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360-degree scan of
a rotting civilization

Never has censorship in the United States been so in-your-face as now when the President can’t even post his comments on Twitter because they are ruled fake news by an unreconstructed Jewish Communist dupe. What hope to tell the truth does an ordinary blogger have?

They have scams covering up scams these days. The whole election scenario has been set up to depict Donald Trump as the great patriot fighting his cartoon enemies Pelosi and Schiff, overcoming corruption thanks to the courageous oratory of lawyer Sidney Powell pointing out the undeniable flaws in what might be the last American election.

But the greater scam is that Trump will overcome these dastardly deplorables and — glory of glories and holy of holies — will then impose an all-encompassing Jewish peace on the world.

Then we really have something to worry about.

Heads they win, tails we lose

Why do old style Communism and the latest coronavirus vaccine — no matter which one they finally choose — both have the same devastating impact? Because once you put them in you will never be able to get them out.

Without millions of deaths.

Now the media struggle mightily to convince us that an old man crippled by senility won an election against a robust patriot wildly applauded by the vast majority of the populace.

The Democratic Party is being killed by its own corruption, which is a real shame because once they were the party which actually cared about people. The Republicans only cared about business, and that was and is their role.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TV, movies, newspapers and government spokespeople all speak as one in these dark days. You are no longer allowed to say what you want because it violates community standards. Jewish community standards! Now all must speak with the same voice, all must accept and regurgitate these same bogus claims of danger. We all must accept what the face on the screen tell us what we can do “to save lives”.

The real epidemic is the lies

Some very sick people are engineering an unprecedented calamity. Population reduction, they call it. How many euphemisms like collateral damage will it take for people to realize they’re talking about blowing people’s brains out on an industrial scale? Or more than likely have millions of people suddenly drop in place when they finally decide to click a certain 5G switch activating the irreversible Bill Gates solution.

Then there are those who are already screeching — the vaccine is the disease, and the vehicle of population reduction, likely of people you know and love.

Those who survive this demonic experiment will pass by these victims and avert their gaze on their way to deciding whether they will be regimented along with the rest and have their bankbooks implanted inside their arms and their consciences registered with the FBI.

Likely your brain has already essentially been blown out by chemicals, electricity, pollution and food minus the nutrition. I’m still in shock by Dr. Cowan’s mention that in 1920 there was no heart disease and by 1940 it was the No. 1 killer in America, all because of the introduction of processed foods into the sabotaged American diet. One poison after another, still continuing. Don’t ever eat the Impossible Whopper, needless to say.

Every doctor who prescribes masks and lockdowns in this phony pandemic is violating his Hippocratic Oath, which demands “First Do No Harm.” Masks don’t prevent contagion in either direction and lockdowns guarantee millions of future mental patients in children who have suffered through this sadistic enforced isolation.

The boat we all missed

The great tragedy of the 2020 U.S. presidential election is that the truly important issues facing our country and the world were never discussed. Instead everyone got lost in a rococo TV game show in which a landslide victory for Donald Trump was turned into an improbable but temporary victory for senile subservience, Communist subversion and sexual perversion.

Constitutional civilization in the United States, if it ever existed, is long dead. It’s a crimelord game today where dark witches like Pelosi and Feinstein are worth billions and own the vote counting machines that turned the 2020 election into a gnarly electronic nightmare.

Which is also how you could describe our media situation totally in the grip of the truth-crushing Communist bankers who rule the world and efficiently erase the people with their poison peddling malign neglect.

In fact the people running our country turned out to be the genuine but unspoken issue as they are conspiring to turn the world into one giant Jewish run superstate with no free speech and no independent lifestyles without the approval of the authorities who see everything.

There is no benefit for humans to do this.

Jew billionaires determine what the media say

The real war is between every country in the world and Israel.

Central issue

The central issue of human existence at the present time (AD 2020) is that Jews have totally taken over reality to the point where they have convinced most people to act against their own best interests, and to accept the so-called gifts given to them by their Jewish masters which, accounting for inflation, are worth about what the Dutch West India Company paid to the Lenape Indians for Manhattan Island in 1626. Those Dutch of course were Jews, and the normal development of all free republics has been sabotaged by these parasites ever since.

Today we watch their artificial reality disintegrating in a welter of lies about our own health that are really camouflaging the final theft our remaining freedoms — not to mention our property, our cash and our lives — with recommendations that make us sicker, and as Gates, Fauci, Trump and the Deep State succubi wring their sweaty hands with glee about the havoc they are continuing to wreak on the world.

Fortunately because the Democrats lie to us, they also lie to each other, guaranteeing their eventual collapse. It’s the same with Communists. The dark-skinned have-nots are promised utopia by community organizers like Barack Obama. Then they are mobilized in support of some social goal, and demonstrate their wrath by burning down some business owned by a hard working member of their own race. The black masses supporting such insanity think this is a good example of what their kindred should do, which is why I think Africa remains in the pathetic state it is in today and has been in forever.

You know who the real liars are

When someone is called an anti-Semite, you know that he is really being called a truth teller by those who are trying to cover up the truth.

If the caller is not a Jew and uses the term, you know he or she is a victim of Jewish mass media disinformation which has been assailing the ears of the public and corrupting all media since at least the late 19th century.

If the caller is indeed a Jew, then he or she is trying to get you to stop talking about this most disreputable of ethnic groups, known for mainly swindling the non Jews of the world, and if they ever get the upper hand, as they did in Russia, they better known for murdering (and poisoning and starving) large numbers of their unchosen enemies.

Jewish media have convinced slow-thinking blacks that it has been white people who have enslaved and stolen black lives over several centuries. But if you investigate the suppressed history it has been the Jews who perfected the international slave trade using white dupe ship captains and African kings who sold their own people for booze and trinkets. Really it should be Jews who are paying reparations to those whose ancestors they have abused and destroyed.

Then consider the ramifications.

Were those blacks never stolen from their homelands, never forced across the sea to an auction where they were sold into industrial bondage, from whence they emerged with the help of whites into full fledged citizens of an actually civilized country (as opposed to the corrupt tribal mess from which they originated) . . . what was their option? To stay with their own tribes in nations that would never evolve and never join the modern world without the help of whites? And then probably to be eaten by neighbors or other wild animals? It’s still going on today.

Why are blacks complaining about the ghettoes in which they live when they have created those disasters themselves? And their answer is not to rebuild them and create their own marvelous civilization, but to burn them down and then demand reparations from the very people who help them improve their lot.

Sounds like a Jewish thing, doesn’t it?

South Africa is our future

So that’s not the worst of it, and why so many early white explorers in Africa warned that dark continents would never assimilate into the wider civilized world.

Thanks to liberal Democrats, the barbarian behavior of black South Africans who eagerly rape, rob and murder white South Africans is soon to become the norm in the white civilized world, if it isn’t happened already (which it surely has, at least in Europe).

Looters and maniacs who burn down buildings should be shot on sight, not coddled by curdled media morons who conspire to destroy freedom and are obscenely overpaid by their Jewish masters, whereas truthtellers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden are sentenced to life in prison, just like the fools who insist on wearing masks that don’t work to protect them from a disease that was created by your government to make your freedom an obsolete item from the erased history of a regrettable past.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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