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Maybe it’s time to
kill the germ theory
before it kills us

Without the germ theory there would be no lockdown, no masks and no bizarre conspiracy aimed at eliminating the final fading vestiges of our own freedom. There would be no vaccine industry suddenly demanding control of your finances from inside your own arm.

Beware the inevitably ineffective remedies of false diagnoses.

They talk about your health but really they are trying to steal your future. They will never give it back.

Consider investigating the theft of your future, which is now under way.

All those positive tests (from tests that don’t work and have no meaning relative to the identification of any disease) allow the government to do anything it wants. And in case you haven’t noticed, it really looks like it wants to get rid of you, one way or another.

If it could get away with fluoride, nuclear power, 9/11, Sandy Hook and a worldwide shutdown over a disease they designed where you have to take a test that doesn’t work which will determine your ability to access your own money, then they can get away with anything. They know that, which is why they ignored sensible medical practice and locked down the world with an old trick.

Namely, putting fear between you and the actual facts.

If you have a functioning, intelligent mind, you ought to be very afraid right now, because the people controlling your life are proven killers who lie about everything. Try to deny that. Then try to figure out what you are going to do, with nowhere to run and no time left to do it.

The germ theory delusion masks the true causes of diseases, which it then pretends to cure with poisons in its spurious concoctions known as vaccines. Is contagion merely myth? Maybe it’s time we kill the germ theory before it kills us.

Without the germ theory there would be no lockdown, no masks and no bizarre conspiracy aimed at eliminating the final fading vestiges of our own freedom. There would be no vaccine industry suddenly demanding control of your finances from inside your own arm.

‘The presence of germs does not
constitute the presence of a disease.’

This is all about a sea change occurring in the practice of medicine, analogous to the time when they stopped bleeding patients in a misguided effort to make them well.

By the sheer force of logic, Andre Bechamp’s logical terrain theory is taking over the practice of medicine from Louis Pasteur’s faltering and unprovable germ theory.

"We do not catch diseases,” Bechamp is said to have said. “We build them. We have to eat, drink, think, and feel them into existence. We work hard at developing our diseases. We must work just as hard at restoring health. The presence of germs does not constitute the presence of a disease."

Inventing bogus nostrums based on the germ theory has allowed the fleecing of billions of dollars from an uneducated and increasingly unhealthy populace. Significantly, one of the most lucrative areas would be vaccines, something the medical establishment is loathe to have criticized because it is their cash cow.

The debunking of the germ theory is the only way to end the lockdown and the masks, because it removes the rationale for vaccines as they are shown to be the deliberately ineffective remedies for a false diagnosis.

A change in the very substrate
of medical knowledge

Arthur Firstenberg and Dr. Tom Cowan are leading us to the brink of a sea change in modern medicine, much like the pivotal moment when doctors decided bleeding patients was not a healthy idea. Germs don’t cause disease; poisons in the environment cause disease.

Firstenberg famously wrote The Invisible Rainbow (2017) which spotlights the link between electrosmog and all the major diseases of industrial civilization (my 2-part review is linked below).

Cowan’s equally famous Steiner YouTube propelled Firstenberg’s warning about electrosensitivity causing diseases including the flu that defied proper detection because the medical profession was locked in the grip of the profit-making germ theory, and still is.

Ditching the germ theory in favor of the terrain theory automatically and instantaneously disappears the lockdown, masks and spooky new vaccines and refocuses the target of our wrathful health concerns on radiowaves, the sinister implication of 5G’s impact on the oxygen molecules in our body — when they will no longer comfortably bond with our blood; that’s when we drop dead wherever we are standing, no further explanation necessary. That’s what happened in Wuhan, they say.

And the real punchline that will bring the dangerous 5G experiment to a screeching halt: radio waves cause disease because they interfere with the quality of oxygen molecules interfacing with the blood, producing a veritable glossary of diseases, most of them fatal.

This revelation will end the lockdowns, prohibit the cancer causing masks and put an end to the obscene profits and needless deaths provided by the vaccine industry, which is revealed as more witchcraft than medicine as doctors callously experiment with human lives.

Germs don’t cause disease? What heresy! Doctors making all that money from the constant kaCHING of the cashing register don’t even want to give up their vaccines. Now doctors must admit that viruses don’t cause disease because they are the body’s mechanism that fights off disease.

In the words of Tom Cowan, “Viruses don’t cause disease. Therefore much of what we are told is wrong.”

5G is a technology; fear is the problem

In Cowan’s latest book scheduled for release this week, the controversial medical theoretician not only championed the idea most hated by Big Business that diseases are caused by radio waves and not germs, but went out of his way to stress the impact that fear — simple, constant and intractable, like with a lockdown — has on your health.

Yes, this is a sneaky way to preface a review of Cowan’s new book, The Contagion Myth, but the topic of the germ theory’s limitations and misapplications is so important for the public to understand. This medical manipulation of our bodies with diabolical “vaccines” will install a permanent connector to our government masters with a technology that only geniuses can truly comprehend. And only madmen would ever attempt such a warped intrusion on the minds and bodies of their fellow citizens.

Cowan writes:

It’s important to understand the mind—what it is and how it works— because the mind has a large role to play in the experience of “contagion.” In other words, if we don’t explore the nature of the mind and come to a realistic understanding of how the mind operates, we will fail to understand the concept of contagion in general and the experience of Covid-19 in particular. This is because fear, hatred, and lies are key components of the phenomena we call “sickness”; these negative emotions and behaviors seem to be “contagious,” and they are present in the world at almost unprecedented levels at this time. It’s time to integrate the concept of the mind into a realistic framework for health and disease.

The author of seminal books about the heart not being a pump and the discovery of the workings of the fourth state of water put Cowan in the stratosphere of cutting edge medical knowledge. He explains:

There is no body-mind duality; that is a superstition of materialistic scientists. There is a human being, divided up into various water compartments, each working together to create this experience we call life. The input to this experience, as in a radio, comes from the world—actually the universe—as a whole. Our bodies (with their respective minds) are the receivers for this input in the form of electromagnetic waves.

His quick take on the dance of life?

And, since we now know that every “substance” is also its own form of wave, there is a natural resonance created when the energy of the world meets the organized water crystal known as the human being. The result of this resonance is output, otherwise known as thoughts, feelings, and actions. The mind is simply a made-up concept for this dance of life—input from the world, received in the form of resonance by our organism, leading to the creation of output in the form of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

And commentary on our current predicament?

Clearly, if one can’t prove that the coronavirus even exists and that the testing for this imaginary virus is bogus, then the world has been led wildly astray. If the test for the coronavirus is inaccurate and misleading, as is the case, then there are no grounds for believing the reports about the number of Covid-19 cases, the number of Covid-19 deaths, or any other statistics coming from the orthodox medical institutions. If the testing is bogus, then the coronavirus emperor has no clothes.

As I have been saying for many years, this is the battle for everything, and everybody gets to participate.

Stay tuned for Stealing Your Future part 2, the full review of Cowan’s book, coming soon to and thank you for your kind attention.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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