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This Frankenstein design
is no favor to anyone


What if the prevailing medical paradigm is wrong?

We already know that this series of genetically engineered diseases that afflict the public on a regular basis are designed by scientists employed by an evil government for the purpose of creating endlessly new profit strategies for Big Pharma.

Or perhaps that is only the secondary motive, a mere means to an even more evil objective.

Perhaps the primary motivation for such demonic behavior seems clearly to be the implementation of a top down control system by which the powers that be can control every single human being with the ultimate objective of getting them to do what the millionaire madmen want them to do.

The Bill Gates death tattoo aims to tether us to a central control authority that will tell us what to do and govern every step we take from cradle to grave.

We know this but we can’t prove it because we’re not doctors ourselves.

We also know that we’re in a suicide spiral as a species all due to the concept of vaccines, which we believe is a false postulate invented by Big Pharma to fleece the public and rule the world.

So the question we need to ask is . . .what if the whole vaccine strategy is wrong? What if we’re supposed to get these childhood diseases rather than prevent them from happening because they confer lifetime immunity from getting them again but somehow are also important steps in creating a healthy well-functioning body?

I don’t know this, but I suspect it, based on my mind’s reaction to the government consistently never telling us the truth about anything.

I don’t know this, but I suspect it, based on my lifetime’s worth of interactions with doctors who seem to have given me mostly bad advice.

The philosophy of taking pills to cure your ills has clearly been proven to be wrong.

This is also the problem of Freud’s entire edifice of psychology in that it only deals with one’s own perception of oneself rather than how well one gets along with others, which is by far the more important factor in the equation of life.

This same affliction affects many preachers of the gospel, in particular those evangelical despots who insist the sanctity of Israel is more important than reverence for the man for whom their religion is actually named. But even worse than that are those who think that preserving their particular system of belief is far more important than the lessons in humanity they pretend to preach.

But in evolving to my own preference that spirituality is necessary for health, I have been greatly affected by Thomas Cowan’s description of the thoughts of the great German mystic Rudolf Steiner, a man who simply knew things that most people don’t know.

Also important to my thinking have been the observations of Arthur Firstenberg who relates the tale of Steiner’s assertion that it is much tougher to be a human being today that it was a century ago, precisely because of all this electronic interference in the air that has the undesirable effect of making us something less than fully human.

All this thinking in my own mind goes back to arguments I had with my father some 60 years ago when he counseled me that the only thing that matters in this world is money. I knew that was wrong then and I know it’s wrong now.

Money definitely IS the root of all evil, and people can’t see that it is exactly what is killing the whole world.

We’re heading in a direction in which we should not supposed to be heading. We see the signs all around us.

It’s a simple problem to demonstrate. Simply consider what we wish to tell our children.

We are supposed to remember that we are the finest beings in the universe. And that because we have consciousness it is our responsibility to protect and nurture everything that lives.

But our egotistical desire to live forever is killing everything on this Earth.

This is why all the world’s religions are taking us in the wrong direction. They offer bribes of eternal life to superficial people to get them to do the right thing.

This process completely misses the point that doing the right thing is the whole point of life. Offering some other reward for doing it is a symptom of people who don’t really believe, and need some reward for getting people to do it, when in reality, the reward is simply doing it, simply acting in the best interests of the people you are trying to help. No further reward is needed, and it spoils the initial action in the first place. You don’t try to help people because you’re going to get rewarded for doing it. You help them because doing it IS the reward.

If we follow this false medical paradigm of trying to eliminate all childhood diseases by vaccines consisting of poisonous ingredients we wind up killing everybody, if not immediately then a few generations down the line. The results autism in children and childlessness in post vaccine women is evidence enough.

If we insist on trying to live forever we achieve the same results. It will be the consequence of tinkering with a system of life invented by a creator that is already perfect in every way.

God’s system is logically flawless, in which you can’t take power for yourself, but you can only give it to someone else, namely your children, but also to everything that lives.

You can’t save yourself because that’s not the way nature is designed to work. But the beauty of the system is that you can save everyone else. You can save everything else.

But this is not where we are currently heading. Because we desire to live forever in a heaven of our own design, we will wind up destroying everything we ever hoped to gain and be forgotten forever on the infinite winds of time.

When you worry about yourself, things always get worse. When you worry about someone else, things always get better.

The power of spirituality keeps turning up as a remedy for all these attacks on humans. Practice what you preach, but don’t preach to benefit yourself, preach to benefit everyone else, and this darkened world will suddenly become a whole lot brighter, as will your own life.

Just accept the gifts you’ve been given. Asking for anything more will inevitably ruin those many gifts with the corruption of greed and the sickness of selfishness, which is exactly what has happened and is now happening to the whole world.

Because my ultimate objective has not really changed over time, I am reminded of a quote I used to use many years ago. It was to mention that both Jesus and the Jewish economist Milton Friedman both said the same thing, which was “you may not live this life for yourself.”

If you don’t do this, it will eventually lead to the end of everything.

So will taking the vaccine the government will prescribe for you.


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