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You have to wonder where our
so-called leaders are leading us

Being banned by Facebook and Twitter
is now a synonym for telling a truth that
the government doesn’t want you to tell.

They call it asymmetrical warfare. The winning blow in the game of turning America into a communist totalitarian state has already been struck. It was the stream of deliberately directed Haitian migrants shuffling in knee deep water across the Rio Grande who are now housed and fed in operational programs that nourish the macabre method now in the process of destroying the United States forever.

From their precarious perch under a bridge in Texas, these unwitting saboteurs are housed and fed by secret government programs, then clandestinely distributed throughout the United States for the purpose of destabilizing society permanently. One stream goes first by air to a city in Tennessee, then the mostly young passengers are dispersed by bus to unsuspecting municipalities throughout the Gulf Coast, arriving in states who are never told they are coming. This is only one of the streams of distribution. There are many.

The plan was finally tipped, and perhaps the nation was finally tipped over, when the news was announced that these feckless Haitian migrants who have been slyly funneled through complicit Central American countries and ushered to the U.S.-Mexico border with new clothes, Smart phones and wads of cash in their pockets would be shipped to northern Vermont, impossibly planted in a frozen tundra where they could never possibly be happy and thus further furnish the destruction of America in a program of designed chaos that will never be solved but only controlled by a heavy handed police and bureaucratic presence.

It’s another excuse for martial law, laboriously put in place over the last decade by the white trucks with UN logos setting the stage for a permanent and continuing social disaster.

The test projects of this technique have already succeeded wildly by the malevolent planting of Somali immigrants in Minnesota and Maine, where the impossibility of such a cultural mix has already sabotaged social cohesion as African tribesman pollute the fabric of rural American harmony with a clanging tribal discord that can never be harmonized with he stoic and respectful character of previously peaceful rural American communities.

Already the urban ruckus caused by Muslim implantation in inner cities has turned much of America into Third World garbage dumps reminiscent of bleeding scenes of South African rabble who gleefully torch their own shopping centers and then appeal to the rest of the world for rescue and repair of the stabilizing systems of society they have just enthusiastically destroyed.

The strategic Antifa vandalism of years past throughout American cities, carefully crafted and nurtured by easy and endless cash provided by saboteur Jewish businessmen, combined with the deliberate destruction of jobs across the anemic American landscape by deliberately foolish fiats, and also with congregations of drug addled derelicts clogging the sidewalks of formerly cultivated suburban neighborhoods all congeal into a horrific pastiche of perverted poverty that provides the backdrop for suddenly produced corpses generated by social philosophies deliberately designed to destroy peaceful and prosperous societies.

While all this is going on, so called ordinary Americans are harassed and impeded by specious government regulations aimed at preventing them from making an honest living, significantly compounded in the last few years by deliberately constructed handicaps related to a disease that doesn’t exist and toxic medicines that don’t need to be taken — but instead have been taken, resulting in the unnecessary destruction of numerous and formerly successful American families and the needless agonizing deaths and mutilations of formerly healthy American citizens.

Top that off with the deliberate destruction of food supply chains with Bill Gates and Ted Turner buying up American farmland and taking it out of production further complicated by supply chain sabotage causing the withering of small communities and the ballooning of welfare rolls and you have an irreversible stew of social disintegration that rivals the needless death toll of the epidemic that never had to be now ravaging the world.

Never had to be. The so-called disease known as COVID-19 (which stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID) never killed hardly anyone, but the so-called vaccine dredged up to combat this pervert’s pox has now officially killed millions around the world, maimed millions more with exotic mutilating diseases, and perhaps even more importantly, fractured millions of families into warring factions — jabbed vs. non-jabbed — which defies resolution.

People who typically relied on mass media for their daily decisions robotically lined up to take the shots without really investigating what sinister ingredients actually are in those shots.

After all, vaccines have been around forever, they reasoned. What was the big deal. Just another disease to be prevented, they told us.

Whereas the people who did their homework listening to the dozens of principled doctors who warned them against them, reflexively shied away from these Frankenstein concoctions, which were filled with toxic spike proteins that produced blood clots in rotting capillaries and all manner of palpitating paralyses that complicated people’s lives forever before they were summarily terminated with sudden heart attacks and strokes.

You have to wonder about a government that encourages the blind acceptance of technology and the rush to stick everybody with a confirmed poison that will end their lives. You also have to wonder about all those defective doctors who say this is a good idea.

You have to wonder about a fixed election that installed a feeble pederast as our fearless leader, and our society where said leader got a billion dollar bribe from China that nobody talks about (while his son films himself with crackhead hookers while accepting millions himself) whereas the previous occupant of this powerful office was mercilessly harassed by four years for a bribe from Russia that nobody could ever prove he took.

You have to wonder about the public conversation where everyone is encouraged to take a fatal jab but everyone talking on every mode of communication is discouraged from pointing out the poisons in said fatal jab. Being banned by Facebook and Twitter is now a synonym for telling a truth that the government doesn’t want you to tell.

And mostly you have to wonder about a comatose, disingenuous and deluded public that permits itself to be exterminated without even bothering to examine the lies that continue to be the cause of the unnecessary deaths of those they have known and loved.

Will Americans ever decide to muster the internal fortitude to rise and protest their own needless murder, this frantic formula for fatal frenzy designed for the hallowed purpose of social control? Frankly, my dear, it sure doesn’t look like they will, judging by the number of dumbed down morons who simply take the jab and die.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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