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When fear is
a fatal disease

I keep coming back to this irresistible idea that simply won’t go away. It has draped its paranoid pall all over the entire world. Perhaps it is the smell of a rotting corpse of a species that has failed to believe in itself.

The people who took the poison jab and insanely ordered everyone else to get them too have the same kind of personality as those residents of Salem, Massachusetts back in the 1600s nervously sweating with feverish excitement as they watched innocent women convicted of witchcraft dangling from the gallows after being found guilty by panic-stricken public hysteria.

This is the foul odor that has been hanging in the air ever since Bill Gates and his crooked cronies invented this modern plague called COVID-19 at a bureaucratic buffet known as Event 201 and foisted it on the world as the most dangerous plague of our times.

They didn’t quite get it right as what they created was the most dangerous cure of all time.

All those who have prematurely died from these toxic inoculations are victims of biomedical malfeasance deftly crafted by Frankenstein doctors, nightmare media and psychotic politicians pursuing unlimited profits at the expense of the health of the people they were supposed to protect.

It is this modern form of high tech witchcraft that has paralyzed world society with fear of a sinister plague whose covert goal aimed at eliminating individuality from the human species and seamlessly converting people into a gutless herd of contrite cowards utterly unable to stand up for their own independent interests.

The collective finger that humanity points at itself for believing in the undeniably psychotic concept known as “plague of the unvaccinated” is sufficient proof that the whole world has been tricked by its own propaganda into believing something that can’t possibly be true because it is literally terrified of its own shadow. And that would of course be our own fear of death.

Scared of our own shadow

Maybe this is not news, maybe this is what we have always done, maybe Ernest Becker was correct that killing others lessens our own fear of death. Though this might be a too brief and too concise explanation, when humanity turns on itself as it is doing now, it would explain much about our endlessly tragic history.

The rich ordering the certain deaths of the poor through the clandestine trickery of a poison vaccine? Surely you jest!

As we are so often apt to forget, humans are animals too. In our increasingly panicked confusion, we wonder if there is not some dark force intent on our extermination, as every public policy today seems aimed to herd our fickle species into a dark room and crush it as if it were just another obsolete product destined to rust in the anonymous landfill of human history.

Possibly the plan we cannot see is to reprocess humans as food for the soon-to-be starving multitudes. To listen to that abominable excuse for a human Bill Gates, this is no longer the farfetched fantasy that it used to be.

Would you like a chinch bug soufflé with your tarantula tetrazzini?

Now that the evidence is clearer than a crystalline nanostructure hiding a toxic radio signal receptor inside our blood vessels, the question becomes . . . what do we do when we know humanity has indeed turned on itself, and find ourselves running out of time to save our own future.

Otherwise, how can we explain why the richest, most powerful people among us can advocate that billions of humans must be eliminated in order to improve the overall health of the human species? And then put that plan into action with the full, inflexible nightmare force of what they laughingly call the law?

When we reach that point, as we have now, we don’t need to explain how it happened. We just need to stop it.

Meanwhile, the band plays on. Let’s start a war.

Two faced psycho tyrant

Out of one side of his mouth, senile Joe Biden growls that we need to send troops to Ukraine to forestall a Russian invasion that no one believes will happen. And on the other side of his curséd forked tongue, he has been caught out secretly approving a program that distributes desperate Third World refugees who have invaded America from Mexico to all parts of our country in the middle of the night.

This clearly is not the behavior of a leader trying to protect his people. Instead he is of a new class of George Soros-funded leaders aiming to destabilize societies in order to regiment populations into a controllable, liberty-free mass of powerless protoplasm.

In the meantime this maniac senile robot parrots the orders of his billionaire handlers and mandates mandatory vaccines for the military, sabotaging America’s defenses with pilots likely to drop dead in the middle of combat flights among conscienceless soldiers more interested in buggering each other than in defending their country. Biden also demands that the children he so likes to fondle should get the poison jab, so he must get some unfathomable pleasure as he watches them drop dead on the spot moments after injection.

Biden’s intention to destroy the USA has been perfectly clear since he was first illegally installed in the White House by a criminal cabal of corporate criminals who pushed this pathetic automaton into our lives with the help of a totally corrupt media myth machine that stifles all voices which sensibly oppose these homicidal tactics Biden now mandates, all of them totally illegal under U.S. law as well as prohibited by court orders that the pervert dictator wantonly ignores.

The larger question of who rules America has always devolved to that one sacrosanct ethnic group that controls the money, the media, the politicians and the minds of most of the people through the deployment of their primary formula of exploitation, manipulation and coercion, more commonly recognized as bribery, blackmail and murder.

And like the lunatic logic of wearing a mask that will trigger bacterial pneumonia, accepting an untested inoculation that will tear up your blood vessels with spike proteins, and participating in lockdowns that will destroy all your businesses and turn all your children into permanently poisoned psychotic agoraphobes, the permanently shrunken brains of American citizens have gone along with this program that is now decimating their ranks with a rash of unexpectedly fatal illnesses attacking what was a previously healthy population.

As a response, governments all over the world close down their societies and command all their citizens to take a shot that will kill them despite the protests of millions who simply want to be left alone to live their lives. Austria, for instance, is now fining people 4000 euros if they don’t submit to the jab.

What kind of xenophobic zombies can support these pathological pronouncements and stumble willingly toward their own deaths? Try the mentally crippled majority of the American people, more interested in curdled conformity than in either common sense or self survival.

Pathological patriotism

Attention patriots. Let’s have a big cheer for your president, that sniveling senile sneak, releasing his illegal alien agents all over the country IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, further carrying out his well known policy of destroying the USA.

Now he’s inserted Blackwater mercenaries into Donetsk, Ukraine to slaughter Russian residents on cue to spark a war that quite likely will be a war to end all wars . . . and all people.

Yes, wave your flag, baby! Who can we bomb today? What suckers are currently eligible for obliteration? You guessed it. White Americans are now the favorite target of the chosen. All those black people in TV commercials are telling you whites are evil and blacks are the real heroes who will save the world.

Just like they saved Africa.

Yes, the folks who built our society, for better or worse, are now in the crosshairs of high tech targeted population control. Tear down those white statues of Robert E. Lee. The new world has gone dark.

Flamboyant flag waving is not a sign of mental incapacity. What do you mean you don’t want to die defending Ukrainian sovereignty? Keep exterminating Palestinians. Hurry up and bomb Iran. Take out those offbeat Yemenis because they’re interfering with our shipping lanes. But above all, get rid of the whites because they’re interfering with the Jewish takeover of the world. They always have been.

If you’re an American patriot, you’re a pure fool. Supporting the American military is supporting the murder of the world. And woe to us, the rest of the world is figuring that out, and as you might have guessed, they are not amused.

Outlaws have taken over the United States, which are now run by two competing gangs of brigands who like all big corporations that have cornered the market are actually working together to fleece the customers and control the buying habits of the whole world. Their differences are really calculated comedy acts in service to the same goal — robbing the public, and when everybody’s broke, disposing of the brainless bodies as quickly and efficiently as possible, except for the parts that can be repurposed into Gates burgers.

When’s the last time we had an honest war? How about against the Barbary Pirates in 1804? Everything else since then has been a crime, bankers’ wars, as Uncle Smedley called them, smug Americans guided by European monarchs owned by Jewish moneylenders ripping off the world.

Now these traitors have gotten around to killing their own citizens in the name of profit, and the deluded American people have largely gone along with the sick scam, even though they are dying by the same formula that has previously enabled their prosperity.

So this screed is devoted to all those pathetic patriots who sing the sick song “My country right or wrong.” This is the formula by which they have destroyed their own lives, and the lives of us all.

Take a look in the mirror, Beavis. Chances are excellent you will not be able to see yourself through all the murk that has accumulated in your brain. But don’t worry too much about that. At the rate we’re going, you won’t have to keep looking in the mirror much longer, if the pervert politicians who keep pounding our heads into the pavement continue to get their way.

Your days are numbered, and that number gets smaller every day you keep your mouth shut about the country and the world your indifference and your inaction have destroyed.



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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