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The true epidemic is completely corrupt government, which is why now you can’t get a straight answer from anyone about anything. Is there anyone left who is not on somebody’s take and willing to let the ship sink as long as they can escape with their gold?

Mainstream media assist the criminals and conceal the facts. But for those with eyes to see, the events speak for themselves.

As a nurse from Alaska dies ten minutes after taking a vaccination shot that the government hopes to make mandatory; so another lady, this one a professional charge nurse in Chattanooga, on live TV, a few minutes after taking the new COVID shot to demonstrate how safe it was, fell down and never got up. This is your government in action.

Consider how cheaply two valuable naive nurses are wasted by the depraved and delusional designs of Big Pharma. This is one day’s worth — the first day — of what your future is about to become if these power mad maniacs who are running the government and the medical industry are allowed to pull this mass extermination trip on the luckless unwashed masses, of which you and I are card carrying members.

Wear your mask proudly

So you see the lemmings follow along (in fact, you’re probably one of them), mask proudly in place, averting the gaze of everyone you pass by, protecting themselves from the disease that doesn’t kill anybody. Minute by minute, day after day, the seemingly insignificant lack of oxygen added to your own toxic exhalations that you rebreathe facilitate the formation of cancer from deficient cellular oxygenation so you run out of breath a little more quickly until one day you finally run out of breath. Not unlike smoking. Which was also once prescribed by doctors as healthy.

And in the locked down apartments of toddlers trying to become little kids you have families wearing masks stunting their growth and learning that other humans are poisonous and should be avoided and kissing strangers is no longer possible.

Yes, suffocate the brains of little children, prevent them from socializing and learning to be free and how beautiful other people can be. They want them dependent on the central source, which they say is soon to be located, along with your financial and politically correct psychological records, inside your arm.

This is what Jewish media have done to everyone with their obscene objective to impose Communism throughout the known world and install your life’s financial and psychological history in a device containing substances you will never ever be able to remove from your body.

Welcome to the future you have so carefully nurtured with your constant attention to the integrity of your government.

I would suggest that the nurses who gave their lives to this medical madness died for nothing as long as Fauci-directed madness is allowed to persist.

Surprise! Communism is already here and you didn’t even notice. Long ago I once heard a fat Russian bang his shoe on the table and say that would happen. You probably haven’t heard that if you’re under 60. Many facts have been rubbed out of the record since then. The more you listen to mainstream media the more oblivious you become. If only the young would realize this is not a joke. It is a cultivated mistake made by every generation that allows the perpetual Deep State to eternally fleece the masses.

Quick! Quack attack! Run! In Quackworld you become your own walking ID, much easier to track down. The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic in 2020 is nothing more than a quack attack. An attack by quacks. On every person on Earth.RM

Your trusted family doctor

What kind of confidence are we supposed to have in so-called medical professionals who put on a mask, insist we wear one and administer questionable medical tests that some say gives you the disease rather than just tests for it.

The tests are bogus, the disease has not been isolated, the vaccines can’t possibly work — vaccines? A vaccine that won’t stop the disease but you need two of them? People are dropping like flies in the controlled tests.

You can speculate on what the results will be, but the forecasts are dire, fulfilling Bill Gates’s cheerful objective of population reduction. Can’t you just see him rubbing his hands together with glee?

He’s a ringleader of the monsters who have taken over the federal government by peddling fear effectively, addicting everyone to their medicines after first infecting them with their clandestine concoctions.

All those movers and shakers who participated in the Event 201 pandemic planning session last fall need to be indicted for mass murder and treason in whatever country will claim them.

The vaccine is for people who want to give up their lives prematurely. This hoax puts the whole medical system in question.

It illustrates clearly how dysfunctional and corrupt are all governments.

Human history is nasty

When people profit they mostly look away from the processes by which they have profited. Frederic Morton said this was the Rothschild’s financial formula. The initial investment is always from crime.

The whole society has been dumbed down so significantly that people can no longer understand paragraphs with more than three sentences. And the vocabulary has shrunk by more than 50 percent since the one group that has plagued everyone since the dawn of time has gained complete control of all the world’s communications mechanisms so that our collective body of knowledge inexorably has been shrunk into predetermined and wholly manageable system of behaviors that enable the controllers of our minds to predict precisely what we are going to do and when we are going to do it.

This, it requires considerable determination to navigate around these emotional and intellectual blockades and more completely discern the fabrications of history. Once you pass a certain point in your education you begin to realize a constant social force that has long ago mobilized with our exploitation in mind.

Perhaps our fear of death which motivates our every action has more to do with that than any longstanding kabal of Kabballah kleptos, which has dominated the world since Moses and his band of leprous sickos stole all their neighbors’ jewelry and absconded into the desert.

Smart as he is, it would have been pretty tough for Donald Trump to have known that Dr. Fauci was spewing a lot of crap when he locked down the world and proposed to slowly suffocate the entire population of the Earth with his phony mask idea.

And not only kill large numbers of people deliberately but retard future generations with radical behavioral consequences of isolating youngsters from their peers and hence more dependent on the central source, although this is a hurdle every generation faces.

Just like mainstream media, the medical profession has destroyed itself many times over, but the scariest thing is that the public, carefully brainwashed by Big Pharma’s take-a-pill media, refuses to realize it. They’re comfortable with the evening news just the way it is, thank you, and anything outside of that is fake news conspiracy. Just give me the crossword puzzle.

That’s how you can tell the diminishing number of sentient humans from the media-driven zombies so proud of their own mastery of the misinformation they’ve been force fed. People who watch TV wear masks; people who don’t wont. Because it is so obvious from the Internet that masks not only don’t prevent the aerosol spread of any disease, they diminish the health of the wearers profoundly.

Heroic doctors are prevented from pointing out the flaws in the official narrative despite the financial penalties they incur by doing so. And the doctor random chance directs you to has only the officially enforced CDC rules to go by, and he will earn his final degree in homicidal quackery by sticking the annihilation of your future in your veins.

Be on your guard and never trust what’s on TV.

We now confront the billionaire’s ultimate wet dream. Based on centuries subtle consolidation and public brainwashing, the chance for total control of every person on Earth hangs in the balance of a population lining up to take a government-mandated vaccination that very likely will kill large numbers of them.

This is the government’s opportunity to jam Communism and a permanent and fatal vaccination into our bloodstreams, forever polluting the human genome much in the same way aquifers have been polluted by radioactive substances. As our government is poisoned from within, so our bodies are attacked in the same way.

When very rich people are eating human children for kicks, you better have a cast iron stomach if you intend to find out what’s really going on. Assuming you live long enough to make the attempt.

Quack attack? Should be Massive Quack Attack. I wonder when they’re going to turn on the satellites.

People should never be considered as commodities. When we do that we are no longer human. We have abdicated our humanity. And for what?

Epidemics, depressions, wars, phony school shootings. No more of this depraved government, please. It’s all so unnecessary. But that’s how certain people make their money, from speculating on conflict.

Not only is the the swamp deeper that anybody realizes, it’s deeper than anybody CAN realize, which is why the voyage always begins at home and the push for central control is the most serious threat to the human future. The worst is yet to come, I fear.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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