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The ominous implications
of Sustainable Development

When you hear the phrase “sustainable development”, you should realize what it actually means. It means the end of what remains of your individual freedom. Freedom is an item most people won’t even miss, until the day that inevitably arrives when they will miss it more than anything else.

Through an increasingly restrictive series of worldwide conferences which aren’t really generated by governments, but are spread like a toxic stain across the public mind by politician-dominated collaborative government committees, already the noose of totalitarianism is tightening around the necks of every human on Earth.

Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order by Patrick M. Wood (2018: Coherent Publishing, Mesa, Arizona) describes the symptoms of society’s imposed collapse all in the name of Sustainable Development, which glibly promises prosperity and security for all, but actually intends to deliver the irreversible end of individual human freedom.

How does it do that? With a system designed to control everyone, from which no one will ever escape.

Sustainable Development requires a very detailed surveillance and tracking of everything produced and consumed, by everyone, everywhere on Earth. If you’re not in the system, with your whereabouts and intent pre-verified, you will not be able to function in the society of the immediate future, which is already rapidly materializing in the 3D world.

Traditional systems of government would be abolished, all decisions would be made by scientists in accordance with their collected data.

Education would be aimed at conditioning students for a lifetime of work chosen for them by those in control. No free choice anymore.

Hint: Cryptocurrency is said to be the futuristic financing tool of Sustainable Development, the final end run around all government structures.

Get the picture: Technocracy = Sustainable Development = Communism.

We’re all facing our doom and they’re hiding the fact right in the open because we no longer understand the meaning of words and how they are using them to eliminate all vestiges of individual liberty.

Thus, among our long lost memories of freedom, the phrase “for all” will linger in our minds as the most sinister phrase ever invented. The demonic program now devouring our civilization mandates that no mind be left behind.

The day when there is no escape

There seems to be no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown.
— Aldous Huxley

When the Sustainable Development project is finally completed, you will not be able to extricate yourself from the requirements of the central authority. To do so would result in having your access to currency cut off, and your exclusion from society automatic.

Ironically, you have no say in your future because the planning and execution of these measures have little or no relation to what the general population actually wants, just as local governments have no actual control over what is demanded of them by these corrupt but politically powerful robogroups.

For those who think their votes don’t matter, how does it make you feel to know that those you elect are being totally ignored by the real policymakers?

There will be no escape because everything will be tracked and controlled and your access to currency will depend upon your fulfilling the requirements of what the technocratic tyrants demand of you.

The most important part of Sustainable Development is that no one may escape from the high tech monitoring of everyone’s movements and actions, which will be severely shackled by a welter of restrictions and a gaggle of ad hoc organizations all meant to reshape the wishes of citizens and simultaneously obliterate the rule of law.

This would mean the end of all political dissent. You must accept what they say is the accurate version of reality . . . or else!

Already we see multiple speech restrictions vomited forth by Trump as he violates his oath of office, which would be a genuine reason for his impeachment (as if the overt murder of foreign leaders was not enough) as opposed to the impeachment farce our elected leaders have conducted instead of just doing their jobs.

Sustainable development is not only a wide ranging plan to take or at least control (which is the same thing) every bit of your money, but it’s also a plan to take all your property as well and keep everybody confined to easy-to-regulate prefabricated cities, where there you can pay the rent or die after a brilliant career as an obedient cog in the machine.

End run around national sovereignty

Among the many dangers Wood spotlights are all these blue-ribbon panels with celebrity endorsers appointed by politicians that create rules local governments are compelled to accept.

“The problem with this setup is that none of the city councils of the 100 cities have any say in these policies. This is the nature of regionalism, and it is patently unconstitutional and grossly unfair” to citizens affected by it,” Wood writes. [ … ]“Collaborative Governance is a scourge to the Constitutional Rule of Law upon which America was built, but it is a key tool for implementation of Sustainable Development.”

When President Clinton and Gore introduced their plan to reinvent government in the early 1990s, the concept of regional governments merged with the basic tenets of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 and began to spread its corrupt bureaucratic net over our entire country.

These regional councils became “an end run around national sovereignty” and blossomed into a nationwide network of agencies intent on circumventing local governments and implementing Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030, which call for the herding of everyone into standardized cities, as well as many other draconian measures not fit for human acquiescence.

Wood writes: “In place of centralized authority, regulations replaced unified law and all of the resulting entities were ‘empowered’ to do whatever it took to get the corporate mission accomplished.”

In the Smart City of tomorrow, people will indeed be living in a fishbowl: tracked, monitored, analyzed, nudged, limited, and directed. They will be told what to think, how to think, when to speak and how they are allowed to speak. Non-conformists will be conformed or shunned. Trouble-makers will simply be excluded altogether.
— p. 133

The Smart City scam

The Smart Cities ruse circumvents local, state and national governments. Getting cities to form a league with other cities and share their unique problems and solutions makes sense, but also overrides county, state and federal regulations.

Many of the parameters governing the operation of Sustainable Development derive from the work of Singaporean technocrat Parag Khanna (Connectivity 2016, etc.) who insists American democracy has become dysfunctional and the public has lost trust in its institutions. Khanna advocates less democracy and more technocratic stewardship.

Wood explains that the New Urban Agenda formalized in 2016 is aimed at guiding the world’s megacities to the standards of Sustainable Development. “This is clearly designed to urge cities to take control over their own destinies and to shun state or national control. [ . . .] In essence, this historic compact gives the UN the right to impose its Sustainable Development action plan in every local community on this planet, and this is exactly what it plans to do.”

Sounds like a takeover of the whole world to me. This is the technical implementation plan of World Communism.

A long series of increasingly repressive measures which primarily protect manufacturers of questionable products (notably drugs) from legal harm. Bureaucratic processes that last for decades with no legislative oversight and no true public representation. Our reliance on technology has set us up to confront the future as total illiterates unable to communicate except by special permission of the psytech gurus in control of your mind.

Who or what is this mysterious force running things and declaring falsehoods to be true? This is how Communism is taking over the world.

We can see now what we couldn’t see back in the 1960s, that the ever increasing trend toward corporatization, symbolized by the death of Mom & Pop convenience stores, was an irreversible step toward Communism and the control of individuals by a Central Authority.

Among the goals of this cursed philosophy is to erase America’s Constitutional Republic form of government. Capitalism is incompatible with Sustainable Development and puts too much money in the hands of its citizens. No wonder they keep so much a secret, and camouflaged by bureaucratic terms the public has great difficulty trying to understand.

When dreams turn to dust

To me the symbol of freedom has always been driving down an endless highway, wind blowing in your hair, as portrayed by the black-and-white TV drama of 1962, Route 66, two guys in a Corvette rescuing damsels in distress and righting wrongs wherever they happened to find them.

It’s horrifying to me personally that this metaphor for personal freedom will no longer exist in the future. As a symbol of individual freedom, it might not last another decade before cars as we know them will first become driverless and then ownerless as the human herd is corralled by bureaucrats into a much less independent lifestyle. At least that’s according to the bureaucratic nightmare vision of the future better known to us now as Sustainable Development that creeps into our lives a little further and readjusts our shackles a little bit tighter with each passing day.


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