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American Writer and Critic

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The way we live
inevitably creates
the way we die

The vaccine mandates are crumbling before our eyes. The falsehoods of the demented demagogues are being revealed. And how should we regard the doctors we have trusted now that they have been exposed as key figures in the greatest mass murder plot in human history.

This might sound kind of odd coming from me, a well known smasher of religious fakery and theological foolery, but I’m worried about believers these days. Their beliefs are in ruins. The things that have given them their good lives now lie shattered by the lies of people they trusted, preachers, doctors and politicians who are now all complicit in a misleading massacre so monstrous that one can’t even contemplate what punishment the architects of these atrocities should receive.

You can’t find much morality these days, so it’s important to nurture it when you find it, no matter where it resides.

Without getting into dogmatic differences or priestly perversions at this point, it seems pretty clear that the last stronghold of morality in a world consumed by megalomaniacal strategies for survival are the sheltering echoes of prayers from the faithful to put our trust in in the creator of the bounty we have received.

If you think that’s a scam, in some cases, you’d be right, but if you try to deny that it’s the most important question we ever ask ourselves in our lifetimes, you’d be wrong. Just ask somebody you know who’s on the verge of dying in old age.

Yet this inclination to respect the divine is being systematically stamped out by people whose faces we cannot see and motives we cannot fathom as these new needles of destruction sabotage our futures and randomly kill our children in uncomprehending terror and our parents in inconsolable loneliness.

What compassion does any doctor possess who will inoculate a beautiful child with a known poison? The new term for it is bioweapon. How many officials and doctors in your town have you heard say they are perfectly “safe and effective”. And how many of these cretins are now polluting America and the world? Just to keep their well-paying jobs.

It was not that many years ago when many millions marched to force our leaders to bring us peace and sanity to events created out of the false explanations for the contrived madness of totalitarian aggression. This madness continues, but those marches don’t.

These marchers today are all begging their governments not to kill them with poison injections, not to destroy their lives with fraudulent scare tactics, not to force them to close their businesses and prevent their customers from buying their products because they don’t have a COVID passport, and above all not to sicken them with bacterial pneumonia by demanding they wear masks containing microscopic nanopoisons.

Now the marchers are in a worldwide mad scramble to protest a financial power grab impoverishing the world’s population behind a false medical pandemic which cannot answer the one question everyone asks, which was made famous by a young Canadian lady who lost her job for refusing the jab:

Why should the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?

No government can answer this. Yet they press on with their sadistic lockdowns, these pathetic schemes for social control, and the world’s temper boils over as it fantasizes appropriate punishments for the homicidal fraudsters who perpetuate this horror.

When the rationale is established that we must kill the majority to secure the health of those chosen few who are allowed to survive, we have reached a point from where humanity may not turn back, never to become what it had once dreamed of being.

The sublime joy which has made the Earth such a wonderful place to live can never be re-created by deliberately killing unwanted people. In other words, as the powerful rich spin the roulette wheel of fate to determine who lives and who dies, we forfeit all hope of heaven by turning the world into a living hell from which we will never recover.

Letting our grandmother die, alone and afraid, quarantined by an arbitrary falsehood, is the way we have lived. Failing a sudden reversal of attitude and policy, it is the painful face of our future, grinning like a giant snake about to swallow us whole.

Unless . . . and there looms the fateful caveat.

Grace to grimace, smile to scream

The jabbed are shaky in their belief they have solved their disease problem, and well they should be. Every study ever conducted shows that the inoculated are more likely to contract the disease their shot was meant to prevent. So their embarrassment at their own folly must be emphatically denied. How many boosters will it take to feel safe now? Does anybody really know?

The unjabbed, backed by the expert testimony of honest doctors not paid for their work but simply in pursuit of the truth, know for certain that not taking these monstrous government concoctions is the key to their continuing health.

This violent denial of people who are victims of their own stupidity has always been particularly visible in both religious and racial disputes. Defending one’s dogma or skin color has never been a reason for either temperance or tolerance. In both cases, understanding for another’s contrasting opinion has always been the hallmark of only the extremely enlightened, and is noticeably absent in those who remain fuzzy and uncertain about their own actual beliefs.

When what used to be concern and care for those in need has turned to disgrace and disgust for those who disagree with us, it simply means that our dogma we use to give us comfort has failed us. Far too few people ever realize this, as as a result coalitions to combat greater evils than these never materialize; they fall apart amid the misunderstandings of superficial nonessential disputes.

This is how trivial religious snits derailed the 9/11 skeptics movement, as one group constantly boasted to others that their way was the only true path. This elitism of course derives from Judaism, which insists that all other spiritual ethnicities are inferior to their own incestuous hammerlock on the Almighty.

We are all too familiar with this intense hatred for one’s rivals poisoning religious disputes. Personally, I never understood them, perhaps because my own delusion has always been that we all worship the same deity. From that believe I construe any religion that declares other religions its enemy is not a true religion, but only a savage creed to justify aggression and discrimination against its chosen foes.

The vast majority of the world’s faithful would violently disagree with that statement. Which is why we have the absence of compassion that has the potential to kill us all.

The reality of guilt

But compassion for someone’s debilitating illness does not mean forgiveness for premeditated abuse and murder, and we have now the problem of what to do with all those who have tried to kill us for a shallow reason that made billions for those who invented it, produced it and injected it into the arms of millions of people, most of whom have died or will die.

There is only one punishment for such a great crime, the greatest crime in history, and that is instant eradication, with absolutely no regard for the comfort or the rights of those soon to be ruled responsible for this unprecedented, incalculable horror. All of them.

To this unpleasant task and undeniable responsibility the entirety of the human species should now direct its unwavering effort. No one who participated in this indescribable atrocity should ever escape the painful compensation they deserve.

Envision now in your mind the sublime smile of a trusting child, maybe your child, melting into a twisted screech of unendurable pain, but only once, before eternal silence follows. This is a crime beyond description.

The absence of compassion these sanctimonious villains have all inflicted on the people of this Earth should now guide the consequences that should befall those responsible as quickly as humanly possible, for there is no possible mitigating circumstance that could ever justify their avoidance of exactly what they all deserve for what they have done to people that, had they known them, they could have loved.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.





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