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Will Vladimir Putin
fulfill the prophecy of
psychic Edgar Cayce?

Join John Kaminski
on RBN Friday, 2/25/22
to discuss the matter

800-313-9443, 512-248-8252

Well known for going to sleep and prescribing cures for people suffering from various illnesses, the famous “Sleeping Prophet”, Edgar Cayce (1875-1946), is probably best known for his controversial prediction that one day the nation of Russia would save the world.

Cayce wrote that there would be a world revolution, and that Russia would be the force that will change humanity’s vision of the world, a revelation that would affect the policies of all countries and compel society to shift its focus from military dominance to personal freedom.

The famous clairvoyant’s popular predications about Russia concerned its victory over the United States in terms of world domination. While predicting massive geological disasters and changes in the Earth’s axis would complicate our future, Cayce singled out Russia and the central part of the Eurasian landmass as the safest place to be during these apocalyptic shocks, preserving favorable conditions for the subsequent restoration of the entire planet.

In his "readings" the “Sleeping Prophet” also specified that freedom would come from Russia. It will not be communism or socialism, but a new just order in which people will not live for themselves, but for others.

Tune in the for for rest of the story and a spirited discussion at 6 p.m. EST Friday, 2/25/22 on the new National Intel Report.

And to listeners

This is message to some friends upon whose input I depend . . .

What is heavily on my mind at this moment is that the Canadian parliament has, when it had a chance to begin the rescue of the world from madmen intent on turning us all into compliant robots, voted for tyranny rather than democracy, for prison rather than freedom, and for obeying depraved leaders rather than trusting our own consciences . . .

Canada used to be a respected nation, previously peace loving, but now something else, tipping the balance of human thought toward something scary, something we have never seen before, something diabolically evil . . . mandating following government orders over and above the dictates of our individual thoughts, conclusions and desires.

Canada’s callous rulers have defaced a major emotional outburst that captured the hearts of the entire world for its audacious courage and sincere conviction of innocent patriotic truckers and turned it into a crime against a government no longer interested in the welfare of the people but only in the restoration of order, obedience and compliance, without a fleeting thought for the hearts and minds of their citizens’ families, their children, or their pets.

Is this the new pattern for the whole world? Is this the Great Reset invented by rich criminals and psychotic perverts? It’s not a question of IF it’s coming to America, the question is when.

Something major in our history is about to be lost, maybe it’s in the process of already being lost, maybe, because so few us really pay attention, it’s already lost . . . Our leaders seem eager to lose it, and we’re not sure why.

This is a dire development in the history of humanity.

Australia has already gone down to destruction. They’re all jabbed and awaiting the final ramifications of substances producing expanding nanometal gridwork inside their bodies from injections they were ordered to take by their gruesome government, grillwork that will make them controllable targets by new technology from a central source that aims to make them compliant and obedient citizens, but ineffably less than they used to be, conclusively less than . . . human.

And there’s another part of this that’s almost too scary to contemplate, but casts a dark shadow on our futures as we go to sleep at night.

Some people who have visited hospitals, not specifically to get the government-ordered jab but to have a hip replaced or have their tonsils out, report that they came out differently than they were when they went in.

Nothing certain about their reports, but stories about losing one’s sense of spirituality linger in the chatrooms, compelling us wonder what we might have lost, or had taken away from us, in the secret silence of our anesthesia, and what kind of world would that make with a people who are suddenly different, as we watch all these wars percolate, all these politicians get incredibly rich, and all these strange Zulu wannabes wandering aimlessly in the shadows of white neighborhoods unused to nameless strangers.

So here’s the deal. They want to give me a radio show, like the one I did last week, and will do another one with Ingri Cassel this Friday night, 6 p.m., U.S. Eastern Standard Time. Thereafter I’m going solo so will need a lot more help from you, the ones I work for.

They’re not going to give our freedom back unless we take it back. Let’s do it.

If we don’t do it, who will? That’s how America got lost in the first place.

Top topics:

• Canada has lost its freedom, Australia is reportedly now gassing those courageous unjabbed individuals in COVID internment camps. Is America on the robotization schedule of Big Pharma criminals?

• Russia is trying to save its people from the world money monsters, Biden’s perverted USA is trying save the corrupt slums where it launders its money, manufactures adrenochrome, conducts white slavery and makes millions from bribes.

• America is being run by insane doctors who don’t care who they kill, or how many. Suddenly all peoples of the world are being regarded as less than human. Where do you stand?

800-313-9443, 512-248-8252


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.




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