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As you learn to feel really alive
all around you the world is dying.
Humanity is being flushed,
and your hand is on the handle

What was that grip you thought you had on reality? It doesn’t matter what you see is true when all that counts is what they say is true, whether it is or not, and it usually isn’t. Then light becomes dark and life becomes death. Take the shot, forfeit your health, and lose your life later. Refuse the shot, keep your health, and starve to death now. With their stilted smiles and stuffed wallets, this is the future your elected leaders and trusted doctors have given you.

People believe what they read in the newspapers, but it’s not true, and never has been. Arab terrorists didn’t knock down the World Trade Center; Jewish billionaires did! The disease is only a sniffle; it’s the cure that’s fatal.

But lemmings believe what they see on TV. Businessmen and financial gurus meet to create a pandemic drill. As soon as it’s over, they start the real pandemic, only the disease was always meant to be a meaningless diversion. But the remedy — the shot! — is the real killer, and today a million people are dead from a so-called vaccine that never would have cured a disease that never would have killed them.

And they try to tell us this is mental health.

Mmm, remdesivir, $3200 per shot, shuts down your kidneys, then floods your lungs and drowns you, so they put you on a ventilator, suffocate you, get $54,000 from the government, and call your death another COVID fatality. Except now people are finding out that the so-called mRNA vaccine is causing ten times the deaths (at least) that the flu-like bat-juice illness ever did or even could cause.

We still haven’t really talked about those metal flakes in the phony vaccines they’re shooting into children that will catch the 5G messages coming from the satellites which will eventually determine every single step they will take in the very near future. Every single step on the paralyzed path to their coffins.

All this has happened because people believed what they read in the newspapers, and listened to the lies of authoritative news readers on TV who tell us blacks and transvestites are good while whites and churchgoers are bad — yes, you heard the president say it . . . white supremacy is the greatest danger facing America, yes, this president who left Americans to die in Afghanistan, who left billions of dollars in weaponry be scooped up by the enemy and who let thousands of Third World denizens stream into the country so Democrats will have a fleet of new voters in the next election who will not be required to show ID so the Corporate Communists won’t have to fix the next election in the same obvious way they fixed the last one.

It seems to me that our autistic president is the greatest danger facing America at this time. And just maybe this has always been the case.

How, you may ask, did Americans wind up with an incompetent, repulsive, feeble minded fool like Joe Biden as their president? A simple answer exists. Observe his predecessors.

As Biden drools while massaging prepubescent little girls, the troubling tendency slyly suppressed in all recent presidents is sexual perversion. Think about it. It has never been much of a secret?

A sly Hawaiian street hustler sexually servicing rich old men, magically rises through college, the Senate and into the White House, packing a so-called wife who was a linebacker at Oregon State and a friend’s borrowed children to freshen up the family image. All the while at the local pizza parlor perversion gets introduced through the society in the form of a string of initials representing every bizarre sexual practice in the new psycho porn republic. Funky fingers in children’s crotches at Drag Queen Story Hour become the new educational hallmark of our progressive Democratic administration.

Prior to that it was a manic macho mandarin with a pervert’s pedigree of perdition descended from a line of traitors who had manipulated public perception beginning with Samuel Bush in the late 19th century, or even a Jewish major in the Revolutionary War a century earlier. Miles Mathis, summa cum laude and phi beta kappa, says the Bush family was Jewish. And Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln as well.

Before Dubious Dubya it was Slick Willie riding the Epstein Express plus Horrible Hillary and Humping Huma slicing off a little girl’s face and wearing it as a mask which is the role they had always been playing with the dignified diplomatic demeanor of demented dumpster divers.

And the mass media. And the university professors. And all the newspapers, magazines, medical societies, legal profession, weapons makers, drug manufacturers, and transexual goons on the Supreme Court. What role in this world did you think you were playing? Henry Kissinger has always said it was cannon fodder, so don’t get giddy and think it was something else.

Even though the world is totally curdled in Jewish perfidy, and every country is betrayed by them, I don’t mean to pick on the Jews all that much. I mean it’s the non Jews who haven’t recognized a damned thing all these mean years who have always been the real problem. Since the time of Saul/Paul the Apostle, it has never taken a very big bribe to get the ghoulish goyim to look the other way.

The fake pandemic continues to roll on because of the people who get their news from toxic television and other malignant mainstream media. Consequently they have never heard of Drs. Charles Hoffe, Brian Ardis, Vladimir Zelenko nor have they listened to lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, or nurse Jane Ruby. Instead they believe Dapper Don Lemonn and the younger Cuomo molester.

I remember last year listening a young doctor in Queens named commenting on the older Cuomo’s frantic push to put people on ventilators, resulting in the wholesale dispatching of hundreds of hospitalized seniors, all at once. Cameron Kyle Sidell, one of many courageous doctors who have been deplatformed by malicious media.

Covid-19 patients’ symptoms resemble those of high-altitude sickness rather than viral pneumonia. In fact, the ventilators that the hospitals have scrambled to obtain may do more harm than good and may be accounting for the high mortality rate, as they increase pressure on the lungs. These patients don’t need help breathing — they need more oxygen when they take a breath. Many turn blue in the face. These are not signs of a contagious disease but of disruption of our mechanisms for producing energy and getting oxygen to the red blood cells. 

How many hospitals, all over the world, have ignored this warning to date in order to get their hefty bonuses for intubating and killing patients duly designated for destruction.

Remdesivir, Dr. Fauci’s pet concoction that never passed a trial, so now the real trial is real world use on luckless patients, and it still doesn’t work, it only kills or maims and achieves Bill Gates’ fervent wish of blessed population reduction.

Here’s a plus for Jewish influence. Young Jewish doctors Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan and Simone Gold have distinguished themselves with competence, courage and compassion in torpedoing the Fauci doublespeak that has killed so many people unnecessarily. But now they charge a lot for their opinions.

And the pandemic grinds on. In Australia they shoot people in the back with rubber bullets, people who only wanted to be outside or go to work. Or mourn the loss of their relatives killed by the fascist fiats of feckless fiends.

This is just another Jewish TV sitcom, only the casualties are real. The victims are the descendants of the people who built this country, and they’re being replaced by the people who are going to destroy it, finally finish it off for good and make the memory of America disappear completely like they did with Tartaria and permanently erase the idea that people should actually be free and do what they want.

All these phony officials have been to convince people that what they really want is to feel the illusion that they are really alive in a world ravaged by deliberately started fires, deliberately poisoned food and deliberately delivered death jabs you are told you need to keep you healthy.

You have been deceived into killing yourself by smarmy pederasts who have convinced you they have your best interests at heart, and most jabbed people fight like hell to convince you they have made the right decision. Until they drop dead with convulsions as they breathe their last.

Media hypnosis masking mass psychosis. The end of humanity. Soon we will be something else. Those of us who survive on our frequent booster shots will be nodding and drooling and certain we have done the right thing as our bleary eyes focus on the trusted authority who is convincingly telling us what to do.


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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