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You either believe in the lie
or they decide how you die

Toleration of and advocacy for homosexuality is not a sign of freedom; it is exactly the opposite. It is a key maneuver to eliminating the sexes by blurring the genders beneath a bewildering avalanche of pronouns and turning humanity into a mindless one-sex collection of worker drones, a primary step in morphing the world’s population into a mewling herd of imprisoned victims utterly bound and gagged by demonic Jewish communism.

Suddenly in every country it now seems humanity is being regimented into a mindless (there’s that word again) state of commanded conformity, using the method of taking control of our money as a means of taking control of our minds. It is a mimic of the totalitarian model of financial control originally imposed on China by Yale’s Skull & Bones masterminds now spreading like hot lava erupting all over the world from the twisted minds of the very rich.

Suddenly in in every country there seems to have arrived a malleable, morality-free leader — handsome in appearance but vacuous in intelligence — installed by questionable and unverifiable means that sham Communist elections reported by untrustworthy media have become the formula fatal to freedom which cannot be questioned as media berate and paid off politicians prosecute those who suspect rampant and obvious election fraud.

In order to get elected and lead their voters toward slavery, these stylish and trendy leaders advocate immoral, illicit and illegal choices while dismantling laws that guarantee individual rights. These moves seem progressive but are really corrosive to the fundamental social structures based on the practical and time-tested structure of the nuclear family.

The fondest goals of a mother and a father working together to ensure the health and happiness of their offspring can never be duplicated by a social system which aims at harvesting the efforts of the people for the profit of the few misanthropes who have managed to completely control everyone.

The core values of individual freedom that were the pretended goals of the original United States constitution are being subsumed by the fantasy fictions of shortages of supplies and food and fuel that long ago triggered the observation of genius inventor Buckminster Fuller who called economics a false science because it was based on the false assumption of scarcity. This technique has now spread to computer manipulated elections by which dead people filling out mail-in ballots seem to have become the most important voting bloc in determining the winner.

Since forced belief systems seem to have become the most important item in creating public policy, interested observers cannot help but turn their attention to religion, which fobs off on credulous believers the idea that they can live forever if they simply follow God’s holy laws as presented to them by failed salesmen who conceal pornographic pretensions in the fetid folds of their ceremonial frocks.

As an amateur explorer of divine dictates, I lately have not been able to shake the unsettling image of an almighty God who neglects to revere the more important of two human genders in His conceited catechistical formula of a Father, a Son and a Holy Ghost. What have you done with my Great Mother, I am wont to ask? Especially since all the ancient legends insist that the female of the species was here first and only accepted her husband to produce her children because it is wrong for any animal who aspires to enlightenment or happiness to want to be alone.

And then I noticed that with Zeus and Hera, or Wotan and Frigg, or Shiva and Shakti, or Osiris and Isis, that all the other major Gods of history had wives. In fact in many ancient legends, She was not only here first, but she had the final say.

But who was Yahweh’s wife? Some say it was Asherah, but then why did Yahweh insist on burning down her shrines? And she was initially the wife of the Sumerian god Anu. Did Yahweh steal her, and then kill her?

And what does the fact that Yahweh did not really have a wife who is prominently mentioned in the endless and fathomless annals of Christianity, Judaism and Islam actually mean?

And what bearing does that have on the epidemic of Catholic priests raping little boys whom they are charged with guiding to healthy adulthood?

Or the preference of Afghan mullahs to sodomize male teens while shackling their fearful daughters beneath dark shrouds of sadistic repression?

What bearing does that have on Jewish rabbis who bite the tips off babies’ penises forever scarring them into warped personalities that prefer the rapacious mouths of old men to the loving embrace of grateful females that have caused them to instigate all the wars in the world’s histories, to poison the wells of humankind on the basis of their own curdled myths that teach them to regard all other human beings as animals to be raped and robbed?

This is Yahweh’s gift to the world, and it manifests today as cabal of Jewish vaccine makers inoculating the world with poisons that include toxic spike proteins slowly tearing up the endothelial linings of your blood vessels leading to uncontrolled spasticity in your body that will never go away until you take your last, labored breath.

This holy blessing by perverts wearing telltale yarmulkes goes along fittingly with the microscopic razor edged particles they have put in the air that slip into your lungs while they kill the trees.

And it’s a nice topping to go with the Glyphosate sprayed on all your crops that infuses all your food and clothing with a carcinogenic trigger that shortens your lifespan and gives all those wonderful Jewish doctors plenty of reasons to prescribe more poisons for you.

Perhaps it is this dietary regimen that makes you ignore all the misery in the world and devote your attention to the new Metaverse wherein you can create your own Shangri-la reality without ever leaving your house, or trouble yourself about all those people dying by the side of the road because they have run out of food and money, or those luckless twits who have take the jab, then watched their kidneys shut down as they are placed on ventilators, never to breathe again.

You know what you never hear about anymore? You never hear about individual freedom, and how that was the most important element in the experiment in self-realization once called the American dream. The dream included “liberty and justice for all,” which I recently mentioned has turned into, thanks to the ascendance of demonic Jewish communism and the Great Reset, liberty and justice for none.

‘Saving the Jews from John Kaminski’

And just one other thing, an enthusiastic shout-out to Kevin Barrett, formerly the guru of an organization preposterously titled the Christian-Jewish-Muslim Coalition and a frequent contributor to many Jewish websites that pretend to liberate the goyim from their chains, who in a recent memorial remembrance for recently deceased Republic Broadcasting Network chief John Stadtmiller, made sure to point out that it was none other than Kevin Barrett and John Stadtmiller who once saved the Jews from John Kaminski.

The relevant quote was: “Working with John Stadtmiller to defend the Jews from the likes of John Kaminski.”  

This is a story worth savoring, as it applies to so many other so-called truth tellers on the World Wide Web who have behaved in a similar manner. I have always appreciated truth in journalism. You don’t see it much anymore.

Just who did 9/11, Kevin. Perhaps we should ask those five Israelis who revealed on Hebrew TV that they were sent to monitor the event?

The five dancing Israelis on 9/11:
‘Our purpose was to document the event’



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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