.

Jews are people who should children in the head in order to steal their organ to insert in decrepit Israeli scumbags who have the money to pay or other people’s body parts.

Death to dual citizens

Many of the principals who are precipitating this current impeachment fiasco are called dual citizens of both the United States and Israel. No one in the world has any doubt which side these Jews are on.

Dual citizenship is treason by definition, and every single Jew in America who claims to be a dual citizen needs to be arrested and convicted of treason and executed on the spot, with all their ill gotten loot returned to the U.S. Treasury, ending America’s money problem.

Jews have so much power because they create money out of nothing, so all Jews can have all the money they want — they just have to be a Jew.

America on life support

Here’s your late breaking bulletin. America is dead, murdered by Jews in the imposition of the Federal Reserve in 1913, which produced the Great Depression in 1929, the theft of America’s gold by Franklin Roosevelt in 1929, the deliberate creation of World War II by stifling Japanese oil and getting them to attack Pearl Harbor, the reason for which was to declare war against Germany, which had been rescued by Adolf Hitler from the Jewish takeover of his country after World War I.

Israel’s Mossad and Jewish billionaires in New York City got together and figured out a way to demolish the Twin Towers, because they needed to be demolished — two types of metal that did not get along were threatening to create a disaster, an opportunity which was subverted by, you guessed it, Jew financiers in concert with the Israeli government. The bonus for them was to allow the military industrial complex to make war upon the whole world on a permanent basis, which they have conducted ever since.

Why are the Jews doing this? Because it’s what Jews do. Their so-called holy books feed insanities into their minds and make them believe that they own the whole world, that everyone else is their slave, and that they may do what they want to anyone — because they are The Chosen.

This is clearly narcissistic megalomania, a psychopathology defined by their own science of psychology, which untrustworthy Jewish media have managed to turn into a disgusting way of life that they recommend for everybody as they rape children and twist ordinary people into accessories to perpetual mass murder.

World War Three has begun. It is the Jews against the rest of the world.

When freedom dies in America, it dies all over the world.

Don’t let it happen. Evict the Jews from civilized society, or what will be left is the worst possible possibility for free people everywhere — the prevention of what you are allowed to think, as well as a death you would rather not contemplate.

Act now, or forever relinquish the possibility of your freedom.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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