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You’ll never find it
on TV, in newspapers
or from the government


When I think back about all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.
— Paul Simon, Kodachrome

I got to thinking a common thought we’ve all had about how what we are taught in school, especially in history, as being totally inadequate to prepare us for what we discover as adults is the nature of the real world. But nothing we ever could have been taught could ever have prepared us for the this real world disease hoax which has paralyzed everyone on the planet with this fear of a phantom menace that the people who control our lives have used to shut down our minds and basically change the nature of the reality in which we live. Turned it into a prison, in fact.

So in contemplating all the influences which have created this diabolical situation, take yourselves back to high school civics class and reflect on the lessons you were taught. I mean, their useless simplicity consisted of factoids like George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, and the Greatest Generation rose up to destroy a German madman who wanted to enslave the world.

Only later, if we do a little reading as adults, we discover that none of these things was actually true and that we were taught these vignettes to properly brainwash us into unquestioning devotion to our country, a star spangled banner of the mind so to speak. Turning us into compliant robots is another way to put it.

So now today, as we watch our world fall apart because of the current set of myths being used to deprive us of both our freedoms and our minds, we can’t help but reflect how everything we’ve been taught that is a lot of hooey has left us totally unable to ferret out the truth from the contrived fictions given to us by malicious men who certainly do not have our best interests at heart, to say the very least.

The nub of the problem

You’ve no doubt seen the screeds about killing your television as essential to finding your way back to mental health and a comfortable life, and likely you’ve disregarded them as just some rabid ranting of health nuts who only want to sell you their groovy products. Well, I’m here to tell that in this dangerous day of the big lie, the simple act of permanently turning off your TV is far more than just a trendy cultural recommendation.

In fact your life depends on it. And it’s more than just the mental messages that poison your mind or kindle cancer from the constant exposure to toxic radio frequency waves.

To regain the road to sanity and reality, the few remaining Americans who pretend to possess some small degree of acuity must get serious and answer some embarrassing questions about the fabricated foolishness that has derailed our lives.

As an example, for instance . . .

Why did the U.S. make war on Afghanistan for 17 years, the longest war in American history?

The initial story was that Osama bin Laden, the supposedly renegade son of a billionaire Saudi contractor, was blamed for being the chief architect of the 9/11 attacks.

It’s a known fact that Osama was earlier photographed — with his beard missing and in a suit and tie — at Offutt Air Base in Nebraska, because he was a CIA spy. It is also known he died of kidney failure in Dubai in 2001 (as reported in Al Ahram, a respectable Cairo newspaper), making the fantasy story that he was killed in Pakistan raid ten years later that bolstered U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election chances an utterly absurd lie. It was a preposterous deceit that also led to the surreptitious assassination of Seal Team 6 so its members couldn’t blow the whistle on the fake bin Laden assassination story.

That’s just only one of a thousand examples we could use to illustrate the fact that we are fed deliberate fictions by corporate news media which at this desperate hour bear no difference from the government propaganda used to enslave us by those behind-the-scenes manipulators who seek to control every aspect of our lives for their own personal profit.

There is a deeper psychological profile to all this, but for now let’s stick to the superficial reality we now face that threatens our future with likely fatal results, particularly as the consequences of our blind belief in the trustworthiness of our medical profession has led to a near majority of the population putting poisons in their bodies likely leading to their own premature demise.

Basically, the crux of our dilemma is this. The information we need to survive is being kept from us and replaced by consensus facts which if we follow them will lead to our destruction. So because of the faulty education we have received, the hole we are digging for ourselves is directly related to the information we receive from “our trusted news sources,” which are principally conveyed to us by television.

So now it’s time to face a cold fact.

Changing the channel won’t help

It is more than likely that the people who have caused this accelerating destruction of America and the world is us.

Our indifference, our passivity, and our inaction in the face of past and present criminal activity, invariably masked by altruistic or patriotic justifications, have caused all this misery, turmoil and destruction that now threatens your life and mine, as well as many millions of others now caught in the soulless grip of official lies.

Now we can only watch as the bodies pile up because of all the false stories we have tolerated and in fact endorsed. And no amount of lying, of facile self justification, can absolve us of our guilt. The verdict is in, and we’re likely about to die. And we can’t lie our way out of this one.

Things we haven’t spoken out against, or things the media never mention, include:

• All the honest people who have been fired from their jobs or banished from social media for speaking out about the lies we have been told that have caused so many deaths, injuries and mutilations.

• Inoculating the military with poison concoctions jeopardizes the defense of our country, particularly in the case of airline pilots whose unpredictable seizures jeopardize the lives of millions of passengers. Yet your president continues to mandate them.

• Pfizer’s own data show that COVID shots appear to cause more illness than they prevent, and these afflictions run the gamut of physical nightmares causing unpredictable and sudden deaths among the previously healthy.

• Recent insurance company statistics reveal that the national death toll has radically spiked upwards since the COVID plandemic began, especially and suspiciously among the jabbed.

• The CDC has admitted PCR tests are a fraud and that the government is no longer using them, yet most hospitals continue to use them and declare people diseased for the purpose of reaping lucrative government rewards for doing so.

• Elections that have been clearly fixed yet justified by corrupt media when the evidence is glaringly obvious that crimes have been committed. Worse still are mainstream media glaringly conspiring to maintain the fictions.

• Official warnings from Biden and his braindead henchmen that healthy people are the cause of disease.

• Medical advice that ordered people to wait until they were really sick to go to hospital and receive suspect treatment that hastened their deaths.

• Banning of ordinary inexpensive medicines and insistence on using poison products that cost thousands of dollars per application which didn’t work.

• Law enforcement abuse and elected official overreach against healthy people who refused to take mandated medications which have harmed so many.

• The obvious rise in deaths, injuries and infections among those who took the jabs as to the opposite healthy results in those who refused them.

• The number of post jab fatalities far outweighs previous death totals by which previous vaccine campaigns have been instantly suspended.

And the one significant aspect of all these damning examples is that you don’t hear a whisper about any of these items on commercial television, which is all about “be a patriot and take the jab.” News for suckers is what mainstream media actually are.

Things the TV won’t tell us

The essence of journalism has typically involved detoxifying lies we are told that harm us. This is no longer the case.

The fusion of government and media has created this trance in which it is no longer socially acceptable to criticize the totalitarian forces which control our lives, which consist of our parents, our teachers and later on our employers. Disobeying any of them, no matter how wrong they might be, jeopardizes our well being and our futures.

So when they are lying to us, based on the false information that has skewed their judgment, we have no chance of surviving.

What the media in general and television in particular have done to us is regiment us into a consensual acceptance of corporate myths for the purpose of selling us things that we mostly don’t need. Growing into functional adults requires identifying the things that we need from the things that we don’t need. Television utterly works against that, because it is a marketing mechanism and can’t survive without the profits it lives on. That priority has no bearing on the truth that it says it provides.

This is what people don’t realize. This is what is killing so many trusting people so unnecessarily. There is no trace of truth on commercial TV.

Incorrigible TV watchers are exclusively urged to take the jab. Internet surfers who are aware of the thousands of doctors telling people not to believe these hired liars are likely the ones most likely to remain alive once these poison jabs have finished off the fools who still watch TV.

Will the people ever wake up? Not if they keep watching television.

The unmentionable subject

There is an obvious, common thread to all these deceptions, all these provable lies from media, medicine and politicians, all joined together to weave an artificial reality from which we will not emerge as the human beings that we used to be.

It is a thread that is never spoken of on TV or written in mainstream newspapers that obliterates the notion we are free people, because all the evidence points to a single group of people whose principal occupation and eternal obsession is denying others their own freedom.

This evidence is overwhelming, dates back thousands of years, and is instant death to anyone who seeks to remain in their profitable occupations or interesting jobs if they dare mention it.

It is the motivation for the planning, execution and dire results of euphemistic nicknames for programs called the Great Reset, Build Back Better, the Woke movement and Strength in Diversity, all of which are engineered by other nicknames like Big Pharma, the Deep State, the powers that be and the Hidden Hand.

Most people everywhere have learned not to say their name out loud without first furtively looking over their shoulders to see who’s around for curious onlookers who could instantly ruin their lives if they should overhear the magic word and start the process that would ruin their reputations and their lives.

Failure to confront this ubiquitous menace, however, only guarantees that you will no longer see your own freedom and likely will not see your own life very much longer.

As long as you pretend these wretched penis biters do not exist and have no fatal effect on the lives that everybody lives, then you do not really exist yourself as a functioning human being and have no free and independent life that you can actually call your own.

In that case you should do us all a favor and go into your garage, close the door, turn on your car, sit down in it and fall asleep, and never be seen again, because you have never known what the truth is and never will.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.



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