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Gimpy and Loopy
in the fractured land

(An idyll or idyl is a short poem, descriptive of rustic life, written in the style of Theocritus' short pastoral poems, the Idylls. Unlike Homer, Theocritus did not engage in heroes and warfare. His idylls are limited to a small intimate world, and describe scenes from everyday life. Wikipedia

. . . prison, palace and reverberation . . . T.S. Eliot

It’s hard to preach honesty when the whole system is corrupt.

After awhile . . . after a lifetime of observing atrocities that are never satisfactorily explained . . . you begin to wonder if all this smarmy talk about goodness and mercy is just another scam to get you to take down your guard so you can more easily be swindled, exploited and harvested by demented droids for some incomprehensibly nefarious motive.

Could it be that the Great Law of Peace is just a superficial strategy to compromise your defenses so you can be more easily hoodwinked? Or do you believe?

Are you man enough to know the truth? Or woman enough to shoot it down?

Everywhere blacks live in this country has become a waste land. A wasted piece of polluted concrete, littered with needles and blood. They even burn down the businesses of their friends and then say they’re not getting enough support from whites. They punch out whites for sport and then demand to be respected. They want life to be their way, like Africa.

In the ever lapping tide of history what happened to the Indians is now happening to the whites. No, you will not be remunerated.

With the help of Jews and their poison media, people of color have taken over America’s urban centers, guaranteeing perpetual ethnic violence justifying an overblown and ruthless police presence. These colored folk provide the chemical and cultural entertainment while their Jew masters make new money every day simply by getting an endless flock of pigeons to sign on the bottom line.

The culture is saturated with wise and powerful blacks counseling bulbous and dissheveled whites about which products they should buy. Outside the TV studios, blacks assault whites at 12 times the rate of the reverse, and the highest category of those who murder blacks are the blacks themselves.

Under a perpetual gray sky the Sun withdraws its energy as the planet shrivels up. Choking on microscopic aluminum particles, the atmosphere cools and storms intensify.

Bless this, pal

The church betrays its own mission by its phony dogma and criminal misconduct. Worst of all is its continuing absence from the most important discussions of the day, almost as if it is trying to conceal the twisted fantasy of its own power from its religiously comatose parishioners.

Jews lust for the easy profits of war, disease, blackmail and swindling. Their twisted lives are generated by hate and envy and on full display in matters involving profit. They have bled the world almost to death with their conscienceless parasitism and ruthless psychopathies, and consider all the other peoples of the world mere beasts fit for exploitation and consumption.

Humans crave the sweet contentment of peace, health, honesty and trust. Serving their children makes them smile, but they like to eat too well. The things they have built are what the rest of the world covets and imitates.

Jews main mission is preventing humans from achieving peace and happiness because the formula they follow, a combo of conflict and disease, has always made them rich. As so many genius philosophers have postulated in the past, afflicted by their own their own unquenchable self-inflicted misery, Jews will kill the entire world to prevent their own deformity from being exposed. And then properly ridiculed and neutralized.

And there are many who would say, prosecuted and executed, for their continuing misdeeds.

As many Jews would say, the difference between a human and a jew is like a divine being compared to a perverted animal who never tells the truth and will kill whomever he can after first swindling them. If I need to say which is which, go immediately back to Square One.

In other words, Jews are congenitally unable to rejoin the human race, so intractible is their delusion that they are the chosen people. And that makes them a lethal danger to not only white people but to all life on Earth.

Inversion of values

Jewish media have elevated blacks as the new paragons of civilization who are right to take their jungle behavior to the ikons of American society. It’s OK to kill white people, just like they do in South Africa. Hollywood has made movies about it. Blacks are the engine of psychotic Jewish vengeance for crimes Jews themselves have committed upon the people who created the beautiful white world that everyone in the world so eagerly craves.

The entirety of Jewish media supports the elevation of Third World people of color to oversee the dismantling of American culture (or what fractured ruins of healthy traditions still remain of it) because they would be no threat to Jewish control of every single mind on Earth.

This is something whites would and will never put up with. You need only compare the cultural achievements of Europe and Africa to understand the dangers of elevating less capable minions to stifle the independent intelligences that made the world happier and healthier than at any time in history.

And we must all say a prayer for the desperate souls of Asia still locked under the totalitarian conditions first imposed by the same Skull & Bones creeps who provided us with all these mutant presidents we have been forced to endure.

Only the constant presence of the parasitic Jewish philosophy of the snake consuming its own tail keeps humanity from authentic paradise on Earth. It is their constant fear of the coming darkness and unwillingness to accept beautiful life on its on terms that has made our experiences here so wonderful. Life is a flower that blooms and fades in the garden of the universe. Any thought of living forever creates a madness that can never be cured.

Any thought of living forever creates
a madness that can never be cured!

Who said that? Man, these things come out of nowhere.

Now The New York Times is telling us that the USA was FOUNDED in order to persecute blacks. This is the Jewish misrepresentation of history at its finest, and Americans fall victim to it because Jews control the entirety of American media, if not directly then by financial extortion.

The whole level that is always suppressed in these propagandistic broadsides is that Jews controlled and slave trade and they still do, with the eager participation of U.S. presidents. This erstwhile Jewish-owned paper of record still has not reported on the 1937 Ukrainian Holodomor which was engineered by the same Jewish-controlled robots that are known today as the Neocons and have notably bombed a number of other places such as Iraq and Afghanistan for reasons that have long since been exposed as lies but are still believed by a majority of Americans because of the insistent repetition of these falsehoods by Jewish media.

As with the injurious recommendation of lockdowns and masks to combat a mystery infection that virologists are still trying to identify (or invent), you might begin to believe the government is trying to kill you, because you must admit if will save the majority a lot of money, even though most of the tax money is always siphoned off by Jewish middlemen who are experts in this dark art.

As usual, both presidential candidates are agents of a foreign power, international Jewry, which has captured the minds of most of the people in the world by its control of all information made possible by the control of the all the world’s money. They can instantaneously pay someone to permanently wipe out any activity they don’t like, and bribe everyone else not to notice it. So it is with the deliberate destruction of the USA and all the countries of the world who still think they’re actually free.

Families get broken without a healthy community to give them the strength. No one can be happy without a country they can believe in. No one can believe in this brain damaged amalgamation of refugees known as America. It’s just a bunch of criminals who are murdering members of their own extended family for large amounts of money.

Gimpy and Loopy? That's me and you, pal. Don’t eat any more of that dog food they’ve been giving you.





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