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Faith in a corrupt government
is a crime against humanity


To admit to the fraud of the planned COVID pandemic is to admit to the fraud of our faith in our own murderous American government. We never really objected to the collateral damage murders of innocent people overseas, did we? So are we now hypocrites for complaining about these same criminal psychopaths who control our reality killing us to please the wishes of our foreign masters?

The karma of self delusion is self destruction.

Think of all the false excuses Americans have used to send their troops overseas and kill millions for reasons objective history shows have been contrived. The Balfour Declaration. Pearl Harbor. The Gulf of Tonkin. 9/11. All fake narratives designed to trick the gullible into supporting unjust invasions.

Does it come as a surprise that eventually this insane behavior would one day bounce back on us, and the brittle leaders who have always been guided by the exploitative whims of those who control the money supply would one day betray their own duped followers in order to earn their irresistibly fat payoffs?

Maybe you should ask Obama in his Martha’s Vineyard mansion? Or Donald Trump in his South Atlantic hideaway.

Not rocket science

It’s a simple question. Are you proud of your leaders? And are you proud of yourself for letting them do what they did? Most people don’t ever even ask themselves these questions. And that is why we’re in the fix we’re in, where everything we built is about to be destroyed and our lives are at risk from those we have been persuaded to trust.

How do you want to phrase it? Eliminating freedom in the name of security? Or, making people sick to keep them healthy? These are the lies we are being forced to believe, as they jab us with lethal chemicals to fix a problem that never existed except in the warped manipulative pathways of their twisted minds.

The time has come to realize that to be a true American patriot is to be a traitor to humanity and to be a traitor to yourself, as well as to the things you have supposedly taught your children to believe. Always tell the truth. Be kind to those less fortunate than yourself. And always protect yourself.

We have given up all three of these goals, and for reasons we cannot readily understand or explain, except that we were told to do so by people we shouldn’t have trusted, but did.

In the past few generations, behind the falsified fictions of national security and battling enemies we were told were evil, Americans have committed crimes against nations guilty of only possessing things that the leaders of America wanted to steal, or expressing opinions that interfered with the plans of rich men who wanted to steal those things, such as oil, heroin and some exotic but essential minerals used in high tech devices.

As our affluence increased by the increased production of dead bodies around the world, we were easily convinced to accept this immoral price as the cost of doing business. This is a well-known Jewish maxim that has infected the entire world — “It’s just business!”

In one sense, this sad situation is really not the fault of gullible Americans who glibly pretend to embrace the noblest human values.

Not calling our own shots

But it is in the second sense where we have betrayed ourselves, by refusing to realize our beloved country has never actually been run by Americans, nor for the benefit of Americans, who commit crimes to benefit people they don’t even really know.

We have neglected to read the fine print on many important documents and consequently have failed to realize the people committing the crimes are the people writing the reports and making the laws.

These are people who control our minds with gadgets and gossip, and then turn around and say they’re going to have to kill a large number of Americans who have done their dirty work, and pay some Americans to kill other Americans with lies most Americans have been taught by Jewish media and Frankfurt School philosophers writing music for popular rock bands.

You know who they are. I don’t have to tell you. They’ve started all the wars in history, funded both sides, and profited no matter who actually won.

This well-concealed deception has never been clearer than now, when the powers that be are stealthily murdering the population at a record pace with false claims about a disease invented in a lab that they are trying to erase with experimental poisons enthusiastically promoted by cheerleading doctors, politicians and news readers — all complicit in the most diabolical deception of all time.

All of whom are deserving of maximum penalties with extreme prejudice.

It’s a lot like that Vietnam philosophy where they had to destroy the village in order to save it. Now it’s called killing your neighbors to maintain their health, a program enthusiastically endorsed by well-paid politicians who actually give bonuses to hospitals for terminating people in a certain prescribed way (remdesivir + ventilator = corpse/$39,000 bonus), and then getting the newspapers to write that they died of a disease that nobody can ever honestly say actually existed.

As buff athletes collapse on the field today, it is more commonly referred to as an unspecified cause.

Look in the mirror, shithead! If you actually voted for Biden, or haven’t figured out that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the Jews controlling the U.S. government (as they always have), or that the vaccine President Joe says is essential to the security of the United States is really a nano weapon disintegrating your blood vessels and your immune system, you are, by your cowardly silence the real problem.

This is the predicament in which we find ourselves. It’s a common problem that has always existed. Nobody is willing to stand up for the truth. Except that they’re are plenty of them today ready to boil over. Mothers whose babies have been needlessly killed in the womb seem to be leading the pack for freedom from fear of this fatal Fauci fakery.

Hidden behind patriotic rhetoric and facile justifications throughout our lifetimes, this scam of camouflaged control has gripped America since 1776, when independence was declared but the concealed umbilical cord connecting the fledgling republic to imperial Britain, colonial Rome and ever devious international Jewry was never completely severed.

These toxic entanglements remain intact today, steadily squeezing the life out of everything that lives, to be replaced by “building back better,” as the banal saying goes.

Formula for homicidal mania

Today mainstream U.S. media and its latest generation of perverted politicians try to blame disastrous developments threatening everyone’s health on China and Russia, erstwhile opponents of the supposedly free democratic republics of the West, republics that have been turned into socialist totalitarian traps by the bankers who have always controlled the world since very ancient times.

How many Americans have died fighting these contrived Commie enemies, and how few Americans have actually benefitted at what was won in these fights?

But this is all a ruse invented to deflect you from the real problem.

This is why it is so important to remember that Communist China was created by Jewish agents of the Skull & Bones society at Yale and the Bolshevik revolution that turned Russia into a Communist superstate was engineered by Rothschild cohort Jacob Schiff and saboteur Jews sent from Brooklyn to slaughter hapless Russian kulaks by the millions, then funded by American industrialists following the Jewish profit strategy of taking profits from all comers, including those who betray their own.

And now you see what has happened in Australia, made easier by drug-addled cash-bribed psychopaths after they took away everyone’s guns with a false flag deception that produced the easiest Communist takeover ever.

Like the Brits, Americans have always eagerly deceived themselves in this way, failing to remember the ancient logic that a profit found in evil deeds has karmic consequences, which are being reaped as they take their bogus shots and die twitching on the fixed playing fields of crooked capitalism.

This ignoble line of sadistic Jewish bankers are now eagerly involved in destroying the United States and all other white democracies, which are the last vestiges of freedom on Planet Earth. It is the bankers who have alway supported freedom-free Communism because it is the best system that guarantees borrowers prohibited from protest must pay their mandatory debts. These systems are now securely in place in Russia and China and nearly completely set up in North America.

Gangster government

How could any rational mind defend the behavior of Joe Biden in this the world’s foremost time of trouble? Mandating masks for children that will consign them to a shortened lifetime of unnecessary disease and dementia, if it hasn’t killed them in the womb first.

As he and his son take billion dollar bribes to deliberately destroy the security of Americans through broken borders and closed businesses, the president’s thoughtless mask mandate guarantees accelerated death tolls from the effects of deliberately toxic and never tested poisons infused in masks, tests and jabs.

How can anyone defend the deliberately deceitful performance of America’s corporate mass media, like Time magazine reveling in the conspiracy of business giants to fix the election and install a senile wretch and Communist concubine to lead America to its own grave, and to ignore the real crimes which finally, as they always do, wind up on the front page of the National Enquirer, which just this week revealed Biden’s $3.8 billion bribe from China, which is his major reason for opening the Mexico border.

But it is this blindness to America’s crimes — blaming 9/11 on Arab terrorists, insisting a little boy carrying weapons that weighed more than he did murdering 20 schoolchildren in Connecticut with unerring marksmanship, electing a president who stayed in his basement throughout the campaign while secret trickery in the middle of the night put him in a White House encased in barbed wire . . . these fantasies accepted as fact are the real problem.

And then as black criminals burned American cities to the applause of big media and white patriots were lured in a Washington trap for which many are still abused in a filthy jail run by black Commies, Joe Biden says white supremacy is the real problem and clueless Americans read their fake newspapers and wonder why the country they thought they still had no longer existed.

It is astonishing to me and always has been about how many atrocities oblivious Americans have let pass by their unseeing eyes without saying even once what they are trying to ignore is not right, is not just, and should not be tolerated by people who tell themselves they are decent and honorable people.

As I have said so many times before, it is the law abiding citizens who paid their taxes and tolerated the lies of their felonious leaders without ever once complaining about the fake stories that were used to justify stealing everything from everybody who are really responsible for the destruction of America and the world.

Americans, Australians, Canadians and all those other nationalities being pinned in their homes by preposterous mandates guaranteed to make them sicker than they ever thought they could be have only themselves to blame for allowing this to happen to them.

Americans are cowards who would rather lay down and die than stand up for their own right to stay alive.

Transfixed by a trance induced by mass media authorized by the insane mandates of unelected bureaucrats, Americans hang back and wait for somebody else to fix their problems for them. Those who take the jab now hear their clocks ticking and won’t be around for the final payoff to their efforts, which likely will be a bullet in the back of the head while they’re standing on the edge of pit filled with lime in a FEMA camp.

For most Americans, their fate has already been written. If you’d just think about it, you can see it coming. It’s your worst nightmare in the very real process of coming true.

Chances are good that if you look in the mirror of treason to identify the chief obstacle to your freedom and find the proper path to pursue, you will find to your dismay that you will see only yourself.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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