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A lingering snapshot
of September 11, 2001

Memories can be a tricky thing. Sometimes you remember everything as if it happened yesterday; sometimes you remember only what you want to remember.

As I remember it, she was sitting at an outdoor sidewalk restaurant on a busy corner in downtown Manhattan. The thing to remember was that she didn’t hear a sound until all hell broke loose.

I, on the other hand, was standing in my living room in Florida, first cup of coffee in hand, having just flipped on the TV — NBC, as I recall — staring at the screen as the tiny, dark silhouette of a jet floated into a skyscraper and disappeared into a ball of flame.

It took about ten astonished seconds for me to react. Then I shook my head. “NO WAY!” I bellowed. “No f***ing way!”

Then as flailing bodies fell from the sky, mushroom clouds of pulverized cement billowed through the city. At that exact moment, I didn’t buy the story that was to be told for years to come, and I still don’t buy it now.

Predisposed to skepticism

At the time I was working on the copy desk of a small and terribly ordinary Florida daily newspaper, which was assembled in the evening, delivered in the middle of the night and presumably read in the morning. It was the 30th year of my mostly undistinguished career in journalism, starting out as a sports writer after being honorably discharged from the Navy, and spanning a variety of editor slots at 14 different newspapers.

The one that counted most was an entertainment weekly in a small New Hampshire college town where I won state and national awards for stories that set the stage for two things: my enduring distrust of newspaper publishers and my knowledge of behind the scenes Jewish influence that affects most aspects of our lives. I also inveighed against Bush One’s Gulf War for 14 weeks in a row before a new Jewish owner dismissed me, resulting only in a gratifying response of protest from many disappointed readers.

The mid-90s saw the shocking events of Waco and Oklahoma City depicted as events by terrorists that were really terrorism by government, so that when the horror of 9/11 happened on that fateful Wednesday morning, and I shouted “No way!” I knew exactly what I was talking about. What was being presented and later described as an act of hostile malcontents was really yet another example of the continuing series of government-generated atrocities blamed on designated outlaws for the purpose of imposing new laws to curb freedom.

This formula of fabricated terror incidents continued well into the new century in various locations — notably Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Venezuela, and elsewhere — and continues today as a predictable staple of deliberately deceitful U.S. foreign policy.

The great debate

The lady sitting on the corner in Manhattan that fateful day turned out to be the Webfairy, famous in her own time for her inspirational leadership of what was called the no-planes movement, a stunning insistence that no jetliners ever hit the Twin Towers which millions of people around the world watched on live television. This investigative schism divided the 9/11 skeptics movement from start to finish over the course of the rest of the decade, and to this day has never been clearly resolved.

What lingers today is the great anomaly of how an aluminum-skinned jetliner could disappear into a steel-clad skyscraper like a knife cutting through butter when every other high speed crash video you will ever see shows the incoming projectile — be it plane or car — shattering upon impact against the structure that it hits.

A whole year of national silence followed the 9/11 disaster as the world was hushed by the emotional enormity of the catastrophe. Fearsome tales of hijackers and tragic phone calls from captured passengers on doomed airplanes, later proven to be technically impossible, dominated the narrative.

What ultimately bugged me most, as a skeptic who knew in my bones that some skullduggery was afoot, was that the FBI precisely identified all 19 hijackers in a single day after the incident, but in all the days after that — now amounting to 20 years! — was never able to name any other planners — other than three feckless and incidental patsies it contrived to convict of minor complicity — of what at the time turned out to be the greatest crime in American history (a designation that has since been eclipsed by the present-day COVID conspiracy).

So that frustration compelled me to write the essay ‘9/11 was a hoax’ in early 2003, which was a sensation that led me to a nice but brief career of conspiracy theorizing on Jeff Rense’s website and my first book ‘America’s Autopsy Report’. Following those, I earned a momentous radio interview on WLW in Cincinnati, the most powerful radio station in the country that reached 37 states, with host Bill Boshears.

On that show, my main contentions for the hoax were the willful failure of America’s air defense systems and the falling of the towers due to fires, which later government reports stated were the cause of the catastrophic collapses. I noted that the suspicious fires in the wreckage continued to burn for 100 days, and that no steel skyscrapers had before or since ever fallen because of fires.

Despite the insistence of FBI director Mueller that officials had no idea this kind of disaster could actually happen, the FBI nevertheless miraculously produced the names of 19 hijackers 24 hours after the event. Further disguising the central issues were alleged anthrax attacks and a clamor to pass the Patriot Act, which was suspiciously ready to roll out, in addition to a number of other diversionary tactics. See link.

Just when I thought I had the whole argument locked up on this popular call-in show, who should the first caller be but — you guessed it — the Webfairy. And she came right out and said it. There were no planes involved with the demolition of the World Trade Center towers. I rudely dismissed her as a quack, and have second guessed myself ever since.

In the following years, Rosalee Grable led a contingent of articulate and dogged researchers who eventually demolished all the arguments of people who thought those planes were real. Yet the weight of mainstream denials prevailed, and today about the only mention of Rosalee Grable seems to be her last wish, which was to be buried with all the other paupers of history in Potters Field. She died of pancreatic cancer at age 65 in 2016.

Blotted out of history

The greatest story ever written about 9/11 was penned shortly after the event by the Webfairy’s principal sidekick, an Australian guitarist named Gerard Holmgren, who insisted that the greatest conspiracy story ever invented was the U.S. government’s official version of what happened on 9/11. But the single personality who drove the early days of 9/11 skepticism was Mike Ruppert, a former LA cop who zeroed in on a financial instrument known as put-options as the telltale element revealing the inside job nature of the multiple disasters of September 11.

The peripatetic puzzle actually began the day before 9/11 when Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made an announcement that auditors could not account for several trillion dollars now missing from Pentagon coffers. Two other suspicious events of that moment also happened: FEMA posted a team of demolition experts to New York City the night before the disaster, and Israel sent five observers “to monitor the events of the following day” which they all later revealed on Israeli television.

Ruppert later directed fellow skeptics to many of the suspicious events and explanations that followed the catastrophe, and many years later supposedly committed suicide, allegedly over his belief that global warming would soon terminate human civilization (thank you Guy McPherson). But one thing he said forever perked my curiosity. On December 27, 2001, he said to an assembled crowd in Brooklyn that he was certain Israel had nothing to do with what happened on 9/11.


History now records only whitewashed accounts of the original reports of principal observers, notably Kee Dewdney, who went up in a plane and proved that the emotional phone calls from kidnapped passengers on the supposedly hijacked planes could never have been made because adequate technology did not exist at the time; and Dick Eastman who thoroughly examined the size of the hole in the Pentagon and determined it could never have been made by a huge jetliner.

Never principal investigators but always astute analysts, researchers Victor Thorn and his sidekick Lisa Guliani conducted a series of interviews on their WING-TV vehicle and produced dozens of chapbooks chronicling the unanswered questions that blossomed around official 9/11 accounts. One of those chapbooks happened to be my account of events titled “The Day America Died,” which sold about 8,000 copies before other writers came along and dominated the market with their own derivative explanation accounts, many of which sanitized details and ignored evidence of obvious Israeli involvement.

The no planes theory advocated by the Webfairy and Holmgren insisted that because there were no planes there were no hijackers, rendering the entire neocon narrative that led to the spurious invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan as totally bogus rationales. The theory asserts that the 9/11 terror tale was an Israeli-American operation complicit with Jewish American businessmen such as Lucky Larry Silverstein, who parlayed a $400,000 investment only three months later into a $7.4 billion insurance payout with the help of friendly Jewish judges and insurance magnates.

Silverstein also admitted that Building 7 at the World Trade Center was deliberately taken down with prearranged explosives, leading to the widespread belief that the other two skyscrapers supposedly knocked down by planes were demolished in the same surreptitious manner.

A subsequent analysis of a previous and infamous document known as the PNAC report concluded that “9/11 was to be seen as a new Pearl Harbor, conceived to jump start a permanent global war, employing terror to advance its imperialistic and nihilistic war plan, intending destruction, destabilization and mass suffering as collateral damage.”

This is a plan that continues unabated today, with serial false flag terror incidents, fixed elections and phony pandemics all being utilized to terminate the existence of the first and last democratic republic to ever have existed on Planet Earth. Due to a lack of public scrutiny abetted by mainstream media misinformation and preposterous government malfeasance, two decades after the towers fell, these efforts appear to be succeeding.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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