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John Kaminski
American Writer and Critic

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It’s a new government rule:
Believe what you’re told
or your life is over


A giant iron clamp has been placed over the minds of people around the world. Only the people can remove it; no government nor business ever will.

Twitter bans a U.S. president from speaking. Facebook squelches all those who expose Big Pharma’s pandemic scam and the phony vaccine, which is really a deception that is forcefeeding Communism to the whole world. Google eliminates all information revealing Jewish criminality in finance, education, religion, politics and most especially medicine. The New York Times, the world’s preeminent Jewish newspaper, now pushes the idea that mathematics is racist and all of American history was about the oppression of blacks.

The Jewish media mind control of the world’s people has now descended into a deeper shade of darkness as it attempts to impose its loveless totalitarian system on everyone. They consider individual freedom to be a thing of the past that has just about become illegal today.

Kids snatchers, blood drinkers and vulture capitalists run wild.

From the rape of ancient Egypt to the medical lockdowns now strangling the planet, the perfidious history of Judaism is now completely scrubbed from the Internet as kosher puppetmasters cynically manipulate bloodthirsty blacks into killing whites. The evidence is as gratuitous as it is gruesome.

Simply mentioning the subject of Jewish influence — even if it is the truth — is now punishable in court, as Revisionist cabaret singer Alison Chabloz (pronounced sha-BLO) recently discovered in the supposedly free country of England.

In the new totalitarian state of Great Britain, another truth teller has been put in jail by the forces of International Jewry for stating fundamental truths about how Jews and their control of money have captured and manipulated every aspect of human activity — and are torturing all humans by their infamous and now active plan to eradicate five sixths of the world’s human population.

Well articulated by psychopathological Jewish zealots, the Talmudic plan is to turn everyone on this planet into their semiconscious slaves, a goal which has already been accomplished, although the victims of this consciousness swindle have yet to fully realize how they have been so profoundly deprived of their futures as independent beings.

Anti-Semitism vs. the truth:
This is the real battle

What kind of system would punish people for telling the truth? A Jewish system.

Daily Mail headline:
Anti-Semitic blogger:
says ‘Hitler was right,’
Holocaust ‘eternal cash cow'

First of all, Alison Chabloz is 100 percent correct on both of these assertions. Today most of the world regards the Jewish version of WW2 as the truth. Yet the facts of history remain — three Jewish countries — USA, USSR, Britain — annihilated Hitler’s Germany, and today the world stands on the brink of a Jewish Communist superstate in which individual rights become a thing of the past, a no longer functioning historical artifact.

Chabloz was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison — not for committing an actual crime — but for hurting the feelings of Jews by insisting that the lies they have told that have gained them $100 billion in extorted Holocaust reparations were all fictions.

This can be proven so by impartial independent investigations as opposed to the false Jewish propaganda the whole world has come to believe which cannot be proven. How many German soldiers who testified at Nuremberg had their testicles crushed to get them to confess to crimes they never committed?

Prosecutor Benn Maguire asked Chabloz: ”Do you accept that saying the Holocaust was used for Zionist lobby and is an eternal cash cow is offensive?” Chabloz replied: “I would say that there's a great deal of evidence to show that that's the case.”

Chabloz also mocked Anne Frank and laughed during her earlier trial as the court heard how she mocked Jews being fashioned into lampshades, having their heads shrunk and being turned into bars of soap.

These are all Jewish lies that the public has come to accept, and precisely what Chabloz has been trying to illustrate for years in her clever, sarcastic songs. It is the unvarnished truths in her lyrics that irritate the Jews so much. Because their feelings were hurt by exposing their lies, Alison had to go to jail.

An eerie parallel

Suddenly it occurred to me that this courageous singer’s penalty condescendingly conferred by the Judaized judge was exactly the same as every human confronting the need to take a mandatory experimental nightmare inoculation that is billed as a vaccine.

It is now being proven that the vaccine promoted by the lunatics Gates and Fauci is killing more people than the so-called disease, once the statistics are vetted subtracting those with co-morbidities.

You know, all those shots that CNN insists are perfectly safe yet record numbers of gullible geezers going down hard and twitching before they croak. One guy even lost his skin. Pretty grim for a disease that doesn’t kill anybody who wouldn’t be dead soon anyway.

After all Alison never would have gotten in trouble if she just stopped talking about Jews, the prosecutor advised. So it is with these plans Gates, Fauci and their fellow psychopaths have used to hogtie the world: You won’t be able to participate in public life whatsoever unless you have proof of vaccination . . .

for a disease that has never been proven to exist . . .

and it’s not even a genuine vaccine, but something far more sinister that guarantees both you and others will be steeped in medical misery before you die unusually soon.

Shut down your mind or you’re going to be punished, all these actions seem to say.

Through the lense of the Talmud

So what did Alison say that compelled the British legal system to imprison her?

Two interviews on radio shows that I myself have been on multiple times were cited as evidence of Alison’s anti-Semitism. That’s the Realist Report and Graham Hart’s show. Communists would call these programs Far Right, but having been on both shows regularly I would categorize them as Contemporary Middle of the Road peacenik chatrooms, both of them rare commodities that remain unpolluted by Jewish extortion.

But before we go any further, let’s just define what anti-Semitism actually is. It is a weapon Jews use to deflect attention from crimes Jews systematically and perpetually commit, principally, loan sharking and money laundering. Amy Goodman did a great show on this on the Jewish NPR network.

It is no wonder that human society is perpetually bankrupt having been swindled out of its posterity generation after generation. Jewish control of the world’s money supply enables them to control virtually every aspect of human endeavor, and in that sense Jews are correct to regard the goyim as lesser beings because they have allowed themselves to be swindled out of their posterity.

Convicted for truthfulness

Speaking in court, District Judge Michael Snow claimed Chabloz “on two separate occasions whilst subject to a suspended sentence participated in a radio program where you made grossly offensive comments.”

Right here we should always ask the question: Offensive to whom?

Especially now where promotion of minorities over white people is the current Jewish formula for destabilizing the United States (to turn into Africa), how might the Palestinians, or Afghanis, or Somalis regard Chabloz’s penetrating observations about the Jews who control all Western mainstream media.

Never mind the white people whom the Jews are trying to exterminate, an assertion that can be proven in dozens of different ways.

The judge continued: 'The grossly offensive contributions by the defendant . . . are insulting to members of a vulnerable community.
'The need to protect that community from such gross offence is a pressing social need.'

Again! A pressing social need for whom. And since Jews control all the money in the world, vulnerable is not an adjective I would apply to them.

The pressing social need of not only the abused gentiles but all the other oppressed humans of the world is to know the truth, but truth is never a priority for Jews — truth goes against the traditional Jewish philosophy.

In fact, Jews are terrified of the truth, because if the world were ever to learn of the depth and breadth of kosher depravity, no Jew would be safe anywhere.

Chabloz was previously convicted in June 2018 for writing three vile songs mocking the Holocaust, which she sang and uploaded to YouTube. The songs suggested the Holocaust, which claimed that 6 million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany during World War Two, was a 'bunch of lies' and referred to Auschwitz as a 'theme park'.

Even her current lawyer Adrian Davies said “It may be well that Mrs. Chabloz would do well just to curb her tongue” — not what I would call an enthusiastic defense. Various Jews testified how hateful Alison’s material without any acknowledgement of the widely recognized truth of her assertions.

The final verdict

When you swindle anyone, you’re only swindling yourself.

Jewish bankers have determined how you will live your life and because they control your money, you no longer have a say in the matter.

Hospitals are not the cure, they are the disease.

The Jews have everybody’s mind locked down with mainstream media and control of most of the information streams on the Internet, including most of the ones you regard as independent.

If the public knew the actual contents of the Talmud (1929 Soncino edition), especially regarding sex with children and the treatment of all other people, who are called cattle, no Jew would be safe anywhere.

The great poison is reliance on Jewish media, where nothing is really the objective truth, only psychotic propaganda with an ulterior motive, which is your exploitation followed by your death.

All the governments, universities, school systems, entertainment conglomerates, sports franchises, a high percentage of judges and elected representatives, all the presidents and most of his or her appointees . . . these are all Jews, and we humans are their slaves, suffering under their sadistic scams and swindles.

Is this anti-Semitic? You be the judge. In any case, it’s the truth, which is always more than the Jews ever dare say. The defense for libel is truth. Truth is the enemy of the Jews.

The real epidemic is in people’s minds. They believe what the Jews have told them.

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John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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