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Frightened families fracture
as society’s structure crumbles


Many of us have been saying this for years. If you believe what you hear on the evening news, you’re insane. Now, it turns out to be true. Because of the endless glut of fake facts and false stories, you’re insane because the evening news has made you that way. As lockdowns and forced injections stifle societies everywhere, mainstream news has become a strait jacket on the minds of the world. For those paying attention to these perpetual lies, it always has been.

The unavoidable truth is this. If you only watch TV, you believe the world is beset by an intractable epidemic, which can only be treated by masks, jabs and expensive drugs. But if you watch no TV at all — as more and more people are doing — and instead get your news from knowledgeable navigation on the internet, you believe COVID can’t be proven to exist, masks protect nobody and facilitate lung disease, and that staying healthy depends on avoiding untested experimental inoculations that have already killed many thousands of people and have profoundly incapacitated millions more.

And never the twain shall meet.

It’s the perfect destabilization technique, which the powers that be — also known as rich megalomaniacal Jews, owning banks, hospitals, newspapers and pharmaceutical companies — have been trying to cast over the public mind as a permanent fog for a long time.

The nature of the trap

Mass psychosis — it’s such a cool phrase. You can toss it off as a dismissive quip to end any argument. It vaporizes any further comment. “Man, how can you believe THAT CRAP?! You must be trapped in mass psychosis!”

Those who receive the barb — or the jab — must then defend their very sanity. The insult quashes debate. Only the bitter silence of offended feelings remains. Many family members never speak to each other again. Once you’ve been jabbed, there’s no way to bridge the knowledge gap. Trying to tell those who made the big mistake is like trying to steal their future. They just can’t accept that they’ve already given it away.

The pity is this syndrome happens to be true. It has paralyzed everyone in the world in fearful confusion, alienating family members who can no longer find a way to speak to each other about their opposing choices — jab vs. no jab. Instead they remain trapped in an unresolvable and rancorous regret, each thinking the other is crazy.

Maybe the hardest thing to get used to is understanding that the government and its evil twin the media have always lied to us. And because our lives have been based on those lies, our lives are lies themselves.

It’s an old trick

Mass psychosis has now immobilized the world in its gruesome grip as the vast majority of the world’s population believes many things that are verifiably false, yet because the manufactured momentum of human consensus printed on the pages of our newspapers and seen between the endless ads on TV continue ad nauseam, media declare the death orders of government functionaries to be good advice. They mandate orders to kill yourself with a poison vaccine as a necessary health measure or you lose your job and your place in society.

How sane is that?

This is not a new phenomenon. Its echoes reach all the way back to the Bible, which has held the world in its grip for centuries as people were compelled to believe in an agreed-upon scenario or they were burned at the stake. Time and science eventually eroded one lockstep idea and replaced it with others, but that didn’t erase the phenomenon; it only changed the labels involved. Whatever new philosophy was developed involved the same mind control penalties for not believing as the old one. Essentially these orders mandated exclusion from consensus society, and they still do.

The fact that the reason for these orders is completely insane is never discussed.

Vividly visible today is this rift that has shattered families everywhere, pitting those who understand that government-ordered spike proteins are a fatal pox that has already killed and maimed uncountable dupes with unspeakable afflictions — notably myocarditis and kidney failure, both ultimately fatal. Frustrated intelligent observers are lined up against those faithful CNN watchers and New York Times readers who have been jabbed repeatedly so they could go on vacation and frequent their favorite night spots to maintain their dissolute and irrelevant lifestyles.

The height of folly is insisting those who have not been vaccinated are a danger to those who have, when exactly the opposite is true. This is classic mass psychosis, which the psychotic — being psychotic — are unable to see.

This has always been society’s great divide, which translates today down to believing in and basing one’s life upon the lies presented by mainstream media, as opposed to those sufficiently intelligent to craft their own perceptions and investigate beyond the glitzy gibberish and seek out reputable testimony of acknowledged experts.

These acknowledged experts are universally prevented from speaking on today’s rigidly control electronic media platforms. They are controlled by the same heavyweight investors who profit from the sale of the vaccines, as well as from the malicious media which advocate that you take the vaccines.

This conflict creates social schizophrenia. It explodes into public consciousness with every fateful event that dominates the evening news. It always has. It has always been a toxic and divisive phenomenon, used by billionaires to manipulate the people and achieve their crass objectives.

A perfect plan for media monsters who seek to create conflict in the name of profit.

Sheer panic once gripped America when Colin Powell told the United Nations that Iraq had bomber drones that could demolish New York City a mere 40 minutes after launch. Years later Powell’s boss, President George W. Bush, got quite a few laughs before a smugly drunken audience of famous writers in tuxedos with a comedy routine about looking for weapons of mass destruction.

Years later film from helicopters trumpeted the story about how an autistic boy carrying multiple weapons equal to his own weight killed dozens of tiny children in record time, then killed himself while no bodies were ever examined at any local hospitals. Port-o-potties and electronic billboards had been deployed the night before for the event at the school that had been closed for years, but people who protested this clumsy work of fictional violence were quickly put in jail. Shortly thereafter the kids who were supposed to have been killed made an appearance at the Super Bowl and years later posed for group photo revealing what beautiful and vibrant adolescents they had become.

But the new restrictive gun laws still remain in place. They always do after these staged dramas.

A proven formula

It’s always the official story trumpeted through electronic devices vs. facts on the ground from very rare honest reporters whose accounts are always suppressed and distorted by bloodsucking billionaires who own wire services, newspapers and movie studios. All these guys seem to also operate casinos and host blood drinking and child killing hootenannies on tropical islands.

One thing I’ve noticed for sure is that people who studied the matter and discerned that the government’s 9/11 story was a hoax were far less likely to line up for the untested experimental shot that was never officially approved by government health authorities. Meanwhile, those who accepted the hollow reports of their local newspapers and went ahead with a voluntary jab included many who lived only a few more miserable, palpitating days.

For the skeptics, 9/11 was the last time they believed what the government said. Now millions more of those who 20 years ago believed the Arab terrorist lies have reached the vanishing point of believing their government and/or media with the clumsy COVID deception that has strong-armed tyranny down the throats of the foolhardy masses.

Ventilators, diabolical machines that have proved so obscenely profitable to doctors, hospitals and Israeli vaccine makers, are the living coffins of today’s profit-oriented allopathic medical system.

COVID has never been proven to be real. The only doctors who say that it is not real have been paid handsomely to do so.

The death toll never accelerated until the first round of shots were given. Doctors deliberately gave out bad information at the beginning of the pandemic. They said wait ’til it gets worse before going to the hospital. By then it was too late to stop the progression of their comorbidities, they said, and then they put you on a ventilator that they knew would kill you.

Wearing a mask turns off your brain. It’s a signal to everyone else to turn off theirs, too.

What most people don’t realize is that mass media are controlled by Jews, every bit of it. Jews control the medical profession, which is why they can tell doctors to kill their patients and weak willed medical morons reflexively agree to do it.

Jews have made all the vaccines and control all the politicians, all the news directors and newspaper publishers, and all the preachers who want to retain their tax-exempt status.

Doctors who tell you to wear a mask are quacks. This is the telltale sign you should never go to them, and never accept their advice. Masks never worked. When you wear one you are simply acknowledging you are an ignorant slave.

Basically there is no medical care in America anymore. There is only death processing by corrupt doctors who are paid not to correctly diagnose patients but to follow their corporate orders and reap maximum profit from the entities which used to be called their patients, but are now only harvestable items in the corporate strategies of government ghouls who control their souls, and who aim to destroy most of the population as the central platform of what they are calling the Great Reset.

People who believe the government is on their side and providing decent medical care will soon be dead. That was the plan all along. Except that those who didn’t believe what the government is doing also will soon be dead. This is the point where you must do something if you wish to stay alive. To do nothing guarantees you won’t.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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