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describing the enemy
of every country on Earth


Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
The Weight of Three Thousand Years
by Professor Israel Shahak

for Mladen ‘Mike’ Djuricich

Hypocrisy is the tax which wickedness pays to virtue.
—Israel Shahak


In his respectful introduction, the writer Gore Vidal called Israel Shahak “the latest, if not the last, of the great prophets.” What everyone who has ever read the work of this Polish Jew iconoclast knows is that a more honest Jew has never in history been found.

Although every victim ever swindled by Jews throughout history would suspect that an honest Jew could never be located anywhere, the scalpel Shahak takes to the perfidious practices of Judaism proves this is not the case.

Which is why his work is so seriously suppressed today.

Shahak’s riveting descriptions of the odious behavior of his coreligionists prove beyond all doubt that Judaism is the religion of hate.

Today, as Jewish totalitarianism spreads its crippling psychopathological paralysis around the world, public discussion of this book containing Shahak’s Talmudic revelations desperately need to be convened everywhere. This is largely prevented, not so much by the Jewish authorities who unleash it as by the cowardly sycophants who succumb to kosher bribery.

Jews’ irrational hatred of everything not Jewish is totally camouflaged today by the simple facts that Jews control all avenues of communication, either by direct ownership of all media outlets or by the financial extortion applied by Jewish moneylenders upon those few remaining Gentile news sources which lose all their customers should they dare mention anything untoward about the blackhearted pseudofaith of these misguided malcontents.

To the best of my knowledge (which is far from complete), it is at least very difficult to find this book if not impossible. It is readily available on the Internet only in Arabic. You either have to subscribe to expensive services or diligently search the fringe publishers. In any case the Jews who control the Internet make it very difficult to find, because the portrait Shahak paints of Jewish history is devastating.

My xeroxed copy of it has been buried in a box for 15 years.

After more than a century of brainwashing, ordinary humans can no longer perceive the walls that have been put up around their minds concealing all the deceptions Jews have used to infiltrate and deceive the populations they have pretended to befriend.

The most important point to make in all this blather about kosher psychological sewage is that the individual freedom of human beings is absolutely prohibited by Jewish authorities.

Wonder no more about the reason for the great plandemic of 2020 whose cure has already been proved to be much worse than the disease it was supposedly invented to suppress.

A recently circulated video of former U.S. President Obama shows him saying that ordinary people are not sufficiently competent to make their own decisions.

This is the basic Jewish philosophy.

A closed utopia

Jews do not believe in individual freedom. From birth they are taught to obey the tractates of the Talmud and the unchallengeable orders of their rabbis.

What is happening in the world today with the Jewish engineered Great Reset, in the words of Jew historian Moses Hadas, quoted in the revealing pages of Shahak’s 98-page magnum opus.

“. . . every phase of human conduct (is to) be subject to religious sanctions which are in fact to be manipulated by the ruler.”

We see clearly how this top down push toward Communist totalitarianism is really only the autistic philosophy of the Jews, who are robotically controlled by contorted Talmudic regurgitations which absolutely forbid people to think for themselves.

People might try to call Israel a democracy, but this is yet another Jewish lie. It is really a totalitarian robot state seeking vengeance against everyone in the world for the sickening crimes it has committed itself against everyone else. Shahak explains:

“The principal thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that none should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war he must live always with his eyes on his superior officer . . . In a word, we must train the mind not to even consider acting as an individual or know how to do it.” (Laws 942ab)

This robotic policy is being inflicted on the world today. Why? Shahak reflects, “a closed society is not interested in a description of itself.”

Beyond its political fascism, Jewish hatred of all other people is reflected in the unending slurs it casts on all human beings. In their twisted way of seeing things, rabbis order Jews to regard everyone else as farm animals or cockroaches. When Jews regard all other people as animals to be abused and that they are the only humans, the prove to the world that they are the ones who have always been inhuman!

Gentiles are ‘satanic creations’

The revered Jewish philosopher Maimonides first revealed this frightening xenophobia that permeates all Jewish behavior and condemns all the peoples of the world to various forms of Jewish slavery. Known as the Rambam, he said, “ . . . their nature is like the nature of mute animals.” Shahak quotes from the infamous Hatanya, a fundamental book of the Habbad (Chabad) movement, an important branch of Hassidim.

According to this book all non Jews are totally satanic creatures in whom there is absolutely nothing good. Even a non Jewish embryo is qualitatively different from a Jewish one. The very existence of a non Jew is essential, whereas all of creation was created solely for the sake of the Jews.

A better description of the childlike narcissistic megalomania that infects Judaism has never been written.

According to the testimony of one member of the Knesset, this Biblical propaganda was stepped up before Israel’s 1978 invasion of Lebanon in order to prevent doctors from treating Gentile wounded.

In 1962, a part of the Maimonidean Code (the so-called Book of Knowledge), which contains the most basic rules of Jewish faith and practice, was published in Jerusalem in a bilingual edition, with the English translation facing the Hebrew text. The latter has been restored to its original purity, and the command to exterminate Jewish infidels appears in it in full: ‘It is a duty to exterminate them with one’s own hands.’ In the English translation this is somewhat softened to: ‘It is a duty to take active measures to destroy them.’

These active measures are now being displayed in all parts of the world by the fraudulent COVID pandemic.

Jews further obscure their hatred for black people by calling them Kushites, and also disguise their contempt for the beautiful Gentile females they covet and so often corrupt as shiksa, which derives, as every Hebrew speaker knows, from the original Hebrew word sheqetz. The Megiddo Modern Hebrew-English Dictionary defines the word as “unclean animal, loathsome creature, abomination, wretch, unruly youngster, Gentile youngster.”

Shahak issues a course of action for humans to follow to neutralize the poison position of inflexible Jewish fanatics.

“It is against the glorification of inhumanity, proclaimed not only by the rabbis but by those who are supposed to be . . . the most influential scholars of Judaism that we have to struggle, and it is against those modern successors of the false prophets and dishonest priests . . . against surrendering one’s judgment to the declamations of religious leaders. [ . . . ] To such heights of evil are men driven by religion. [ . . . ] Scholars and intellectuals who perform this task take on the character of opium smugglers.”

The profoundly human Shahak delves deeply into the clumsy theories of Judaism.

According to the caballa, the universe is ruled not by one god but by several deities, of various characters and influences . . .

Other prayers or religious acts, as interpreted by the cabbalists, are designed to deceive various angels (imagined as minor deities with a measure of independence) to propitiate Satan . . .

Cabbalists insist the angels understand only Hebrew, Shahak writes.

Other Talmudic excerpts state that kidnapping of Gentiles is allowed by Jewish law, something we see happen every day in occupied Palestine and in other nations under siege by the financial stranglers around the world.

Lying to God

Shahak writes: “From an ethical point of view, classical Judaism represents a process of degeneration, which is still going on; and this degeneration into a tribal collection of empty rituals and magic superstitions has very important social and political consequences.” [ . . . ]

What is popularly regarded as the most “holy” and solemn occasion of the Jewish liturgical year, attended even by very many Jews who are otherwise very far from religion? It is the Kol Nidrey prayer on the eve of Yom Kippur — a chanting of a particularly absurd and deceptive dispensation by which all private vows made to God in the following year are declared in advance to be null and void.

Which means that everything any Jew ever says is not to be trusted since each Jew takes a solemn vow every year that he will not be held accountable for the lies he is sure to tell all Gentiles.

Consider what that means. Since Jews control all the money and all the devices for communication in the entire world. Every newspaper, every TV station, every Internet clearinghouse, every university professor — all of them constrained from speaking the truth on pain of going broke and being ostracized from the worldwide Jews’ society of bribed liars.

The purpose of the Kol Nidre oath is clearly about profit, or to put it bluntly, about stealing the wealth of the world by any possible means. Shahak notes that the rabbis and religious parties are very unpopular in Israel.

One of the most important reasons for this is precisely their reputation for duplicity and venality [ . . . ] the Jewish religion does have a strong tendency to chicanery and graft, due to the corrupting influence of the Orthodox Jewish religion.

The fact that we are not allowed to say these things is the key element in the destruction of human society and the corralling of all peoples into a giant and unforgiving Jewish prison.

People are no longer allowed to be truthful. They must shape their minds into the attitude of subservient prisoners, or pay substantial penalties, most often the loss of their lives, which comes in second for most people after the loss of their money. At best, the early Jews were a bunch of what we today call street people selling drugs and stolen property in the eastern part of the Nile delta.

Some imperfections

As a minimally brainwashed Jew, Shahak misses the boat on two key issues.

First one is typically that Adolf Hitler wanted to exterminate Jews. This contention is entirely an ex post facto Jewish fantasy, which never took hold until after the JFK assassination in 1963. To Hitler’s regret the German army fighting against the three Jewish allies contained many Jews supposedly loyal to the Reich. German work camps were diligently monitored by the International Red Cross (something the Americans prohibited after the war as they starved to death some 2 million German prisoners). The Red Cross determined the death toll mostly from typhus and starvation near the end of the war was fewer than 300,000.

Second is Shahak’s contention that contemporary Israeli policy beginning with David Ben-Gurion will always be based on “the restoration of the kingdom of David and Solomon to its Biblical borders.” This contention was invented by historians using mythology rather than empirical, verifiable history.

This is very important, ultimately demolishing the Jewish contention that ancient Israel ever existed, despite all the romantic rhetoric eulogizing Ancient Israel, a country that never existed.

Like so much Jewish boasting, this story is based on two historical characters who never really existed, as an impartial analysis has proved that David and Solomon were really Egyptian pharaohs named Ramses and Thutmose, making those borders of Ancient Israel a totally inauthentic wet dream.

So this proves their entire fabricated history of Judaism (as well as Christianity and Islam) has really been stolen from someone else and molded into the homicidal philosophy that thanks to the Jewish penchant for dishonest behavior and stretching the truth now threatens to destroy all life on Earth.

My own personal opinion is that the death of humanity is the profit motive.
Self hating Jews so vilified by their brethren are actually honest human beings.

The verdict of destiny

We see that process today unfolding in horror as the Jews’ poison vaccines kill far more people than the flu-like disease they invented to kill the white race and everyone else who opposes their murderous practices.

It is nearly impossible for anyone to be a pious Jew and a compassionate human being, although a few apostate Jews have achieved it. But on the whole, rabbis won’t permit it, just as they don’t permit any Jew to openly speak for themselves.

As America has been betrayed by its corrupt political leaders, so Jews have been betrayed by their corrupt religious leaders, who evince the characteristics of abused children, striking out at all who surround them with infantile complaints and vicious slurs that make no sense to rational human beings.

Jews are just a bunch of thoughtless juvenile delinquents vandalizing the world. Except they murder people and get extreme pleasure of covering themselves in blood and feces. For the health of the human species they should never be in charge of anything that lives for they will surely kill it, and enjoy doing it. This is the depth of their depravity.

And all they can do in response to these charges is murder people, and then cut up their bodies and call it a holy sacrament as they drink the blood of the children they have ritually murdered. This is exactly why they got kicked out of England in the 13th century AD. And yes, you can definitely call the Jewish persecution of innocent Palestinians ritual murder.

It’s OK to call yourself a servant of God as long as you don’t think of her as anthropomorphic as all the so-called holy men suggest, because that’s how we forget to honor and protect all animal and plant life, which is just as important if not moreso than our own human life.

As the barrage of complaints issues from outraged Jews about this story about this brave Polish investigator, I would remind all that I share this thought of someone else who uttered it long ago. I am here to save the Jews from themselves, as well as from those who have found out what Jews have done to the world all these many centuries, and what they will do to them when they do find out.

‘Repent now’ or face the consequences has never been more relevant than to today’s Jews who smugly try to control the world at the expense of everyone else, and who are about to pay an unprecedented price for their perfidy, which will be total extermination for failing to be decent and honest human beings like everybody else.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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